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  1. If I am the creator of my reality and my vibration chooses the external reality Im presented with (Law of attraction), what about other people in this scenario? If my higher selve wants to experience what its like to lose a loved one and that person ends up in hospital dying, or due to my thoughts, my higher selve chooses that this experience is not relevant for my particular exploration of consciousness, what happens from the other persons point of view? Either Im manipulating their life, or they are not conscious like me, They are both not sounding right. How does this work?
  2. can you recommend something?
  3. I have these beliefs that you have to treat women like they are beneath you to have a chance to be romantic with them. I have the belief that if you are not sexual with a women all the time you will be seen as platonic and every chance of having sex with her closes down for you. These beliefs depress me to no end because I just want to treat women like people and Im not the kind of guy who is super sexual all the time. But I feel like if I keep being like that I cant ever have a romantic relationship. My beliefs also seem to get confirmed by reality because all the sexually sucessful guys I know are like this.
  4. While Leo is away I can recommend the videos of massaros trinfinity academy. This teaching go pretty deep, from what Ive seen is in alignment with the actualized teachings + the empowerment courses are kinda what Leo talked about with integration of spirituality with tony robbins style teachings.
  5. I just dont get what Im even trying to acomplish when I meditate if determinism is true. Like someone above said, "life is effortless". So when I recognize that life is effortless/determined and as a result Im more relaxed didnt I change my destiny because I will make different choices based on that knowledge?
  6. There is no free will. That means all my acrions are pre determined. But when I become mindfull I can catch thoughts and stop them. So there is free will, or how would I be able to do that. Or the mindfullness itself and how conscious you become are just more pre determined thoughts and part of unchangeable destiny. Which is true?
  7. @Gabriel Antonio you didnt watch the video
  8. Not in a physical or metaphysical sense. But as an illusion they do.
  9. I dont know how serious of a scientist he is but I didnt believe scientists really are that materialistic.
  10. I love the end "just get the human out of it". Trigger warning for @Leo Gura
  11. @Annoynymous @Hello from Russia I know you didnt ask me but I would not see a problem with it as long as they let you do your thing. I think spirituality is highly personal, in the end you will have to walk the path alone anyway.
  12. Another thing to add about addiction. Even though MDMA feels amazing and many (myself included) think its more euphoric than cocaine I paradoxically dont find it particulary addicting at the same time. Its not a substance that enables compulsive behaviour. I never ever had a desire to overdo it or a craving for it. The reason for this I think is that re-dosing does almost nothing and the hangover. The hangover itself at the peak is milder than alcohol but it can last multiple days and that alone turns you off from overdoing it even if you now nothing about safer use or the brain chemistry science behind it. But of course there are always people out there who overdo it but for the average well adjusted person its not a concern I think.
  13. @Leo Gura As I said 0 trips is not enough but more than 10 is too much. Its a good substance for a first experience with psychedelic-like substance because a bad trip is almost impossible. I doubt it would do much for someone at your level. But it would still be interresting to see how deep you can go with it. It wouldnt be a party drug if it mindfucked people too much.
  14. I have 30+ trips under my belt and it was always the same basic experience, MDMA is very predictable. As far as I understand the problem is that serotonin receptors shut down because of the overexposure but anti-oxidants can counter that + as far as I know this was never been proven in humans. I wouldnt trust the research too much because the people in the studies are almost always heavy users (High doses every week) and they dont just take MDMA. That said 10 trips seems a good amout I think after that you have gotten everything MDMA spiritually has to offer out of it anyway. Altough at least 1 one of these 10 trips I would take it in a non-serious recreational festival/club setting because the synergy with music is out of this world, its an outstandig experience. I dont recommend anyone overdoing it like I did, it doesnt seem sustainable and its not worth the potential damage/hangover recreationally and spritually it doesnt go very deep for me. So its worth it for the experience but then drop it.