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  1. There is nobody green on here. It's only mean green meme, people who think green, talk green but are still at red because they failed to pass through blue. Critical thinkers don't come here and follow Leo like a religion. However people exploring blue might... People at red, who think green and are having insights into blue. This explains this forum. A tell tale sign is the way people shop for a perspective until they find one they agree with (or "resonate" with). This is rampant in this forum. Mean green meme. The "me" values meme. It's all about me and my life. My life purpose, my enlightenment, my feelings etc etc.
  2. @Brittany you won't know what it is until you get to healthy green and have Non dual insights into yellow. Until then...
  3. I disagree. This forum is attracting red-mean green meme. It's bordering on healthy orange with some of its members.
  4. You implied that some people here may be at yellow BECAUSE they are posting on a forum that is a melting pot of ideas. So by your reasoning forum consisting of melting pot of ideas = yellow contributors.
  5. Yellow doesn't mean melting pot of ideas. Where did you get that from? melting pot of ideas just means melting pot of ideas.
  6. No, not really. Free will does not exist because we are all controlled by nature / the will to live. We can't stop that, but we can work to understand it and get some freedom from it. Which is what development is about. Notice that even in spiritual circles all of it is just pleasure/power seeking. We have an increase in happiness when we perceive our chances of survival going up (making money, making friends, getting sex, securing power, winning debates, collecting a following, having an imaginary God looking after our interests) and we have a decrease in happiness (anger and depression etc.) when things go wrong for us. It's all down to the will to life, to exist. All of it is controlled by the sex, food and power drive, there is no actual free will involved in any of this. As an experiment start a YouTube channel talking about enlightenment and you can guarantee your state of happiness is secured because now you have girls screaming your name and guys thinking you are a profit. Same with a spiritual sangha. It's all an ego game
  7. @Viking Viking, also notice that you have a HUGE should over your head weighing you down. What I see is you think you should love people and you should be more loving and you should not hate. That's very poor self understanding. In fact it's nothing more than an intellectual intoject you have taken in uncritically from your environment. If you hang out around spiritual types you're maybe going to internalize this chatter. Understand your feelings. Be an observer. Be ok with hate. Be ok with all your emotions. Your emotions are the only true thing about you that you can count on. Understand them by observing and staying present to your body. Don't escape into the head with all kinds of interpretations and attempts at manipulating your feelings. It doesn't work.
  8. @Viking Have you noticed that you're stuck in your head? Try to feel rather than think. You don't understand why you hate people yet. Orange doesn't mean hate, in fact orange is a very rational stage and is objective about emotions. You may be stuck at blue at the moment because of your inability to understand your feelings. You want someone outside to tell you how to do things and manage things, but stage orange has grown out of making anything outside itself an authority and is self accepting.
  9. @DocHoliday Nobody here can tell you because nobody here is at yellow. You have to study the data if you want to aquire an intellectual understanding of what it means to go through a stage. Try Susan cook-greuters dissertation paper on stage descriptions. It's a free download on the internet.
  10. @Leo Gura orange can't integrate green. It has to develop it. But I get what you're saying. Orange shadow will inhibit transcendence into green non dual states. But they are only states. Non dual states are not the stage themselves, they only give insights into the structure above. That's why Wilber refers to Non dual states as "peek" experiences (as in they give you a "peek" into the next structure). It's true that green like every stage is a existing structure already carved out in the collective we space and stored in the collective psychic storage bin of humanity, but there is work to be done and that work is understanding your own stages shadow (that's where integration comes in!) and then understanding your own stages limitations/ contradictions. Healthy green should study spiral dynamics and other models, but it should also study yellow guys like Jurgen Habermas and Ken Wilber. Trying to understand Habermas when you're at blue or orange is not a complete waste of time, but coming back to it when at healthy green you're going to interpret it differently. And this is the case for all stages and their wisdom.
  11. If you want some philosophy/ tools to grow fully into orange then Shopenhaur, Spinoza, Kant, Buddhism. For green Heidegger, Camus, Nietzche, Satre, person/client centred therapy. Be careful though, Heidegger was a member of the Nazi party and Shopenhaur was a straight up asshole!! All philosophies have their issues and shadows - which is why it's best to supplement your devleopment with the AQAL model so you don't fall into traps.
  12. @Sea I apologise for the late response. I got blocked from posting on this forum. I'm stage orange. Red can talk "green" if it was brought up in a green stage environment. Just because were conditioned with a set of introjected values doesn't mean our self line is at that stage. That's why green is dangerous, it tries to whitewash humanity so that there will be nothing left except green values. And this has the effect of stunting ones growth. Those guys crying over the trees are not healthy green, they are the mean green meme that has regressed back to red, because red is where they are at, they never got schooled properly into blue. A mentally healthy person who inhabits the stage they are at fully can't regress.
  13. I've been there. It's very painful. It's very crazy too.
  14. I mean participate in life