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  1. Aside from what the other guys have said, you can try out consuming or creating such art. Rap for eg, or black metal, especially the old school ones. You can also play games that are set in such universes, for eg: Kenshi, Mordhau. Its a good way to integrate red. Games will help you find violence amusing, funny and expressive, because it is done in a playful manner instead of it being something that you push back into your mind and repress. You need to know to embody violence in this way. Anyway I would stick with some physical activity firstly.
  2. Create "projects" for anything important you do and just do them. Lets say x10, 30 minute meditation sessions, spread across 10 days. Set a deadline and just go. I feel like these projects are a good way to cure this spiritual bypassing. Its not that you were into spirituality, its the approach. Many, including me are guilty of the same mistake. Its watching and reading content without doing actual work. you need to focus on finding a good way to do the labor consistently, regardless of what your thing is. Else you'll dick around.
  3. Great archive style channel for exploring and grounding your historical perspective. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBestFilmArchives/videos Some videos:
  4. Interesting, hm. About 5 years ago I had a strict nutritional plan where I ate only the same 3-4 meals every day. One of them was soy and beans. Each meal containing about 200g of soy, or lets say about 10kg spread over 2 months.. After about 2 months of eating that, my voice pitch got significantly higher and there was a reduction in its overall power, when I tried to say something loudly my voice would get this higher pitch and break and crumble randomly, squirting out some weird noise. I assumed it was from al the soy I was eating, so I stopped, in less than a week or two everything got back to normal. Quite weird. I am 70+% convinced it was because of it, empirically speaking. I was aware that it might happen, so I did it as an experiment, I also wanted to diversify my protein sources and not rely too much on milk or meat.
  5. Damn ... Atm I am buying as local as possible, also from small scale farmers ... I like to check my sources evermore, with all this going on... Still fermented yogurt (not what you have there in the US) and Kefir seem like wonder foods to me, they are the only foods that I have tried so far that seem to provide me with only positive effects, like smooth level of consciousness, lightness of body, lack of tension in it, increased mood. it feels like I could only drink that and nothing else and get along.
  6. Isn't the whole point, at least from a global and environmental perspective to radically reduce the amount of any land based farming as we know it, especially agriculture. Hm, found these a while ago, need more research, but still, it makes quite some sense.
  7. The wound is where the light gets in. --Rumi I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.” --Rumi In sterquiliniis invenitur - In dirt it shall be found. --C. G. Jung One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. --C. G. Jung Fools leap in, where Angels fear to thread. --Unknown Self-acceptance is the prerequisite for change, its prerequisite for contemplation. --Aubrey Marcus Gratitude is prerequisite for forgiveness, they are entangled. --Aubrey Marcus If there is a doubt..... there is no doubt. --Unknown You can not put someone in the cave of judgement without going in there yourself. --Aubrey Marcus Love will not yield to your smallness. Love is hard like a diamond. --Leo Gura The final loss is birth itself. --Leo Gura Everything gained will be lost. Everything lost will be regained. --Unknown The unwillingness to accept suffering in others is the unwillingness to accept suffering in oneself. --Me, lol Logos = Truth. By speaking it, you create order. --Jordan Peterson Spaciousness is like moving from your bedroom to a big house. Or you already had a big house but your a hoarder. --Damien Enchols Boredom = Aversion --Duncan Trussell (From Buddhism) Surrender is when the wisdom of the masculine lets down its armor. Its preparation for receiving. --Matt Kahn We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. --Sadhguru Hell is a place so beautiful that it will torment an angel to insanity. --William Blake Ease, or dis-ease --Tabash You only need the light in the room you are in. --Tabash When there is birth, there is blood --Alister Crowley To wake up from the illusion, the only possible response is laughter. --Tony Moss Without the master key that "the all is mind", the student knocks in vain at the many doors of the temple. --Kabylion The vibration of spirit is at such a high rate of intensity and rapidity that is practically at rest, just as a rapid moving wheel seems to be motionless. --Unknown Pure alert silence, pure potential, this is what your true nature is. --Pleiadeans (channeled) The snowflake wont blame itself for the avalanche --Zizek ? Mistaking memory for intelligence is a mistake of perception. --Sadguru Everything is fuel --Owen Cook Everything is fuel. --John Kairter
  8. Btw your goal should be to take her out and see her in RL asap and I mean in no more than 5 text exchanges. Just build some small, playful and interesting hooks with couple of short texts. But no more. Its always risky to go sexual that early, as probably half of the other guys texting her are doing the same. Be respectful of her time and be respectful of your time. You are just texting her because you liked something about her, thought of a joke, an imaginary scenario with her, about her, about both of you, text that in, have some laughs and go out, you've got shit to do, so does she, you may check your messages tomorrow, 2 days later who knows. Its also crucial not to overthink and design your responses, its way better if you are spontaneous and honest. Girls can see trough this easily. Its mos Try these out.
  9. It needs all the critique it can get. If you ask me, its not critiqued nearly enough. At times this forum can give the impression of a green echo chamber. Its not that its just the extreme and toxic forms of it that are on the table here. Its all the common and accepted green ideas. Capitalism, rationalism, materialism.... ect .... can be a part of both healthy and unhealthy orange, yet we still critique the whole thing. This needs to be applied for green too. We are too hesitant to just go after toxic green, wall it off from normal green and call it a day.
  10. Well, there has been a period in the last couple of decades where women are learning to let their masculine side come trough and integrate it. The opposite is true for men. It turns out, at least in the beginning that many women that do this end up disintegrated and animus possessed, exhibiting disowned and toxic masculinity. This is also true for men, as they can end up aima possessed, especially around stage green. Sadly to the common folk this gives the impression that this is not working. All they see is disintegrated women and disintegrated men .... and all this mess done by the hand of feminism. Naturally and understandably why, they see it as a virus and fight against it. I feel we need at least 20 years for this to settle a bit.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I've been searching for more thought-form/egregore material recently, but it quite hard to find
  12. I believe I have typed her. Definitely a single decider. Looks like an INFP.
  13. I've done past life and spirit guide regressions with a help of guided hypnosis videos from this guy. So far it has worked miracles for me and I've never found a reason to look for some other video/channel. If you like to try it out, my advice is to aim for the beginner videos and the ones that are the longest, usually around 50 mins. On the channel you can also find streams and talk videos about hypnosis, they can be quite informative. Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiLCNI3WZyMvS0ZM5FJfmEg This one is my fav:
  14. You can find the Telegram link in the post. https://www.reddit.com/r/ObjectivePersonality/comments/jo7lqw/for_those_interested_in_being_typed_theres_an_ops/
  15. I think this sums up the answer you are looking for.
  16. Bahahaha, totally forgot about this movie, good call Leo
  17. Die before you die so when you die you wont die. Or die before you die, so you may live. Goals ....
  18. This is how DMT feels like to me.
  19. Nop :/, not by them, do not have the cash tight now, I think you have to subscribe to their paid courses and that they'll type you, or something of that kind, but I've been using their method on myself and others, at least what they teach in their beginner courses, not sure how good am I with it though. Cant figure out if I am an INTJ or INFJ jumper. Btw I signed up on that "Objective Personality" telegram group I found on Reddit. You can submit 30 min voice recordings there and the mods and other members can type you. I haven't done it yet but will probably do it soon. Its good to get some outside eyes on this.
  20. Probably INTJ, seconded by INTP. I bring memes as evidence.
  21. Yeah, me too. It was about time for someone to take MBTI out of the flaky abstract waters and turn it into something concrete, consistent and scientific. Also like the fact that they focus more on the original idea that Jung had behind the cognitive functions, having more of a diagnosis vibe. I never heard them talk about other models too, they seem to use the undeveloped/developed language to indicate something vertical, but that's all there is. I would love to see someone talk more on how types mash with stages, especially SD stages. Did you get typed by them btw ? You said you had personal contact.
  22. If you get into a deep and focused alpha, or higher theta, all thoughts will naturally cease, you'll be immersed into observing without thinking, the humongous time stretching effect to the point of near non-existence is also boggling and amazing. Its a very pleasant state. Its just the present moment and nothing else. Its pure observing, you are not even aware that it is you that is observing, because you are so immersed in what is being observed, so in this sense there is no you. The moment you pull up "the you", you brake the state and will need to re-deepen it again so "the you" disappears. Its actually not that difficult to get to this state, with enough training you can easily learn to punch trough states and get to it and probably stay for lets say, hours, probably even more, I've tested it for only couple of hours. Getting there is quite natural, there is not much fighting and struggle happening around that state, it feels effortless to be in it, all of the struggle happens around the thought noise. T The state is actually very near to where you are now, its right behind your "personal imagination", you just have to punch trough it and get behind. Btw you cant get out of the thought noise by thinking your way out or fighting it. You just have to notice what is going on and than focus on something that is not a thought, which is awareness.
  23. A worthy quote by Jung: β€œIn sterquiliniis invenitur (in the filth it will be found)” meaning: what you need the most is often in the place you least want to go.”