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  1. Government debt doesn't work like personal debt. It doesn't need to be paid off completely, money just has to keep flowing. This is not a problem as long as you have a strong currency like the USD or EUR because then you can basically create money to pay your debt. This is a problem for less developed countries with weaker currencies though. If they can't keep up with their debt they can't simply print the problem away without major consequences. Most directly, they won't be able to pay their imports anymore if they devalue their currency too much. This is a problem the Eurozone, the US and Japan and a few others don't have as much since business is commonly done in their currencies and as long as they keep creating money at a more or less the same rate, this can in theory go on indefinitely.
  2. Well, that's exactly what I'm saying. Western medicine is great at solving very specific issues. So, let's use it for that and alternatives when they are better. You're touchy, Leo, jeez..
  3. Different problems require different approaches. A heart surgeon doesn't intend to heal someone's depression. Nevertheless, if you need a bypass surgery you better find a good heart surgeon, not a faith healer. Holism is not always the best lense. Sometimes you have very specific issues that need to be dealt with in very specific ways. This is where western medicine excels.
  4. @Leo Gura Ofc Western medicine is sometimes ineffective or even counterproductive, but that's just because medicine is extremely complex and difficult. But you get at least double the amount of BS with alternative medicine. I'd like to see some faith healer perform an open heart surgery.
  5. He's a complete douchebag imho. I really don't get why people follow him or even take him seriously. He doesn't even say anything particularly intelligent or interesting. I suppose people simply get drawn to the celebs he brings on the show and think it must be good because of that.
  6. That's the key. Nobody is gonna invest in an idea. You need at the very least a proof of concept or MVP and be able to show that there's a market for whatever it is that you're gonna do.
  7. @integral Anyone who claims to know what will happen to the dollar with certainty wants to sell you something.
  8. I sort of agree, but finding the right balance here is extremely delicate. See Havana, Cuba for example. Their communist policies deter investors who would invest and renovate their decrepit buildings. Consequently, buildings decay and people get burried under their houses when their roof comes crashing down essentially because there was no investment opportunity. That's called "fix and flip". It's not really passive. It usually involves doing renovations to upvalue the property to be able to sell it at a higher price. The value to society is that living conditions are upgraded. If you were to just buy, do nothing and hope to sell higher in the future that would be pure speculation. It's stupid to do that because it's more lucrative to rent it out or do something to improve the property. But you're still giving business to notaries and real estate agents, so at least you make them happy 😅
  9. Some cities and areas are simply more attractive than others. This ofc drives up demand for property. High demand for a limited resource generally means high prices. High prices lead to people taking on large loans. Large loans means lots of interest they gotta pay back. Lots of interest means they have to collect high rents. So, if took a loan to buy that apartment you don't really have a choice but collect a high rent as well, else your not gonna be able to pay back your loan plus interest. It's not like all landlords are assholes who jack up the prices just to exploit tenants... If you want affordable housing the solution is quickly approving construction projects for affordable housing (with the pros and cons that come with it).
  10. Then charge a fair price to people who can afford it? Generally speaking it's never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. If you have a lot of money ideally you want your wealth to be distributed across several asset classes, for example: Cash Real estate Stocks Funds and ETFs Physical gold Private equity Crypto This way you don't lose everything when the housing or stock market crashes. But if you have a large sum of money I'd always have real estate because unlike with stocks, you and your family can actually live in a house you own if you need to.
  11. What's the point of this "exercise"? Exponential consumerism? If you have 1 million dollars why don't you buy a house for yourself and a couple of flats to rent out, and be financially free for the rest of your life? Don't squander it on silly experiments like that.
  12. Cringe, bro...🤦‍♂️ I wish he would've actually addressed some of the points Earthling Ed brings up, instead he chose to attack the messenger. The last resort when you know you're wrong and don't want to admit it...
  13. @Preety_India Thanks for this thread 🙏 I've now decided to ditch the Brita. Now I'll get bottled water delivered on a regular basis. They'll also pick up the empty ones. Let's see how that goes.
  14. @herghly Economics Explained on YouTube. For your personal finances keep it simple. Follow these steps, for example: Pay off your debt (if you have any) Save up 1 year of your salary and put it aside as an emergency fund Invest a certain % of your monthly income in index funds. If you want to keep it super simple, just invest in a single All Country World ETF. Otherwise go for something like 70% MSCI World + 30% Emerging Markets ETF. There you go. If you just do this, you are already better set up financially than most people.