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  1. Change will always come slowly. Remember, adjusting your sail on your sailboat 0,01% a day, will make really big longtime changes. The method; it’s called the Work by Byron Katie. Free worksheet: Watch YouTube video’s for instructions.
  2. I’ve been ‘in the game’ for self-actualizing for a long time. I consider myself through all this, a very open minded person (I have learn my skills from the best and I’m still learning, thanks Leo for being such a great teacher ☺️). BUT... today my open mindedness got challenged for the first time in a long while, my mind is not willing to accept this. Please give me your thoughs on this video: And then my question, please contribute your open mindedness challenge video’s. I’m curious what your struggles with open mindedness are. Maybe there’s more which will push me into becoming more open minded.
  3. Try the Work - Byron Katie. Free worksheet: Watch YouTube for instructions. Reading tip: David R. Hawkins - Letting Go, the Pathway of Surrender
  4. @Johnny5 great article, thank you for sharing!
  6. What does nature abhors a vacuum mean? Do we live in a vacuum? I’ve heard Adyashanti talking about this concept in one of his satsang talks. And I came across this concept in a Dutch museum, which explained it as follows; Could you help me to understand this concept? Thanks
  7. “When you're not in the position to become the lion on the top rock, don’t put your energy there”, said a wise woman once to me. In this case, you aren’t going to win this battle, take your losses. Focus on the biggest priority right now, gratuating! School isn’t the place to strive towards your ideals. Stick to the system. You can make your plans a reality once you finished school. Focusing on all your feelings, ego backlash, self-doubt isn’t going to help you making your presentation. Two weeks no more focus on how you should react and feel. Self reflection need to comes afterwards, it’s now only a distraction. If you don’t know where to start, just start doing something to get in a flow, even if it feels useless. I know and belief you can do great things and that your well on your way on this path, but greatness always present itself outside the system. You will get your chance! Lay low, suck it up, do the work. Your time will come. I wish all the best, good luck with the presentation! ?
  8. For inspiration, this YouTube Channel;
  9. I only mention names which nobody added yet, but I also love many of the teachers mentioned above; Adyashanti Byron Katie Howard Vernon
  10. I agree with@TrynaBeTurquoise Movies should trigger you to think, act and rethink and so on.
  11. Did anyone who subscribed to Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering’s Course during Diwali received this free gift? I did subscribed in the Diwali period, but haven’t received any confirmation.
  12. Free audiobook Goodbye Things - Fumio Sasaki. Great book ?!
  13. Best book from Kristnamurti; Freedom from the Known; free PDF book; Or audiobook;