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  1. 👆 But really, my main objective is making money. I don't really care about anything else right now. I don't care about having sex and dating, I don't care about having friends, I don't really care that much about my family, I don't care about getting a 9-5 job, I don't care about reading, I don't care about school, etc. There actually are benefits to doing massive ammounts of repetitions. Would take too long to elaborate though. In a way, over intelectualizing is the epitome of foolishness. You should know that, since you are the one who sent me that link.
  2. Do you think going to the gym, adjusting the weights, then racking and re-racking the weights, then traveling back home is a smarter way to use your time for the result that noone besides you really gives a fuck about anyway (having muscles)? With push ups, all you need is ground. If I need some additional weights, I can use any heavy object (and I actually have gym equipment at home anyway). Literaly, I can get off my computer, and BOOM, there's my exercise. PLUS, by doing push ups, I essentially train my punching power in some way. So in worst case scenario, my punching power either stays the same, or it will improve. BOOOM. Double benefit. I also do 30 kg weighted burpees, which is essentially full body workout.
  3. Would buy it, but I have to wait for a new card😭 @Carl-Richard No. Of course not.
  4. Thank you! You are awesome too🙂
  5. @Kksd74628 No, just leave it. I know what I want, I have my goals, I'm fine. This is not some serious issue LOL I can function and interact with people just fine. I just noticed the type of content I tend to consume lately, so I made a topic about it, that's all. Eventually I end up cringing at the fact that I'm constantly cringing, which ends up neutralizing the cringe😂 I also refuse to talk about my goals, cause it releases unearned and undeserved dopamine. No satisfaction until I achieve them
  6. @Kksd74628 I compare myself with people who are doing better than me much more, than cringing at other people. I cringe at myself much more. It's also not like all I do is watch cringe videos. I only watch them in between hours and hours of work and learning
  7. A lot of the times, I don't feel good about myself, I feel as if I failed, because I couldn't achieve something. For example, yersterday I only did 300 push ups instead of 500, and also in general didn't accomplish as much as I thought I would. But then, when I look at various cringe videos/compilations, I suddenly start to feel good about myself. You know, "Regardless of how shit I am, AT LEAST I am not THAT guy" type of thing😂 Am I bad person for this, or is this simply form of gratitude? Or maybe both? I am kind of addicted to watching cringe videos, and videos of people in very unfortunate situations for this very reason. Like, it's the only content I consume nowadays - I don't play video games, I don't read books, I don't watch movies, I'm not watching Youtube, I don't watch porn, only cringe videos😂 can anyone relate?
  8. Many activities are addictive, and they are not good by any means. However, I know what you mean. You're talking about getting into flowstate in your work. I'll add that to the list. - Sales job (or just selling shit to people in general) - Going out - Work flowstate - Also, constant state of mindfulness - meditation would be it's self absorbed counterpart, but when you're mindfull, you become aware and in control of your emotions as you go
  9. Probably a wrong question to ask on this forum, since everyone here is way too introverted and self absorbed. But whatever, I'm gonna ask it anyway. I feel like always thinking outwards - thinking how to bring MAX value to others in general - would solve literaly any problem I have (or anyone has for that matter), coupled with ability to handle stress. Since when you always give positivity to the world, you get positivity back, and even negativity will end up hurting less. Self absorbed is not the same as being selfish btw. I'm talking about not being able to relate to others enough, and being constantly absorbed in your own little insignificant world. Not that I don't think it's important to work on your inner stuff, but the only reason for inner stuff is so that OUTSIDE WORLD feels better - for both you and others. Otherwise, it makes no fucking sense to stay in your head. That is where introverted retardation comes into play, and where extroverts are clearly superior. So, how to best maximize stress tolerance, and ability to be "self forgetful", so to speak? 2 main ways I know of - getting a sales job, and hanging out/going to parties a lot more than I have up until now. Is there any other way? Please, serious and insightful answers only. Also, certain users should, please, refrain from commenting. Hopefuly you have enough self awareness not to. Also, no spiritual bullshit, please. Only practical stuff.
  10. No it's not. You burn throught that by actually having sex. Masturbation is a cope for not having anyone to have sex with. A necessary cope, maybe. Arguable. But a cope nontheless. Catholic priests and all the other forcefully celibate religious dudes develop pedophilic tendencies cause they aint got no pussy. That's the actual problem.
  11. Make a Discord course called Sage's University, priced $49,99/month, on how to get enlightened quickly. Go on a bunch of podcasts, make an army of affiliates share video clips from those podcast, for 50% happiness commission for everyone who clicks on the link and purchases - you get 50% of enlightement, they get 50%.
  12. Nope. Not true. I love women. But some things are Haram, some things are Halal
  13. @Danioover9000 Lol I was just joking around and playing. I do respect Destiny, he's an inteligent guy and his life choices are his life choices Obviously, I don't know details about his relationship situation nor do I care about it. But personally, I do not believe in open relationships outside of one man having multiple chicks. Anything else than that seems like BS to me
  14. Nothing But the internet porn was made in such a way, so that you are encouraged to spend the most ammount of time possible on these sites, looking for the best video, looking for more and more extreme stuff as the time progresses. That is THE DESIGN. Whether a person is looserish enough/in a bad enough place mentally to be exploited by this, depends on an individual. People seem to forget that porn sites ARE COMPANIES AND BUSINESESS. A number one goal of a business, is to make money of off you. And the way pornsites make money of off you, is mainly throught add revenues and premium memberships. So their number one goal, is to steal as much of your attention, focus and time as possible. LOL it's actually incredible that this just somehow doesn't click in most people's brains, and they don't put 2+2 together