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  1. Yeah that's good advice! I get super sleepy all day long, I don't really know why, but fresh air seems to help. Thank you for the video tip by the way, it's perfect for my situation. How many retreats have you done? Just curious
  2. Hahaha sneaky ego. My biggest problem on my previous retreats have been fatigue. I get soooo sleepy, i fall asleep all the time. Super annoying
  3. I've done some 14 day retreats, in a week I'll do my first 30 day retreat. Does anyone have first hand experience with difficulties I should expect? Did something unexpected happen during your retreat? The 14 day retreats were very hard, so I can only imagine how tough one month will be. I'm not planning to do any psychedelics on this retreat. I'll not read anything, no yoga or exercise. Just meditation. Any insights will be appreciated!
  4. I'm a past binger. I found that not letting myself get really hungry in the first place was key during my recovery. Eating healthy food often that kept me feeling full. Restriction and fasting just made my cravings worse. I'm currently vegan and do water fasts every now and then - But if I still was in recovery this would be a safe road towards a huge binge
  5. I used to have severve issues with my back. I couldnt walk for 6 months. In my experience movement is the only thing that really helps. Walking in particular, expecially in the forest. Not sitting for longer than 50min at the time helps as well. If your hip flexors and hamstrings are tight you could try stretching those. Lay off exercises such as heavy deadlifts and sqats. For acute pain, try a naprapath or a good chiropractor that's not too heavy on his hands
  6. Leo has a good video on journaling if you haven't seen it yet. Just search for "actualized + journal" on youtube
  7. I have a 9-5 where I work with VR and 3D modeling. I have a small business of my own where I do graphic design as well. I've recently started a YouTube channel on the side, it doesn't make me any money but jeez, lots of work - Just one year with studies to learn some autodesk software. I have half a year with philosophy as well
  8. @Leo Gura I kind of feel that I'm not "evolved" enough for these higher forms of teachings. Could that be true or is my ego trying to trick me? I've felt really depressed during the last 6 months when I'm contemplating what you're saying in the enlightenment videos, the videos about god etc. I feel scared, lonely and sad. Do you think I should lay off and do more ground work? Might sound silly, but I'm a bit worried that I'm going crazy
  9. You just gave me a brand new perspective, thank you.. I think you're right
  10. I see your point, thank you for sharing your perspective. In my case I'm way to emotional about it, so i guess i got some work in front of me here.
  11. Hands down the one about victim mentality. I watched it many years ago and it made me furious lmfao. But i had to accept the truth of me being a sad little victim and that propelled me into personal development work. At the time i had no job, no money, no friends, no passions, lived with my mom, chronic back pain.... Today i earn 5 times more, work my dream job, have close friends, my own apartment, great health, my own business on the side and lots of hobbies. All because of this video popping up in my feed.
  12. But the higher tiers doesn't judge the lower ones. If I was transitioning out of green i would experience being less judgemental, right?
  13. shadow work keeps popping up everywhere, but i have yet to find a good resource teaching it. Do you have any? I tried reading jung but that was way to confusing for my tiny brain hahha
  14. Naah you don't trigger me at all, I know it's true. I'm just very confused as to why this is popping up all of a sudden
  15. I'm female and a vegan and also very into environmental issues. I feel like I'm kind of green, but all of a sudden green people are getting on my nerves. Like I feel triggered lol. I usually never get triggered by anything. So whats happening here, am I regressing down the spiral? (warning, judgemental shit incoming) I expecially get annoyed by their tendency to be.... "Morally elitist" i guess.. And also I get triggered by their shallow understanding of god and ethics. I feel like they are too black/white and forces their opinions down other peoples throats. Like I'm so concerned with animal ethics, why do I get so triggered by activists? I don't really understand, I just started feeling this way recently. Is it regression?