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  1. @Leo Gura I guess it can go both ways, depending on the level of consciousness of the people that are either directly affected or "just" emtionally touched by it. But, of course, if it's a serious, serious threat, it's highly unlikely people will take the higher consciousness route.
  2. @remember Buying it would be a nice idea, but, as a solution, that's (probably) not systemic enough. At least from my very limited understanding, the best we could do is to radically cut down our collective meat consumption so that these huge forest areas don't need to be logged off or burned for cattle farming and whatnot.
  3. @Marks199 Well, yeah, that's why I said that I hope this greatly accelerates the advancement of the stages:) It almost certainly will push many people over the orange/green barrier who are at that point, and who knows what else might result from it. I just hope that this truly opens many people's eyes as to how much growth and progress really is necessary in our current times.
  4. Man, this is actually making me quite sad and genuinely concerned. I mean, this really isn't just a minor problem. All I can hope for is that this catastrophe (which is really what it is, imo) pushes us collectively a lot more and a lot faster into SD stage Green. It's beyond freakin' necessary at this point that we make some goddamn (greater) advancements in that regard.
  5. Yeah, do a lot of research on diet and foods! Never underestimate the impact of proper nutrition. As far as I've heard, cancer feasts on sugar and if the cancer cells are cut off from any sugar supply, they can't survive. Also do dome research on fasting. It's a natural remedy that can yield unbelievable results in terms of health benefits and cures of all kinds of diseases. I know that it's easy to say, but cancer is not the end of the world. There is hope! ๐Ÿ‘
  6. @Leo Gura @Nahm @cetus56 @Serotoninluv With the sub-forum for high consciousness resources now being online, I think it's a good idea to move this thread over there, don't you think?
  7. Since I couldn't find a pre-existing thread like this one, I decided that it would be a great idea to create a thread in which we could all share extremely powerful and valuable speeches and presentations that we could all learn from. You can post whatever you like obviously but unless they're truly valuable and worthwhile watching and studying, I'd reckon things like motivation speeches and videos with a length of 15min or below shouldn't be included. The more times you'd need to watch a video/presentation to get everything out of it the better:)
  8. Can somebody please lock this thread already?!? Like, WTF. Seriously. All you do for days is just pouring more gas into the fire of this total trainwreck. Just stop it.
  9. @Bill W Well, then how would you put it differently to fit your personal standards and views better?
  10. 1. Realizing that one is God is equivalent to realizing that everything goes. 2. There is absolutely no control over life and there is full control over it. You, as God, decide what it's gonna be - or not.
  11. @herghly Yeah, that's totally normal. You're dealing with your karmic memory. Remember, everything tends to behave in a cyclical manner. I was also quite surprised when I noticed such patterns myself. But just don't resist them and they will pass on their own. You're (probably) doing fantastic!
  12. This thread needs to be shut down as soon as possible... There's no hope for clear argumentation or reasoning here.
  13. Holy shit, dude ๐Ÿ˜‚ If thatโ€™s how you respond... well, may God help you.
  14. @Zorka You will know that these kinds of realizations will be truthful because as you realize these things they will be more real to you than anything else you ever believed to be truly real before. But as it has been pointed out just now, Truth only comes with direct experience. No words will do any of this justice.
  15. @Zorka What insight? The "insight" of Enlightenment?
  16. @Zorka Hah See, you gotta watch out what you call "real" and "not real". It is impossible to be conscious of anything that is "not real" i.e. "nonexistent", which is probably what you really mean by saying "not real". Everything is real, doesn't matter in which state of consciousness it is experienced because all there is is Consciousness. It's all part of the same... stuff. There aren't any actual, distinct, or "real" separations or borders between anything at all.
  17. @Zorka Well, look, you will find anything "valuable" in all of this if you really want to find it. But no one on this forum could somehow convince you of anything that you couldn't convince yourself of first. Do whatever you think is best for you right now, and you will see what comes as a result of that. Don't pressure yourself into something that you're still on the fence about.
  18. @MikeB First of all, you should have probably better posted this in the Spirituality subforum. Other than that, your body is not part of your ego but the thought/belief that you are the body or rather a body is. What you need to realize is that you are just as much "your" body as you are anything else too, all being just another finite manifestation of The Infinite/Consciousness. I hope this helped, let me know if you need further clarification. Just remember that you can never arrive at any purely logical or rational conclusion when it comes to this.
  19. @d0ornokey I will reply to you via PM to keep the thread clean of discussions.
  20. Probably some of the best dating advice I've come across thus far. Super clear and direct insights into male and female psychology. Be sure to check out the rest of the channel as well!
  21. If you're a man, you need to watch this. What Vox Day has come up with here is truly incredible and will change the way you see yourself and all other men forever. Keep in mind that it's a heuristic - this is not "scientifically proven" or perfectly applicable to all men all of the time, so take what you need and what you find useful and build on top of that with your own research, experience, and findings.
  22. Top-shelf presentation about male and female psychology. Highly worth watching, very entertaining, and super, super informational.