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  1. @Brivido The paradox of that is, that after getting this information the only reason someone wants to love his situation is because he wants it to change, and therefore he cant truly love it.
  2. @Shadowraix just trying to understand why it would work like that because it makes no sense to me
  3. What do you think of of the issue that by reading about all this stuff the psychedelics will just dig it out of your memory and bring it to the front. So how can you ever be sure that its an insight into the absolute and not just some random stuff that you then project the non-dual theory on? Isnt this the same thing that the materialist does, that he looks around the world and interprets and explains everything though his materialist model which in turn makes this model seem more and more true?
  4. I respect you a lot for that. You are here everyday clearing up questions from people who are not even customers.
  5. If God is infinite/formless, how can he have specific attributes like all-loving? When I think of Infinite formlessness I think of a scientific attributeless void. So when people say this formlessness is absolute Love I might as well say why isnt it absolute Hate? Who decides that? Is it a limit of language?
  6. Idont know if I buy that. A lot of people in spirituality and here on this forum come from a wounded place or battle depression and their own mind. Arent the "shallow" and joyful people living the more spiritual life in that sense?
  7. I have the book list, but I would like to know which of the 200+ books are in the top 10 and why.
  8. Could you tell us what your top 10 all time most important books are right now?
  9. CwG

    Just wanted to say great to see this book on the list. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago by accident, read a but into it online a bit and was actually amazed by how much it was in line with but was still hesistant to buy it because I knew Leo had to know about this book and never mentioned it anywhere. To anyone who is not deterred by the channeling and extra terrastrial stuff I can also recommend the Ra Material which is also very much in line with this book. I was and still am to a degree very skeptical of channeling, but even though most of the stuff is not in my direct experience Im still leaning more to the side that this stuff simply can not be made up, especially the Ra Material which has a very precise and unique use of language, while CwG uses a more common style of language.
  10. Where to get it if you want to eat healthy?
  11. Its not the same thing that is meant when people say every moment existed for eternity. This effect is because of the physical limit of light speed and its well observed, its not metaphysics.