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  1. Thank you very much folks, I appreciate your help!
  2. Sure, I would greatly appreciate it and I'm eager to try. 1) I read a bit, probably 4 books/year or so. The books I want to read I read fast and with motivation, the books that I press myself to read because I'm persuaded that they are going to benefit my personality and I see it as homework I read more slowly and with less motivation. 2) I don't feel many emotions really and I would really love to feel more...
  3. I am not anymore, but their side effects don't seem to wear off with discontinuation
  4. Hey folks, I have been taking an SSRI for almost 3 years now, first year 75mg of sertraline (for reference the usual dose is 50-100mg, sometimes doctors prescribe as little as 25mg and as much as 200mg), second year first half 50mg, second half 25mg, third year, first 9 months I didn't take any, 10th month I took only 12.5mg, 11th and 12th month didn't take any either. The problem is that I feel like I have lost my motivation permanently and with that goes the potentiality of falling in love... I am 100% sure it has to do with the SSRI use. Even though these drugs are being prescribed widely and have been used for years now, the research that has been made on them is not very extended and obviously heavily manipulated by financial interests. So feeling like I have lost a considerable chunk of my motivation and feeling like it is of neurological/neurochemical nature I'm trying to research on solutions of how to reverse this effect. If anyone has any answers or any legitimate ideas on what could work I would be glad to hear them. I feel like microdosing psychedelics is probably going to be an interesting approach to reverse the motivational damage. Thanks for reading
  5. Hey you seem to know a lot about conscious nutrition and how to keep one away from toxic food substances that can hinder cognitive and spiritual development. You sound like you have done a lot of research on that, especially on water. I would love a video where you share that knowledge! It is incredibly fundamental and also something that is really easy for people to tune and change like if for example it only takes a specific kind of filter to have clean tap water etc. Thanks!
  6. @Cykaaaa This is helpful, I will try this too. Thank you very much. @RendHeaven Thank you for your answer. I think that you have some things mixed up. The fact that there is no true(er) opinion from an absolute perspective does not mean that there is no true(er) opinion from a relative perspective. Don't think that just because ABSOLUTE Truth is infinite there aren't partial truths that are not. The pythagorean theorem say, is a definitive partial truth that is extremely solid FOR THE PARTIAL bubble in which it is existing. If you start questioning the ontological metaphysics of its essence (eg what is a line or a point or length and so on) then it of course collapses as a house of cards. That does not mean that it is not extremely solid in its relative domain. You don't need do anything but imagine a team of ten people, one of them a bomb diffuser, with a bomb in the center of the room. Let's say one of them is you. Are you really going to contemplate if the bomb diffuser is the one who needs to diffuse the bomb? Are you really going to argue with him about it using your arguments about how what he has read in diffusing manuals is interpretable in many ways ? Not all opinions are of the same value. Not inside the relative domain in which they are referring to. Outside that, and when being exposed to the absolute yes, all of them crumble to pieces. Language crumbles to pieces for that matter.
  7. But I do identify this as the problem. I do not think that this is what should be. I think that this should change and that's why I posted my OP in the first place. That doesn't make said opinions less valid if that's what you're saying though.
  8. @Hello from Russia So you're saying I should recontextualize it in my perception ?
  9. @Leo Gura It feels lonely where you are... doesn't it...? :-/
  10. @Leo Gura Alright yeah that helps to some extent. Although I'm still very sad and also angry at myself for not being able to help people with really strong minds that can take it a step further. It's a pity really. I so much believe that these people can make it to the next level. Then again maybe they can't... I don't know, the jump from green to tier 2 is sure gigantic and highly underestimated. Anyway thanks, I highly value your opinion.
  11. @Leo Gura Yeah but then I feel that stage 2 should care about stage 1 like an adult cares for teenagers. I should understand them, empathize with them, give them a break because they are at a lower school class sort of speak... But then I don't and I feel guilty that I don't. And like you (that's why I asked you personally too) I also feel that my life purpose is to teach this stuff. So I can not just ignore them and mind my life purpose because my life purpose IS literally them and their transformation to higher degrees of consciousness and reality understanding. @RendHeaven I do admittedly come out as strongly opinionated and I can't help that, because my opinion has very solid roots in fundamental concept analysis, epistemology and logic (logic as logics, as the science of doing logic and creating true statements, not as we usually use this word airy fairy like the opposite of feelings or whatever) and has a sound core structure that is not based on some stage green group thinking deeply ideological propaganda that has its roots in the internal need of belonging somewhere and has zero conceptual understanding because it usually has zero contemplation work done.
  12. I did already yes, did you skip on reading the whole thing? I know it's big sorry
  13. I have a huge problem with dealing with toxic people from the SD Green ideology complex. The fact that they don't understand when they pose an unfalsifiable argument or a self-canceling argument is very triggering to me. I fully understand the value of Green concepts, I was one of the organizers of an LGBT pride movement, I am very cautious with the products I use and the impact they have on the environment, even paying extra money for it, I cherish people that are vegan even though I am not, and politically I am also heavily leaning towards left. But when people start having logical fallacies and epistemologic blunders I just lose it... Someone comes up to me with the argument of "Fascists should be killed" and I go out of my way to explain to them that fascism is (besides else) the act of forcefully imposing your opinion to another person and killing a fascist would be exactly nothing short of fascism itself, and they don't get it and they start attacking me and they start believing that I am a fascist myself for saying that, then I just lose it, I have this rage that builds inside me, my chest, my head, I just suppress my anger and move away, because if I don't I feel like I might end up causing someone harm. Or when I explain something to someone and they blame me for mansplaining just because I am a man and I argue that mansplaining is the act of explaining something in a manner that uses my sex as a means of power and I'm doing nothing like that at the moment, and then they start telling me that I'm mansplaining what mansplaining means, even though I'm literally just reading to them from a definition dictionary, and the fact that they don't see that their argument is unfalsifiable, and that there is no argument such, that if I use it they become persuaded, I just can't handle it. It seems like I have a very big emotional burst whenever I can't prove that I am right. I feel a huge injustice being done to me. Due to having suppressed anger in the past for other reasons (also having to do with a feeling of not being able to prove my points and being ridiculed even though I was right and feeling that a huge injustice is taking place) I now have panic attacks that build up from the exact same bodily sensation and it so much resembles what I'm feeling in these anger-causing situations it's uncanny. It's just like this anger has to come out no matter what and finds other ways around. Please give me some fruitful ideas about what can I do to solve this. I have thought of just entering a state of existing in which I actively avoid any argument that might cause turmoil, I have thought about talking only with questions, I have thought about going completely silent for a while, sometimes when it builds up to a certain level and I am at the peak of this anger rollup I even think that I should move away from civilization altogether and go live somewhere else, in a monastery or something. There might be more counterintuitive ways, like maybe it could be interesting to just start agreeing with them so much that it becomes creepy, like if I pretend I agree with that first person that wants to kill fascists and I start talking about decorating street lights with their intestines or something, like coming out on top with something so radically extreme that it will make even them question their ideas. I don't know folks. I need some help here. Thanks sorry for the long read