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Best Psychedelics for releasing blockages and psychological healing

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I've been having a devilish kind of insomnia where I would always wake up too early no matter what with a depressing headache and foggy mind, always waking up unrefreshed, feeling like shit and unable to go to sleep. I'm not normally depressed or anxious but I still feel like this might be a psychological problem at root. I've been struggling with this for a year, I tried everything, some temporarily barely fixed the issue but nothing  really healed me back for good.

So I decided to halt working with psychedelic to inquire about the Self and instead focus on fixing this irritating, ever frustrating issue by exploring it's root.
For the record, I really tried everything. I eat healthy, take essential supplements, exercise, treat my body very well and so on, so I'm almost 100% certain that this is a psychological issue even though I don't feel depressed or anything. It might be something buried way deep that I managed to numb down over the years as my childhood was mostly filled with emotionally traumatizing, depressing, gloomy periods.

What do you think are the best psychedelics for healing trauma and releasing emotional blockages? I think Salvia would be a great tool because from what I read, it's overwhelming and has this teaching and caring mother aspect to it.

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I think Salvia would be a great 

Be careful, watching people freak out on Salvia and reading "bad trip" reports would make me approach this with caution. LSD is great for exploring your mind, having it reflect and loop back in on itself. Either with slightly higher doses or slightly lower (people vary).

Maybe now that you've tried everything, the next step is just to surrender. Rather than labelling the headache as depressing, or thinking you wake up TOO early just inquire as to whether that is really true or not. Maybe this isn't the right advice, but just a thought.

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Probably Psychedelics where you are in the passenger seat not the drivers :P Mushrooms, Ayahuasca/DMT/5-Meo, Peyote, San pedro cactus ect.. Mostly the natural ones where you cannot escape the truth especially with higher dosage, although I've had some excellent healing experiences with LSD, 2C-B, Ketamine and MDMA but i feel the natural ones show you more of what you "need" to see rather than "want" to see/experience.

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In my experience: Ayahuasca => Mushrooms => LSD

The natural ones always give me a feeling of connectedness with the existence, it is like existence itself is doing the work and teaching you. 
Pure LSD is rare here in Brazil, so i don't want to risk high doses with a substance i don't really am sure is pure. You can't go wrong with the other two.

Bonus mention: Weed can be a powerful tool. My kundalini is pretty active and every time i smoke weed i have insights and all sorts of energy phenomena in my body (performing kriyas, mudras etc). 

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