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  1. I didn't want to talk about any of the names that came up. I just wanted to talk about Truth.. and the meaning that I found by the etymology of the Greek word αλήθεια. And if you want to talk about them my personal belief is that if you read ancient Greek philosophers from a translated book to English, the meaning will be so different from the original one.. Ancient Greek is a language that even we ,modern Greeks can berily understand..
  2. Just stay on the the main point of this conversation.
  3. Truth in Greek language translates as "alethia" (αλήθεια) Etymologically comes from "a" ( α), which means "not" , and "lethi" (λήθη) , which means "forgetness","something that I don't remember" So, alethia (truth), etymologically, points to something which I forgot but now I remember it. Remember something from the past.. It's hard to translate Greek words in other languages, especially some with such deep meaning like alethia. You can do more research on internet for this word if you think it can help you understand more about what Truth is about.
  4. This movie came on my mind while watching leo's last video
  5. There can't be infinity without nothingness, like good and evil. They are like head and tails of a coin. Both points to the same thing.. the coin. From the universal perspective they exist together in balance. But in our matrix you should search deep so you can see the balance..
  6. Any ideas about this place?
  7. these 2 are the only english-translated videos of these guys hope you learn something
  8. Hello! I have found these amazing guys who have so much stuf about modern sience and how it can transform our life as a person and society, and i found these video with english subs and though to share it with you Nice visuals, amazing talk Enjoy
  9. @How to be wise so what describes homo universalis?
  10. What would it look like to be a homo universalis? Is like be a sage? Is it like be enlightened?
  11. @egoless in my opinion, its not mental masturbation Leo cant talk for this kind of topics because the ppl that follow him couldn't grasp these ideas (which leads to mental masturbation for them)
  12. Ray 2-Ray of love and wisdom "The energy of Love- Wisdom always has an effect upon every type of human being in the world. Its effect is to stimulate the tendency towards goodwill and to produce a mental development which can transmute the knowledge – garnered down the ages – into wisdom. It is wisdom which is needed today. Those who are now attempting to foster goodwill in themselves and others will be stimulated into wise action. You can see, therefore that the outpouring of this energy is the first and greatest need. It can reach mankind because The Founders Of All World Religions (referring not to their many diversifications) are banded together in unison with The Christ, their Lord and Master; through their united and directed effort, these energies will flow. Forget not that Christ represents the energy of love and Buddha that of Wisdom." that's me.. that's me....