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  1. Did you finish the LPC? I used to be a programmer now I am a Massage Therapist I wasted money and time pursuing technology even when I don't liked it. The only good thing is that I know a lot about computers and technology but If I could go back I would not get in debt for going to college. I would go to a community College and study there. Community colleges here in the states are cheap and they are very good to Kickstart your career and to study the basics. Finish the LPC! Find your purpuse don't waste time. Good luck!
  2. Nothing is trash and all is trash. I would say all his videos are gold. Even the materialistic ones. Older enlightenment videos help me to get out of my dogmatic atheism. The Buddha himself used to teach different things accordingly to the student consciousness. I think you need to stop judging.
  3. Btw 3 side notes, 1) before leaving my career I meditated about it for almost two years. I sometimes went to meditation retreats to contemplate and to reflect on my life. I suffer a lot while waiting and working in stuff I don't care. 2) The amount of happiness, gratification I'm getting now after starting my life purpose doesn't have explanation. It doesn't mean you are going to enjoy everything and every day but on perspective I feel alive now. 3) Buy the Life Purpose Course, I happen to find my life purpose before buying the course but after finding it and now doing the LP course it is amazing how much you can get from it even when you find it.
  4. I went jobless for a while while studying my craft aka life purpose (massage therapy). It was 7 month and I saved 15k to survive those months. Btw I use to make good money in my other career (computer programing). But I'm going to tell you something, it is harder than you think. If you think it's going to be harder multiply that for 3. I finished massage school one month ago and got the licence last week. Now it's 8 months and I only have like 2k left but I already have some prospects waiting for me. I'm gonna start my career as a LMT next week. Btw I'm not going to make the same amount of money as my last career for at least two years until I start my own business. Prepare to get serious about keeping your WORD. BUILD A BIG VISION! When I told my wife I was going to abandon my carrer to study massage she threatened me to leave me but because I know know she truly love me and it was a reaction of the ego to maintain things as they are, after two months of explaining my vision she accepted my calling (btw she did not have any choice I make my mind by that point). I would suggest to start planting the aidea as a joke and start talking with your girlfriend and dad. It's harder than you think.
  5. Btw here in the county where I live we have a good public library, I have an app with all the audio books (from the LP) for free, I'm planing to buy them but for now I hear them while driving to work.
  6. I would read the books between the videos. Don't go to fast. It is not a sprint it is a marathon. Watch the recomended documentaries, I think one of them is in Netflix. The documentaries are a must watch! It will motivate you more in the path! Also watch the videos more than once, after you start the exercise part (values) go back and watch the foundation again. It will spark new insights. Have fun!
  7. Did you took the life purpose course? Why not to spend this time studying the LP course and doing good habits!?
  9. Spirals Dynamics at work. Evolution: For now, it seems unlikely that a rise in green militancy would mean murdering innocent civilians. According to one academic study, less than 10 percent of recent REAR criminal cases were of a “terrorist” nature (i.e., targeting individuals with violence, which is typically a key component of terrorism). It’s mostly property damage, vandalism, or civil disobedience.
  10. Spirals Dynamics at work.
  11. Quit smoking pot. Start building good habits. Meditation. Gym. Etc. If you can, buy the Life Purpose Course. I agree with finishing the engineer thing. But if you can't then don't stop. But quit bad habits.
  12. This website has some examples of Business Plans and good information:
  13. I went from Computer Programing to Massage Therapist. It is a drastic change. Take your time thinking about it and contemplating. Don't change anything now, contemplate about it at least for a year, also try to read and do all what the other fellow actualizer are telling you. I would say that you SHOULD seek another LP because sports are taxing to the body and it expires. I don't know about you but if you are good in what are you doing try coaching, or trainer in your sport. Maybe you can change positions within your own strength. If you need confidence or language skills build that too. Hope you the best and yes you can transition but slowly and smart.
  14. @billiesimon I don't think so, she helped Jeff to create Amazon, she used to pack stuff for 14 hours a day and on top of that she take care of the kids. Anyways he is so unconscious.... his business only exploit people for money.
  15. @EternalForest Start getting out of your comfort zone. If you mastered your career try to learn new things about it, try mixing it with other stuff, If you are tired of it learn something new and ditch your current career. Try to find your life purpose what it is that make you smile while working on it? Maybe you need to start learning other stuff like spirituality or emotions etc? You only know.