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  1. I think he will come back at a higher level of consciousness.
  2. @John Iverson Robert can't control anything.
  3. @John Iverson Robert is lucky in many ways, but he still cannot control his destiny.
  4. What would I tell him to start doing? Nothing more than what he is already doing. Let him embrace his destiny.
  5. Because tomorrow is today? @Nahm Thanks
  6. Lol! This is very possible. But I think he will.
  7. The hero's journey never ends.
  8. "I will beat the odds. I can go the distance. I will face the world; fearless, proud, and strong. I will please the Gods. I can go the distance 'till I find my hero's welcome right where I belong." That's what Hercules said when he left the Temple of Zues after finding his life purpose, and it describes exactly how I've been feeling lately. This will be my last post in this journal. Anyone who has read my earlier posts in this journal knows of the emotional stuff I went through a little bit within the last few months. Of course I have a lot to work on when it comes to emotional mastery, but sometimes I like to cry. Crying a lot of the time isn't a sign of weakness, it could be a sign of strength. It could be a sign that one is truely pushing himself to grow and move further along the path of the hero. So I'm happy with the results of my sorrows, they really did help me in the end. To get more specific, I basically discovered my purpose at an extremely deep level and also grew myself in a way where no one can perturbe me. I now have faith in myself regardless of what happens to me. Not in the deluded sense where I just believe in myself for no reason (as I mentioned earlier in this journal). I mean faith in the sense that I KNOW I'm on a hero's journey. That's all. I'm so in touch with my heart that I know this to be real and true. I'm on the path and I will continue to push forward. Part of the problem was that people would call me crazy, unwise, deluded, and even stupid, and this used to get to me a lot. Literally just a few months ago it would get to me. But now I know that these people (as far as this journey is concerned) are just wolves in the dark woods, basically. Why am I scared of wolves when I have this sword in my hand that I've trained so hard to wield? Makes no sense. I need to be brave. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, I don't care what you fucking say, if you're a wolf in the dark woods I will easily defeat you. I have a long journey ahead of me. A 25-year hero's journey to change the world, make my impact. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how hopeless it seems, I will remember the hero's welcome that I know in my heart is waiting for me. I will do it. I will beat the odds. I can go the distance. I will face the world; fearless, proud, and strong. I will please the Gods. I can go the distance 'till I find my hero's welcome right where I belong. "A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart." -Zues, Disney's Hercules THE END / BEGINNING Thanks to whoever read any of this. Love you.
  9. I feel so overwhelmed. I don't know how I'm gonna solve this problem. I come across so many storytelling books that claim to know how storytelling works, but a lot of them aren't helpful at all. I want to become a master of the craft, but that will never happen if I waste so much time on books that will not help me. I need to find the right sources of information. How long will this take? I don't know. Even one of my favorite teachers, John Truby, has said in an interview that the craft of storytelling is the most complex craft in the world. And I can't help but say he's right. Every time I face the page, I see this to be true. This craft is that damn difficult, and I take it very seriously. Using the wrong sources is like using the wrong map to enter the dark woods. It's a deadly mistake that I see a lot of people doing. They're so excited about the treasure, or the holy grail, that they either rush into the dark woods with no map, or they take the wrong map, and then they wonder how they ended up getting eaten by a pack of wolves. I will NOT be one of those people. I know I need to be patient and wait until I get the map. So my top objective for right now is to find the right sources. Find the map that actually leads to the right place. Who has it? Who has that map? Did they hide it? Is it locked up in this person's attic? I don't care, I will find it. I will get my hands on that map.
  10. Everyone is wrong from time to time, and no one person will ever be perfect. So there's really no need to beat yourself up. Instead, accept yourself.
  11. Life is such a big adventure. Infinitely big. There's an unlimited amount of things to learn and experience and take in. Also so much to simply examine. Everyone is able to accept what is known as "the hero's call to adventure." And this means that everyone has the opportunity to get closer to Truth. Even if you believe you already are the Truth, you are wrong because there is always room to grow. There is always a path to take. Always. Everyone can become more of a hero as long as they decide to complete the necessary journey. If you're not on a journey now, I ask you to look around right now. Do you see it? Look at how many roads you can take. Are you amazed? It's all there for you! For you to become more! Now choose whichever road your heart is telling you to choose, because you will NEED that heart along the way. Believe me! And if you're someone who is already on a journey, keep pushing forward. You accepted the call for a reason: you knew you could succeed. But you're not guaranteed to succeed because those threshold guardians are tough. Those challenges in the distance are not to be taken lightly, so you must be strong. Keep going the distance, all. I seriously believe in all of you. 💙
  12. Hm... I guess sometimes you just have to face the facts in front of you and learn to be happy with what you have. We can't always get what we want. But either way, push forward. Never become a victim.
  13. Sit him down and just tell him straight out. Be open and honest and have a spine. Learn from your mistake with the older woman. Also, stop calling people ugly. It's not nice.
  14. Possible top 10 values updated: Joy Wisdom Training Learning Focus Progress Health Strength Bravery Hope Going deep into an uncharted path soon, so must know my best values. Feel excited to go back into the "dark woods" after an existential crisis. Will update this journal another day.