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  1. So I figured it could be beneficial to start doing some Hatha Yoga as I'm still searching for a proper solution to "cure" my scoliosis and to perhaps relieve my differnece in leg-length a bit - who knows. Before I'm getting started doing some random practices without really knowing anything about it, I thought some of you could perhaps tell me if there are: - books in Leo's booklist which address Hatha Yoga and perhaps contain proper excercises with explanations and so on; if so, I'm going to buy it right away - things you'd need to be aware of or other things that are important to look out for when doing Hatha Yoga (to do or not to do certain excercises etc...) - perhaps some excercises or postures that work particulary well to train back-muscles or that specifically address the spine - (anything else you might find to be important) Any valuable responses will be very, very much appreciated!
  2. I don't wanna be a buzzkill in any way before you guys get all worked up again about her, but there already was a major thread about her some time ago, so I don't really think we need to repeat this once more. But whatever...
  3. Now that Leo's gone for a month, just in case you're not already aware of them, you'd hugely benefit from checking out these two marvellous men who I stumbled upon just this week. Let me introduce you to Rüdiger Dahlke and Gerald Hüther. These two men are just absolutely phenomenal! Very broad thinking and big-picture perspectives that reach far beneath the surface to uncover the depths of our psycholgy and behavioural structures. Highly, highly recommended!
  4. So, returning to the strange "high pitched sounds", do you mean (in the video examples you gave) these slightly shrill sounds whenever one of them speaks an "S"or "-is-" for instance? That's all that I could relate this to.
  5. I don't reeally know what you're talking about when you say "high pitched sounds". Gonna concern myself with that later. For now, here's another one:
  6. @CreamCat How come you don't know? Haven't you watched the latest video?
  7. One more to add to the list
  8. Is Gyan just a differnt way of writing Gnana or a typo? In Sadhguru's Inner Engineering it is called Gnana Yoga which would indeed make more sense of writing it this way, as it would be closer or perhaps more accurate to the root and all the derivates of the word: Gnana -> Knowledge, Knowing, to know and so on. Gyan would be more confusing and misleading in this regard.
  9. @Cortex I'm very sorry to say that this statement imeediately betrays you.
  10. @Shiva Oh boy, same problem with my parents. But, of course, even when I found something good or benefitial for them to watch, they would either not even understand 30% of what was said or just went into denial-mode and weren't open to it at all. So frustrating sometimes😂 You know, all the solution to all the problems would be there, they do exist. But some just prefer the suffering I guess.
  11. @Shiva Absolutely. I'm certainly planning on purchasing one or two in the future.
  12. First of all: probably the wrong sub-forum. Secondly: What you’re going for, and what Mr. Pandit indicated as well, is most likely already going in the right direction. Becoming “directly conscious” of something ties in with deficiency-cognition and being-cognition (as mentioned in the episode “How your mind distorts reality”). Also, as in the episode “The illusory nature of thought”, it goes hand in hand with the flattening of the illusion as our Lord and Master calls it. So, all in all, “direct consciousness” is becoming conscious of whatever things are for themselves and not how we see them, e.g. for their usefulness, their function or what relative meaning and value is attached to them (most predominantly in relation to us, you and myself) The practicing in and of itself is therefore extremely useful and effective to lessen the quantity and severity of def.-cognition and to ultimately loosen the grip one’s ego has on how we perceive ourselves and the world. I hope this was somehow helpful to you:)
  13. Explanation for those who might have trouble grasping what I'm trying to get across with this 0 / ∞! = X As a partial manifestation of Absolute Infinity, out of total formlessness and no-thing-ness, the finite self (you) emerges (along everything else that is perceivable). X + (1 * ∞) = 1^n = ∞! You as the finite self, thinking that you are separate to everything else "around you", interact with all kinds of "other things" of infinite variety throughout your life. 1^n represents that the entirety of all those interactions and of all this interplay is fundamentally all finite - and, because it's 1 to the n'th power, all of the exact same nature, meaning that everything is ultimately just consciousness interacting with itself in all kinds of differnt ways, even though in the end, it all comes back to 1, no matter how large the number of the power may be. Thus, this is equal to Absolute Infinity, or more precisely Absolute Infinity at play, expressing itself. X - 1^n = 0 Once you, as the finite self, lose all finitudes you're attached to, i.e. your body primarily or all other finite material or non-material acquisitions, you then go back to Source, or Nothingness respectively. Now, if we want to throw karma in the mix, that's debatable, but essentially that's how it goes/ends and finally starts all over again. X + √ X = X ↯ ∴ X = 1^n As the finite self discovers, or gets in touch with its root(s) and its origin, it realises that its total finitude, which it was certain of prior to self-realisation, is an illsuion. Therefore, it is now clear that the finite self is just another emergence of consciousness, which will pass away just like everything else that is finite, but that the real Self is concsiousness itself, which never ceases or fades away.
  14. ∞! -> Absolute Infinity 0 -> Nothingness 1 -> thingness / finiteness X -> every finite self ∴ -> therefore Chapter 1: Birth 0 / ∞! = X Chapter 2: Everything In Between X + (1 * ∞) = 1^n = ∞! Chapter 3: Death X - 1^n = 0 BONUS CHAPTER: Enlightenment X + √ X = X ↯ ∴ X = 1^n (Please note: this is all just meant figuratively and is not properly mathematical at all)
  15. @zambize Yes I'm aware of that Sorta comes back to the fact that everything's exactly the same thing, essentially. Nothing is really differnt from each other, regardless of how you slice it, combine it or multiply it. EDIT: Consciousness only ever interacts with itself - to the n'th degree. If you know what I'm saying.
  16. @Yoshy Wonderful:) Well, you see, there's really no differnece between life as it is now and a so-called "afterlife". As you can see in the first equation, that which you emerge from is Nothingness - and in the end, to Nothingness you will return. This is a ceaceless cycle. Enlightenment, then, is more or less the realisation that you who expects to be reborn, in the exact same way as you are right now perhaps, is an illusion because you are not differnt from 1^n - not different from anything else that is finite. But, the good news is that the real you which lies underneath all finiteness will remain exactly where it is, what it is, and how it is for eternity. So in the end there is nowhere to go or to come from. This is obviously just a partial fragment of the "whole" explanation but I obviously can't sit here for forever to "explain" enlightenment to you. That's your job to fully grasp and experience.
  17. @Yoshy Would you like me to explain or was your comment a non-serious remark?
  18. @ajasatya Well, do whatever you like man But you'd be wrong in assuming all kinds of various things about me and my reactions.
  19. @ajasatya Why are you taking this more seriously than you have to? I never intended to put this up as some sort of "proof" or "argumentation" that trumps others. You may call it pointless mental babbling, I might decide to call it.... playful self-expression. Are you still so caught up in seeking that you haven't yet found / are not yet ready to settle for "finding"?
  20. Leo, I want your baby - right now!! Please fuck me already so we can get this over with, thanks a lot, much appreciated.
  21. @Consept If you really want to get anywhere, then yes, you have to go alone one way or the other. It's a somewhat tricky situation if the "leader's" livelihood depends on it, but essentially true spirituality is the most unattractive thing one could ever go for and hence, should also be portrayed as such to those who may think that they really want it.
  22. So you're one of those guys who purely enjoys fapping without cumming, huh? Interesting... 🤔
  23. Bottom Of The Well I gotta get out I gotta break free Ain't gonna live in misery My mind's made up I'm leaving today Come hell or high water I will break these chains Gonna scratch my way, claw my way, Dig my way, back to the top Cause I never say die, I never give in I never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out From the bottom of the well It's so dark and cold down here I'm all alone but I got no fear Cause I have the will to beat this fate And get back up to the light of day Gonna scratch my way, claw my way, Cause I never say die, I never give in I never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out Digging and clawing and scratching and kicking my way Back to the top I will fight for the light of day Gonna find the way yeah I made a death wish and it came true I'm under water black and blue But if you think I'm done you better think again You better think again cause I don't know the meaning of death I'm gonna scratch my way, claw my way Never stop giving it all that I got I'm breaking out of hell I'm breaking out of hell From the bottom of the well It's a long way down From the bottom of the well I gotta get out I'm breaking out of hell
  24. @CreamCat Going against the grain results in a lot of resistance. Going too hard and too radical against the grain leads the "grain" to want to eradicate and get rid of that which goes against it. In other words: the ego simply can't handle too much change all at once. If it knows, deep down, that its death (or at least radical change) is immanent without its consent, it will most certainly lean itself up against that attempt to throw it overboard.