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  1. I've actually had breakthrough awakenings with incredibly potent strains of ganja...yet it's next to impossible to source psychedelics in the US unless one resorts to sketchy places like dark web. Only glimmer of hope is one can make n, n, dmt with mimosa hostilis root bark. Otherwise, any suggestions?
  2. @Flowerfaeiry yet it's ridiculous to "cancel" Dr Seuss isn't it? I read his books or rather they were read to me as a young boy. I'm pretty sure I turned out ok. I'm a Democrat but I'm certainly not an extreme liberal. The pendulum always swings way too far whether to the left or right. Any extreme be that ultra liberal or ultra conservative is unhealthy.
  3. @goldpower123 National Public Radio, (NPR).
  4. @Mesopotamian except that Iraq wasn't responsible for 9/11 but W invaded anyway. W was a national embarrassment.
  5. @Phyllis Wagner nowhere as there are no distinctions from the Absolute perspective
  6. @Nyseto yes government does control things you dislike. Paying taxes, wearing seatbelts (insurance is a pool and preventable accidents increase rates), and wearing masks to prevent spreading highly communicable diseases. You are NOT free to recklessly endanger others.
  7. @How to be wise except the adults control the curriculum vis a vis the school board!
  8. @Hardkill he has a large base of crazy people who love him and would like to see him in office again, mainly people in stage blue development, I.e. Proud Boys types, etc.
  9. @Opo no quite the opposite. She's more than likely merely parroting her parents and other adults. Sorry but working men and women don't identify with a priveliged snotnose brat telling them what's up...even if what she's merely parroting is true.
  10. @Opo She presented no original ideas, but most adults don't need to be redressed by a priveliged teenage girl. The common man and woman is too busy keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table and feel powerless against greedy oil executives who could give two shits about the environment. Give me a break Greta, and stop parroting liberal agendas.
  11. But we do NOT have the right to spread deadly viruses. That's why masks are mandatory.
  12. @Hardkill seatbelts aren't an option, they're mandatory. So are masks. Yes it's government telling you what to do. Like paying taxes. It stops the spread of a deadly virus. Debate over.
  13. It's obvious that Greta is being coached on what to say. Teenagers don't have full frontal lobe development to come up with original ideas.
  14. @Leo Gura the Republican Party is ethically and intellectually bankrupt.