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  1. When he'll go, he'll be a saint.
  2. I hope Leo will go full Osho mode and arrive at the meetings in a Bentley. I picture a long line of people all waiting to kiss him on the head. Seriously, I'm in for Toronto.
  3. This is going to be good. I'm organizing a watch party at my house tonight!
  4. The Universe experienced a lot of itself through Jim Carrey.
  5. @Joseph Maynor That's true. I was just sad to realize that the guy I ideolized was trapped too. It taught me a good lesson about not accepting ideas blindly just because you respect someone or their work.
  6. Like many, I was momentarily seduced by the IDW movement. In fact, I even became a JP fan boy for 6 months. But then, thanks to Leo, I realized how JP and his crew were not helping us move up in the spiral. I had to see JP for who he was : an academic trapped in his mind.
  7. @Serotoninluv Wow! That's such an helpful post man. Thank you so much.
  8. The part about the drive for money, fame and material success. I often speak to high school / college students and many think I'm mentally ill for questioning those values.
  9. Have you ever helped an Orange person to see the limitations of Orange and become more greenish? If so, how did you do it? If it can be done, I feel it must be done gently and playfully.
  10. I've been playing golf for 20 years and it's the most frustrating thing I do. Someone can cut me off on the road and I won’t even react. But on the golf course, I'm like a dormant volcano. I don't lose my shit too often, but when I do, it's glorious. ''Just chill man, it's just a game. Be mindful...enjoy the view, smell the flowers.'' FUCK YOU.
  11. Pretty solid exemple of stage Blue.
  12. Can't you just teach yourself philosophy? Leo is a good example of a philosopher who didn't need to go to uni to learn about philosophy. In the book ''A guide to the good life'', the author who is a uni philosophy teacher, writes that today's philosophy programs are missing the mark and are not beneficial to students anymore.
  13. Bingo! That did it for me. Or to be a little creepy... Say you learned today that you will die in 2023. A fortune teller that has never been wrong just told you that it will be a quick and painless death. What's up now?
  14. I’ve been having episodes about twice a month for the past 3 years. They usually last 4-5 hours before going away slowly. Sometimes, it’s so intense that I feel like a bumblebee is trapped between my skull and my skin. Every time it comes on, I’m either visioning or thinking loving thoughts. I get the sense my higher self is using this energy point to talk to my personality. The message seems to always be: ‘’Yup, that's right mate’’. When I’m not taking right action or thinking good thoughts, it stays discrete. I'm curious to hear about your 3rd eye experiences and what they mean to you.
  15. Reading Mastery at 15-16 is pretty sick. My god. My suggestions : 1) The way of the superior man 2) A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy It amazes me how you guys are interested in self-help at such a young age. When I was 16, all I cared about was having a modified car like Vin Diesel in Fast and the furious lol. How did you find