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  1. When this "work" , this "9-5 shitty job" becomes your consciousness work - ( can I get a hello! ) Should be your ultimate goal. Even if it feels like two options right now, its because you are early in process. Don't give up, practice everyday, trust and fight for truth. Ego is a lie
  2. thinking vs feeling .
  3. My #1 challenge with opposite sex is to express myself sexually - I'm lacking of it So well that I can use right amount on a right time and place for reaching her proper way. Most of woman don't even pay attention to it, so its not that important to them. But when I met woman who is mature, sent from heaven, who will knock me down. They want it , they need it, as much as I do. But because of lack of awareness we sometimes miss this feature. I want to know all the features about myself and her. For more colorful relationships. Maybe someone has a book or few techniques to share, to help me improve and have even more amazing relationships. Thanks,
  4. Enlightened person can become fictional without being conscious of it ? maybe if he really quits all the spiritual practices after enlightenment and starts to pursuing a role. Who the heck would want to do that after that amazing journey he had to enlightenment-I'm wondering. . Didn't he realize then that after enlightenment journey continues ? So he stopped being authentic. When someone becomes enlightened, they know their authentic self - of course he knows. He knows damn well. Otherwise how could he claim that "care, love and respect are source of happiness" ?
  5. I have an idea for you. Make a device, what I can put it in my car and gives me points based on how I drift. Like in a racing games there is this meter what gives points. With little screen or through the app I want to see results. So me and my friends can compare these results, practice and to compete. Someone could say its horrible idea because it would get on the wrong hands and starts causing crashes in traffic, but hey !!!! FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY !!!!
  6. Law of Attraction - thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetised and attract similar and like thoughts. I used to have that problem using law of attraction for building something what it is not for- doesn't work.
  7. Strange loop or hologram ? Or is hologram inside of the strange loop ? Or they are same ? What's the difference ? No one haven't mentioned hologram so I'm thinking now, where I went wrong ?