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  1. @isabel yes, been going through just that today. "It was all bullshit I guess", "Ive been deluding myself with this" and thoughts like that. The important thing is that you have a reference experience, that you know it can be otherwise, it was not delusion, it was real. Here are some instructions for these days. - Lay down alone in a quiet room, no distractions. - Think "On 3 I will double my relaxation.. 1. 2. 3." several time. On 3 go from head to toe, let go of tension as good as you can. - locate emotion in the body, imagine holding it in a tight fist. Then let go and imagine it flowing out of your body. Do it over and over, brute force it until something happens.
  2. The idea is to bring all the information from the hard to read mega-threads about various topics discussed here together on pages.
  3. Im struggling with this also. I think thoughts like "Im going to accept these emotions now" but its really just a monkey-mind thought in my head, it didnt feel like anything changes and thats how its been for the longest time for me and it still is. I found that relaxing my body visualizing the emotion and working more with mental images was a key for me. I was able to truly allow stuff and then you can feel it in your whole body but this is just on my best days. I think Im an outlier and more left-brained and neurotic than the average person so the usual advice did nothing for me. You need to get this mind-body connection really going and I think for a lot of people, especially women this is not as much of an issue.
  4. @Elysian I doubt that. There are self-confident happy stage blue people and depressed stage green people. And I dont think these are outliers, it seems like a seperate issue. How am I going to get better by getting lost in these thoughts? On one hand I should not surpress them and on the other hand its clearly dysfunctional and I need to get rid of this type of thinking sooner or later. its a complete contradiction.
  5. @Salvijus yeah but what are you gonna do? You are never going to think away problems. Whats the real solution here?
  6. @Rilles Right but sometimes the thoughts are negative even though there is no obvious feeling. Your mind runs negative things but I dont feel bad about it. But the feeling is just very subtle, I think most of the time its depression and apathy which is very hard to detect for me. After looking again I found Its a light pressure in the chest.
  7. I often notice how I go into negative thinking about an issue in my life, and I can clearly see how thinking this shit through over and over brings me nothing, how you never arrive at a solution, how just making yourself feel bad enough about it wont solve anything. So then I try to stop but its still there in the background. Now other thoughts come up "What, you just gonna surpress this? This seems unhealthy" "You really believe by just not thinking about it it doesnt exist?" "So what, you are just gonna live in la-la from now on and delude yourself like some crazy person?" "You are afraid to face reality? You have to align with whats real. This situation is real, find a solution"
  8. What is it if I "feel" depressed without any feeling in my body. I'm not happy and I have neurotic thinking but it feels very analytical and in my head, my body feels numb and stiff. I cant locate it in my body but something just isnt right. What is that and how do you handle it?
  9. I like kriya but these threads about dangers are really freaking me out a bit. The thing is I know nobody in real life or even in my country who is interrested or experienced in these kind of things and I also Iive alone. If something where to happen I would be all by myself. Is it true that some of these awakenings can physically kill you? Can you gain such control over your body that you can stop your heartbeat by accident or something like that? I know these kind of things are automatically regulated in the brain stem and it seems like you mess around with that when doing kriya and it seems dangerous. I also dont want to end up jumping from my roof because I become psychotic or something simmilar also. Can anybody who is experienced help me with my concerns?
  10. To be honest Ive been doing kriya for 3 months daily now and I didnt have any kind of experience. Its literally what you expect to happen if you hold your breath and stretch your body. And you here are all talking like it is so strong it could physically kill you. Sometimes I feel really disconnected from this forum, are you all delusioned or am I the outlier? Also shouldnt it be possible to awaken kundalini also through hatha yoga by accident, why arent there people dying in yoga classes all the time then?
  11. Did anybody check the news? I think his home was raided by the police
  12. Life gives you enough shit anyway, why make it harder? If you can handle it sure, but this is most likely a sneaky excuse to see her more often because you are addicted. I think your job is to break that emotional attachement, but dont be a dick to her or anything.
  13. This is one of the lesser known methods of releasing from the Sedona Method and I want to share it and elaborate on how I do it, because if it resonates with you its really effective. 1. Lie down 2. Relax your muscles, especially stomach, chest, chin and shoulders. 3. Think about the situation that triggers the emotion or work with what you are currently feeling and welcome it into your body 4. Focus and locate the emotion in your body and how it feels. Remember to relax again if you tensed up. 5. Imagine yourself like a little version of yourself diving through your body diving towards the emotion. I imagine the emotion as a kind of ball of gas or light. 6. Keep your awareness on the emotion in your body. Imagine the little you diving towards the center of the emotion. Be curious about whats at the core of it. As long as there is no release the "diver" should not have reached the center. Just imagine him diving deeper and deeper into it. 7. While you do this the emotion can become stronger. Relax your muscles again if you tense up as you go deeper. 8. At some point there is this kind of "pop" where the emotion gets released in an instant. Thats when you have reached the center. Pretty pragmatic, try it out.