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  1. @Meta-Man It is Alive ! & We don't even know it's all features man! You gotta be it & explore! It's alive! That's the mindfuck!
  2. But it can take infinite forms..and you can't limit it to size , it's infinite!
  3. Bro, it's your life. School Grades & what other people think about you don't matter. Every person is unique and have unique skills
  4. @Meta-Man Ya , it's not. It's infinite. Therefore, we can call call it evolutionary I think
  5. It took a few years.......I suffered a lot,had denial,had limited open-mindness. Finally after opening my mind completely, today after meditation I figured it out..... It's all one....It's Infinite...It's evolutionary & we are the evolution! It's a tragedy that I have figured out on Buddha Purnima!
  6. Get help consultant docs & take meds if required
  7. @Flowerfaeiry 1)Go slow 2) Go big or go home
  8. @Mikael89 you're limiting need to expand & embrace yourself... don't do anything stupid, be positive Keep posting here
  9. @Javfly33 You can make it duality or more than that but He has been this way for ages and that's how it's gonna remain
  10. Used to think karma is what you do get the same thing in got to know what you experience it may be results of someone else's deed and you get it as karma ...and whoever you are it can affect you but after understanding it you can always do the right things to prevent the negative stuffs again it may hit you anyway
  11. After all this year finally got to know He can take any form any colour in this Universe and he can do anything!
  12. @ethanb121 Bro I don't know when these thoughts are gonna go away...All I am saying is don't try to kill yourself... You're the winner not those thoughts