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  1. Can we get a very detailed yoga routine down and sticky it? Or maybe even better a video from @Leo Gura
  2. @SFRL could you please continue that on PM
  3. So as it seems trip reports for this "radical" substance are rare id thought I share my experience with it. When I was a teenager like 18 years old we and some friends bought it because the extracts were legal at the time. We bought 25x but I now believe it was a very mild dose. I tried it multiple times and this is basically what happened. I ripped it through a bong and as soon as I inhaled it hit me immediately (somebody needs to be there to take the bong out of your hands). There were changes in visual and auditory perception but no real visuals, not like LSD and especially not like DMT. But i basically lost all sense of self instantly. You dont know who you are, who these people are or what even a human is - but it doesnt bother you or make you anxious. Your mind is pretty much empty but more in a retarded sort of way. Then you get all kinds of crazy ideas, like one time I thought gravity was going sideways and was attracted to the wall. One time I thought I heard a friend of mine yelling outside on the street and stuff like that. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes every time and then you come slowly back and for some reason you sweat a lot afterwards. As I said the dose was probably low, my friends had basically the same experience. Nobody really hated the trip but also no one of use had any real desire to do it again after a couple times, especially because of the sweating. This was definitely not a breakthrough, just want to give a not-crazy perspective .
  4. @Samra it may be exaragated but the truth is being a sensitive, emotional guy gets your zero girls while guys like that usually have multiple. It goes back to cavemen times when this stage-red behaviour was rewarded. Women are attracted to it on a subconscious level. Women lay back and let men compete, the ones who can dominate the other men physically get selected for reproduction. Thats just how it is, read the book "The Red Queen" for more information.
  5. @Mikael89 thats maybe too harsh but these are all attractive qualities in man.
  6. I think every man has made the experience that after opening up emotionally to a girl that the girl loses attraction basically instantly. Thats why most guys are stoic, because that is the behaviour that is rewarded by women. Also, David Deida says femininity is emotional while masculinity is to be like a rock, undisturbed by the waves. Its better to deal with your emotions yourself as a man.
  7. In your Life is a dream video (and in many others) you appeal to logic multiple times to convince the viewer of the idea that this life is a dream. But as you said, the rules in the waking dream are arbitrary simmilar to how night dreams dont need to follow consistent logic. So if life is a dream you cant trust logic, and if life is not a dream your logic for why it is a dream makes sense. How do you resolve this paradox?
  8. @Your place at Heart dont want to be mean or anything but your memes kinda suck, but good on you for trying
  9. Good idea. Its easy to talk the talk in a youtube video where you just disarm your own counterpoints ("But Leo")
  10. Anybody else feel like this sometimes? Is the average person really that unhappy? Most of the normal people I know seem pretty content with their lifes. They easily get into relationsships, dont have problems attracting the opposite sex, they find friends easily, they go happily to their soulless wage slavery job, they have materialistic goals and are happy when they finally can buy their new car and stuff like that. They dont even care about personal development and meditation, because it would add nothing to their life. They dont see the value in it. Lets be honest - most of the people here are coming from a place of suffering. Even Leo got into self-help/PUA because he didnt date until he was 26 or something. Why would you give a shit about how your psychology works or the nature of reality if your life is great and you just want to live a humble life and maybe start a family? Of course its all chimpery and they dont know it but what do you really gain by knowing this? Do you sometimes ask yourself why they have it so easy and you have to go through all this suffering that lead you to spirituality? Do you sometimes crave the blue pill and just want live your life in the matrix with all the other human batteries?
  11. I enjoy it too. its all in good fun
  12. @SoonHei Yeah I'm 100% sure. It was so real. As I said I remembered my sober life clearly and what I did before going to sleep. It was like normal reality with the exception that stuff was flimmering. Im not a person who usually wakes up and asks himself if hes still dreaming, for me its like a switch is flipped immediately as soon as I wake up and I go about my day. This time it took about 20 minutes after waking up until reality felt solid again, because there was not much difference in how it "felt" in the dream. I really thought it was possible I was still in a dream after waking up and I know how ridiculous this sounds, I thought Im going crazy.