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  1. Yeah that goes without saying huh? lol. It really is interesting to think about that.
  2. You'll want to use the volume metric method of dosing to plug.
  3. Lmao just a suggestion lol
  4. You can try plugging LSD. it increases the potency but reduces the duration.
  5. Psychedelics are non addictive compounds. So I wouldn't worry about the addiction, unless you personally develop a kind of psychological addiction to their effects. At the right dose it can work wonders for anxiety at other doses it can exacerbate anxiety. So only experimentation will tell you the answers. I find about 1 gram of shrooms knocks anxiety out of the way, LSD seems to increase it. DMT it also becomes irrelevant but you cant do much in that state but observe anyway. So def test out what works for you.
  6. Thats profound as fuck anything can induce a state like that.
  7. Would you say existing as that infinite singularity is emotionally challenging? Like does the mind literally not care anymore about the human life it was existing as prior to entering that state? Does it wonder if you will return, does it just forget about it all together?
  8. I never heard of THC-O or HHC. So i cant help you there.
  9. Yeah paranoia was one of the reasons i quit smoking weed, This how ever you do still have a flavor of that same mechanism functioning. But your more aware of it, rather than meshed all up in it I would say. Its almost just a little lower of a degree of the same thing. like if smoking weed puts your paranoia at a 10, for me this only puts it at a 5 or 6.. I think thats the best way I can describe it. However that number will go up the higher your dose. I have the gummies so 5mg. I once tired up to 5 of them at a time and it was way too fucking much. I find 2 is manageable and 1 is suggested. Depends on your senstivity. Your not trying to just get high here but if thats your goal then they will certainly do the trick. lol. If anything this a great tool to working through consciously observing your paranoia as an object of attention. You will be able to actually be aware of it and not trapped by it how ever youll still have the same feeling but it wont like be too overwhelming as it subsides based on your attention. The biggest thing i find about it is It basically magnifies all your thoughts. I would even word at as it exaggerates thoughts. Its very good for contemplation.
  10. Its not recommended, nor would you even physically be able to if you took an actual normal dose.
  11. So reality becomes more lucid would be the major contrasting difference? That makes sense. Sounds like when I snorted some 5Me0 there was an initial rush of a rather jumbled mess of consciousness shifting and morphing. But once it cleared, my reality was VERY Lucid, Crystal Clear and full of vibrancy. I felt very comfortable at peace and awake. This state didn't last however, but it is a reference experience I have to work with. So that state is potentially sustainable? and wont wear off if one awakens fully or does it come and go naturally?
  12. Yes the effects are as real as smoking a blunt, at the right dosage. I dont smoke weed anymore but Ive tried Delta 8 and i was literally just as high as if I smoked. It slows down mental processing speed and reduces cognition. It may be useful for silent sitting contemplation as it slows down your thinking so much that your really able to go deep into every thought if you want. But its not very useful due to the drastic cognitive reduction. The reason gas stations can sell it is because its legal. Thats the only reason. Delta 9 is regular marijuana. That is still decriminalized. (in the US) The only difference between the 2 is a location of a particular chemical bond within the molecule making it Delta 8, then if that same bond is in a different location on the molecule it becomes Delta 9. Because of that location shift it becomes its own new compound that is legal.
  13. See thats still very tricky because in a dream i generally dont know Im dreaming, it just feels like life. Maybe with a few odd things that dont tend to normally happen as well as complete environmental changes. But then you wake up and its more clear and "awake" and your just like oh okay that was a dream as it completely has now vanished. So this "waking" reality is also a dream and once you awaken will all content simply vanish once more and experience now becomes living life again, simply more clear and feels even more "awake"?
  14. Your welcome
  15. @Federico del pueblo Well I can tell you my close friend of over 13 years, He is red/green colorblind. He can do and has been using psychedelics. We have used them together many times. The fact he is red/green colorblind seems to be at least for him, completely irrelevant. We have been able to describe to each other our visual experience and he has not had any issue or seen or fail to see anything I myself haven't also visually experienced during the same trips. So for him anyway it makes no difference, nor have I noticed him mention anything about it. So that statement could be a general statement about people who are R/G colorblind that have actually reported it or been studied, that they seem to have given some information that may be of concern, which your gonna have to specifically research for in potential medical articles.