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  1. I have been thinking about deja vu alot and it seems like its a memory without the lesson of that particular memory that it carries. Just empty memory. But deja vu triggers, It want you to re-learn your lesson that you used to carry. "Wisdom of observation" is what we storage and deja vu is a "left out" ; dry observation with out this lesson that used to be important for us... thats how I think about deja vu.
  2. To love others you must start by loving yourself first. You are not supposed to make other people feel good. It just feels good to make other people laugh. But you dont have to impress others all the time. If you try too much to make them good then this becomes toxic. This actually pushes people away and ultimately brakes relationships. Notice the real effect and reaction of others that your behaviors cause. If you start loving yourself you will see how much pain your behaviors like "feeding their ego" ; "laugh when its not even funny" etc. causes you. Be truthful with yourself and others as best as you can. We respect that When you judge you are setting standards for yourself, but in reality you dont really know whats actually good for you. To find out whats good for you must start loving yourself and be more aware. It takes a lot of time and practice, change of people you hang around with and your emotions will get out of control. Be ready of this rollercoaster. Take few deep breaths before you answer - make it as rule. This will help you to see your shortcomings that you normally make.
  3. @cle103 Your teacher clearly talks from experiences of what she has saw. Patterns where people dont follow their deeply meaningful path end up hurting themselves. This must happen alot with psychadelics and kriya, because its so easy to get your hands on these things and turn it into a mess. But thats not enough for saying these things dont matter or are "dangerous". I have not done pshychadelics yet, but I think its because of lack of awareness that people suggest you to follow other paths. They obviously are afraid to guide you, because they have diferent experiences. I believe anyone who claims himself Noble One can give you advise no matter what path you are in. If you want easy way you have to follow the methods he used, but its not fully yours then and results might not satisfy you. If she doesnt trust herself to guide you then you must let her go and keep trying to finish it some other way. Whatever your path is, anything can happen, as it must. If your path is 100% authentic and you are aware of progress then congrats! You are on a right track. "when the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way" - from chinese classics.
  4. I think what Osho is trying to say is that try more diferent things. Just meditating wont get you far. For example in Oshos movie there is a part where he learns to play perfectly a flute and then drop it because the love/passion for music is blocking us to grow. @Viking You asked that is it possible for you to enter blissful state without preperation, ofc it is, by accident. Some people plan it. Both work! but consciously working on it saves you a life. Like you dont want to let accident to guide your life. So investigating your stage that you are in at this moment is super-important. Lets say its "bliss" it can be very state like and enjoyable, but its still a stage. You let insight guide you and not states. Alot of people make that mistake when they try hold on to that state of bliss for forever and not earn insights. Take your time on it. Let loose, take a adventour or make things okay again like they used to be with your fam. etc. just a little courage needed to get going. Every stage will give you exactly that, that this stage offers. Higher stage you are in then more it offers about yourself. Your whole life is a meditation. Every part of it can be meditated. Your being that runs automatically can become meditative. This means that your attention that is used to go into illusions automatically, will now become -> attention moving into reality automatically. That should slowly get into meditative actions and reprogramming from illusions that lead you to bigger understanding.
  5. One of my friend visited hospital without saying anything to anyone. Doctor gave him diagnose of psychosis and 3 different drugs to take. When I talked to him it was obvious for me that he didnt know what was wrong with him. How doctor could know then ? I mean 99% diseases are based on what patients talk only. When you have a patient who is lost and not able to express himself ? So its not easy to say whats wrong with him. Even when doctors use their ways to discover, these are not creative enough to find a problem. But to drug someone up to get him to talk, seriously??? My friend was so spaced out because of drugs that he turned into "zombie". So I sat a mission to change his life, I created a practice and 1-on-1 calls every night with him. After healing him up got me thinking like, hey, I have done it before and it seems to work, maybe someone else also needs it. My problem is that I can not find a job or work for other peopIe. I have changed 6 peoples lives before and motivated hundreds of people to live their fullest, but I have never asked money from it. All practices, sessions and food for thought i have created takes a lot of time and energy. I really want to be able to turn this into business to help people 24/7. I am not interested to write songs, create motivational videos, enlight people or uplift them some way. Not that I am against personal branding but I want to work with them face-to-face to really help them out. @Nahm Shortly I become another person and be with it for as long as I find a way out without hurting myself. I will find a way out for him and then turn it into session that we can use for healing process. Sometimes it happens within a minute, sometimes it takes a week. @aurum Here where I live no one cant find help. You can only visit doctors and they will run your symptoms through software. Only self-help businesses here is are based on entrepreneurship and mundane personal work. @Saumaya Ofc. I would never take a patient that I cannot help. @brugluiz Meditation is powerful tool but there is like million different ways to do it. Which one works for you? How do you know?
  6. @Phill @Leo Gura Death of you exists as a flash of ending of your life-story. When Your whole life turns into like a fast forward movie and it burns out suddenly. If You want to stop it, You cant To stop it, means to wake up from it. Not creating end to it. Thats just more story when you trying to create a beautiful and all powerful ending. I only have a memory of “me” dying. And thats enough for me to get into work and come write chapters in Actualized forums. LOL no no. That would be wasting the Gift. So @Phill not so fast with “everything dying anyway” - this thought will never leave us. Your signature is in it. You created it So that means your all actions and thoughts are our continuation. Physical life on a other hand was never directly experienced so you cant lose it because you didnt had it in the first place. Thank you all for playing
  7. Once you become aware of Absolute, You are not satisfied with less than It. It will cost my life. I am thankful for it. Honestly, pursuing personality and everything that comes with it wasnt worth anyway.
  8. Finally anxiety will release itself with suppressed hidden and you feel so much better.
  9. @phoenix666 Dont start meditating when it arises, because that might be another way to escape. Rather go lay down and surrend totally. When anxiety comes up you start following it as best as you can. Its important to remember that this place you are exploring now is NEW when you follow it. So all you have learned and logic is useless. Just be with anxiety. Like its a alien you want know where he came from - sense of “want to know” is important, but dont talk with it or ask questions from him. Let he show you where he came from. Relax for a 20min before you start diving
  10. No bully can break or play with honest person. What has been helpful for me is to remember that this wound is just all in my head and it cant be hidden. You cant ignore it, everyone sees that you are playing fool with yourself. For a bully this is an opportunity to strike. But you are smarter, you know that noone can trigger you, you are triggering yourself. Step back when they bully, dont join with them. Work on your holes until they are healed. Until one day will come when you dont need to step back anymore, instead you face them without blinking an eye and you feel shamed of them because they are so full of shit. After this moment they are going to leave you alone. But first you must become aware of that hole and fix it by becoming consious of it. Only then you can express yourself honestly and bullies will stop. I feel him, all that energy he is wasting on creating manipulation to win a battle with bully, sometimes it works and you think its all gone now. Until bully is back with new strategy to break you. And again you must come up with better manipulation. Do you see how childish this circle is ? i hope it helps you a little bit to dive into wilderness where bullies and manipulation live.
  11. You know when you are dreaming because you become aware that you have a part in dream creation. But that doesnt prove that the you who has a part in dream creation is absolutely real.
  12. @Nahm Thank you . I was worried because of psychologist and social worker do need a liscens. But self help is different story.
  13. What are the qualifications of self-help and coaching type of service? Does self-help gurus have a some kind of degree or a diploma what gives them a permission to charge money for their services? What are the rules in this game? Its sounds too good to be true that if i help people to overcome psychosis or whatever difficulties they have in life it is all legal and legit. I cannot believe that. Please, what am i missing ? Love you guys!
  14. You see, this thought where you think like " yea, its time. I cannot take this anymore" type of suicidal thought. This "this" what you cannot take anymore. Suicide is not going to make a difference. "this" remains even after your suicide.