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  1. You can start by learing about and how to recognise and label each emotion. I recommend checking some of those books: * How emotions are made by Lisa Feldman * Emotional intelligence by Edward J. Watson * Emotional freedom by Judith Orloff * The book of moods by Lauren Martin * The psychology of emotion by K. T. Strongman There are plenty of books on shadow work and healing trauma if you are interested in getting to the root problem of experiencing strong negative emotions. Also keeping a dayily jurnal and writing all your thoughts down will help you find new coping mechanisms and become more aware of your thoughts.
  2. You've gone through a lot. If you ever decide to work on healing the trauma i recommend reading Healing Your Lost Inner Child by Robert Jackman and Healing Your Emotional Self by Beverly Engel. I battled with suicidal thoughts, feelings of deep sadness and made my first failed attempt in my early teenage years because i felt overwhelmed and i didn't know how to cope with it. At that time i had no idea what trauma was also how many wounds i was carrying. Having a purpose does help a lot and keeping a daily jurnal.
  3. I mostly experimented with higher doses than 100 ug. I recommend starting at maybe 50 ug and gradually increasing the dose and see what dose is right for you. Not sure if the dose was higher or not. I assume it wasn't because everybody reacts differently to the substance and some people are more sensitive than others. In my case, lsd is very unpredictable. I had trips when i felt amazing and other times when i experienced lots of nausea, the body load was heavy and uncomfortable. The set and setting, also how you feel emotionally one week before the trip makes the difference. I only trip alone because i can contemplate without any distractions.
  4. Until I get there will go through a challenging journey. I want to work on deconstructing my ego and raising my awareness. Is the most difficult and rewarding work I ever done.
  5. I need the love from a relationship, not the relationship.
  6. Sometime ago I ve met a person that I really liked and got rejected. We ve decided to remain friends but I havent got over it. I still had strong feelings. Then he got into a relationship and felt heartbroken. The neediness makes me feel weak and creates many unnecessary problems and suffering. My ideal is to be detached but still loving, I want the love to come from within not from people and external things. Right now I m far from it. I guess the solution is more self love and acceptance or shadow work. Do you have any advice?