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  1. I had a similar experience back in 2012 in MI. All of them looked just as any star would, but they would move fast in one straight line, than stop, do a sudden 180, a sudden 160 than a curved move, most were extremity weird movements with impossible stops, as if there were no inertia at all.
  2. You are saying this because anytime you engage in imagination, it gets online by only few %. If you tried hard for 10 mins, you would barely get it above 10%. Do not confuse this day-to-day imagination with full blown imagination. if you go on and engage it to 100ish % than you will be fully immersed and be totally in it, just like you are now. This is what we call a lucid dream. A thing you might notice while getting there is that at first, you were building the scene, you imagined the lion, the props, walls ect, details were fuzzy and blurry, you were thinking about your day to day activities and what not. But after a while the scene will start to become alive, continue building itself and take a life on its own, you will also stop perceiving this content as images somewhere in your head-space and start seeing them right in-front of you, as you were using your eyes to see them. So this imaginary lion, will kill you "there", just as it will "here".
  3. Take into context the story of Cain and Abel that he mentions afterwards. My take on it would be: If you sacrifice what is the most precious to you, than you will be with god. (Abel-His best lamb). If you sacrifice the least precious, play it safe, have a misaligned perception on what actually is the most precious to you/god, than you will not make the worthy sacrifice and therefore be left without god. (Cain-His worst grains). So Cain makes an unworthy sacrifice and is left without god (himself, the world ), so he suffers and in his lows gets resentful against god (himself, the world), and blames god for it, which pulls him even further away. Cainian sees the wrongs in the world as a result, his mind is settled on the wrongs, fueled by deep burred resentment that goes to the level of resenting being itself. But thats deep inside, on the surface in modern days it may look like blaming Jews, the patriarchy, white people, black people, gays, global warming, animal-farm industry, communism, capitalism, you name it, and believe me, they could easily stack up. In that sense, a modern Cainian would be someone who would blame a lot of things, if not most things. The one that doesn't see the beauty and the perfection in god (himself, the world), He is resists it and fights against it, in its wake malevolence rises. So at the end of the day it ends up being more of a pure destructive force and less of a creative one. If one is detached from god and sees the world as something that is against him, as something that needs to be modified to match ones will, than you can easily see how one can get radicalized, end up shooting up schools, be all hyped up about tearing something down, just for the true motivational reason of tearing it down, regardless of what the facade might look like. Note: You can take this on the most psychedelic level, or just on some simple and practical one. Its a mythological story about a pattern that scales across things. That is how it looks to me. Its like an archetypal pathway, that you carve out by making choices. You may end up on the path of Abel, or the path of Cain, depending on how chose to do you sacrifices (intertwined with choices). Its just one Archetype on-top of which others are layered. Imo, JP believes these are the true, probably not yet acknowledged motivations on groups such as antifa, or the more, turbulent leftist activists. As I said and he also knows it, its a pattern that is universal among humans. So this could be applied to most toxic groups or individuals. Its quite an underrated story I think.
  4. Even better, if you haven seen human pussy, goat pussy might be the best one you got
  5. Well, its not that i find the literal meaning of the words funny, its more about the energy connections/interactions I have with certain rare people, some people are not serious, nor mean harm by using any of these words. Personally I go more by the intent and energy and less about the meanings embedded in language. Of course It does not give me, or someone else the license to carelessly bash people and leave the responsibility to them, I don't want to do that, I only do it when its fine, or more likely desired. If a person throws "rough and tumble play" language at me I will probably do the same in return. But that's what it will be to me, verbal rough and tumble play. Still the end result of how it will all play out in the end is in control of the one hearing, or reacting to it. It means its up to your perceptions, judgements, values ect... to determine if you will laugh, cringe, be irritated, hurt, blank, or something else. That's mainly why I brought that example.
  6. I have a friend that would get offended or at least get bad vibes from any of those. And I have another one with whom we playfully bash each-other all the time, both having fun, using all kinds of this twisted language. So, did any of those concepts had inherent vibe in them. Or is it up to the interpreter ?
  7. As I understood, bans are still in the game, they would just be timed instead of permanent. At least that is what they are discussing right now. We'll see.
  8. Got to admit, few good points were raised. Too bad they get clouded by all the density in there. Still would love to see them talk it out on JREs. This talking and bashing from distance is not helping.
  9. Damn is this so hard to watch. I feel like energetically TYT is the left wing version of Paul Joseph Watson, nothing but aggressive drainage there.
  10. There could be some truth. My first trip ever was a DMT breakthrough. Weed just was weirdly different and much more potent after the dmt trip. After my first acid trip it probably doubled again. Idk if something happened during my early trips, or if I am just generally very intolerant. 150-200ug, acid is mind blowing for me, 250 is unbelievable, I never need more than 2g of shrooms. DMT, regardless of the method, even with the worst pipe, I always need just one shot for breakthrough.
  11. Medical grade materials, durable, simple. Can vape pretty much any herbs in it. Well known brand with excellent reputation. Not sure how good it is for crystals, But I guess you can always turn them into changa. https://vaporgenie.com/product/classic-wooden/ There are also these: https://vaporgenie.com/product/glass-bat/ https://vaporgenie.com/product/glass-sherlock/ Same principle, just glass. I've smoked once in a glass Sherlock, the vape is smoother and more cooled down than in the wooden version. But personally i liked the pricing, size and the sturdiness of the classic wooden ones. So thats what I own.
  12. Try that, see how it goes. You can still tell the truth, but be less harmful. What you got now is the realization that the rawest truth is is, the more truthful it is and you just want to roll with it, see where it takes you, which is quite fine when dealing with self, but it can get rusty when dealing with people, entities that are quite unlike you. What will be the use of telling your truth in its rawest form, when it can not be received by these different people. You may be doing more needless harm, or confusion that way. What if adapting your truth for the recipient is a better, or at least another way. Also if you are conveying the message that you mean no harm (being nice), than the likelihood of the message being received is even greater. The greatest con is that a part of the raw truth, as it came to you, will be lost in this language game of adaptation. Its up to you how you do it and to what degree and in what style. You can be very truthful, but still do this. Look at gurus, they throw jokes, metaphors, let questions come in ect all the time and yet manage to convey truth. I am not biased against any of the approaches, in fact I have the same dilemma. Cant see where the devil has his fingers in more.
  13. Not much point in that. You can block the acc from visiting it, but the user can log off and visit it logged out. You can block the IP from visiting, but there is VPN. Btw it looks like a good move to me. These threads around here can get.... quite dense.