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  1. Yes, this ^ Also while I love the videos I personally wouldn't mind having a 1 (even 2) year hiatus if it meant being able to give $$$ to read that book faster. Books are nice. :]
  2. In this case you are outsourcing the country's decision making to Donald Trump again. What happens if we don't convict and he doesn't want to create this political party? The chances of Donald Trump being succesful in the creation of his own party doesn't seem that high to me. And even if we were to lay this trap so to speak, I still feel it would be a bad idea. After so much walking in slime from Trump & friends it's time to put meaning back into the rule of law. The bandaid needs to be ripped off and he should be impeached and convicted.
  3. Reminds me of that "Modern Educayshun" youtube video that popped up five years ago and that was extremely popular with the right wing Deeply disappointing that these videos are so effective
  4. ?

  5. I think this video discounts the MAGA movement in other countries. Online, there are many foreigners who help propagate the MAGA movement online as the next best bet for fascism, and in these cases they are often more economically disenfranchised than the MAGA movement be in America. And when you see stuff like the Iranians, Russians and I believe the Chinese, that they are all stirring up the pot , I'm willing to give this argument somewhat less credit in a systemic context. America is watched closely around the world and I've talked to people on Discord who are participating in this general wave of culture. That impacts us here , you might argue spiritually or otherwise, since you can't see all the vast numbers of interactions that are taking place. Though point taken, yeah there are rich nerds supporting this movement.
  6. @Gesundheit I hope you will prioritize trying to get as much sleep as possible so that you can get the rest you need. I see the effects of people not getting enough sleep every day I work, and overjoyed when their sleep is improved. If necessary, you should see a doctor, there could be several reasons this is happening. Anyway I hope you can sleep better soon @r0ckyreed For all of your options you should monitor your energy levels after you wake up and during the day in a sleep diary. And then compare them. Since you're stuck between 9am-5pm and midnight-8 why not try something like 11pm-7? Whatever you land on, keep in mind that your chronotype can change as you get older and you should continuously monitor it. By the way, you can actually go to a sleep doctor and have a more accurate and thorough review of your chronotype through things like the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire. They might be hard to get if you don't really have sleep problems, depending on your area, but if you looked around I'm sure you could get one done. And same thing for you too, never sacrifice sleep. :]
  7. I don't really see the distinction between "high" and "low" consciousness as being particularly disparaging. I mean maybe at first I saw it as such, but as time passes it's increasingly obvious that everyone and everything has their role to play. These terms help us frame a useful goal for us all to push towards, and then as the goal is accomplished we can perhaps reframe it to some degree, as we are also falling off track. There is so much suffering in the world caused by "low" conciousness that I think it is worth calling a spade a spade.
  8. Got to give Trump some credit for his new video today condemning violence, even if it is deeply flawed and extremely late. Hopefully it helps reduces violence, but to some extent the cat is out of the bag. We have a long road ahead.
  9. It's looking increasingly likely that we could get a Senate conviction on Friday or Monday. Especially as Congressmembers continue to see the federal government's response amplify and ramp up.
  10. @abrakamowse Don't link Fox News, might as well link Breitbart. That story can probably be found elsewhere.
  11. Let's have a story. A rich powerful person picks up a gun and for twelve years is spinning around a gun in his hands, firing shots into the forest. Trying to scare people with this gun by firing into the air. He attracts a crowd of admirers who love the novelty. Bribing the cops to not arrest him, the rich man is only killing squirrels! Periodically it kills a squirrel, a bird, it scares off the wildlife. One day the gun kills, I don't know, five-six people and the cops finally stop being bribed by this madman and take his gun away for 12 hours, if he's a responsible gentleman he can keep the gun. Soon after the richman decides to shooting the gun off into the air because it is in his blood, he cannot help himself. It doesn't cause any immediate harm but the cops want no more squirrels or people dead. They take the gun away. Why is this so hard to understand?
  12. The absolute worst you will see is something like The Troubles in Northern Ireland, but more likely is that if more right wing terror attacks occur the government will go hard on them at multiple angles. Perhaps even the FCC would take down Fox News if the violence gets significantly worse. Social media and big tech will receive even more scrutiny whether or not this happens, though it will accelerate depending on what happens. This is of course speculation and we should be mindful to try to live in the present. Conjuring up images of war will produce war.
  13. Amazon Web Services gonna shut down Parler tommorow night, Parler is gonna be down for a week. Some great news. https://twitter.com/parlertakes/status/1348097074772930560
  14. Well whatever company he makes will mostly be propped up by his family as his mental health deteroriates. It will enjoy some initial successes before fizzling out like his other businesses. I think he will slowly lose some supporters, especially as he doesn't really provide people with much value. There is a large power vacuum within this country like youve not seen before, but I think Biden will fill it to some capacity relatively quickly. After this week Trump will behave less and less energetically because the events will gnaw at him. The trump family will be propping a zombie if a business gets formed and he manages to weasal his way out of his legal problems / debts.
  15. I would say I support Twitter's ban, but it bothers me that Fox News and OANN and Parler are all dancing to the same tune. Fox News must be marginalized immediately and yet it won't happen. In the minds of millions it is still mainstream and that's not gonna fly.
  16. I don't know how I feel about Trump being banned by twitter, they should have done it years ago. At some point though you have to rip the bandaid off even if it's messy at first. I am ambivalent. The main reason I am worried is because the FCC is not shutting off Fox News off the air. Have you seen Tucker Carlson's reaction to Twitter getting banned? This is insane. Fox News still dwarfs OANN / NewsMax. At my work I see the news coverage alternate between CNN and Fox News. Incomprehensible. Half a bandaid ripped off is just awkward and arguably more messy.
  17. I feel as though a vote of censure against Trump by congress is neither too little nor too much. It could strike the right balance.
  18. Surely new national thought on gender roles is more agreeable than actually taking somebody's life. Pay attention to what you're writing. What's insane is that people quote the 99% vs. 1% dilemma. Yet based on the way they react, I do say that they may as well feel that transgenders are 99% of the population, and cisgenders are only 1%, gauging by their fears of gender norms changing to any degree. Maybe not here, but I've repeatedly seen this strange conception that transgenders breed like rabbits and are planning on taking over society. This 99 versus 1% rhetoric is often just gaslighting to say that we're scared of the transgenders breeding like rabbits, and don't want to afford them any rights whatsoever. Yes this is a hop skip and a jump over to over-generalizations and demonization of the right, yet the U.S. doesn't have the greatest record when dealing with minorities does it? No country on earth quite does, yet.
  19. I agree, however your first post seems to imply that we ought to criticize communism more. Communism is already criticized heavily in today's society, and there is virtually no risk of it being implemented on a mass scale due to the backlash you mentioned. So what more do you want? Even if we talk about socialism, the current democrats in Congress are not even really advocating for that yet, on a really large scale. Call the pessimism for what it is -- fear. Let's say we have two potential problems: the threat of massive [gun] violence, and climate change. (We do have these two threats, as it happens). Your average right winger is much less likely to resort to any other option other than radicalizing further, and buying more "guns" to "protect his family." He is more likely to double down on the fact that he needs more guns, more ammo, and more angry FB posts to defend himself. The average left winger will probably still eat meat, still drive a car wherever he wants, the difference is that there's more of a chance he feels guilty and stops eating meat. There's more of a chance he does more things to address climate change. You can look at a gun to say it's just a useful tool to defend yourself, but that's not how many people see it. What I mean is that it goes further than that. They are married to their gun. At least the leftist will reconsider his approach to life more often than the right winger, who will 9/10 out of times just look at getting better guns or better locks. Believe it or not, there's people out there that are legitimately concerned about where they can go to the bathroom. These people don't simply view it as a "Twitter discussion topic" but something that impacts their day-to-day existence and mental health. I would not underemphasize minorities' rights, neither would I say that it's something the average person should devote hours every day to uphold.
  20. I don't have any idea of how you can live in America and be scared of communism. Capitalism is everywhere. It's in the walls, it's in the air, it has suffused the country for generations and penetrated every aspect of society. What makes you have any notion that we are about to become communist? Sure, abrupt turns in societies are possible, yet the ingredients for such a shift to communism simply don't exist. On the other hand fascism can and does piggy back much more readily off the backs of capitalism/individualism. Does a 2nd ammendment bumper sticker that says "GOT LEAD" really exude better vibes than a "SAVE the Planet" bumper sticker?
  21. I myself work at night and it got me to thinking, you'd probably expect a decrease in the numbers of people working in night shift if you had a more conscious society, and yet, reality seems to resist uniformity and the real world is unpredictable and shaded in many colors. You can help lots of people during the night, such as in the hospital helping people with sleep-disorders, yet even in this act most shift workers are usually compromising your own health at least slightly. Something like 5,6, or 7% of workers in the U.S. frequently work night shift, and this is causing lots of issues vis-à-vis lack of sleep, but it's not like you can legislate people into falling asleep at 10 p.m., even in ancient days there were people working the night shift in military camps to warn against invaders. For sectors like manufacturing it seems a clear cut to drastically cut down or eliminate night shift work in this sector, but what about other areas? When I look at a lot sectors it seems like these occupations are coming from a stage Orange or below, and yet in the real world it probably would never happen that everyone is asleep by a reasonable time, at least not any time soon. Yet I could imagine in a fully Turquoise world, there would be *much* more people going to sleep on time. I don't have a specific question but does anyone have any thoughts about this?
  22. The only person that can change you is yourself, not some (presumable) corporation. Assuming you can't get the materials to transhumanize yourself, a corporation probably wouldn't even know how to augment and improve even one person in a healthy, conscious, significant way, much less do it at scale. Every person must help themselves, while we try to improve society to make the path have less societal resistance, as well as for society to have more helpful road signs along the way.
  23. I mislike that the martial arts programs would not service kids in special education, increasing the disparity between these kids and the kids in general education. You'd barely see students who are physically and mentally capable ( with some extra help) get serviced, even if they are lagging behind just a little. No, they'd largely be dumped in with the physically disabled populations, and those populations maybe feel that much worse for not being able to participate. You can to an extent create programs specifically for kids in special education, yet that is a tricky road to follow. What I am saying is to consider all parts of the education system, not just general education. Otherwise, yeah, it's a good idea.
  24. Well for me whenever I think of attempting to try to express what I've learned through language, language is always inadequate. Meanwhile half the time you're not really looking for companionship/solace, you're looking for an opportunity to evangelize. At least, that's my experience, it could be totally different for you...yet I think the urge to evangelize this stuff can be common. Spend your time with a combination of being able to move out (but still interact with your mom frequently, of course--she's your mum), and with dipping your toes into a bit of the Bible and trying to not be so annoyed by the people who want you converted. While it's a waste of time to spend too much time rebuffing people, it's not a waste of time to learn how to be more compassionate towards them when you do have to rebuff them. I'm not even sensing a lot of annoyance in this case, but still. Also I think there's an argument to be had to dip your toes into the Bible a little to investigate it for yourself, it is the most influential book in the history of humankind so might as well investigate it a bit. All of this also requires diving your nose more into the work rather than trying to figure out how to evangelize her.
  25. I remember when I was 8 or 9 and I hopped on The Immotality Institute's online forums, argued with them some, and called them all stupid and got banned. :* I didnt know why I didn't like it so much, it wasn't even from a christian angle. They just annoyed me While I don't think that is the best way to talk to them, my distaste for transhumanism and life extension has been refined and sharpened. Viewed from the lens of spiral dynamics, it is definitely a detrimental idea from stage orange. Life extension and transhumanism is just vastly inferior to being a philosopher .