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  1. Funny enough about 2 weeks ago this question really started to hit me of what even is fear? And now this fuckkkkkkkkk, im fucking satisfied now that ill know, didnt even watch the new vid yet, but i know already its gonna answer my questions
  2. @TheAvatarState i took around 120 ug, nothing happened its been an 6 hours
  3. @okulele no i dont meditate or do mindfulness work, thats really hard for me
  4. Neil is very orange, he is a data god but its about worshipping results and statistics, and he judges other groups of people whilst not recognizing he is just one of these groups of people, he thinks he is above all of them, failing to understand their underlying value structures. i know that transitioning through a SD STAGE has a couple of phases where the near the last phases the person feels very defensive about their paradigm and is slowly starting to notice the limitations of their paradigm and they fear that once they realize the limitations, the person who they once were will die and be born into new values. neil seems very defensive in this JRE interview
  5. @CreamCat iq is very much about the way you use your brain, through my personal experience ive found out that different values in people dictate how they use their brain, people that are fearful for example result to heavy usage of the amygdala, whilst someone who values connection and relating with others has more activity in their supramarginal gyrus, whilst someone who values professionalism, strategy, logical thinking, tends to use the prefrontal cortex. iq is a measure of ones ability to focus and recognize relationships between objects. People that value those things not superficially but deeply will use their brain in a different way, to suit their values. how ever, there are people with larger brains, and people with smaller brains, different brain structures, people naturally tend to gravitate to certain brain behavior, And its a challenge to steer someone away from their natural tendencies, so thats why there is the conception that iq is set in stone.
  6. So i really want to discover teotle, and what leo is talking about, i got some lsd tabs from a friend, 400 ug, i will be taking around 25 ug forst dose then build up to 50-60 ug within a week or 2 weeks. please share thoughts, does lsd cause psychosis, what should i do when i start to experience ego death?
  7. @pluto with people like sadhguru, they can be sensitive to the foods they consume, knowing what foods their body prefers to digest. but i dont know how credible what hes saying actually is.
  8. idk if psychedelics do that... maybe its a life style change you have made, like less exercise, less sleep, less healthy food. also fat on the body converts Testosterone to estrogen through aromatase. AND... in the presence of non basal-level insulin (insulin spiked from food), Testosterone is decreased substantially. Do's: Eat less carbohydrates Sleep Exercise; muscle stimulation. Eat more vegetables and meat
  9. hello, if any of you life in the Netherlands and wanna hangout and discuss actualization, spirituality that would be great, feel free to msg me. if enough people msg me i will make a group where we could have a little circle of actualizers.
  10. @Nivsch i feel pretty connected, i would say the problem is not so much family originated.
  11. When neuroticisms creeps in, just let it go.
  12. if you've read the book, is this book valuable?
  13. could you make this a feature, i think its pretty important.