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  1. I know it hurts. You can try to deny it to yourself all you want but what I'm saying is backed up by objective evidence, so your filter hypothesis failed. But I know no one wants to believe it, so they keep closing their eyes for the truth, so these discussions never lead to agreement. So I leave the discussion now.
  2. I'm not playing victim or anything. I'm just saying how things are.
  3. "Spiritual teachers have all the girls" No. Women love dangerous rude alpha male bad boys. Those bad boys tend to be criminal, abusive, low conscious, etc. I think it would be hard to find a criminal who is single. There's especially a murderer who is famous for being a huge woman magnet. All women are absolutely desperate for him. They meet him when he is in jail and they have sex. Even the staff in the jail fall in love with him. (No joke.) And it gets even more interesting that he killed a woman who fell in love with him. And he chopped her body. And all the women who now falls in love with him is aware of his crime. His name is Peter Madsen. You can google it.
  4. This world appearance is a thought/imagination/illusion. Reality with capital R is not imagination, it's untouched eternal infinite Consciousness, Existence and Truth.
  5. All "super powers" mentioned so far is just imaginations in my book.
  6. (And all this Leo worshipping in this forum is disgusting.)
  7. Omg, did anyone of you see Madonnas live performance a few minutes ago in the Eurovision Song Contest final? It was some deep stuff.. It was like pure non-duality. It ended with a massive "WAKE UP" on a screen and her signing it. You will be able to see it on YouTube soon.
  8. How many times have the enlightened teachers told you to just stop? Stop chasing. Enlightenment/The Supreme Goal is the end of chasing/trying to arrive somewhere by traveling on the road. Moksha is coming Home. And at Home you sit on your ass and eat cheetos.
  9. So what is the problem with eating cheetos in mum's basement? Is Existence still Here if you are eating them? Or does it collapse?
  10. Who is that "you"? There is no problem if that "you" eat cheetos in mum's basement, because the true You isn't the one who is eating cheetos. The true You isn't affected by it. (I'm of course talking about post liberation. Eating cheetos might be a problem pre liberation.) Why is it called liberation? Because it's liberation from the belief that the true You are the cheetos eater.
  11. No, there's no desire to/attachment to eat cheetos or to do anything else. But it could happen, and there wouldn't be a problem with it. What apparently happens happens. If eating cheetos seems to happen, then it seems to happen. (Or anything else.) But the liberated one is not affected by anything which seems to happen. If the person continues to be obsessed about personal development, then that may happen, but the liberated one isn't affected by that obsession. Even if the liberated one seems to be involved in wordly things (improving the ego) the liberated one isn't involved inside, it is untouched. The apparent person who continues to chase more is seemingly happening on the screen of Consciousness, the Screen isn't affected.
  12. I disagree. Enlightenment is the Supreme Goal. This is also what the scriptures say. If enlightenment wouldn't be the goal, then what would be? Enlightenment ultra? And then what? I get that Reality is infinite. But that can be realized/dissolved into and that would be the end of the road. You guys are so obsessed about personal development (obsessed about your egos) that you keep chasing (desiring) stuff even after enlightenment. But of course: if you would actually be enlightened then you wouldn't keep chasing anymore or traveling on the road/path and you wouldn't write what you did. Okay, I agree with you on that.
  13. Everyone is telling the OP stuff like: "Your awakening is incomplete." "You have not yet realized God." "You are everything." Etc. What does it matter? Even if it would be true, the other people don't know any of this, and they are suffering. It's insane to say: "I am God, I am everything, that means no one in the entire world is suffering." (Or you are God.)