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  1. Actualized Tour Coming Soon To A City Near You
    Actualized Tour Coming Soon To A City Near You
    Me also...

  2. The more I grow, the more I get outcast
    The more I grow, the more I get outcast
    Already exist, it's called «meetmindful» or something like that.

  3. "being Bored" Is A Hoax You Play On Yourself
    "being Bored" Is A Hoax You Play On Yourself
    Hey, I just had a very insightful meditation I wanted to share with you guys. Take the time to read it, it's worth it.
    So, I just came home from swimming and had my daily meditation. I currently increase my normal routine from 60 to 90 minutes so I was a little bit discouraged because I knew I would probably face some pains. However, it turned out differently.
    Because of the prior swimming I was instantly relaxed and into the zone. As a matter of fact I started to fade every few seconds from bring conscious to falling asleep, so I decided to investigate the fading. I sit very erect and still in my meditation, so when I fade I lose a little stability and instantly come back. This is very interesting and went on for I'd say 40 minutes.
    In that time span I put some awareness into it and it was quite amazing to experience fading away so consciously. It's like you get sucked away and then pulled out of something to be there again. With that came intense hallucinations, like I never had in a meditation with eyes open.
    When coming back I saw a couple of objects for about 3-5 seconds like they were literally in front of me and then they went away. Quite shocking and fascinating, I was probably in a hypnagogic kind of state.
    After these 40 minutes it ended in very clear super high focused awareness. Very physical, while my body was sleeping. Was kinda nice to experience, I have to say. Then after some time I got this normal sense of being bored that sometimes comes up in meditation. I thought about what I still want to do today and so on.
    And then it struck me out of nowhere. I was very aware of being bored. I saw it coming up, felt it and then saw it fading away. While this was happening I had a quite clear picture of the components of boredom. It was like a very, very subtle physical sensation of being frustrated, a little fear, a little anger and maybe some disgust. Very, very, subtle but with high awareness I could sense it very clearly. Also, mentally I had thought streams about the future.
    And then it just occurred to me that boredom is nothing else then you torturing yourself out of no reason, just because of social conditioning. It became very clear to me that there is nothing negative to trigger this boredom. It just comes up because of lack of distraction, automatically. And has no purpose whatsoever. It does not protect you from anything, nothing. It was just implanted into you back then because it is the most normal thing in western cultures. We are bored all the time.
    Think back when you were a little kid, how everything was an adventure. All the grown ups around you were bored, but not you. You could go to the supermarket and it was amazing to see all these things there. You also had no feeling of time in you that could bring boredom up. You had lots of emotions, but not subtle self-torture because of no new stimulation. After some time you just adopted this from friends and family because it is so common when your ego builds up.
    But that's a hoax. There is actually nothing really that is bad about no new stimulation. It is just your expectation that there always has to be something new. This really lifted me up. You maybe want to explore that next time you feel bored, it's very subtle but significant. It destroys a lot of the inner peace you could have. Like really a fucking lot. Just think about how often you have to wait for something and are bored.
    So any ways, just wanted to share this. Look into it, it's worth it. Tell me what you think about it. You Bored?
    Cheers, Arik
    PS: It's really astonishing to see how much we tend to fuck ourselves up because of no reason. And nobody notices that, never. Or does something about it. We just give it to the new members of society. Man...