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  1. ❤ @TheGreekSeeker I like this: "mostly get all the attention I need from my girlfriend" Everyone in this and other forums always say that a girlfriend wont help shit, that a girlfriend is completely useless and wont fix a single problem ever, in fact that stuff would get worse with a gf. That you need to be completely happy with being completely alone for the rest of your life and not until then can you consider having a gf. It pisses me off when everyone say that because I know it's not true in my case. I also like: "Be needy, it's not bad" There's 1000000 songs etc. where they sing about "You're my everything", "I need you", "I need your love", etc.
  2. No updates. I'm taking them as usual and I think they probably help. Yes my parents like me. But it doesn't really count. @Keyhole I see. You got some good points there.
  3. @Serotoninluv You are right, good post, thanks. I think I'm at least sometimes kind without expectation. I like to make people happy.
  4. I wasn't thinking straight when I wrote that. Something happened which caused me to say stupid stuff. I hope you can see that. You shouldn't do generalisations like that. Sorry. I think it's better that I apologize than hide that post.
  5. There really is something wrong with people. If I say a single fucking negative thing about a girl online, then she gets upset and basically leaves me. I'm just saying it once to point out something which bothers me, and hope she will keep it in consideration in the future. Man.. girls.. sigh. Unbelievable, I can't give one single piece of constructive criticism. Somebody shoot me. Girls are super shallow too, care mostly about looks. Completely obsessed about seeing pictures. Sorry for rant. Done now.
  6. @Arcangelo You got a point. It usually ends up with them hurting me. But everyone needs someone who likes them. Otherwise you get depressed, feel worthless, etc.
  7. Of course everyone would say "like yourself and everything will be good". I can try..................................................
  8. @AwakenedSoul444 But you have close friends, that's good. Yes I have to do my part too but I'm not going to accept that I have to do 99% of the effort and the other one 1%.
  9. Oh, thanks 😛🙂 I see. I don't know about that.. but maybe..
  10. @28 cm unbuffed I guess that makes sense. Actually I have some contacts who don't really like me. But I have been stubborn and kept contacting them and trying to make them like me, but I will stop with it now. Bye bye all my half-assed contacts who don't like me enough. I'm talking about internet stuff now. Irl I don't have even any half-assed contacts.
  11. Hm.. okay. I can't explain it.
  12. Okay but the problem is that I don't know what I could like about myself. ❤
  13. Well, no. I don't think I can suddenly start to like myself. And even if I would it would be of no good, because I would still be alone.
  14. Having a difficult time again.. I don't think 99.9% of people understand how it feels to be completely alone and not liked by a single person, not even by anyone online.. And what makes it even worse is that when I do talk or write with someone he/she starts to dislike me after a while, and then that person disappears from my life. So that confirms that I am unlikable. All those rejections. I don't want any replies where you say "I like you", because in my book, if you don't write/talk to me every day and also often take initiative to contact me then you don't like me, at least not enough. When I do have contact with someone who I like I do everything in my power to make him/her like me, but it's futile. Is anyone else here in the same situation?
  15. @Nahm Haha. Thanks 😍 ❤