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  1. Saw Matt Khan in person during his recent East Coast tour and he seemed more than legit. He had some pretty bad ass takes regarding the current Israel-Palestine conflict. The quote that stuck with me with me the most was a heartfelt ''Thank you war for giving my love focus.''
  2. In Conversation with God, God makes a really cheeky remark which leads Neale Donald Walsh to say : ''I didn't know you had such good sense of humour''. His response : ''I invented humour!'' (You twat)
  3. I think Matt Kahn once said something like ''The true sign of spiritual maturity is how nice of a person you are.''
  4. Many posts itt have been very helpful! Special thanks to @Razard86 and @Inliytened1
  5. Tolle : the self is just a concept, an illusion. No mind ftw! Kahn : you are real, love yourself. Befriend your mind Both teachings can seem in opposition at first and yet, I don’t feel like they are. I find myself oscillating between these two vibes as I resonate with both. That said, I sometimes get mindfucked when I contemplate both approaches together. Please help an enlightenment noob! Ty
  6. Immersing myself in Turquoise over the last year has had the effect of pulling me more solidly into Yellow. What I like most about this stage is that you can have respectful conversations with people who have vastly different worldviews than you without being triggered. The moment I figured I had made some progress was when I briefly discussed God at the end of a class with my english tutor, a christian fundamentalist. While he was going on about why it was a good thing to be a ''God fearing man'', I remember thinking ''he's a good dude who happens to be running a christianity software''. I kept working with him until I moved out of the city.
  7. Turquoise interaction with Blue about gay mariage
  8. He also cried here when talking about the movie Braveheart @ 1:43:00
  9. The Human Design and the Gene Keys systems are derived from astrology and I've found them to be quite helpful on my journey.
  10. How different animals see the world
  11. Oh man, Trump Nation is never going to accept the results. I wouldn't be suprised to see a wave of domestic terrorism coming.
  12. This late trend is a bit worrisome considering Trump out performed the PA polls by 2.6% in 2016.