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  1. @SonataAllegro do you have a good source where I can learn more about this. Right now I’m discovering that subconsciously I’m sabotaging myself to do what I need to do, but it is a struggle.
  2. I started paying attention to it after doing mindfulness. I started noticing that the moon has a lot of influence over my moods, inflammation and other stuff so obviously the other planets also influence you. Anyways I'm not super into it but I find it interesting and illuminating some days when I read about what's happening in the cosmos.
  3. I changed from software development to massage therapy and I don't miss the tech world a bit. I started studying massage in the evenings after work. So it was fucking hard. In my opinion don't leave your main income yet. Start your passion on the side and slowly transition.
  4. She has good points and I know many women that like all of that. But others that don't. You have to know beforehand what is her type of energy. If a woman is very feminist (ideology) + more masculine energy, all of these 10 things would be a turn-off to her because she wants to dominate, if you have this type of woman in a longer relationship you can over time start to talk about what you like and try one or two things, she may even start to understand that surrendering is part of the feminine energy and start to like it. If the woman is feminist + feminine energy, you can do some of this but you have to build up to it. If you have a woman that is not in the feminist mindset and her energy is very feminine all of these suggestions would make her fall in love with you. So it isn't that easy, you have to talk and be very present when having sex to notice the moods of the woman you are having sex with. If you are doing pick-up and one-night stands it is probably that that woman is feminist + feminine energy and because it is a one-night stand you can try more of these tips. Other tips (waring explicit content): Eat pussy, I don't care, this is mandatory, and learn how to stimulate the clitoris with your tongue, but only do it after she is very horny, tease her first don't go to the clitoris right away the more you wait and tease her the more she is going to enjoy it. Wait until the clitoris is erected, yes it gets erected. Don't do the same thing each time you have sex. Try to change the location and know what she likes. If she is into books do it next to the bookshelf. Have sex by surprise, lets say you two are kissing in the car after going to the movies, just have sex there or maybe you are kissing with her in the kitchen have sex there but don't over do it, she don't want to have sex in the table all the time. lol Talk to her while having sex, women are more auditive than men, we men are more visual, it doesn't have to be dirty talk, you can say things you like about her like: "I like you how your pussy/tits/thighs feel", "Your body makes me crazy" etc if she is into dirty talk say things very dirty lol like: "fuck me like a whore" if she is on top of you or "That pussy is mine" and fuck her hard.... The point is to talk the most you can. Dont do more than 3 positions, we men are used to porn and because we are very visual we love to do many positions to see all her body, changing positions isn't fun for woman. Unless you have a woman that is a nymph then you are lucky. Make her cum first, woman usually cum after clitoral stimulation not so much penetration. After teasing her and doing lots of fore play fuck her for a while and then eat her clitoris, you can cum later... The only caviat of this is if you have a very masculine energy woman she would behave like a man and she after finishing would want to sleep lol so in that case finish first and then make her finish. Usually masculine energy woman don't like you lasting long hours into the night. Pretty much this list is gold.
  5. Dreams are amplified during Pisces season. Read about it. I started having more vivid dreams a few weeks ago. While astrology isn't an all-in-one cure I think it has some truth to it.
  6. Did you were an atheist before, because I was and I find myself resisting prayer and other "religious rituals" in my life. But any time I do them I feel 10x better. For example I started praying before sleeping for one week just to test it but also not expecting anything, (or so I think lol) I but that week was an amazing one full of connections and insights. Another one was when I started going to a buddhist center and people just bowed to you. It was super weird for me at first, I just moved my hands in sign of reciprocating to them but after a while and after learning of oness and that I was bowing to myself because we are one, I started bowing and it felt super good. I still bow to regular people in the street or in my job and some people get surprised. I just do what it feels right and has some knowledge behind it even if I don't understand it or I didn't follow their dogma. I also modified them to my own worldview or spirituality. I make my own prayers, sometimes I use different mantras and regular Christian prayers. Just follow your intuition and watch out for becoming dogmatic with different religious views. Usually the truth is in everything but not completely. ?
  7. Buy books about Spiral Dinamics, Google it and consume some SD websites, compare it with other models, and lastly journal and contemplate about Spiral Dynamics, in your life, in others life and in societies. Contemplation is key whit this topics.
  8. I discover Richard Granon, who has like 3 different channels in youtube, I like him for basic stuff like emotional literacy, building self respect, discipline, boundaries, he makes some 30 days challenges that are fun and etc... he has good arguments and talks about the shadow but I feel he lacks some psychedelics breakthroughs to become really powerful. I hope he do some psychedelics and discover more of life.
  9. I love physical books, but for me audible is more practical, usually I buy both but now I have to many books I need a bookshelf. Probably I'm going to buy some digitals and then if I love them buy them physically.
  10. @levani I have used it before and it really puts you in a very deep meditation. I need more practice with it. But I prefer to start the meditation with it because that way you have a deep meditation until the end. One time doing Kriya Yoga I finished the session with the meditation concentrating in the third eye and did HRV and I saw the white light and then I saw some red color. Also one time I feel like my body was bended in the half like a snake my head in the floor next to my sitted body and those experiences where after doing HRV and Kriya.
  11. @Carl-Richard I sleep 7-8 hours and do fasting in the mornings. I'm also very comfortable doing it. So Idk. I usually prefer to do some Kriya Yoga because breathing wakes me up.
  12. My problem with meditation is that I get super sleepy if I Meditate more than 30 minutes even if I'm sitting in the floor without back support and specially in the mornings. So I Meditate 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the night. But for me I love meditating I feel like my body needs the meditation and craves it.
  13. The worst trip on weed was getting this thoughts that suicide was ok it got me freaked out because I have never ever think of suicide or trying it. I love this life. Idk where that come from maybe it was some shadow part of me speaking. Crazy stuff.