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  1. Something drastic needs to be done to these monsters. For years, they've been destroying the foundation of our country's democracy, even as we speak.
  2. I tried applying to tons of jobs myself, and I only got one minimum wage job offer.
  3. Over the past year, I've been failing non-stop with finding and keeping ANY kind of job that exists in this world. I've with researched countless jobs throughout the entire web online, I've asked countless people I know and people I don't know for any available jobs, my parents even tried everything they could to help me find any kind of job that will pay me any amount, I applied to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of jobs, etc., etc. Yet, I got turned down by all of jobs I applied for, and not one person has been able to offer me a job of any kind at all. The only exception was just one minimum wage job that I lucked up at Macy's. Unfortunately, I lost that job after working there for only 3 weeks, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Talk about horrible luck. I've tried revising my resumes over and over and over again and actually got a lot of help from numerous people on how improve it for various kinds of jobs, but none ended up helping me land any job. I've even tried going to a Toastmasters club that's near where I live in order to improve my overall charisma and speaking skills, and I've been consistently going to that club now for almost a full year. I thought that this would help me perform better with job interviews and have been making significant progress over the past several months in my overall communication skills, confidence, charm, spontaneity, persuasiveness, etc. Yet, my major long-term improvement in those skills still have not helped me improve my chances with succeeding in persuading anyone that I would be a good fit for any of the jobs I've applied to. Hell, I even tried consistently applying for months in earnest many of the tips and pieces of advice I got from a group of qualified panelists at a virtual seminar I watched and listened to months ago on how to improve Networking skills, Boosting Your Confidence, making a good or great lasting impression at any job interview. Sadly, none of it worked to improve my chances with getting any kind of job at all. I know. Some of you here may be thinking that I must be trolling because how ridiculous all of this is sounding considering everything that I've tried. I can't even get a job as a basic grocery bagger or food delivery man. I know the job economy has still not been good, but I honestly have never felt this hopeless about getting ANY kind of job let alone keeping one. Quite frankly, I am getting really scared that I may not be able to literally survive for long in the future.
  4. Probably. Though, I got a feeling that Ted Cruz's wife beats him up and Melania Trump probably beats her hubby too.
  5. So, then why are so many girls these days who just use men for sex and then ditch them or ghost them even though the guy wanted to see her again?
  6. I know! I thought about making a thread here about this myself, but I wasn't sure if anybody here would really care about it. Trump made another asinine speech at the CPAC today about how the presidential election was stolen. I pray that he does fuck the GOP's chances of winning the midterm elections next year.
  7. So, you think it's primarily just the way women's brain's have been hardwired since the day they were born? Yeah, but I am not just talking about the very moment you and her have clearly agreed to have sex. I am also talking about when you first met or first get to know her up to moment you might have sex with her (depending on how well the interaction goes with her).
  8. So, then why are there a lot of promiscuous women these days who have had casual sex with lots of guys? There even been times were I've had sex with a chick on either my first or second date with them and I wanted to see them again, but instead they left me and I never heard from them again.
  9. Yeah, I think you're right about the 90s being a time when the world wasn't crashing down. That's all true. Though, I still think the 90s were the best we ever had along with perhaps the early to mid 2010s.
  10. So, I know that women generally get sexually turned on slower than men. However, I've heard of various reasons as to why this is including women having been socially conditioned by society to usually be afraid of being slut-shamed whereas men generally are not, most women are used to getting constant sexual attention and choices from the opposite sex whereas most men usually don't get much sexual attention and choices from the opposite sex, have more safety issues to be worried about than men do, brain differences between men and women, differences in chromosomes and genetic coding between men and women, etc. Do, any of you guys know or what do any of you think?
  11. Is it weird to say that I am getting turned on by some of your posts@Preety_India ?
  12. Personally, I believe that the 90s were a golden era of peace and prosperity within America. A lot of this can be attributed to how fantastic of a job the Clinton Administration did in running the country, particularly with our economy and the federal budget balance. Also, there wasn't nearly as much divisiveness within our country as there has been currently since the very beginning of the new millennium. Foreign terrorism didn't even really exist until the 9/11 event happened. Nevertheless, the above vids are right about the need for our society to move from neoliberalism. This philosophy has caused very serious unintended long-term negative consequences for the US as well as all of the other western worlds throughout the entire world.
  13. Thank you. I appreciate this. I really hope more people from this forum join the fight. *Btw, I hope that these posts that we're making here are allowed on this forum.