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  1. When it comes to courage, real suicide is much much harder than killing the ego. Atleast if the suicidal person is physically and mentally somewhat healthy. Possibly infinitely much harder if multiverse exists (it almost certainly exists, scientists say that), because even if you manage to committ suicide your consciousness will just swap to a different universe where you didn't committ suicide (your experience would be that you chickened out in last second) (quantum suicide). And I doubt it's possible to kill the ego, but I might be wrong. We don't know what happens to those who committ suicide. Maybe they are the enlightened ones. Someone who is alive stays alive probably because of ego.
  2. What do you mean with that you lost your head?
  3. What else would we call it. It must be called something since we use symbols to communicate. It can also be called "jflfkeouejfu" if that sounds better to you..
  4. Read this guys and girls: "within two or three days you will become aware of a very strange phenomenon. Your face will begin to take new shapes. You may even be scared. The face in the mirror will begin to change. Sometimes a very different face will be there which you have never known as yours. But, really, all these faces belong to you. Now the subconscious mind is beginning to explode. These faces, these masks, are yours. Sometimes even a face that belongs to a past life may come in. After one week of constant staring for forty minutes, your face will become a flux, just a film-like flux. Many faces will be coming and going constantly. After three weeks, you will not be able to remember which is your face. You will not be able to remember your own face, because you have seen so many faces coming and going. If you continue, then any day, after three weeks, the most strange thing happens: suddenly there is no face in the mirror. The mirror is vacant, you are staring into emptiness. There is no face at all. This is the moment: close your eyes, and encounter the unconscious. You will be naked – completely naked, as you are. All deceptions will fall." https://www.oshoinsight.net/mirror-gazing/ It can't be possible? He is talking bullshit, right? If the stuff is true and real the whole thing would be so hyped in this forum and everywhere else that most discussions would be about it. "This is the moment: close your eyes, and encounter the unconscious." Does that mean you get unconscious, or that you get conscious of the unconscious? I'm confused.
  5. Just found out about this. This is incredible. This potentially has massive implications, I have to think about what it means.
  6. I haven't had psychosis, for some reason I'm just afraid of getting it, or become insane. But I have been locked in mental hospital like 4 times for having suicide plans. It just seems impossible to committ suicide, weird stuff (:
  7. Oh. My. God. Well.. If I would become invisible in the mirror I would officially be a ghost, nice confirmation that I did kill myself (physically for real) after all, like I thought. Or I was dead all the time or whatever, it doesn't matter. But no I don't really believe in ghosts. But becoming invisble like that reminds of that. Man.. I must make a decision if I dare to do that stuff.
  8. I think all those things are possible. Except consciousness staying inside the decaying corpse in this specific dream because it violates against the "set of rules" inside this specific dream. But maybe it's possible in some different dream. There is a "I" in it, it's right here. But the catch is: It's an illusion inside the dream. And everything else is a dream, and in the dream you can also have illusions. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong.
  9. He is a bit emotional, totally understandable. Have you never been emotional? Being emotional is a nice personal trait, in my opinion. And he cares about other peoples health. And also, don't forget that he is you.
  10. Yes I got that part... I don't really get your point with your post. I'm not really a dog who thinks that the reflection is another real dog.
  11. Remember to not judge guys.. Some replies to Source_Mystic are really judgemental, almost rude. It's okay to be a bit "dramatic". And I even think it's justified in this case.
  12. I also feel fear and lose sense of that I'm looking at myself when I look in the mirror consciously for like 20 seconds or longer. And I got massive depersonalization when I tried weed. The fear is a indication that there is some interesting ego defense stuff going on? Should I meditate infront of a mirror? Why doesn't Leo and others mention this mirror thing? It feels like something which might be very helpful with killing the ego but I don't know. But I get really scared to get a psychosis or get insane from it, so is it a safe thing to do? I bet everyone will say yes, but I'm pretty sure it would end with me getting locked in mental hospital, or then I get a psychosis which makes me committ suicide since I already have a suicide tool ready.
  13. I see. I am a big fan of yours. I'm looking forward to all deep deep videos from you.
  14. Then why doesn't it permiate existance/reality/the hallucination? According to Leo everything has a contrast. So the contrast to non existence would be existance. So if you say non existance, then you also say existance. Therefore existance exists? I'm still masturbating but I will try to stop soon. But what if even mysticism/spirituality is mental masturbation?