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  1. @Leo Gura attraction isn't a choice, attraction is nature taking over your mind to magnetically attach you to a person for survival reasons. as a man if you can convey confidence, competence, physical fitness and low neuroticism and extroversion. you have a very high chance that any woman will be attracted to you. whether they sleep with you or feel love for you is a different case because much of that will happen consciously in their minds although of course they will be heavily influenced by how attracted they are to you, they will make the those choices (sleeping with you or loving you), but attraction is maybe 70-80% of the whole game. you can be sure if you have the characteristics i named, virtually every female will recognise you as "attractive" in the back of their mind
  2. @Bryanbrax not really, but i definitely have some of the victimhood mentality that incels have, lurking in the back of my mind here and there and i think people would benefit from this.
  3. self explanatory
  4. @pluto the last pic is similar to what i saw expect what i say was much more disorganised, and intertwined
  5. must suck balls for you. but this is just funny, this man is so so low consciousness that its funny
  6. I was high on mushrooms and was genuinely looking for answers. It was around 2 hours into my trip when my brain started to form these really strange patterns when ever i closed my eyes. the patterns had meaning to them.... There came a pattern that slapped my in my face. It had made sense to me somehow.... and all i could do, was utter the words.... YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN SILENCE i know realise that what this means is that i have to contemplate on my own and shut off all external inputs of higher knowledge and wisdom (all personal development and spiritual teachings) for answers tailored to me to appear. Ive been doing it for the past couple of days and it works wonders! let this be a lesson to you all. i hope you could find use of this message.
  7. @Commodent good point. the thing is ive developed this complex where, i find my self feeling judged rather than judging, the contents of my mind are not that of a judgemental character. Fundementally i feel very low status, and feel like i can't speak up. i think if however if i try being disagreeable for the sake of being disagreeable that directly puts me face to face with my fear. I know you think its annoying, but i have to get to the point where i don't give a shit if people see through it or not. When i was little i was very confrontational that was until i got my fair share of being shunned by the educational environment mostly. (teachers, the parents of the kids.) that was when i started to become conscious that i need to never confront anyone, and i need to care what people thought cuz if i didn't, i got punished through (being called names by teachers, being left alone while all the kids played) blah blah blah. I have now an extremely unconfrontational personality. i feel like i need to do whatever (socially) and learn not to fear the consequences. like im messaging random shit to one of the people that made me self conscious when i was a kid. why? just to do it.
  8. how does one become less polite and more blunt, how does one start enjoying conflict and caring less what people think of them. Mind you i don't view this as low consciousness, certainly there is a distinction between being loving and wanting the best for all of humanity and being too weak to stand up for yourself, being too polite and fearful of conflict. PLEASE SHARE!
  9. @Pernani I think that his growth is his work, i mean leos life purpose (a big factor of growth) is sharing his growth. so if it comes down to it i think leo would value growth over work, just because if growth wasn't there there would be no work. but i think Leos work is a fundamental part of his journey because that's who he is, a teacher, an empathetic selfless leader.
  10. Well done! i have a similar problem. lets pm about it, maybe we can learn things from each other.
  11. @Bill W True! 1. The real fear is that, i will stay lurking around on the forum and watching leos videos like i have been doing for 5-6 years and not getting any real results. 2. I want my experience to be that of getting results, not really concerned with others at the moment with the exception ( girls should be all over me) this is because one area im struggling with in my life is dating lol. Im sure that this taking sides (the action side vs the theory side) is unhealthy, but at this point i think i know well over enough theory for my own good. i at some point have to live the theory. examples of this: Understanding awakening vs experiencing awakening. I've read the book of not knowing, many books off of leos book list in the category of spirituality. yet i have no experience of non duality, certainly reading more and watching more isn't gonna trigger it, i have to take action. Do a lot of self inquiry, krya yoga, meditation and even more psychedelics than the few trips ive had. Dating theory vs dating experience : this is self explanatory embodying love and empathy: its hard for me to be empathetic and loving with out wanting things back in return. in my opinion a good way to do this is to actually give a lot. and embody in actuality, the selfless life. recognition of my mechanicalness: ive watched the 3 part series on self deception and leos awareness video and read the Psychology of mans possible evolution. But if i don't take the time to recognise this "theory" in my actual life. it will remain just theory. i could go on but i don't want to bore you. what im saying is that i want utter boredom, no leo, no youtube. no friends, maybe books. what this will do is cause me to look inwards. rather than always latching on to something externally just to distract me. i might be wrong. i might come back on here a week later and whine about the bitchy life i have again. who knows. my guess is that i will have rapid growth in the first few weeks but will have the urge to go and watch videos again. this is probably a manifestation of the "obsessive" in his book mastery- george leonard but who knows, something good might come out of it.
  12. @mikelyons at this point i have too much theory, too many notes, i binge watch leos videos, thinking that its going to get me results somehow. i virtually know the theory off by hard. but its time i go and apply this theory
  13. @Leo Gura Why do you think that is? after all if you know this is a dream why be serious. like you said. is it because they haven't attained that level of consciousness?