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  1. By that way it's also going to be continuing feeding our materialistic needs which means even seas are going to be gone at this rate. The population increases and so is demand. The point is to change trajectory of needs and transcending them or at least find a much more self conducting and sustainable process of creating material.
  2. Materialism should be our primary concern now, since it takes thousand liters of water just to produce pair of jeans. i've been recently trying to come up with ideas that would reduce production needs, like a design projector for t shirts that allows you to render thousand of designs from a platform via bluetooth for one shirt without the need of ordering another one just to print a bunch of text or some meme on it. That alone doesn't seem to be sufficient enough to reduce the consumption. Upcycling has to be the norm for everything that already pre-existent. My guess for the next major event is war over water. I guess some of you may already heard about this stuff. I'll just leave this here as reminder that we need to discuss this sooner.