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  1. I am certainly no doctor, but that really doesn’t add up. Why exactly would weight training be detrimental to your eyesight unless you actually were diagnosed with another certain eye issue that would preclude you from weight training at all. There a plenty of highly experienced and strong weight lifters I’ve known who were glasses or eye contacts. In fact, I myself have had some degree of astigmatism and myopia for several years, but have done consistent weight training for several years. My eyesight has never been negatively affected at all by any kind of weightlifting exercise when I lifted light weight with high reps, moderate weight with moderate reps, or heavy weight with low reps with all kinds of dumbbell exercises, barbell exercises, and machine based exercises that I’ve done. The only thing that ever happened to my eyeballs was when a portion of the white of one of my eyes bled from years of repetitive strenuous heavy lifting exercises including heavy barbell squats, heavy barbell bench press, heavy barbell deadlifting, heavy OH Press, heavy dips, heavy pull-ups, etc. It didn’t affect my eyesight at all and other experienced and advanced weightlifters said that it’s not a big deal when something like that happens. However, I would still get a second opinion from another eye doctor on this matter in order to confirm whether the first doctor who told you this is wrong or wrong about your specific situation with your eye.
  2. Yeah, this is sad. He seems like he's overall a good guy.
  3. I see. Yeah, that's a fair point. Btw, you still have him listed in your stage Yellow Examples Mega Thread. He may have some stage Green traits in him, but there's no way that Rogan is a stage Yellow being at all. Like you just said, he is not an intellectual who has a deep understanding of the world or the universe. He can't even comprehend why the right ideology is so toxic and why it has had such a negative influence on him. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, I don't even think he has a really impressive level of education.
  4. True. It can also be that the girl you're on a date with is either not in the frame of mind or is mentally unstable or has a very uncooperative attitude.
  5. Yeah, I agree. However, if you are going to pay a prostitute then it should still be done just as a one-off only for the purposes of losing your V-card as a late virgin and then never do it again.
  6. I remember you saying that you don't think that Rogan is necessarily a right-winger like progressives such as Cenk make them out to be, but are you now changing your mind about that?
  7. I don't think that a date with a girl necessarily means that she has decided to sleep with you as long as don't come off creepy or weird during the date. The vast majority of my first dates with girls ended up going nowhere at all, even when I behaved in a normal romantic manner while doing my best to sexually escalate with her. There have been times where I thought the first date went well and I even made out with the girl, but then she told me the next day or so that she didn't feel enough of a connection with me and never heard or saw her again. Also, other guys out there who have advanced seduction skills still have a lot of moments where they go on a first date with a new girl, but don't end up sleeping with her on the date and then never see her ever again.
  8. But if I make her feel special and come off romantic then wouldn't she still automatically feel or think that I actually want her to be in a serious long-term relationship with her?
  9. I know that Leo has said before that you need to project a romantic intent to her and make her feel special in order to influence a woman to sleep with you because otherwise you will come off as either a perv or as some guy who just wants to use her body for sex. However, if all I wanted was just some casual sex with a girl then wouldn't I actually be leading her on by conveying a romantic vibe with her and making her feel so special?
  10. Someone or something got to stop guys like Rogan from spouting these dumb right-wing philosophies.
  11. Well, I think that most people in the US of course wouldn't mind if the quality of healthcare was decreased for rich. However, is it possible that a single payer system the quality of healthcare for both the working and middle classes would also decrease? Also, what about the possibility of plummeting choices for everyone in the country if the US government was the only one in control of every one of its citizens healthcare? Furthermore, why does America still have the best quality healthcare available and makes the greatest amount of scientific and medical breakthroughs on the planet? Is it not because the US is the only 1st world country that has privatized healthcare?
  12. I totally agree that the US government must regulate the price of healthcare insurance a lot more than it currently does. I also do believe that the government should provide some kind of public option for those who cannot afford any kind of private insurance. Though are you concerned about the possibility of a single payer system in the US causing the quality of health care in the country to decrease and the amount of healthcare choices to plummet like the video I posted up above mentioned?
  13. You know what? It's now very clear to me that you are PRO-VIRUS. You like every other republican or conservative moron out there believes that it is okay to just let the virus continue to spread throughout the rest of the country, let alone the entire world. You also seem to be okay with having the virus mutate into even more deadly and more transmissible kinds of variants. You even prefer having the deadly virus over COVID vaccines. You also want your friends, your family, your relatives, and other close to you to get infected, hospitalized, and die from this virus. No matter what your argument or excuse is this is the reality you have to own.
  14. Yeah, I am honestly worried about the possibility of this happening. However, Leo says that he is optimistic about that not happening because the US is a first world democracy that actually kept evolving more and more into a higher level democratic and egalitarian society in the long-run, despite the number of and kinds of setbacks or temporary moments of regressions the country has had throughout its entire history. Otherwise, the US might end up having either another civil war or another massive culture war.
  15. Yeah, I agree. I actually wouldn’t mind paying just a bit higher taxes for the single payer system. However, I am now concerned about the possibility of a universal healthcare system inadvertently causing a decrease in quality of healthcare. I am also concerned about the possibility of their being less choice of healthcare options because of more government control. Also, my parents and I have heard from our family friends in Canada who used to live here in the US for a few years that the quality of healthcare in Canada isn’t as good as it is here in the US. Plus, what about the fact that many people from other 1st world countries like the UK travel to the US for better medical care whereas it’s hardly case with the other way around. Furthermore, some argue that a single payer or a universal healthcare system in the US would decrease the innovation of new medical and scientific breakthroughs made within the country because funding for researching and experimentation of new cutting edge methods and technology would greatly decrease.