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  1. Yep, individualistic rather than being about other, Leo has reached what Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha have reached its an independence that carries with it the whole, A Spiritual Leader. im excited to see what leos videos are going to be in the future, a radical shift in authenticity... Leo, i dont worship u, but you’ve reached the the highest level yet semi measured on spiral dynamics
  2. @Knock useful!
  3. @ColdFacts ok bud you win you are right, neale's book is valueless compared to the invaluable bible. Neale is not even 0.0005% what Jesus was. just read the book you fucknut, it isnt about neale
  4. @ColdFacts why not? im assuming now that you havent read it... Neale says very little, it is god that does all the talking. same author, if you chose to believe it is the case. i do believe that to be the case because the teachings are simply too advanced.
  5. @ColdFacts that happens all the time when people discuss about and compare the quran to the bible or torah
  6. How could Neale come up with this knowledge at a time without internet and global access to all kinds of spiritual books? this is very similar to the story behind the unfolding of the Spiritual book "the quran" which seems to be a one sided conversation of god speaking truths in a poetic manner. i think what happened here with Neale happened to the muslim prophet Muhammad, except only those teachings where placed in a very STAGE BLUE manner, primarily because order and security where in high demand at the time. What is channeling if anyone would like to suggest how this happened, feel free to tell me.
  7. @Rilles youre thinking of this from a human's perspective, im judging death itself, (natural death ofcourse) (dying of age) why would a surviving entity die? is it because god want to experience more perspectives so he kills off old ones? but then god wouldnt know what its like to have lived infinitely from one perspective... this must be answered..
  8. @Shadowraix thanks, youre a doctor right?
  9. @Iksander you do understand that, that way of thinking is based on the reality that we die. but after all if im surviving my body, why care about giving new form? why die just so that others can live?
  10. @Shiva why is it optimal in the big picture of things? for the survival of the species? for the survival of the environment? sure but we are surviving this (me, this body).
  11. @Rilles does that make sense? why would you make space for new stuff, after all you're surviving for yourself. i mean sure death and procreation are intertwined in the survival of the species but you as an individual, why die?
  12. seriously, if the whole point of life was to maintain itself, then why do we die? we do our cells become less efficient, why aren't there mechanisms to insure our body keeps functioning optimally. @Leo Gura i would love an answer
  13. @UDT if these are these like 7 rules to live by inorder to balance survival and being? i would say their pretty good, but understand that when you become 100% conscious of your survival, you wouldnt stop eating, or stop being social, look at sadhguru, hes 100% aware of his survival.
  14. @Shin haahah
  15. honestly Leo, thanks for what you're doing, imagine that you didn't create! where would i be? where would thousands of others be? probably confused, living on autopilot to a much higher degree than we do now. thanks Leo for existing