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  1. @SonataAllegro They dont think it is good for me watching it, and they know about the course @Yarco cool thank you
  2. How could I complete the Life Purpose Course which would create minimum suspicion from my parents? Thanks
  3. Hi, when i am in my room reading something on my computer, and my brother comes in from school to play on his computer in the room opposite me I always fall asleep. He speaks on his microphone to his friends. It has been happening for about a month. Has this ever happened to you?
  4. @Yarco @puporing thank you yeah the life purpose course can lead me to a certain skill which would build my skill for the actual life purpose
  5. While I look for my life purpose with the life purpose course I am thinking that I could develop a skill which I can get paid for. Which skill could I learn? Are there any skills that are enjoyable. Is there any transferable skills that I may come across such as marketing. I have mostly come across coding skills online but haven't seen many others. Is there a skill that is in demand? Have you asked for a skill? What skills will be needed in the future? Is University needed?
  6. @Nahm yeah i had a job but got fired from it because i stopped being productive and did things incorrectly like leaving gone off products on sale. This was when i started to work poorly and wasn't focused with the job. I would enjoy it, its just i have been suffering for months and living here is really affecting my life i see what you mean, i just cant stay here.
  7. @Nahm is there a chance i can move out without income
  8. @Human Mint Thanks for replying. I have been thibking of moving out but i am not sure where to go. I dont have much money
  9. @hyruga hi, thanks for replying. I have been focusing on integrating myself with my family but it hasn't been good because i have lost my ability to spend time alone and enjoy myself. I have also have been watching videos on narcissism.
  10. Hi, my intuition is telling me that my father is a narcissist. I am fearful most of the day because of if he comes into my room and shouts at me for not getting a job. This has parallised me so much. Ive watched alot of videos and terms like controlling, installing fear, and creating a seperate self resonate alot. Any advice would be really appreciated as to what to do. Thanks
  11. Hi, my sister has contracted covid 19 and I read Leo's blog post that it would be beneficial to take supplements. Is there any that have worked for you and helped reduce the symptoms of covid? Thanks in advance
  12. On the internet, it says that this book is £90 is there a shop that you bought it from that was less than £90 or maybe an ebook? ty