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  1. Hey folks. Has anyone found any good methods on how to stop the internal dialogue? This has started taking an actual toll in my life. There is always either an internal dialogue or a song constantly playing in my mind. Songs are especially annoying, the last song I hear always sticks in my mind for days even... I feel so alive and vibrant when I am in the present but then my mind slips away into random internal dialogues and songs again. I have meditated and practiced mindfulness for more than a year and it doesn't really help much. Have you find any tricks as to how to keep your mind in the present moment? I can instantly come to the present moment but then I get carried away again so getting in the present is not the problem, staying in the present is. It's so tricky. Sometimes I feel like I'm living life on mute or in black and white just because of that. Life passes by while I'm living random internal fantasies. And it's not something specific either, there is no pattern, the dialogues are taking place with close people or new encounters and they are about a vast array of subjects, like there is nothing specific that I have particularly obsessed about or anything. Also, has any of you found any supplements that might promote brain states associated with being in the present? Ps: Fun fact: I found out that while having the internal monologue or dialogue, the part of the brain that is responsible for speech gets completely activated indistinguishably from when you are actually talking out loud Ps#2: I also found out that trying to read text without verbalizing internally is a good exercise for this. I am currently trying it.
  2. Alright thanks! I hope the best for you
  3. Hey Leo, I find myself having a similar problem to the one you were describing about your health, I don't know if you still have it or not... I feel extremely sleepy and tired after every meal I'm having, To the point where it is starting to become really debilitating for my life... I have checked every biomarker there is, done some bloodwork, even MRI my brain, everything comes out clear. It seems to be a biochemical problem but still nothing shows up in the tests. I don't want to start relying on stimulants to be functional and I don't want to skip meals because this is not a healthy solution for my body either. I am fit, I work out with some callisthenics and otherwise healthy. Can you please share what solutions or hacks or changes did you happen to find if any for your personal situation? Maybe there is some similarity and ideas I might consider. Thank you very much
  4. Let me rephrase the question because a lot of people are trying to answer using a different type of framework. What I'm actually asking is if what is traditionally considered as a hallucination (example: psychedelic visions) is AS real AS ordinary sober reality, no matter what that means. Maybe ordinary reality can also be regarded as a hallucination, but that is not the point of my question here. The question is if every first hand direct experience is real by definition, as there isn't any rule structure, no matter how logical or mathematical, that can be more fundamental than direct experience in order to disprove it or render it "false"
  5. Are there any hallucinations ever? Or is every experience, every moment of being, every nugget of perception, true in its form? If there were only two people in the universe and one of them heard a noise or a voice, and the other did not, could that voice ever be considered to be a hallucination? Or is the inability to hear it a handicap? In other words, when did humanity start delegating truth-ness to democracy? What if two people trip on a psychedelic and see the same exact vision at the same time? Is that vision a common, false, hallucination or did these people gain the means to access a part of reality that they didn't have the means to access before? And if there is actually such a thing as a hallucination, in what precise ways could it ever be distinguished from reality?
  6. Hey folks, so I was considering undergoing the urine tests that Leo is recommending for detecting the presence of heavy metals in urine. The problem is that these are really expensive tests to do and Leo is suggesting doing two of these (one before and one after taking DMSA). Why is that? If I take one test (the one after DMSA administration) and the result comes out positive for a specific heavy metal doesn't that mean that I have this metal present in my organs and urine? And also if the result comes out negative, doesn't that mean I don't? I have been interested in biohacking for quite some time so I have a generally good idea about how the body works so I was thinking why do we need the control test here. The only thing that comes to mind as a reason for the control test is for determining if the heavy metals are only present in urine and not on organ tissue, in which case the situation might be less serious but still probably needs chelation therapy which I'm looking to do if it does come out positive. And also maybe seeing for yourself that DMSA actually works and does detox your heavy metals from first hand experience, which I don't really doubt to be honest, there is solid scientific evidence that it does, I feel I can trust that. Thoughts?
  7. Thank you very much folks, I appreciate your help!
  8. Sure, I would greatly appreciate it and I'm eager to try. 1) I read a bit, probably 4 books/year or so. The books I want to read I read fast and with motivation, the books that I press myself to read because I'm persuaded that they are going to benefit my personality and I see it as homework I read more slowly and with less motivation. 2) I don't feel many emotions really and I would really love to feel more...
  9. I am not anymore, but their side effects don't seem to wear off with discontinuation
  10. Hey folks, I have been taking an SSRI for almost 3 years now, first year 75mg of sertraline (for reference the usual dose is 50-100mg, sometimes doctors prescribe as little as 25mg and as much as 200mg), second year first half 50mg, second half 25mg, third year, first 9 months I didn't take any, 10th month I took only 12.5mg, 11th and 12th month didn't take any either. The problem is that I feel like I have lost my motivation permanently and with that goes the potentiality of falling in love... I am 100% sure it has to do with the SSRI use. Even though these drugs are being prescribed widely and have been used for years now, the research that has been made on them is not very extended and obviously heavily manipulated by financial interests. So feeling like I have lost a considerable chunk of my motivation and feeling like it is of neurological/neurochemical nature I'm trying to research on solutions of how to reverse this effect. If anyone has any answers or any legitimate ideas on what could work I would be glad to hear them. I feel like microdosing psychedelics is probably going to be an interesting approach to reverse the motivational damage. Thanks for reading
  11. Hey you seem to know a lot about conscious nutrition and how to keep one away from toxic food substances that can hinder cognitive and spiritual development. You sound like you have done a lot of research on that, especially on water. I would love a video where you share that knowledge! It is incredibly fundamental and also something that is really easy for people to tune and change like if for example it only takes a specific kind of filter to have clean tap water etc. Thanks!
  12. @Cykaaaa This is helpful, I will try this too. Thank you very much. @RendHeaven Thank you for your answer. I think that you have some things mixed up. The fact that there is no true(er) opinion from an absolute perspective does not mean that there is no true(er) opinion from a relative perspective. Don't think that just because ABSOLUTE Truth is infinite there aren't partial truths that are not. The pythagorean theorem say, is a definitive partial truth that is extremely solid FOR THE PARTIAL bubble in which it is existing. If you start questioning the ontological metaphysics of its essence (eg what is a line or a point or length and so on) then it of course collapses as a house of cards. That does not mean that it is not extremely solid in its relative domain. You don't need do anything but imagine a team of ten people, one of them a bomb diffuser, with a bomb in the center of the room. Let's say one of them is you. Are you really going to contemplate if the bomb diffuser is the one who needs to diffuse the bomb? Are you really going to argue with him about it using your arguments about how what he has read in diffusing manuals is interpretable in many ways ? Not all opinions are of the same value. Not inside the relative domain in which they are referring to. Outside that, and when being exposed to the absolute yes, all of them crumble to pieces. Language crumbles to pieces for that matter.
  13. But I do identify this as the problem. I do not think that this is what should be. I think that this should change and that's why I posted my OP in the first place. That doesn't make said opinions less valid if that's what you're saying though.