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  1. It's not a paradigm, it's not about my mind, it's not about tolerance.
  2. Eh. There is only one Truth. (Or beyond the concept of "one", but still.) It's the same Truth. And also, it's not a belief or concept.
  3. Oh you were thinking of me 😛 No I haven't done it yet. And I didn't write down when I will. But I will remember to do it.
  4. Okay, I read your replies and it's nice that you have want to help. But you have a belief that help could help me.
  5. Good for you, but it's something else than Loa. The earth seems to be flat. But after closer examination it turns out that earth is round.
  6. I think so too, but only as long as you have a ok personality as base. Which I don't have. It's all about personality. Putting make up on a pig wont help.
  7. I'm beyond help, I need a few thousand more lifetimes before help could possibly even help me. But thanks anyway I guess. I agree about Loa. I have had a phase when I truly believed in Loa (embarrasing, I know, but you get wiser..) and of course it didn't work. At best Loa is a psychological phenomena. It's just adding motivation to a already existing desire, and then you work for getting it, just like people have to do without Loa. And sure, with all that motivation and hard work you might get what you wished for (which he/she label as "Loa"), and then he/she thinks the result is because of some magical Loa. It's laughable. But also sad that some seekers of Truth gets involved in it and think it has something to do with non-duality/Truth. And it probably makes the path to liberation longer because it fuels on/you focus on selfish desire. You should do the opposite: let go of desire, let go of detachment, be unselfish, renounce, don't want or expect anything.
  8. @Nahm Okay. I don't know how to let go of beliefs. I have tried. @ajasatya Okay. LOA is a selfish desire anyway. So it would work against liberation..
  9. @Nahm Okay I see .. But having to work for it means that it isn't law of attraction. Why? Because having to work for it falls under the normal category materialism/science/asleep people. While law of attraction supposedly falls under the category non-duality. Which it actually doesn't. It falls under the category woo-woo. I don't think a single sage or popular enlightened teacher have teached/is teaching about law of attraction.