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  1. I cried with this, this year the energies are heavy and opening my heart big time.
  2. @Yog WOW This is amazing, I have the same sci-fi style in my system, I'm trying to gamified it by thinking I'm in a Battlestar Galactica Game, so all my pictures are from BSG. I'm going to implement the daily block style you have, it makes so much sense. Thanks a lot for the explanation and BTW I love your Station Codex I stole some of yours and put them in my Mindset page.
  3. @kag101 Be careful with your skepticism, it could make you stagnant like the lymph nodes. There are hundreds of research papers about lymphatic drainage... you can look for them if you are that interested in reading technical papers, I'm telling you it works, it is used effectively in cancer patients and people with circulation problems.
  4. @smurf88 I did use OneNote in the pass, my problem with it is that it doesn't inspire me, yeah I can link some pages but thats all. Notion has some crazy capabilities specially with Databases, you can make some crazy data crunches inside it. One thing that gives me crazy about OneNote is the way you can't align text boxes. In notion you are more limited but the alignment works beautifully.
  5. @Yog Amazing, I think the same as you, they need to make offline posible, and more backup options. I have plans to dive deep into astral projection in the future. I had success doing some lucid dreaming but i went off doing other things. Im going to follow you to be looking for that. Another question I have is if you can explain your toggles and daily batches part in your notion implementation?
  6. @kag101 Im a massage therapist and the taping not only works for emotions but also for moving stagnant lymph fluid. Specially doing the one in the collarbone. Don't discard this yet it has many benefits.
  7. @Yog Right now I'm just using the method explained in the video above. I just changed the Pillars part with my own values, strengths, ME sheet that I discover doing the Life Purpose Course. I also have some motivation toggles around containing my vision board and other stuff I find important. One of the things I'm missing is something like your station codex. But the part that I love about the Life OS is the Vaults, I have somany linked databases between books DB, quotes DB, media DB, courses DB, Trip Log DB, Journals DB etc it's amazing, specially the Knowledge Lab is mind blowing, I can see the value of this down the road, specially for creative purposes.
  8. This is a great article about spirituality and how the majority of people are spiritual bypassing life. It talks about: Toxic positivity, or spiritual bypassing Superiority complexes and judging others False gurus, misconduct, abuse, and sex Conspiratorial rejection of mainstream thought Money and access White privilege, racism, and patriarchy Cultural appropriation and essentialism The way forward I see a lot of friends in the spiritual community going into all this traps and not realising they are just as lost as the normis. Read the article here: Update: Forgot to mention that this article is missing a good talk on spiritual CULTS and how they form.
  9. @Preety_India What is a good system of rewards? can you give me some ideas?
  10. I really like this, I do this and the weekly review is really special to me. Is the one that motivates me the more. BUT the only shortcoming of this one is not having a long term goals. If you don't have a long term goal you are going to be persuaded by the lesser stuff. He says that he doesn't like long term goals because they didn't realise in the way he wants. That's the problem with everyone, we want to control things too much and we want our plans to be perfect but life doesn't work like that. Have the long term but if you create something different at the end, something that you are proud of; sometimes this is better than the plan you had in first place, but having the long term makes you keep challenging yourself and going forward.
  11. Trump supporters are just lost souls, they think Trump is a savior when in reality he is the devil incarnate (ego without awareness). I just look at trump and his supporters as a way to learn more about my triggers and my shadow. The left is always mad at them because they are dumber than the left but at the sametime the left did not contemplate and reflect on why they feel that way with Trump, and trump supporters. My suggestion is to use what triggers you and look at it, its a shadow. And yes they are dumber and crazy just judge them with consciousness.
  12. @nahtanoj Update I implemented this and is amazing! Notion is my commonplace book now!!
  13. Look for therapy, do toastmasters, make friends, if you feel weird around people just look for weirdeir people. Also DO the LP course... Also be spontaneous change your routines as a software developer we are too much in our heads and looking for logic, drop that shit out of work, change the route to your house, go to a street you never been before and look everything with wonder, talk randomly with people in parks, visit an starbucks and start a conversation even with the barista. Do things that you don't plan, feel like a kid again. I'm doing this and is life changing. It is one of my values I found in the LP Course.
  14. My questions are: 1) How many friends you have in real life? If so: 2) How do you find conscious or semiconscious friends on real life? 2) How is your family dynamics (mother, father, brother, etc)? Did they know about 3) Are you going to have kids, wife? 4) What is the structure of your days? ex (habits etc) 5) What are your most profound habits apart from psychedelics and meditation.