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  1. You workout the body by stressing the muscle and giving them the proper rest and nutrition. Does the mind work as well? What is the proper stress for the mind? (studying, creating mental connections, doing some calculations or sudoku...) What about meditation? Is it a stressing activity or a relieving one?
  2. No, I don't. But only if I'm quite sure that no one is going to enter.
  3. I have some difficulties with peeing in public urinals. I know it's kind of stupid, but it affects my day. I see many colleagues have no issue with that, while, instead, I feel like a block. Impotent. Any suggestions? (Since I don't know whether you have this kind of bathroom in your country, I'll post an image below ahaha)
  4. I mean, maybe your dreams now are extremely different from the ones you had years ago. Or do you dream always the same things?
  5. From random chats with random people I often see this path.
  6. Ehy such a good question! ahaha Actually it was hyperbole. I'm only 21 and I'm not so used to hear that sentence. Anyway, this is the sentence that my ex told me before breaking-up; then this is the sentence that another girl I was dating (had sex and so on) told me before "I prefer to continue our relationship as friends"; and now this is the sentence that the girl I'm currently dating told me...
  7. It ends up always this way ahaha This statement is usually the prelude to bad things... It hurts but, with time and experience, you'll get used to it. When this moment comes, I keep staying quiet and peaceful (like Deida suggests in The way of the superior man) Now my questions: What is the best way to face "I need to talk"? Is this statement reversible?
  8. Yes, I was curious to hear other points of view, I know what to do.
  9. I have the possibility to have sex with my ex. Although she left me, I'm quite sure she would do it. We haven't seen each other for a year because we live far away, but now we are in the same place for a temporary period. p.s. in any case it would be a non-committed experience. We are not willing to get together again. Do it or not?
  10. Whenever I see a girl I used to date in the past, I always have this fight going on inside me: Should I go greet her or not? Pros: Yes, because I want to be a loving person. I want to demonstrate that I have no grudge against her. Cons: No, she rejected me. I'm fine without her, and I don't want to look needy.
  11. If hate doesn't exist, then every act is done out of love. What about romantic love?
  12. Each time I ask myself why, I scroll down every possible answer. Each answer is linked with the one above. But once I reach the bottom, the scheme is always the same: ...because it just is. and why is that? I don't know, it just is. It's a loop. I feel like it's a circular closed chain. Every time you ask why, you could explore the adjacent links of the chain. Doing that you could even explore the chain all the way, but you cannot escape that.
  13. I mean the more healthy and sustainable form of fitness. A workout that you can keep all your life without harming joints, tendons, muscle tissue, heart, etc... Extremes like competitive sports, marathons, bodybuilding, in the long run, could hurt. I guess. What is the right balance? What is the workout volume and intensity? How much cardio? How much lifting?