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  1. How is this possible? How can scientists be this insane? At 1:14 this guy says "Observations do not require a conscious observer": It sounds like a joke. I don't understand how anyone can be so insane. Can someone explain to me what's wrong with him?
  2. I haven't read the first post here, I've only read a few of the short posts. It's a waste of time for me to read all that babble. But I just wanted to say: You're awesome. Such stuff about you makes you much more.. hm.. what word should I use.. trustworthy.
  3. I put this thread in "Serious emotional problems" because.. it currently is a emotional/mental problem, because I can't decide if it's worth the risk. And my mom is in panic and she thinks I will get blind, she doesn't want me to do it so she's constantly bothering me about it, trying to convince me to do it. I could become blind, yes, but the risk is small, but even a small risk is terrifying when it comes to getting blind or get impaired vision. My life would be over then and maybe I wouldn't even have the balls to kill myself, that would be bad. Tomorrow I have a last eye check up/measurement thing before they do the surgery some other day, if I decide to do it. It's not a laser surgery. The method I choose is called "ICL", they put a contact lens inside the eye. ICL has several benefits over laser, that's why I choose it. One of the benefits is that there's almost zero risk of getting dry eyes from it. With laser the risk is much much bigger. And there's more cons with laser but I wont go into the details now. But I think the risk of serious complications is a little bit bigger with ICL, because they need to cut the eye open (3 very small holes) to insert the lens. Should I do it? Maybe this is a stupid place to ask on but whatever, I'm kind of desperate.
  4. @Consilience Sorry to hear that. I would feel less safe after such an incident where a harmless (probably) homeless man gets shot to death. He didn't have a gun in his hands, which they could see since his hands were waving up in the air, yet they still killed him. That's a massive scandal and a crime against human rights. I get video recommendations on YT all the time where american police harass innocent people, not only black innocent people but also white.
  5. @Angelite Have you had direct experience of the stuff you are talking about?
  6. I still haven't decided. I'm torturing myself with this stuff and I can't stop. This is ridiculous. Sometimes I think I might have made a decision, but a bit later.. nope. What makes the decision difficult is that I need good eyesight at work. I drive truck a bit at work. So if I lose a bit eyesight on just one eye I would lose my job. (They do one eye at a time, with two weeks time in between). If it wasn't for that.. it wouldn't be the end of my world if I would get impaired eyesight on one eye. So the decision would've been easy.
  7. Around 1:35:00 @Leo Gura said the stuff about how stars and black holes form. A lot of the details are wrong, but I guess it doesn't matter, no big deal. What I wanted to say is..: Hawking radiation isn't the answer to where the information sucked up by the black hole goes. Hawking radiation gives us the "Black hole information paradox". Hawking radiation causes the black hole to lose mass and eventually die because: in empty vacuum pairs of virtual particles of matter and antimatter spontaneously pop up. And the matter and antimatter usually annihilate each other immediately. But at the event horizon of a black hole sometimes one of the particles gets sucked into the black hole, and the other particle escapes from the black hole. The ripping apart of the pair requires energy, and it's that which steals energy/mass from the black hole. It's not clear exactly why/how that happens.. Hawking radiation doesn't vomit out all the other stuff inside the black hole. It only vomits out the particles which got ripped apart from its partner particle. So when the black hole does die, if the stuff inside it would get erased, it would violate against the law of conservation of information. So, one good hypothesis is that what the black hole sucks in, it blows out in a white hole. Either somewhere in this universe, inside some other universe, or it creates a new universe somewhere. According to the math white holes can exist, and it would solve the black hole information paradox. So some scientists are looking for white holes. It's also said that our own universe might be a result of a black hole, so maybe our Big Bang was a white hole. Russian doll is mentioned here : https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/4/100409-black-holes-alternate-universe-multiverse-einstein-wormholes/ https://www.space.com/white-holes.html Or white holes could explain dark matter: https://www.space.com/40422-are-white-holes-dark-matter.html
  8. @Joshi3 Love yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good.
  9. Removed links because it's copyright stuff? Are you kidding with me? That's not even true. Can some other moderator remove my warning points or something? This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen in any forum. A. It doesn't say anywhere that it's copyrighted. B. Even if it's copyrighted: it's still allowed to share links.
  10. Jed McKenna use to talk about "the rebirth process".
  11. People can't be alone even for a week and then they tell me I shouldn't date anyone.
  12. @Nickyy Then why do you keep writing to me? No one is forcing you to write to me. If someone writes to me or asks me questions then I usually feel that I want to answer. Ignore me. Put me on your ignore list. Of course it's useless. Like everything else I do. But I have to do something.
  13. @Nickyy I see. I don't understand what you mean. I should tell everyone I meet: "I'm unworthy"? Accept? Yawn. It's not going to help.
  14. Of course, I'm completely worthless, but that doesn't change the fact that I want a gf, and that she would make me happy and worthy.
  15. Haha, I laughed a bit, no it's not easier than I think. Maybe it's easy for you and some others though. I've already tried it.
  16. The only problem is lack of gf.
  17. You're wrong. I would have something to live for. A. Because I don't know how to try. B. Because I can't get a gf anyway.
  18. @Shin I'm not against personal development, but some people can't do it. And a gf would make me happy right now. No you weren't.
  19. It's completely pointless that you keep telling me that stuff, it doesn't lead anywhere, I will never ever agree with anyone of you about this matter. This thread can get 10000 pages long where I just say "I disagree" to you all. So stop it. Why not just agree to disagree?
  20. @Shin I can't explain it, but it's ridiculous how none of you understand.