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  1. he is one of the best STAGE YELLOW personal developement persons alive!
  2. @voxun Israel has indeed harmed countless palestinian lives, but again so have the palestinians organized and articulated harmful attacks of their own, to say one invented terrorism would be playing this childish game of identity, no one side is responsible for the invention of terrorism they are victim to their own egoic collective.
  3. @Shin You can't say muslims invented terrorism and sexism, terrorism, sexism and islam are not monolithic, even with the absence of islam those things would still be present, they are creations of your various survival collective mechanisms that function within your ego. There is no need to insult and belittle an entire collective. I dislike your attitude.
  4. @zambize thats for me to know and for you to not
  5. @Joseph Maynor thanks good to know, very useful
  6. @voxun youre a little meme devil
  7. Being neurotic is much more than just a character trait, it's how you choose to react to the world. When you're a neurotic you react to the world in such a manner where you produce anxiety and fear at an overwhelming degree. The good news is that this can be stopped. The whole aim of meditation is to shine awareness on your thoughts and emotions, making a distinction between them and reality. Your problem is that, you don't value thoughts as just thoughts you believe them to be REALITY. so yes meditation helps with becoming aware of the distinction between thoughts and reality, but if you really want results, aim for enlightenment.
  8. yes you heard it right
  9. @winterknight i get it, but why do anything if you don't exist, why come here on this forum? you want to help people, and you replying to me is living proof of that! wouldn't you want to become more charismatic (not saying youre not, i do not know you personally) so you could reach and help out more people? kind of like what leo has done.
  10. @winterknight So how would you shape and mold your personality? When you’re enlightened, like if u wanted to teach people, and have an influence, you would need to become more charismatic, assertive, trustable and so on... how would u go about that after enlightenment?
  11. @winterknight you talk about how you have in the past tried to teach and talk about enlightenment to some people, but they hadn't seemed to believe you, "because you didn't have the right personality" as you mentioned. why don't you work on that shouldn't enlightenment make it effortless to shape and mold your personality? <---- this is my question
  12. so this is a recurring theme when i contemplate, i slowly start to become aware of my infinite nature, and my heart beat beats faster, i get dizziness, and then im thrown back into myself "the ego" its like a defense mechanism, my ego is like, NOPE not today, and i can't get passed it, today i tried to surrender to it, and got weird tension through out all my body, and then went into a dream state. my question is, how do i go past this, how do i surrender my ego at once?