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  1. @Javfly33 But Leo had explained that already in the solipsism vid
  2. @puporing Thank you!🥸
  3. I'm awake and have a full time job in government. I contemplate being the divine all the time. It's not like work prevents me from realizing I'm God imagining everything. But wow, I've been tripping on this notion of God Realization and it's amazing. I am an enigma even to my True Divine Self. How can anyone not want to embrace the mystery of the divine is beyond me.
  4. @Vibes I really like and appreciate what you said! Thank you Vibes!
  5. But according to Leo, no one on this forum is awake. According to Leo enlightenment and no self is all bullshit, so I guess we have to start over from scratch. I thought I might be making some progress but Leo's new stance is that we're all misguided and stupid.
  6. In other words I'm pretty damn sure the Dark Web is monitored by federal law enforcement. So why risk arrest, prosecution and incarceration just because I need to be Awake? There's gotta be a better way to acquire these substances than risking arrest by the feds. Local circles of friends usually work best. Good luck to all who make risky decisions.
  7. In short, I don't buy psychedelics from Dark Web because I look bad in orange.
  8. @The0Self @The0Self Wow. So I have nothing to worry about buying 5 meo from the Dark Web? I needn't worry about fraud or shady characters or prosecution? I had no idea it was so carefree and easy.
  9. @DefinitelyNotARobot no worries friend! She's using the Bible as an authoritative document. She has to realize that she herself is the arbiter of truth. Not the bible. If she could open her mind enough to dispense with dogma, she would realize that she is the ultimate authority. Not some book.
  10. @DefinitelyNotARobot personally Ive always thought evolution was a crock of shit from a materialistic view. I was being more of a smartass really. Everything is imaginary in the solipsistic bubble. This is all dream world, despite its seeming real. This is not bs religion but a spiritual view. Not mainstream spiritual horseshit like sitting and chanting and doing Chakra, but the REAL deal.
  11. How about more profound videos like we used to have? I really don't have much use for the everyday stuff that you can source ANYWHERE. However, on this site we get real, in depth spiritual and metaphysical videos, that are long and nuanced and mysterious. I love it! So can we dispense with the pedestrian?
  12. She's right, evolution is imaginary.
  13. I mean you describe all these realms and awakenings but won't discuss sourcing. That's like saying..just go through that door over there and be God realized and learn about alien consciousness, but I have the key to the door and I'm not letting you use mine and I'm not letting you know how to get the key. So...gee thanks?
  14. I mean I'm definitely ready for more psychonaut adventures, but availability is a major hindrance. You get psychedelics and live in the US so you're either doing dark web or doing some other loop hole that rest of us don't know about. Sure I'd like to do more investigation and contemplation with a technological aid, but not if it results in being arrested and prosecuted.