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  1. No bully can break or play with honest person. What has been helpful for me is to remember that this wound is just all in my head and it cant be hidden. You cant ignore it, everyone sees that you are playing fool with yourself. For a bully this is an opportunity to strike. But you are smarter, you know that noone can trigger you, you are triggering yourself. Step back when they bully, dont join with them. Work on your holes until they are healed. Until one day will come when you dont need to step back anymore, instead you face them without blinking an eye and you feel shamed of them because they are so full of shit. After this moment they are going to leave you alone. But first you must become aware of that hole and fix it by becoming consious of it. Only then you can express yourself honestly and bullies will stop. I feel him, all that energy he is wasting on creating manipulation to win a battle with bully, sometimes it works and you think its all gone now. Until bully is back with new strategy to break you. And again you must come up with better manipulation. Do you see how childish this circle is ? i hope it helps you a little bit to dive into wilderness where bullies and manipulation live.
  2. You know when you are dreaming because you become aware that you have a part in dream creation. But that doesnt prove that the you who has a part in dream creation is absolutely real.
  3. @Nahm Thank you . I was worried because of psychologist and social worker do need a liscens. But self help is different story.
  4. What are the qualifications of self-help and coaching type of service? Does self-help gurus have a some kind of degree or a diploma what gives them a permission to charge money for their services? What are the rules in this game? Its sounds too good to be true that if i help people to overcome psychosis or whatever difficulties they have in life it is all legal and legit. I cannot believe that. Please, what am i missing ? Love you guys!
  5. You see, this thought where you think like " yea, its time. I cannot take this anymore" type of suicidal thought. This "this" what you cannot take anymore. Suicide is not going to make a difference. "this" remains even after your suicide.
  6. Yes! I don't know how, but it happens naturally for me. I can disappear at any moment. First ones can be frightening to see "everything disappearing" but that is just how it is - being. You can actually point it out when someone is being, its quality is formless. When you notice someone having a type of quality that is some kind of magical. What ever reaction you will have to it, is not going to be it. So everybody who is looking for someone enlightened to steal his way, aint going to happen. And then there is a lot of people who have pointed it out and say "yack this is uncool", it is so normal, I want something cool...etc. That unconscious decision you made once was your shot man, but you decided to judge it / label it- that was wrong move. You should have taken shot. You getting me, hmm?
  7. After 20min body-scan meditation I felt really weird and I was scared to look where this weirdness is coming from. So I decided to go front of mirror to see what is wrong with me. Then I saw myself with no hands I was standing there and I had 2 extra legs hanging out from my shoulders. Instead of feeling my body when I meditated I visualized that I'm feeling it, but back then I couldn't make a difference.
  8. It does make half/sense, but its like extra half for discovering God/Nothingness that you don't really need. Everything must stop, to find it. Your thoughts, distractions, day dreaming ... EVERYTHING has to go. Forcing everything to go, doesn't work either. If you want to see it right now then look between the words I'm writing, Look its right here and here . I just offered the essence of infinite intelligence and beauty to you. Its all here and nothing to take away from nothingness. And another one - - (this particular one is infinite creativity). But right now you fill up the space I gave you with thoughts, but this space is needed to see nothingness, it maybe so little right now that you see only little glimpses getting trough sometimes. Or even closed. Learn how to expand it. I just gave my first spiritual guidance. OMG!
  9. When this "work" , this "9-5 shitty job" becomes your consciousness work - ( can I get a hello! ) Should be your ultimate goal. Even if it feels like two options right now, its because you are early in process. Don't give up, practice everyday, trust and fight for truth. Ego is a lie
  10. thinking vs feeling .
  11. My #1 challenge with opposite sex is to express myself sexually - I'm lacking of it So well that I can use right amount on a right time and place for reaching her proper way. Most of woman don't even pay attention to it, so its not that important to them. But when I met woman who is mature, sent from heaven, who will knock me down. They want it , they need it, as much as I do. But because of lack of awareness we sometimes miss this feature. I want to know all the features about myself and her. For more colorful relationships. Maybe someone has a book or few techniques to share, to help me improve and have even more amazing relationships. Thanks,
  12. Enlightened person can become fictional without being conscious of it ? maybe if he really quits all the spiritual practices after enlightenment and starts to pursuing a role. Who the heck would want to do that after that amazing journey he had to enlightenment-I'm wondering. . Didn't he realize then that after enlightenment journey continues ? So he stopped being authentic. When someone becomes enlightened, they know their authentic self - of course he knows. He knows damn well. Otherwise how could he claim that "care, love and respect are source of happiness" ?
  13. I have an idea for you. Make a device, what I can put it in my car and gives me points based on how I drift. Like in a racing games there is this meter what gives points. With little screen or through the app I want to see results. So me and my friends can compare these results, practice and to compete. Someone could say its horrible idea because it would get on the wrong hands and starts causing crashes in traffic, but hey !!!! FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY !!!!
  14. Law of Attraction - thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetised and attract similar and like thoughts. I used to have that problem using law of attraction for building something what it is not for- doesn't work.