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  1. https://academyofideas.com/books/ good books with topics like propaganda, jung and philosophy
  2. your paintings and drawing is so versatile which i love
  3. @Leo Gura hey leo would you pursue changing th education system or political change in general if i you had a choice
  4. Having the skill of visualisation can pull you to the future. Even in bad times it includes: creativity, intuition, vision, ambition purpose and you could argue spirit
  5. There's an option in the cog section
  6. Always trust your gut but i would also say you could make your life into a real life video game with that money and actualized.org. Things like life purpose are some of the best ways to get fufillment.
  7. @mandyjw I found the holes, can fit them in the wall now.Thank you
  8. Thanks for the inspiration and wisdom @Nahm I have a larger whiteboard and its a pain in the ass to set up. What have you guys used to hang it up?