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  1. I get that Medicare For All won't ever be passed by the US Congress for the foreseeable future because there's not a broad enough support for it by the American constituents for a numbers of reasons and because of the massive amount of corporate lobbying by all of the healthcare insurance companies around the country who have always been totally against any kind of single-payer healthcare system. So, how did the Democrats in Congress and Obama successfully pass Obamacare in 2010 even though the healthcare policy never became popular amongst the majority of American voters until sometime after 2017 when Obama was no longer president? Also, why weren't any of the healthcare lobbying groups or any of the special interest groups able to persuade enough Democrats in Congress to not support or vote for the Obamacare legislation? Does the popularity of a certain policy actually matter all that much for getting it passed?
  2. Sure, there a lot of bipartisan bills that do get passed, but since the late 90s to early 2000s, every new enacted by Congress that resulted in real major national policy change for the entire country to the level of Obamacare or the Trump Tax Cuts have never gotten passed through bipartisanship. Which conservative Democrats in history for example have voted for any of the liberal or progressive legislations that got enacted?
  3. Conservative Democrats such as Manchin and Sinema, don’t seem to care at all if any gets passed in Congress. They seem to care the least about their own constituents compared most other Democratic politicians who at least some varying degree of real care about their own constituents. I also recently read up some US history on conservative Dems going all the way back to the pre Civil War era and from what I’ve understand virtually every conservative Democrat in all of US history never gave a shit about their own constituents or making any significant progress ever in any way for the people or for the country. In fact, in most cases they would try to block any kind of legislation that would create any kind of necessary reform for anything pertaining to the government, the American economy, the legal and justice system, the natural environment of the US, racial issues, immigration and border security issues, the military, etc. So, if these conservative jerks have always totally okay with the status quo, what use have they ever been for the Democrats and liberals? What’s the point of the idea of needing more conservative Democratics to help increase the size of the congressional seats in each chambers of Congress or in both chambers in any state legislature assembly if none of them will ever be willing to work alongside all of the other Democratic Congressmen or state legislatures to enact any new kinds of essential reforms needed for our society?
  4. Yes, most voter are idiots, but that's not what I am trying to get at. The question I am asking is can we ever count on conservative Democrats to vote for any pieces of liberal or progressive legislation alongside the rest of the Democrats in Congress, most of whom are liberals to varying degrees? Or do conservative Democrats never vote for any pieces of legislation that is liberal or progressive?
  5. Everyone in the Kardashian/Jenner family all claim that they've never had any kind of plastic surgery done on them. All of the girls say that they all consistently workout hard and eat well to improve and maintain the shape of their bodies and faces. However, both Kylie Jenner's face and Khloe Kardashian's face both look way too different compared to how they used to look in their younger years. Also, around the mid 2010s both the size of Khloe Kardashian's ass and Kylie Jenner's ass blew up from being average to being so huge and maybe out of proportion like Kim's Kardashian's ass. What are your guys thoughts on this?
  6. Are you a top economist, who have top academic credentials including a PhD from an elite level institution such as MIT or Harvard like well renown Paul Krugman or Larry Summers and many others like them, who strongly support Build Back Better? How the hell would someone like you who probably isn’t anywhere nearly qualified to give their opinion on this economic matter know what they are talking about? Here’s what Krugman said in one of his NYT op-Ed’s on December 2021: “....there’s a lot of talk about how Build Back Better might worsen inflation — talk that mainly seems to involve failure to do the math, for example, by confusing decades with single years and failing to divide by gross domestic product. It’s true that the bill’s $1.75 trillion price tag is, on the surface, a lot of money. But that’s spending over 10 years, which means that annual outlays would be far smaller than the $1.9 trillion rescue planpassed this year or, for that matter, the $768 billion annual defense bill the House passed last week. Also, much of the spending would be paid for with new taxes. Furthermore, you should never cite a big-sounding budget number without putting it in context. Remember, the U.S. economy is enormous. The budget office estimates that in its first year Build Back Better would expand the deficit by 0.6 percent of gross domestic product, a number that would shrink over time. I’m not aware of any economic model suggesting that spending on that scale would make much of a difference to inflation. And because much of the spending would expand the economy’s productive capacity, it would probably reduce inflation over time.” Larry Summers said in an article from the Insider website that Biden and the Democrats in Congress both should've passed both the BIF bill and the BBB social spending bill because "Together, they are smaller over 10 years than this past year's stimulus was over a single year, and in addition, they are substantially paid for." Furthermore the BBB bill would raise taxes on the rich and Corporations which further would significantly reduce inflation. Btw, why has Manchin been totally okay with spending over $700 billion a year on military budgets, which I am sure has contributed to inflation over the years. Also, why are the other 48 Democratic senators not as concerned as Manchin and Sinema about being voted out of office if the bill possibly causes inflation?
  7. Top economists, including those who are noble prize winning economists, said that according to their calculations, build back better would not in any way significantly increase inflation in the issue. In fact, the economists argue that the provisions in the bill could very well decrease inflation.
  8. No, I know that most Democrats in America, especially those in the South, are still culturally tradition oriented and that someone like Manchin’s constituency are actually mostly conservative Democrats. But what I don’t get is don’t conservative leaning Democratic voters want some kind of change made for them? Like most other Americans they too, have complaining that politicians and the government have been letting them down constantly with all of their false promises of being able to help them improve their lives materially. Even though Manchin comes from a deep red state, most voters of West Virginia still wanted the pretty much all of policies that were in the build back better bill. Yet, Manchin betrayed his own constituents by killing the bill because he’s a very conservative corporate Democrat. Furthermore, I still don’t see what any conservative Democratic politician throughout US history has ever gotten done that has materially helped out their own constituents’ needs and demands.
  9. I am skeptical about her work ethic. I am sure that she has been some fair amount of real work to become as successful as she is but I think that she hasn't had to work as hard as she makes it out to be. I care because I am so curious and I of course wish that I could feel their bodies, especially their asses, to see for myself how real they all are.
  10. Wasn’t Marcus Aurelius an enlightened autocrat? What about the brilliant, wise, benevolent, selfless, and extremely successful Queen Elizabeth I of England from the mid 1500s to the beginning of the 1600s?
  11. Actually, I think I might have found the answer to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkmpqXWbP_g Though, I don't totally understand why the Republican senators Collins, Murkowski, and McCain, who saved Obamacare from the "skinny" repeal of the law, decided to vote to uphold essentially all of Obamacare.
  12. As we all know, it's really looking like SCOTUS is going to soon officially rule to overturn the landmark ruling that grants nationwide legal abortion in America. I get that one of the reasons for this is because the US Supreme Court has had a 6-3 supermajority of conservative justices since only about a year and a half ago, after Amy Coney Barrett got appointed and confirmed by the Trump and the Republican Senate just before the 2020 general election. The other reason is because most conservatives and Republicans throughout the entire country have always been anti-abortion for many decades. That of course means that Republicans and conservatives have now finally gained the power to overturn the nationwide abortion rights, which is what most of them have been waiting and hoping for a very long time to happen. Yet, for some reason, even after Amy Coney Barrett began her time as new US Supreme Court Justice, the good majority of conservative justices in SCOTUS still decided in June 2021 to once more to rule in favor of upholding ACA or Obamacare after hearing the California vs. Texas lawsuit brought before them in November 2020. In fact, 7 out of the 9 SCOTUS justices voted against the whole lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of Obamacare. That actually the best margin of victory that the ACA has ever gotten from the most powerful court in the country. But a certain majority of conservatives and Republicans in all of America have always been and even still to this day been against Obamacare because of the fact that most of them have always viewed it as a major socialistic law. So, why have the majority of conservative justices in SCOTUS been in favor of protecting ACA?
  13. Street fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Bros. series, Dragonball series, and the Sonic the Hedgehog series are some of my all time favorite video games.
  14. Ever since we were little kids, we've been taught that every negative or unethical behavior will result in some kind of negative consequences, one way or another in due time. Leo of course has mentioned before that any act of devilry may work in the short-run, but will eventually become self-defeating in the long-run. However, why have there been many examples of people who have committed several acts of devilry but never pay a price for it or get its comeuppance. For instance, former president Bush and everyone within his entire administration never had to face any accountability for their war crimes and disastrous mismanagement of the country. How about Ronald Reagan, Republicans, and neoliberals never had to pay for all of their policies they enacted which caused the decades long atmosphere of greed, selfishness, private tyranny, economic inequality and deregulation, fiscal irresponsibility with military spending, excess, neglect for those in need, exacerbation of systemic racism, and more? Why are legal experts say that it's increasingly looking like now that Trump may not ever be indicted let alone convicted for any of the crimes he has ever committed? Also, weren't there many tyrannical kings and queens and corrupt clergymen in history who never got what they deserved?
  15. I totally empathize with what you’re going through considering how much more difficult it is to get into a top college/university than it was even about a decade ago. It also has gotten more difficult for most people to find and keep a good paying job for life compared to much earlier times. As someone who is in his 30s, I myself feel somewhat pessimistic about my future career prospects. Though, I hope that things in the future will be better. However, 20 years old these days has become like the new 10 years old so to speak. As long as you don’t do anything that’s too crazy or reckless, eat healthy, exercise regularly, minimize alcohol intake, stay away from all illegal drugs, and what have you then you should expect to have your youth for about 25 years more and maybe even bit a longer than that.
  16. hmm.....well, then I guess it will be interesting to see what'll happen to the future of all of these social media platforms, all of the people in charge of them, Trump, and others like them.... This may really turn out to be another shitshow of epic proportions......
  17. What would those devils be missing out on if they are living a life that is longer and more successful than most other people out there in the world? How is such a devil's life worse than a typical good everyday person who is barely able to live a mediocre life everyday? Let alone, how is it worst to be that devil than to be a poor innocent person who is actually gravely suffering from either poverty, life-threatening illnesses, or some kind of crippling trauma? You're saying that not every corrupt politician or corrupt businessmen or corrupt leader is a devil?
  18. So much for devilry losing.....I guess being a political and business elite protects you from negative consequences.
  19. Then, why did many tyrannical rulers like Joseph Stalin, Henry VII, and Putin and corrupt high ranking religious leaders like Pope Alexander VI live very long lives for their time without ever suffering from any serious consequences? What about all of the corrupt politicians, businessmen like Manchin, McConnell, Bush, Cheney, Trump or monstrous judges like Clarence Thomas and the late Antonin Scalia, have never truly gotten the comeuppance that they all deserved? Some people are hoping that Putin will eventually deposed or punished for his crimes, but many experts say that we shouldn't really count on that ever happening given how powerful he has become and how ingeniously complex the kind of power structure he developed for himself in Russia over the past decades that will be able to totally protect him from any of his enemies for the rest of his live regardless of what he does. As for Trump, it doesn't look like anymore in the legal system in America will actually be able to get Trump convicted and thrown into jail or even a seriously steep financial penalty for any of his crimes. It also is lately becoming an increasingly real scary possibility now that Trump could be re-elected president in 2024, especially considering that the big-tech companies are becoming inclined to let him return back to all of their social media platforms.
  20. Some Centrist democratic economists such as Larry Summers and Steve Rattner, warned last year before the American Rescue Plan (ARP) was passed down party lines by the Democratic Congress and Biden, that the stimulus package was too big. They warned that passing a stimulus package as large as $1.9 Trillion in early 2021 just as the entire US economy was already on it's way to being fully reopened by the end of summer 2021, would more than likely contribute to significantly increasing the inflation rate within a year or so. Every economic expert within the Biden Administration, liberal economic experts not working for Biden, and all of the Democrats in Congress didn't believe that. Right-wing economists and Republican congressmen have, as you would expect, been totally blaming Biden's ARP as being one of the main reasons for the 40-year high inflation issue that's been going in America for about a year now. Liberals like me of course rarely believe in what anyone on the right says. However, Summers and Rattner were some of the very few moderate democratic economists who turned out to be right all along. Additionally, as of today, Vox just put out an article of theirs that mentions other economists who also think that Biden's ARP really did contribute to the inflation issue in the US. No doubt has the inflation issue actually been a world wide problem for about a year now, even for practically every other 1st world country out there such as UK, the eurozone, Canada, etc. However, according to the economists in this Vox article, the American Rescue Plan caused America's inflation problem to be significantly worse than the inflation problems going on in each of the other 1st world countries: https://www.vox.com/23036340/biden-american-rescue-plan-inflation
  21. I never thought that Trump coming back to a big-tech platform would ever become a real possibility. If Trump gets back on Twitter then wouldn't that set a precedent for all of the other big-tech platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google for Trump coming on all Big tech platforms by the beginning of next year in time for him to begin his 2024 presidential run during the next two years? I know that all of the largest social media companies have already faced serious legal repercussions for allowing Trump to post countless totally toxic and extremely dangerous statements on each of their platforms. However, I am now starting to get frightened by the possible scenario of Trump's return to all social media.
  22. Damn it. Well, I wonder if Musk will realize the legal implications of only having extremely limited moderation for a platform like Twitter.
  23. I still don't get why Dorsey now thinks that permanently banning Trump from Twitter was a mistake. People get permanently banned from various kinds of platforms all the time whenever a moderator or administrator deems it fit. I got banned for life several years ago from another forum I was on because the mods and admins on that forum thought that I became an "infectious virus" for whining too much, even though the people running the site never explicitly stated beforehand that excessive complaining was not allowed. Trump already violated Twitter's rules a number of times before his account got permanently suspended. Virtually every single post he made on twitter for many years were all incredibly toxic and profoundly dangerous for the entire country, if not for the entire world. So, why are people like Dorsey and Musk even seriously considering lifting Trump's perma-ban from twitter?
  24. Progressives are by no means perfect, but in truth they are certainly much less corrupt than the vast majority of individuals out there in the world, politically and socially. I get the idea that most people don't vote for progressive candidates because most people's level of consciousness is not as advanced as that of the progressives. However, we know that for many decades most people have become increasingly upset with the constant corruption that has gone on in politics, establishment, government. So, why haven't the good majority of the people tried having progressives as their political leaders if they have already realized at this point how corrupt and disappointing all of the Republican and establishment Democratic politicians have always been? Is it because most people fear that progressives like Sanders or AOC themselves might even be more corrupt than all of the Republican and establishment Democratic politicians?
  25. According to history, about a decade after the First Red Scare period in America (from 1917–1920), FDR was branded by many on the right as a socialist or communist. William Randolph Hearst, a prominent figure in American history who created the largest newspaper chain ever in the 19th century and was an influential political figure during FDR's time, was at first an ally of Roosevelt. However, conservatives like him eventually got so upset and so scared of all of FDR's New Deal policies because they later on thought or felt that all of these transformative big government intervention polices would make America into a socialist or communistic country. That's why Hearst and many other conservatives back then did everything in their power to try to convince Congress and the American public that FDR's New Deal agenda needed to be stopped at all costs. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2009/sep/22/barack-obama/obama-roosevelt-socialist-communist/ After the Second Red Scare period, which was pretty much synonymous with McCarthyism, and in the middle of the Cold War period, Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society policies was considered by the right-wing to be a massive set of extremely socialistic policies. This is of course became one of the major reasons the Democratic party lost the South, so to speak. The fear of socialism and communism was also highly prevalent throughout all of the US during the presidencies of Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon in the mid to late 1900s. Each of those president's policies weren't nearly as transformative as those of the New Deal and the Great Society policies; however, they all still successfully passed and created several major big government policies that significantly contributed to the progress of America. So, given how much anti-socialism or anti-communism fear-mongering occurred in America from about 1917 to 1968, why weren't either the New Deal policies or the Great Society policies or even any of the new big government programs during the mid to late 1900s ever stopped from coming to fruition?