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  1. The purpose of unions is to protect workers from over zealous and abusive management practices. It's not some kind of master vs peasant situation.
  2. @abundance But Biden could shut the US southern border completely tomorrow via emergency executive action. He's a mere puppet of the progressives. His carbon free agenda is completely unrealistic and we don't have the infrastructure...anyway, all my points are moot because they'll be replacing him after his poor performance in his recent debate. But the border situation has got to be fixed, starting now. There's no WAY Biden can fix it, because the extreme left won't let him.
  3. @abundance I don't think a Christian autocracy is possible here, with our checks and balances. Not everyone is a religious zealot, plus he'll fix the border. Biden will never fix the border, because he's merely a tool for the Progressive agenda.
  4. I mean, can we have some better choices at least? The Progressives have gone way too far with this Woke crap, and insidious political correctness, but on the other hand, the far MAGA right wants to turn us into a bunch of born again Christian zombies. How about neither one?
  5. I completely understand that Trump is a horrible choice, but I feel like Biden is far too infirm to continue. So now what? Harris? Newsome? Could we have a moderate who spends responsibly and who will fix the border problem/illegal immigrants issue?
  6. @CARDOZZO @CARDOZZO but you're still trying to explain the Absolute with the Relative. You really really need to watch the Solipsism video again and smoke some potent sativa marijuana. The ganja will awaken you....I'm not trying to be a condescending asshole...I'm just saying you're not fully awake. If you were, then brains wouldn't even be mentioned. It's very difficult to be open minded enough to once and for all realize that this is all imagination...with serious consequences...the brain you're imagining is an appearance in the dream. Why are you trying to explain the Absolute (enlightenment), with the Relative (an fMRI)?
  7. @Princess Arabia Im one of the most Awakened persons on this site, and i completely understand it all. Brains do not exist. You are the absolute always. There are no brains. You're telling me that I don't understand what's being pointed to? You're obviously either really confused about what's being said, or just don't understand it. It's not for everyone, and most people on this site, about 98% have no fucking clue what's being said.
  8. @Princess Arabia what it really means is you're not Awakened fully. Keep going!
  9. @Princess Arabia watch his video , "why brains don't exist". Watch the solipsism video and guided video of realizing you're God. If youve seen and understood the videos, and are awake, then you should also understand that brains shouldn't enter into the discussion. It's irrelevant.
  10. @CARDOZZO hi! Have you watched all of Leo's videos? Because if you have, why are you still inquiring into brains? How are brains relevant in these teachings?
  11. Is the brain involved? What kind of question is that? Go back and watch all his videos all over again, I guess. It's amazing after all he's given us in his amazing videos, that you guys are STILL asking about brains. My advice for those who bring up brains at THIS stage is to give up and find another hobby.
  12. Watch the Solipsism video 200 times like I did....I'm still mind fucked and loving every minute!
  13. Understand, you are all this. Everything. You are God. You are all alone. I am NOT a parrot. There is only 1. You think there are multiple, but there's only 1 understanding this message...and that's YOU
  14. It's like saying Aztec non duality started 5000 years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth, as there is nothing but Consciousness, everything else is a fucking dream. Leo dreamed of Aztec non duality. There is in fact, no such thing. You're imagining my words and getting ready for your imaginary but VERY hostile retort! ;))