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  1. @Dodo Your welcome! ? hope they help! Lets get to 100 days ?
  2. @Dodo very motivational and funny. ?? Taking the red pill! Some breathing sexual transmutation videos. this guy show really nice breathing sexual transmutation techniques. She explain it very well also with the chakras included. This truly helps me with my sexual urges. And not letting it get stuck at the bottom chakra anymore. It flows upp to the other chackras with amazing creative positive energy. Breathing it all up and the urge vanishes.
  3. Okey! Lets do it! We can do it! See you at 18th December.
  4. I think about this inside my head whenever i come into contact with negative toxic people. Let people be as they are its not my job to change them. don't take offense to any bad behaviors and don't throw any rocks at them. Don't believe their words (spells) and simply respond in the highest way that benefits you. See them as people that want love and don't know any other better way to get it at this point. Feel compassion for them and stay in a high positive vibration, that alone makes them run away i notice, as most want to vibrate at the same low frequency and cant stand my high vibration energy. Also if you think about their energy in a way that its passing through you and don't get caught inside you. Like a purified clean water that push away toxic black water.
  5. Very interesting video, i like the videos from Gabe dawg also for motivation. Im with you! Starting from yesterday on day 2 all the way to 100! Good luck!
  6. Hmmm hard to pick. Many good lessons within all Leos videos and its content, Leos book list, OneNote and Journaling, The forum. I think the biggest lesson for me was within the self deception videos. Cant articulate how much that impacted me. Much gratefulness and many thanks to Leo and!
  7. @BjarkeT What do you value the most? Is one day in a week okey to have some chess clubb activity or not? Try go with whatever pops up in your mind and body after asking those kind of questions.
  8. Hi! This is my OneNote Main Categories lists. Hope it can give some inspiration. I have a lot of sub categories within these as well but its a lot.. Infrastructure Projects Creative Ideas Mind Dumpster Word Bank Vocabulary Recipe Foods Book Categories Notes Courses Homework Study Notes Quick Notes Journaling Writings and Texts Personal Self Development Psychie Development Health Nutrition Fitness Actualized.Org Body Mind Spirit Inner Soul Expressions Spirituality and Esoteric Life Coaching World Science Studies Mind Programs
  9. I love listening to audible content, perfect learning tool for me! Leos videos are amazing ^^ ! I'm a strong believer in that we all have different learning styles. Mine is definitely audible. I have tried 7-8 different school programs back in my early life and none worked for me (regular school teachings in social environment etc) when i started listening to audible stuff like YouTube/Audible (in solitude at work (warehouse) for 6-7 years/8 hours per day) my hole life changed. I went from totally lost with depression and many many issues (loong list) from atheist into spiritual and finding my life purpose and more! //sorry if my English is not that great.