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  1. A Skill Decomposition: General Storytelling (172) Storytelling Genres (47) Screenplay Formatting (266) Total: 485 techniques "Skill decomposition" is an accelerated learning concept that helps you understand and keep track of the skills that are needed to succeed with a certain project. First, you must isolate your image of success. After that, you have to do research on what it takes to achieve that success. This will lead to a number of skills you'll have to become proficient in. Since achieving success in a certain area is in and of itself a skill, I believe we use "skill decomposition" to make things more practical, quantifiable, and understandable. My current image of success requires at least 3 essential skills: General storytelling Storytelling genres Screenplay formatting
  2. Basically, I was saying there is no post-rational science and he was saying there is.
  3. If you don't have anything to contribute to this thread, then leave. Stop asking stupid questions. If you really want an answer to what you asked and you're not just here to start trouble, ask him over PM. Thanks.
  4. I already told you... I've been to post-rational space years ago. I know what you're talking about. I guess we will just agree to disagree on this whole thing.
  5. So you can't back up your claim. I think what I gave is the best view; Science is concrete and uses rationality to prove things about the universe to give us a better understanding of life. I don't know what can be more accurate and expansive as that.
  6. Science is science, so it can't become spirituality or anything else. It's very concrete, not abstract. And it proves things in order to help us understand the universe.
  7. I never said you couldn't be one. I'm glad to see another post-rational scientist. Most scientists didn't integrate post-rationalism, which is one of the main reasons they're stuck at Orange. You're obviously passed that.
  8. My contemplations are very deep. Believe me, I already integrated post-rationalism a long time ago. I know exactly what you and other Green/Yellow/Turquoise people are talking about. I've experienced all of that stuff. But at the end of the day science will always be rational. There is no post-rational science!!!
  9. I remember the exact moment I started moving through Yellow. It was years ago before I even knew what Spiral Dynamics was. I became aware of the other stages, which Leo says is basically a clear sign that you're in tier 2. I was in my room thinking about politics and trying to figure out the world's problems until the moment came that I asked myself something along the lines of: "what perspective will I take next?" Then I started to reflect on how I went from Christian to atheist to liberal, etc. And from that moment on I started to embody everything stage Yellow: systems thinking, integration, etc. I moved into Turquoise about 2-3 years ago, then Coral about 6-7 months ago.
  10. You seem to think that I'm dismissing post-rationalism as nothing. That's not what I'm doing. I even said in my first post in this thread that post-rationalism would be good for scientists to significantly improve the quality of their experiments. I see the wisdom, trust me. When I was 16 years old I felt isolated because I was thinking post-rationally and I couldn't communicate it to anyone and no one understood me at all. I also cared about the planet and animals yet most of the other kids didn't at all because they were Red, Blue, or Orange. I even had a therapist who I believe was Orange who sort of made it seem like I was being unreasonable for getting emotional due to the state of the planet and not only my personal life. One time I cried right in front of her when IIRC she basically said I shouldn't care about the planet that much. I understand Green and post-rationalism. I get it. But post-rationalism is not useful for figuring out the universe. Rationalism is what enables us to get results with science and spiritual practices, even if the insights can only be understood by a post-rational thinker.
  11. I transcended rationality years ago. I would say about 7 years ago when I moved up to Green on the spiral at the age of 16. I'm Coral now.
  12. It's not post-rational. To sit down and self-inquire or contemplate is to take a purely rational action. I can agree with your second paragraph though.