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  1. I just finished watching this documentary. I think a really good example of how this work can ultimately turn out wrong if not managed properly.
  2. Good points to consider guys Keep it coming.
  3. So I made this commitment to start to like really develop, cement and embody a very strong work ethic, but not just working for work's sake of course, but by being intelligent about it as well. As in spiritual practices and in the survival aspects of the "dream" like business or paying bills for example. So I was just wondering guys/girls, how would you approach this sort of a task? Because eventhough my spiritual growth is like fucking skyrocketing every single day right now (been meditating for 4 years now every single day for an hour or more; just moving to the Netherlands and discovering the wonderful world of psylocibin and mindfucking me even more!), I still feel I'm not puting in as nearly enough as I could be. And I realize that, and I'm sort of aware that I'm being lazy sometimes, and having excuses to go and clean the room instead or washing the dishes, instead of focusing and commiting to a project at hand for like 4hrs with laser like precision and not get distracted by all the shit that is going around. How would you approach this? Are you also struggling with this? If you're a guy/girl who has a strong work ethic, how did you develop it? And I know that ultimately I will have to craft my own unique/custom path to this, but just in general and from an overarching big picture perspective, how would you aprroach this issue? Aljoša
  4. Hey there fellow self-actualizers! Hope everyone is going forward in your own paths. Just wanted to shout out, that if you're a resident of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, then just send me a personal message. We could socialize, share ideas and create projects that have value and impact on others. WARNING: The purpose of these gatherings won't be over indulging in drinking, doing drugs (only for spiritual practices), debating, criticizing, etc.. Remember, that you are your own greatest enemy in this work. Aljoša
  5. Hey everyone! This is a suggestion for Leo. I watched the video about the No Bullshit Intro To Spirituality and Leo said something about Suffering being as a practice for spiritual work. But he said that he won't go into it just yet. As someone who is trying to improve life, it's inevitable that at times I do suffer. So I personally think that it would be a great idea to present this technique not just for myself, but because I think that generally speaking, everyone is suffering at some stage in their life and would be really interesting to see how to turn suffering into spiritual work. Hope you all have a great day and keep going strong. Aljoša