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  1. When I was 21, I thought it was funny that my new roommate was also named Martin. Two weeks later, we are both throwing our driving license on the kitchen table to show the other that we're not lying. We share our last name too! For two weeks, I answered the phone and spoke to people who had the right number, the right address, the right name but the wrong person. I was sure I was becoming schizo.
  2. Don't just present facts, you'll bore everyone to death. Instead, try as much as possible to tell a great story. Bring the audience on a journey. Also, start as fast as possible. Never say ''Today I'm going to talk to you about X''. Hit them with a brick right off the gate. A good way to start a presentation is with something like ''Imagine if...''
  3. ^^ Yes he is. I also like Aubrey Marcus.
  4. Haha this is great!
  5. You're a Real Madrid fan because of your culture's influence. Had you been born in Montreal from hockey loving parents, you would've been a Montreal Canadiens fan (as I once was). There's absolutely no difference between a FC Barcelona fan and a RM fan. Under different circumstances, you'd be rooting for FC. Once you realize this, the identification will lessen. As for myself, I love golf and I’m a Tiger Woods fan. Whenever he’s in the hunt on sunday, I try to remember that I’m watching something incredibly meaningless. Laugh at yourself for being so invested in the outcome of a stupid game. Humor will also lessen the ego identification.
  6. When he'll go, he'll be a saint.
  7. I hope Leo will go full Osho mode and arrive at the meetings in a Bentley. I picture a long line of people all waiting to kiss him on the head. Seriously, I'm in for Toronto.
  8. This is going to be good. I'm organizing a watch party at my house tonight!
  9. The Universe experienced a lot of itself through Jim Carrey.
  10. @Joseph Maynor That's true. I was just sad to realize that the guy I ideolized was trapped too. It taught me a good lesson about not accepting ideas blindly just because you respect someone or their work.
  11. Like many, I was momentarily seduced by the IDW movement. In fact, I even became a JP fan boy for 6 months. But then, thanks to Leo, I realized how JP and his crew were not helping us move up in the spiral. I had to see JP for who he was : an academic trapped in his mind.
  12. @Serotoninluv Wow! That's such an helpful post man. Thank you so much.
  13. The part about the drive for money, fame and material success. I often speak to high school / college students and many think I'm mentally ill for questioning those values.
  14. Have you ever helped an Orange person to see the limitations of Orange and become more greenish? If so, how did you do it? If it can be done, I feel it must be done gently and playfully.
  15. I've been playing golf for 20 years and it's the most frustrating thing I do. Someone can cut me off on the road and I won’t even react. But on the golf course, I'm like a dormant volcano. I don't lose my shit too often, but when I do, it's glorious. ''Just chill man, it's just a game. Be mindful...enjoy the view, smell the flowers.'' FUCK YOU.