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  1. Agreed, answering with knowledge or language will never answer the question. Perhaps you should ponder what love has lead you to in this life and what that has taught you etc. Not just universally what love is. Have you ever fallen in love? One cannot properly explain why you meet certain people at certain times, but you are able to recognize your essance with a certain person easier than others. Why is it that the experience of falling in love is similar (much milder ofc) to enlightenment? No. Words. Can. Describe. Either.
  2. Love you <3 I hope you are doing well. Have a lovely day.
  3. Look at those almond eyes of infinite awereness 😍😂
  4. This is the best post in your whole journal <3
  5. One of the reasons why travelling is so beautiful and why most people enjoy it so much is that it highlights that allthough everything around you changes, there is still you whom does not. I suppose some of us are cave dwellers, some of us live in houses, some of us like to be loose footed I'm a ramblin' (wo)man And you're going to keep on rambling? Oh yes, haha, I have to
  6. Don't take lsd. Don't lie to yourself that it's doing you any good if the end result is your mind wandering even more. Psycedelics don't help all people for some they are too strong. Be brave
  7. @George Fil haha, I can definitely relate to the movies part as well. Also happens when I look at trees, dogs, flowers etc. And it isn't like "normal" crying (i.e. sobbing) it's more happy tears. Yes, the feeling of warmth I also experience usually after I feel as if my hands dissapper. @Nahm Thank you for the encouragement Love feels like the natural path/way yet sometimes I must check whether I'm fooling myself or not. Perhaps I need just to trust love.
  8. I have a reoccurding phenomena whilst meditation for a month or two; I meditate and usually end up doing self-inquiry and when I investigate onto the question - Who am I, Who is the one feeling this etc. tears start forming. I do not feel sad or happy but the tears start forming every single time. I don't really mind it, but I'm wondering why is this and could there be anything else I could do rather than just sit with it as sitting with it doesn't seem to give me further insight to sit with it. Another occurance is after doing self-inquiry I start doing a sort of a loving-kindness meditation. Thoughts of all that I love arise (nature, people etc.) I feel grateful and loving and it is very beautiful. But I'm wondering whether it is a distraction of going even deeper? Although my last awekening experience came after this loving feeling as it led to myself. Any advice? Thanks for the help
  9. You are loved. Go deeper into the emotion and see what's hidden behind.
  10. Haha you made me smile because I have pondered the exact same thing, loving animals and nature so deeply and how this has grown or "come back". And I feel as if that special connection I have with them is here even more. The most wonderous thing I also now looking at animals from the same place as when I was younger, they seem to be more curious to me as well, as if they would sense the pure love I have for them. With no wanting to pet them or get anything from them, just looking and appriciating.
  11. Oh how much I can relate. But you know what? If you would have control what would that then give you? It would bore you to death. There would be no point. If you had control of your happiness or sadness there would be no surprise left. We want control because we imagine it would give us peace or happiness but that is simply not true. The best things in life are the ones with an element of surprise. Expecting things to happen ruins them quite a lot of the time. Yes, we feel the sadness of others, but why is that a sad thing? Isn't that the most beautiful evidence of us being the same? It is only your mind trying to tell you a sad story about sadness. Surely you can listen to the story if you like, but perhaps it is not necessary. Perhaps you can take the story for what it is, a story.
  12. How can one be a part of spiritual elite? If we are seeking to know there is no seperation, why are you trying to seperate other from your "elite"? I wonder whom is the one creating this seperation. The conditioning of our culture is so strong that even in this we want to create seperation, enlightend and the non-enlightend. The elite and the non-elite. This is what is holding us from finding out what is real. Whom is the one wanting to change your family?
  13. 2) From my experience, only people who are uncomfortable with themselves (i.e. try as hard as possible to be "normal" to fit in as they are afraid of losing control etc.) think of someone being "strange" as a negative thing. If a person is comfortable with themselves they will see your oddity and uniqueness as something wonderful. I'm a fellow strange person in an office full of normal people at work, but from my experience "killing them with kindess" is always affective. Being geniuine is loved by people who are not lost. And for the being empty hull, I must say from the person saying it that is a compleate projection. In this case this persons only "weapon" towards you was you being an empty which only tells that the person firstly does not have enough to see beauty in all humans which all humans do have. All in all, perhaps also implementing softer practices, perhaps taking a walk in nature quietly and really observing the beauty. Little by little things will come.