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  1. @Yannik brother, i wish you the best, keep me updated on how its going.
  2. Ive watched your video on this subject a few years ago now, i've done the affirmations, not consistently, i just wanted to ask you now, a few years later, do you still think doing the affirmations is effective? is it going to actually reprogram my mind?
  3. @DrewNows After you are enlightened you will still have the ego (where your thoughts originate) but it just becomes like a piece of clothing, you can wear it or not wear it. in instances where you are socializing its best that you "wear" the ego, but that still means that your thoughts will be similar, your thoughts will still operate as they did before. you have to develop your ego from an insecure ego to a healthy one, and then from there attain enlightenment. this is what im doing, im healthifying my ego.
  4. @Yannik hey man, first thing is first you know you actually know what the problem is and that's like 80 percent of the work, its so interesting how you could trace your fear of disapproval back to a certain event that happened 18 years ago that affects your behaviour, this should tell you that there is something larger at play than you when it comes to your behaviour, something "hidden" that has control over the way you feel and then act . this right here is your subconscious, what you ultimately should aim for is to successfully recraft/reprogram your subconscious mind, this is done by fully facing your fear, and doing so on a somewhat daily basis, you should slowly start to grow and recraft how your mind is crafted. some exercises that are good for this: (1) affirmations and then (2) contemplate your affirmation and how it would look like, do this for 5 mins each. an example of this could be:repeating to your self: i am independent of the good and bad opinions of others, and then contemplateso what does it mean to be independent of the good and bad opinions of others? to me that means being free from their disapproval or their approval, it means that i act according to my standards. ] Meditation, this should help with the detachment from your thoughts this isn't an exercise, but go out there and get rejected, get disapproved of, and learn to not take it seriously. try a tough sport, where there are a bunch of disagreeable people participating in them.
  5. @DrewNows well, as my thoughts come up, saying "oh this person had this specific glance, i wonder what they are thinking of me, am i made out to be a fool?" and I am aware of how my emotions begin to change, but then again, i still participate in this thought process and its been 2-3 years now
  6. @Sahil Pandit tsss
  7. @Sahil Pandit growing your ig page probably also helps
  8. so leos video is pretty good when it comes to this topic, but i found that despite me knowing that i shouldn't really care what people think, i still really do, its a fundamental aspect of all my social behaviour . it's been around 2 years since i discovered this topic, and haven't achieved any results. Do the daily affirmations work that leo recommends work? or are there different ways to go about handling this aspect of my life. share your thoughts, i'm dire need of explanations, and solutions.
  9. are you enlightened? if not how close are you to it, where would you be on the 10 ox herdings model ?
  10. @Truth Addict you're right. i think if your idea and mine worked hand in hand that would be even better. Look at my reply to leo above this one. btw not one person, all of them, paying off all of them, to appear and behave differently.
  11. @Leo Gura For one, the reason people evolve from blue to orange is because they start to value their self more than others, they start to thirst after ego pleasure, so what could be done here is to understand the ego hooks of orange and merge that with green values, in such a way that you are: powerful, have status, are respected, have authority by valuing green values. Kind of like making it the new cool. The Joe Rogan Podcast is a pretty good example of this, not Joe himself, i think he's past green, but his followers, the majority of his followers are orange because Joe Rogan really appeals to that mentality, but then again the people that follow him that are orange are much more green than other orange communities, simply because they value what Joe values.
  12. @Truth Addict you're suggesting i become the media, and through that somehow advance peoples psychology... you realize even if i manage to attain 40% of the media and make at green there will be an uprise in counter green media outlets: as we see today.... We need actual community leaders, role models, people in power to create community shifts in the culture. One way we can go about doing this, is by paying off community leaders, role models, people in power to actually change the way they navigate through society and how they communicate with the public... So for example: theoretically speaking, you could pay off Donald Trump to come off as more civilized and caring, as well as pay him to make more humanitarian presidential choices (this is literally happening but with the opposite values).This will slowly show people that there are humanitarian values that are actually being cared for, and that they should probably value them as well. you would need trillions of dollars to fund a project like that.
  13. @CreamCat im not saying me per se, im asking what solutions there could be.
  14. @Leo Gura What do you suggest we do about that? What are some practical solutions?