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  1. In a blog post leo talked about the human aspects of god. Are we the center point of his creation? Are there enlightened aliens?
  2. @zunnyman This is a panic attack brought on by weed paranoia. Ive been through it, this has nothing to do with spiritual progress. It will get better, give it a week. If you have to smoke weed just make very light joints please, the strains today are too strong and have too much THC so unfortunately this happens.
  3. @Quanty "Move on", you people here are always talking like if its a choice, and maybe it is to some degree but come on, someone going through a breakup or losing a parent etc. will have some emotions to handle. Its not like anyone here is practically on that level where you are facing something like that and brush it off. Granted, my situation is very minor. All im doing is accepting rejection, not chasing her and going within myself to deal with these emotions that will come up. I know this attachement will be gone in a couple of weeks max, but there is no way around it I will have to deal with something. If im now starting to feel bad about feeling bad I think this will go in an ugly direction.
  4. I developed a crush on a girl and she didnt feel the same. Im feeling really strong negative emotions because of it for some days now. I didnt talk about it to anyone, I find myself thinking about her having sex with other guys and how she enjoys it. When I see her somewhere I dont run away, I talk to her and even watch her flirt with other guys. I find myself seeking out this pain instead of running away, not because I enjoy it but because I have this idea in my mind that I think learning to deal with these negative emotions at home alone by myself could help me grow by facing them head on. I even find myself having religious thoughts about it (very very unusual for me), that "god" sent this negative experience on me to grow me, and using that to convince myself to feel the emotions and just tough it out. But Im having my doubts if this could be sado masochistic / unhealthy behaviour and if im just torturing myself or if this is really a healthy way to think about it. Whats your opinion on this?
  5. Best would be nothing. Im myself drunk at least once per week right now. I need it to socialize because im very introverted. Clouds your mind and makes you do things youll regret. Usually im really down the next day and meditate even more, but thats the only positive really.
  6. Enjoy it while it lasts, the weed high changes slowly but noticeable from when you begin to if you are a couple years in. For me it went into the direction where it made me more and more paranoid and self conscious so I stopped without a problem because I didnt enjoy the high anymore after it gave a panic attack one too many times. Ask any heavy smoker about this, they will tell you the same. If you have to take drugs its one of the safest you can do though, many people smoke daily without problems. Quitting it was never hard, even when I still enjoyed it.
  7. How do you know the emotional suffering with raising your consciousness and doing all this work will pay off one day?
  8. To clear up the discussion from all these subjective opinions here are some handy infographics from a scientific perspective.
  9. I thought they are friends but they are also attractive to me. They messaged me a lot some time so I thought why not try more they might feel the same. They didnt though.
  10. @Samra yes I do and I hit on quite a few of them as we got closer but got rejected every time, we are still friends though im not that immature.
  11. @kingroboto I'm 29. Ive not given up yet but it looks dark. I'll try my luck with women for some more time but then I will go into permanent virgin monk-mode. So far my life experiences match with the worldviews I and JP laid out here.
  12. @SFRL Of course its true, I encourage anyone here with average or below female friends who have tinder to ask them to take look into their tinder account. You are in for a rude awakening if you truly think the top 20% women and top 20% of guys compete for each other. Thats not how it works. Average guys get fucked over.
  13. @now is forever you are delusional if you think this trailer is relevant to the problem we are talking about here. This movie is about people who fuck and date around like rabbits and struggling to get commitment/a perfect partner. Thats not the problem that the men Joe Rogan and JP talk about face. These are men who arent even in the sexual marketplace because their value is zero, and the number of these men is growing is every year. These men are basically seen as asexual beings by the oppoosite sex.
  14. You are either in the top 20% or live in a non-western society with enforced monogamy.