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  1. Don't use that word so lightly. I don't think you would be able to write in this forum if you would really be stuck in a loop. Been there. You can't function at all in a loop.
  2. Is the Stephen Wolinsky video your inspiration for that comment?
  3. @ajasatya Whatever I say you will say that it's imaginary. Just so you know, nothing anyone say to me can help me.
  4. Neither posting here or professional help would solve my problems, hence the title. "Seek help" is a cliche. A illusion that there is some kind of help. I believed in such nonsense fairytales when I was 15 or something.
  5. “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” - Haruki Murakami
  6. I totally forgot.. It's interesting that he believes in the multiverse. Exactly like I do. It's actually what brought me to spirituality. (It worked as a gateway or something).
  7. I just did this lesson in 'A course in miracles' (it's a book): "Truth will correct all errors in my mind." And immediately after it went to this forum and this thread was on top.
  8. Oh and he also said that there is no hope. And he showed a quote which said: "You are like grass growing."
  9. @Preetom Okay but the apparent dream is still here. It didn't teach me anything, just made me more confused. To your comment he would just say there is no dream. There is no end. Etc. He even said "This teaching doesn't exist."
  10. I have watched the video now, but before (as recommended in the video) I watched this So in total it was over 6 hours. It felt like putting your mind in a grinder. He say that consciousness and awareness are appearances, a illusion. That there is no consciousness or awareness. He destroyed everything. He even said there is no Absolute. He also said that there is no duality and no non-duality, etc. So it was like 6 hours of just talking about death. Seriously. In death there would be no duality or non-duality. No existence or no non existence. (Because there is no non-existence in non-existence. In non-existence there is no knower of non-existence thus there can't be non-existence.) So it feels like he was just talking about the same death which materialists believe in.
  11. That's laughable Like if using tools would be unnatural. Like if cooking meat would be unnatural. Wow, that's some serious underrating of the intelligence of this whole game. And some seriously shallow thinking. You are saying that the human intellect is smarter than its creator. That a coffee table is smarter than its creator. Like if Consciousness wouldn't know what it's doing. "Oooops. Super smart brains happened by accident and now they are accidentally able to eat meat. And now they are accidentally able to create nuclear bombs and now they will accidentally blow up the earth. Damn, I fucked up. I'm stupid. I have no control over this. What I created is smarter than I am."