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  1. Yes, this ^ Also while I love the videos I personally wouldn't mind having a 1 (even 2) year hiatus if it meant being able to give $$$ to read that book faster. Books are nice. :]
  2. In this case you are outsourcing the country's decision making to Donald Trump again. What happens if we don't convict and he doesn't want to create this political party? The chances of Donald Trump being succesful in the creation of his own party doesn't seem that high to me. And even if we were to lay this trap so to speak, I still feel it would be a bad idea. After so much walking in slime from Trump & friends it's time to put meaning back into the rule of law. The bandaid needs to be ripped off and he should be impeached and convicted.
  3. Reminds me of that "Modern Educayshun" youtube video that popped up five years ago and that was extremely popular with the right wing Deeply disappointing that these videos are so effective
  4. ?

  5. I think this video discounts the MAGA movement in other countries. Online, there are many foreigners who help propagate the MAGA movement online as the next best bet for fascism, and in these cases they are often more economically disenfranchised than the MAGA movement be in America. And when you see stuff like the Iranians, Russians and I believe the Chinese, that they are all stirring up the pot , I'm willing to give this argument somewhat less credit in a systemic context. America is watched closely around the world and I've talked to people on Discord who are participating in this general wave of culture. That impacts us here , you might argue spiritually or otherwise, since you can't see all the vast numbers of interactions that are taking place. Though point taken, yeah there are rich nerds supporting this movement.
  6. @Gesundheit I hope you will prioritize trying to get as much sleep as possible so that you can get the rest you need. I see the effects of people not getting enough sleep every day I work, and overjoyed when their sleep is improved. If necessary, you should see a doctor, there could be several reasons this is happening. Anyway I hope you can sleep better soon @r0ckyreed For all of your options you should monitor your energy levels after you wake up and during the day in a sleep diary. And then compare them. Since you're stuck between 9am-5pm and midnight-8 why not try something like 11pm-7? Whatever you land on, keep in mind that your chronotype can change as you get older and you should continuously monitor it. By the way, you can actually go to a sleep doctor and have a more accurate and thorough review of your chronotype through things like the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire. They might be hard to get if you don't really have sleep problems, depending on your area, but if you looked around I'm sure you could get one done. And same thing for you too, never sacrifice sleep. :]
  7. I don't really see the distinction between "high" and "low" consciousness as being particularly disparaging. I mean maybe at first I saw it as such, but as time passes it's increasingly obvious that everyone and everything has their role to play. These terms help us frame a useful goal for us all to push towards, and then as the goal is accomplished we can perhaps reframe it to some degree, as we are also falling off track. There is so much suffering in the world caused by "low" conciousness that I think it is worth calling a spade a spade.
  8. Got to give Trump some credit for his new video today condemning violence, even if it is deeply flawed and extremely late. Hopefully it helps reduces violence, but to some extent the cat is out of the bag. We have a long road ahead.
  9. It's looking increasingly likely that we could get a Senate conviction on Friday or Monday. Especially as Congressmembers continue to see the federal government's response amplify and ramp up.
  10. @abrakamowse Don't link Fox News, might as well link Breitbart. That story can probably be found elsewhere.
  11. Let's have a story. A rich powerful person picks up a gun and for twelve years is spinning around a gun in his hands, firing shots into the forest. Trying to scare people with this gun by firing into the air. He attracts a crowd of admirers who love the novelty. Bribing the cops to not arrest him, the rich man is only killing squirrels! Periodically it kills a squirrel, a bird, it scares off the wildlife. One day the gun kills, I don't know, five-six people and the cops finally stop being bribed by this madman and take his gun away for 12 hours, if he's a responsible gentleman he can keep the gun. Soon after the richman decides to shooting the gun off into the air because it is in his blood, he cannot help himself. It doesn't cause any immediate harm but the cops want no more squirrels or people dead. They take the gun away. Why is this so hard to understand?
  12. The absolute worst you will see is something like The Troubles in Northern Ireland, but more likely is that if more right wing terror attacks occur the government will go hard on them at multiple angles. Perhaps even the FCC would take down Fox News if the violence gets significantly worse. Social media and big tech will receive even more scrutiny whether or not this happens, though it will accelerate depending on what happens. This is of course speculation and we should be mindful to try to live in the present. Conjuring up images of war will produce war.
  13. Amazon Web Services gonna shut down Parler tommorow night, Parler is gonna be down for a week. Some great news. https://twitter.com/parlertakes/status/1348097074772930560
  14. Well whatever company he makes will mostly be propped up by his family as his mental health deteroriates. It will enjoy some initial successes before fizzling out like his other businesses. I think he will slowly lose some supporters, especially as he doesn't really provide people with much value. There is a large power vacuum within this country like youve not seen before, but I think Biden will fill it to some capacity relatively quickly. After this week Trump will behave less and less energetically because the events will gnaw at him. The trump family will be propping a zombie if a business gets formed and he manages to weasal his way out of his legal problems / debts.
  15. I would say I support Twitter's ban, but it bothers me that Fox News and OANN and Parler are all dancing to the same tune. Fox News must be marginalized immediately and yet it won't happen. In the minds of millions it is still mainstream and that's not gonna fly.