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Hey guys, I am interested in checking out some other content on top of the typical videos from Leo, and I was wondering what other people in the community like to watch or listen to. Leo's book-list is a good resource for what to read, but I am interested in media content with this post. I've found that if I can find another perspective or an offshoot of a similar topic, it helps me understand some of the original concepts in a way that I wouldn't have with just a single explanation (such as those presented by Leo).

It doesn't necessarily have to be strictly non-duality, self-actualization, etc. but anywhere along that vein is fine.

I guess my contribution to this topic will be the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). Many people have probably heard of him, but I like hearing his perspective on things, and enjoy hearing the experts he has on his show. I have off-shoot interests in MMA, substance use, exercise/nutrition, psychology, comedy, etc. so I usually really enjoy his episodes.

A slightly more relevant one would be Alan Watts' lectures. My main problem with those is that I never know if I've heard a particular lecture before, because they are constantly being re-uploaded for views. He usually has some pretty profound insights that I am able to appreciate.

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Hodge Twins

If you like working out and building muscles it's a great channel. They got a lot of workout advice and supplement advice. They also give a lot of advice on relationships, and sex in a no bullshit way. They are actual comedians. They are funny as fuck. 

AMS (Alpha Male Strategies) 

Pure, raw, uncut, dating advice. Gets straight to the point. Also hammers on the idea that you need to be on your purpose. 

RMG (Red Male Group)

A podcast of several juggernauts from the Red Pill community discussing their ideas. Mostly about men, women, and relationships. 

It's a relatively new podcast. But it seems to be taking off pretty good. Good in-depth discussions on there. 

Entrepreneurs in cars 

YouTube channel of Richard Cooper one of the podcast members from RMG. He talks a lot about entrepreneurship, life purpose, women, relationships, marriage, and divorce. 

RSD (Real Social Dynamics)

The leading channel on Pick-Up and Game. They have been around for a long time now. Definitely know their shit when it comes to Pick-Up and Game. 

Corey Wayne 

Dating coach. Has been around for ages. Has tons of videos. He may very well have invented the whole "I am a talking head looking into the camera" template that so many now use on YouTube. I definitely got a lot of value from his videos when I was starting out. 

Rummy's Corner 

I just throw this one in for the fun of it. It's a boxing analyzes channel. Rumsfeld definitely knows his shit when it comes to boxing. He is also very passionate about it. If you like fight-sports you should check it out. Not many life lessons to be learned from that channel, but it's good fun. It might get you motivated/inspired. 


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- Adyashanti lectures

Great lectures on non-duality, like Alan Watts


- Teal Swan

Great for emotional work


- JulienHimself

More profound than the RSD dating stuff. Letting go of your beliefs and feelings


- Kyle Cease

Up and coming (is doing the work on himself to become more concious), comedy and actualization. 


- Higherselfchannel

Meditations to connect with your heart


- Matt Kahn

Deep, great lectures


- Byron Katie

There is no better way to release core beliefs.


- teachers like David Hawkins, Shinzen Young, Peter Ralston, Kristnamurti

Very very deep teachings

There are lots more... remember; 'when the student is ready, the teacher appear'.


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@ZZZZ I see you're a man of culture who watches Joe Rogan and Allan Watts as well. 

There are audiobooks of Ramana Maharshi's books on YouTube. I haven't listened to much but the guy seems sage/zen as fuck my dude. What videos you can find of Shinzen Young are also good. Some Teal Swan videos can be good. 

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@ZZZZ YouTube channels: 

Astrum, Atlas Obscura, ColdFusion, Curious Droid, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell , PragerU , 

Simple History, SmarterEveryDay, Teal Swan, TierZoo, Verge Science, Wendover Productions, WIRED.

Joe Rogan posts mostly stuff with comedians, but once in a while his interviews are gold.


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logan and jake paul!!!!


in all seriousness, here are stuff that haven't been shared yet so far that i like the most: 

infinite waters: green, spiritual PD 

mindvalley: green, lots of great research and PD being done by these guys

optimize.me, brian johnson: productivity, purpose, self-image, health and nutrition. and other stuff, great, fundamental personal development

tom bilyeu: inspiring orange/green interviews


for entertainment sake: i recommend Cut: 

- it unknowingly helped me to accept the LBTQ community. it's a progressive, comedy channel with skits 

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Frank Yang - Frank is the only "fitness YouTuber" I still follow. He's been going through quite the transformation in the past couple years, doing his first vipassana, trying 5-MeO-DMT, and using his film making skills to make incredible vlog style videos about consciousness, his self actualization work, and his crazy antics. He also watches Leo's videos, and it shows. Here's his video he made about his first vipassana, it's one of his best works imo. 


The Art Assignment - This is a PBS YouTube channel devoted to Art, of course. They have early episodes that give you an art assignment to try for yourself, as well as newer episodes where they discuss everything related to art. They're really good at providing context to the art they show so that you can develop a better understanding of what's being shown and not left scratching your head as to what it all means. 

Templesounds - This guy's name is Emile and he's a passionate collector, importer/seller, and most of all, player of fine handmade singing bowls. His videos are mostly of him playing the bowls, gongs, and other such instruments in compositions ranging from 15min to an hour or more. The sounds are really excellent for meditation, and he even has some guided meditations which are quite good. 

FoundMyFitness - The future of healthcare will be completely personalized to the individual. If you agree with that statement or you have a curiosity for deep nutrition and lifestyle design as they relate to preventing and fighting disease and promoting longevity, this channel is for you. Dr Rhonda Patrick interviews cutting edge research scientists on these topics and communicates the information with on screen notes and images that make these complex biological science concepts digestible and actionable. 

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Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! A lot of them sound great. I'll start doing some exploring on my free time, and let you know what I think.

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