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  1. Looks like God is alive and well being the Devil and creating unconsciously.
  2. @SQAAD I would merely state that it's because some get them to feel unique. However it seems everyone has them so now NOT having any tattoos is unique!
  3. @Hsinav I don't think Leo needs financial assistance...if you've been paying attention to the content.
  4. You sent yourself here as form to experience yourself as a human. You sent yourself here to experience it all.
  5. @Kushu2000 the problem is that you're taking a lot for granted and making a lot of assumptions. Metaphysically there is no "brain". If you assume that everything is happening "in a brain"...then where is this brain occurring?
  6. @andyjohnsonman you could ask her questions to see how connected she is with modern culture. How strongly she identifies with pop culture is inversely proportional to her level of Consciousness.
  7. Wow! I have never read so many potentially wonderful posts! However most of you need to brush up on your grammar as it is abysmally horrible. Namaste.
  8. @Baotrader youre completely missing the mark my friend.
  9. The Actuality Episode tied everything in quite nicely. I had another awakening after watching...mostly deep listening and then contemplation. Deep deep serious listening...to the real message. Put your heart and soul into this and you will GET IT. I HAVE two things in my life. 1. My job which is necessary for survival at the moment. 2. Spiritual practice...I live, breath and eat this stuff up... You are NOT this little tiny fledgling human....
  10. Look at the front cover of Carlos Castenedas book, A Separate Reality.....the guy on the cover has so head....hmmmm.
  11. @Umar_uk Beautiful and concise. Parsimonious.
  12. @Stoica Doru i agree with the concept of integrating ego, not destroying it. Matt Kahn provides a very good explanation of this on True Divine Nature, "Embracing the Shadow". By respecting the shadow self, (anger, fear, jealousy, etc), we integrate it with Being and bring it into the light. By integrating and not rejecting the shadow we make it an ally, not something we reject out of hand because we don't like how it makes us feel. The "bad" parts are God too.
  13. @Gligorije @Gligorijebut if you watched "brains don't exist_" you would understand. Consciousness is first order. It is what YOU ARE.
  14. @egoless or God, aka Source, aka the Universe. The one that never changes is your True Self. Your body changes. Not the Awareness.