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  1. Imagine this being a bad thing🤣🤣 What the fuck I'm done bro🤣🤣 I'm deceased☠️
  2. Why can't you realistically increase your standards, as your value increases as a man? Is that concept so fucking hard to grasp in that brain of yours? Just stop bro.
  3. Right, that was a bit too impulsive and not thought throught, and a bit unnecessary, and largely untrue, so I'm sorry for that😄 I see that you have a mind of your own, and I respect that. But what I'm gonna say is that, even though I fell down the Tate rabbit hole, I was pretty aware of my choices and thoughts, and I didn't let him "famoose" me, as he likes to say😄 Guy is pretty culty and a bit dangerous, but HU was an interesting experience too, taught me how to sell myself/my services throught DMs and cold emails/calls, etc. But I probably won't renew next month. That's a good thing. As long as we have "I don't agree with you" dynamic in this world, we are not completely doomed. Once everyone's opinion starts being the same, that's when we can start to worry.
  4. Why is almost everyone here acting like such a fucking NPC? Shoutout to @Something Funny for his willingness to at least ACKNOWLEDGE my perspective. With some of you, I can predict what you're gonna "say" before you "say" it.
  5. Mrs. Zero Original Opinion Haver Mrs. Zero Reading Comprehension Posseser Mrs. Weird Profile Picture Having Ass😀
  6. What am I supposed to do, act like a little entitled child? Women have rejected me countless of times, and I still had success with couple of them. I'm not afraid of rejection or pain. It's natural.
  7. Do you have anything interesting to say at all?
  8. I have what I call "ideal standard" of a chick, that I'm trying to be worthy of, and that I'm generally pursuing. Obviously, life is not static, so I'm also flexible with my standards from time to time, depending on what the situation is. But in general, I'd like to spend my time with people who are goal focused and not hedonistic. That's my ideal. I don't want lazy, intelectually dull, hedonistic party goers, because I don't like these traits in myself. I want meaning. I don't want her to not party necessarilly, but ideally I should be there with her. I guess I'm a bit of a slut myself😉 I wouldn't care tbh
  9. Sure. But I still fail to see, how exactly am I slutshaming women, by not wanting to be in a relationship with a slut/potential slut. It's a simple selfishness of mine. And everyone on this planet is selfish. You actually have no idea how little I care about this. Wanna be sexually promiscious as a man/woman? Sure, go ahead, but be prepared to bear unique consequences for this particuliar choice. There's always a cost that must be paid. Many women feel like they don't have to pay any cost for this lifestyle. And most women who advocate for "slut-like" lifestyle or are against slut shaming, aren't even slut themselves😀 as most women have relatively low ammount of sexual partners. Talk about irony.
  10. It is no coincidence, that women slut shame the most.
  11. Those are actually increasingly becomming high standards in Western society. Or, are AT LEAST increasingly being perceived as such. HIGH STANDARDS, would be defined as shit that Andrew Tate's doing, I agree with that. But his approach is not the healthiest out there, I guess.
  12. This is how dating should look like, in my opinion😀 Too many people preaching to others about relationship incompatibility due to XY reasons. As if those others fucking care in any way. Well, say no more. Solved by a click of a button. "Ok, so, what are your hobbies?" "Partying in club with my male frie-" *EEEEEEEEEEEEE* CYA
  13. @Nilsi Translation: "How dare you have high standards for yourself and others! Lower your standards peasant! Be mediocre like me, and everyone else!"