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  1. Oh man, Trump Nation is never going to accept the results. I wouldn't be suprised to see a wave of domestic terrorism coming.
  2. This late trend is a bit worrisome considering Trump out performed the PA polls by 2.6% in 2016.
  3. Trump has an 8 out draw with two cards to come.
  4. From what I've gathered, the most important thing about impressing the subconscious mind is the feeling aspect. Make sure you are feeling as if your vision is already accomplished and it most likely will. Aside from just viewing the future with your mind's eye, feel free to connect with all your senses. Feel your desk, feel the ground under your feet, hear the words coming out of your mouth, etc. Each aspect of your vision can have its own little scene. Make everything as real as you can!
  5. This crisis might lead some people to think about non duality for the first time. We're all rooting for Team Human right now.
  6. Should we launch a progressive party or stay within the DNC ? As #DemExit is trending on twitter, I'm torn. The idealist in me screams ''The hell with it, let's have our party!'' while the realist whispers ''That's not pratical. Doing so will mean Republican administrations for years to come.'' There's also the option of just not voting for Biden this time around in order to show the establishment they shouldn't take our vote for granted. I'm curious to know what you guys think.
  7. Warren was running away with it until she backed away from a full-blown medicare for all plan. Had she sticked to her progressive instincts, I doubt Bernie would've made a comeback. She only has herself to blame.
  8. Sanders falling like a rock in the betting markets. Biden is almost a 2:1 favorite now.
  9. She had to know people were going to laugh at her. Her campaign was a true labor of love.
  10. The whole thing seems to be in the bag at this point. Bloomberg got exposed in the most watched debate of the season, Biden is dead, Liz lost a good chunk of the progressive wing and Pete has no support from minorities. Some superdelegates will be tempted to steal the nomimation from Bernie but the more I think about it, the more I think cooler heads will prevail. Last week, David Plouffe said the DNC would be toast for 10 years if they choose to fuck Sanders.
  11. While Bloomberg’s candidacy is donezo after the brutal beating he took last night, his ego is intact, and I don’t see him giving up. At 78, this hyper successful Blue/Orange hybrid is seeing his life work being heavily critiqued by Green and he simply can’t take it. Since it’s all about survival for him going forward, it will be interesting to see if he’ll spend a billion attacking Sanders. What do you guys thnk?
  12. They gave Deval Patrick 494 votes before correcting their mistake after seeing the County supervisor had posted different numbers on Twitter. What a shit show lol.
  13. According to life between lives regression therapy, souls who commit suicide almost always regret their action because know they'll have to go through the same challenges once again. They feel like they have wasted their incarnation and let down souls they had a contract with, Their spirit guide(s) are understanding and offer them love and compassion tho.