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  1. @Danioover9000 Do you have sex with her? The first thing I would do with a spirit woman (if she's attractive) would be to nail her hard. But I don't believe in the existence of that kind of stuff.
  2. Like the topic says.
  3. @Haloman Plenty of people have done it. You can do spiritual practice while working.
  4. Sorry, but I have to just say this: Fucking sigh. I hope even the penguins in south pole can hear my sigh.
  5. When I said it I was in a acute state. I meant that I wanted to get out of the state. It was a desperate call for help from God or whatever. It wasn't fun. But I have had enough of my current life situation too.
  6. What claims? Thanks.
  7. @Enlightenment Your signature is wrong. Consciousness can't cease. "Total cessation of Consciousness" would be exactly like the materialistic concept of death.
  8. @Truth Addict Oic. Well, if you disagree with me and SoonHei then you are wrong. Simple as that and end of story. Oor you misunderstand what we are trying to say.
  9. No it's not. Stop holding Leo as the God. There's lots of other good teachers who teach differently, recommend different methods, etc.
  10. @Meditationdude The Truth is ever present, no matter if you are tripping balls or sober as Mother Teresa. No matter what you are experiencing. Don't be a experience junkie/addict.
  11. WOW. "No growth possible without psychedelics." This is truly starting to get ridiculous. Starting to reach insanity level. @Meditationdude Sit down and try to get your head on straight.
  12. @Nahm Will do You seem to kind of understand what's happening.
  13. @Nahm Omg, thank you so much
  14. Yea, it seems like that was the lesson I got. But.. I don't know if it was psychosis.
  15. Personally I use to get a feeling of shitting my pants 😂 (but it's actually not funny). You ever get that? Or it always tries to come out through the mouth?
  16. I don't understand this shit.. this is insane.. I seriously don't know if it's a psychosis, or awakening. When it's happening there is no doubt that it's real, the truth, and it's terrifying, but after I come back from it I don't know if it was psychosis. @Omni You don't understand what a acute impossible situation I was in. I was struggling with writing every letter. And there was some thoughts about committing physical suicide or dying physically in some other way, at the moment when the shit was happening. I have suicide tools in my home. So when I wrote: I meant that I don't need to kill myself physically. _______ I'm such a stupid fool who keeps chasing enlightenment. It only hurts me. But I can't stop. I keep getting these weird episodes. People say awakening is supposed to be all nice and lovely, but for me these things are terrifying, and during the episodes I simply get forced to choose Love, but maybe the Love thing is just delusional wishful thinking to get help in the situation, I don't know. But like I said, I do know when it's happening. But when I come out of it I don't know if it was psychosis or awakening. ______ Thanks all who tried to help.
  17. I'm doing my best, and trying to help All. This is "my" Will.
  18. It's just a matter of time anyway. Love All. No need to harm anyone, including myself and my parents, etc. Win win.
  19. Hm, I see. Oh I get it now, hehe. That's what "no me" meant.