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  1. There wont be "a thing" without comparison, having a "thing" requires at least 2 things so you can make the comparison. If there is only one thing in total, comparison is impossible, you would have nothing to compare it to that is outside of itself. No comparison, no thing. Do not mistake "everythingness" for "infinite many-thingness". Contemplate more on what makes a "thing", a "thing" I would say.
  2. I do not really see the point of the hypothetical experiment, except if it is for fun. In most realistic situations people lived in mixed communities and divided tasks as needed. It turns out that most of survival requires physical strength, endurance or resistance. Which men had more of, so they did the activities that required those attributes, as women cared more about the household, distribution of food, taking care of people, we all know this, its not rocket science, is probably not worth repeating around. It would be wise to add the common pregnancy periods into the mix too, as babies and children died often, so more had to be produced if the tribe is to survive. History is a monument of men and women cooperating to meet survival needs and it was brutal on both ends. Which is one of the reasons why I don't buy 90% of the "patriarchy" narrative that you mentioned. These ideas can come only out of modern people isolated from "real" survival. A way to heal this of would be a just few days of camping in the woods with a mixed crew.
  3. True, good that he eased out. Still I found the critique quite warranted, someone had to slap CNN for all that "horse dewormer" language game. Leo seems to think its mainly because the group think and their echo chamber, which is probably true, but it seems to me despite that... it takes less than few minutes of research your way out of it and a serious news network can and is obligated to do at least that. I think CNN knew, or at least the ones making the decisions and decided to roll with it despite knowing the truth. Might have been told to do so, who knows. Don't want to place the blame solely onto them, it is surely way more intertwined and entangled than it looks
  4. A friend of mine once said that laughter is the way out of the matrix, or at least a symptom of phasing/moving out of it. Nice read btw
  5. Language, manipulation of symbols. Designed to trigger survival programs. That would be one way.
  6. There was always that option, but it would have been unwise. They also played a communication-game and both of them knew it, given the situation he did quite well. This probably sums it up.
  7. 38. We don't do that here meme insta lock/ban culture. 39. We need more compassion. 40. INFJ,16w84, Sun in Capricorn, big5 high in openness, lucid travel, lurking occult. 41. Don't post that here. 42. Fuck SJWs 43. Defend SJWs 44.INTP King, epic tribe Ti spanker 45.No right wing stuff , gotta spank that too 46. Jordan Peterson is orange
  8. Yes, fail a lot, get experienced in failing, until you end up becoming comfortable with it. You do not need to do anything special, just do the things you do instead of keeping yourself stuck in fear and anxiety. Do not overthink, act. In time you'll see that these failures that can, but need not happen are not as bad as you previously thought. You do not beat the boogie-man by arguing with him, you act and he disappears. When accompanied with growth mindset, you'll learn to appreciate failure instead of fearing it. There is a lot of juice in it. It is ludicrous to think that you can get things right in your first attempts at anything. That is why its best to baby-step and learn from each step. Each step is useful, failure, or not. Useful quote : A busy soldier has no time to fear.
  9. Astrology is way older than modern rationality, or science. If you want to understand it rationally or scientifically you will fail, no wonder. Can't eat soup with a fork. It works with abstractions that are yet to become specific in mysterious ways, hence its "results" are not measurable, nor is its goal to be specific. We are used to think that things are specific and than we abstract to go deeper. It can work the other way around, this is what astrology is doing to certain degree. In order to work with it you need to renounce/suspend rationality (at least for the time being) and think in terms of energy, different tones of life-force energy, ways life expresses itself, trough people, situations, energy that is imprinted onto anything on its "birth" (natal charts )and how it interacts with the real-time energy climate. It takes a post-rationalist to work with it effectively, though pre rational people can work with it alright, but not as good. Logic and rationality are usually the biggest stumbling blocks, or walls should I say. In a psychedelic way you can say that it is studying the rig that moves the matrix in patterned, predictable ways, but yet it allows for free will to work with these energies and make its choices and turn them into something specific. Its not about the form of the sculpture, you are here to sculpt that, but its more about the clay type. Or you can say its studying of the chakra system of the next holon and how it affects the lower holons in the "as above, so bellow" sense.
  10. It is, actually quite more than it is given credit for. But the thing is, in order for it to be useful, you should feel quite uncomfortable while working with it. Originally it was meant to be used in clinical setting to measure your NEUROSES. Jung's idea was to help people see their neuroses so they can transcend them. Mayers and Isabel Brigs co-opted it and turned it in " all is cool, everyone is different, Americanized corporate type of test". Jung did not agree with this usage. Remember, this is a "mental illness" test, if you identify with your type in order to find comfort you are doing it wrong. Let this be your alarm. Much of the community is corrupted by the very same thing. Instead of using it as ego dissolving tool, they are using it as ego boosting tool. Be careful not to fall in this trap. Its extremely easy to fall into it given the current typology climate. If you adopt this mindset and study typology, you'll be able to type waaaay more efficiently, you'll be measuring right, and it will work in double-blind fashion opposed to relying on your memetic mind to abstractly snap around to what "feels" the closest. "Objective personality" are one of the few in the community that got the method and the spirit right.
  11. Judging by your writing style, quite unlikely. You seem more like an IxxP. Good textbook examples of Ni dom writing (thinking) style around here would be Emerald or Forestluv.
  12. @EddieEddie1995 @iTommy Thanks for sharing it man, I'll check it out. Sometimes I tend ti get worried a bit, because if I get a spontaneous kundalini awakening and end up frozen and twisting on the floor, there is no serious yoga master in the next 1000 km from here to assist me. I guess I have to set that in place in case anything serious happen and also educate myself on krya yoga. I also have the free books that were shared on this forum few years ago.