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  1. Yw. I get that. I feel the same way about this being like an online home. Lol The writers group thing is what I thought of since I write a lot of fiction, so I hear about them a lot. It may not be as useful for non-fiction writers, idk. But the other things I mentioned (finding a master or expert or critique partner) are surely helpful for non-fiction writers, especially the master. I understand you most likely don't have direct access to one, but I still suggest you at least look around. A high quality source of knowledge could improve your learning speed by like a hundred times, no exaggeration.
  2. My heart goes out to everyone. Stuff like that will keep happening and get worse and worse if humanity doesn't wise up. Thanks for sharing, OP.
  3. @Erlend K Cool. The most important thing is to focus on raising people's awarenesss. Also, I would say find someone or a group of people to get higher quality feedback from. This forum won't do much for you in terms of your writing skill. It's better to get feedback from a master, expert, people from a writers group, or a critique partner who is on a similar path as you.
  4. @Caterpillar You're on the right track. Unlike the average person, a true hero is someone who is willing to face the darkness head-on. He doesn't value things like safety, comfort, or pleasure. He has the ability to conquer any fear of danger, discomfort or pain for the sake of the greater good. So yes, it would be natural for him to experience more hurt. We shouldn't assume that our personal well-being is something we want to sustain throughout our entire lives without any hurt. Instead, we want to become so well that the greatest hurt would be worth it.
  5. It will be way sooner than that. Like 2050. Lol
  6. @SoonHei It wouldn't do shit. Might even make things worse. Psychedelics are a tool, not the solution to every problem.
  7. That's not what I'm doing. And it doesn't have to be for decades. You could live happily with someone for only a few years and it could be just as good as if you've been with them your whole life. Like I said, just takes a right match.
  8. Not true at all. Many love stories end with two people living happily ever after. Just takes a right match. 💜
  9. Yes! That's the problem. All is one and reality is infinite, so to impose limitations on yourself and others would be to live in falsehood and cause damage in the process. If you notice someone acting too unconscious, I encourage you to judge them. Judge the shit out of them if necessary. The key is to judge consciously. If it's out of love, it's okay. Namaste. 💛
  10. @molosku Signature strength is completely unique to you, whereas regular strength is just a general thing which many people can have. So "humor and playfulness" is not your signature strength because so many people have that as a strength and it's not unique at all. It may be a strength of yours, but in order for it to be a signature strength it would have to be a molosku sort of humor or playfulness. It would be a type of humor and playfulness that only you can have. A signature strength is basically something you can write down on paper then sign your name under it and it would make complete sense. Pretty much belongs to you.
  11. @Tom Daniel D You're welcome.
  12. @see_on_see Wrong again. You can judge and know exactly who/what you are. This is a part of doing it consciously. Practice it sometime.
  13. Nope. Doesn't mean you're caught up in illusion. The real illusion is the limitations you burden yourself with, such as telling yourself you can never judge. You can do anything as long as you do it consciously.