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  1. So when therapist said You dont know what you want, you jumped at them? So you never listened to them? You should have, you could have get what you wanted .
  2. @Halcyon Iconoclast I havent heard about this site. Thats great! Can you please give us the calibrations of Ken Wilber and his Theory Of Everything. Cmoon Leo 185? Push it above the line, man!
  3. My Self actualizing journey started through spirituality. I feel no contradiction between these. When I grow spiritually I Self actualize.
  4. I was once kept up by something I tried to figure out. It was so difficult problem that I asked for Gods Will and surrendered everything to it. And then God as I said this is Gods problem, let Him handle it. Instantly I was able to fall a sleep.
  5. Skills and mastery itself can be pursued in different ways. Like in orange way, green way and beyond. Orange person would do it in a exploitive way. Orange takes in no consideration of how anyone feels. People are things for them. And things are God to them. You could say that Your friends have never been taught anything beyond orange. So You understand why they act so. If I would want to keep them I would try to lead them.
  6. That's why we need a Google Earth of map of consciousness. To include more than piece of paper can.
  7. The paradigms of psychology as I were taught in school none of these included miracles in it, consciousness in it, love in it, god in it and so on. It was of no fun at all to do science with the tools I was taught.
  8. No. That seems like a wrong conclusion. When You become more conscious it affects everyone for the better. As You have discovered. But that does not mean You are now responsible for everyone. No. You dont need to become a mother for everyone. Keep Mothering Your own consciousness. That is only way how You can impact others through consciousness in a most positive way.
  9. If You dont use map @Leo Gura do You still use muscle testing in Your research?
  10. He does. God does not create bad. People do. God did not create hell, people did. If people created suffering then they must end it.
  11. What @OnePointTwo means @Majed is that people who are not conscious see it that way not the people who are conscious.
  12. You cant fix self esteem by buying books. Buy a great car. ? I am with the therapist on this one.
  13. These can all be reached through the practice of Mindfulness. You dont need to do the practice of meditation to reach these
  14. I always understood the @Nahm who spoke love language.