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  1. Hi, my sister has contracted covid 19 and I read Leo's blog post that it would be beneficial to take supplements. Is there any that have worked for you and helped reduce the symptoms of covid? Thanks in advance
  2. On the internet, it says that this book is £90 is there a shop that you bought it from that was less than £90 or maybe an ebook? ty
  3. Hi, I heard in Leo's video 'What is actualized.org' that the good life has been known for 5000 years and I was curious if it was about meditating or is there more? Are there books or resources or a school of thought that describes this life?
  4. Hi, I have exams coming up in the next few weeks but haven't studied for them and so think I will have to cram. I feel like I should quit. I know studying is important and I want to learn but I don't want to be putting myself in a pointless situation. I want to study Leo's content 'deeper' and learn about personal development. I know that this will be here for me after exams but it's just these weeks will be stressful and maybe even pointless. I was also considering talking to my friends again but I don't want to commit to being friends again as it would be dishonest because I am looking at growing and developing but they won't be. Have you had a situation like this? Thanks for your attention.
  5. leo posted a while back about some dating videos that got deleted, idk if these are them?
  6. @WonderSeeker yup ?
  7. this soup is so nice, if you are wanting a new meal you could give this a try its great
  8. https://medium.com/@iansanders/38-ways-to-lead-a-more-curious-life-72cc16953061
  9. @Applegarden thanks for the answer, is meditation too little to achieve this...
  10. can this be a reality?
  11. is it common for you to tap into infinite intelligence? whats it like
  12. congrats thanks for everything
  13. you describe certain aspects of the self-actualization journey being 'the juice of life' and 'incredible results' or something like this. What were these in your direct experience? and how did they make you feel? Can we all expect the same?
  14. is it a realistic goal or vision to meet true love with another human? have you ever had a true love and what was your experience?
  15. what traps did you fall into yourself and wished you knew about (maybe when you were late teen) do your daily errands feel ordinary