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  1. Indeed no-thing Can you ever truly see yourself? All one sees is roots extending like our arms and legz Even the reflection in the mirror is a root, one more complicated and complex you will never find yourself as a 'thing' In a sense we are a non-phenomenon, we are 'no thing' yet we are all that is, yet it is from here that we live You will never see your own face, yet it is from that unseen face from which you see
  2. You are right to reject any beliefs that threatens you "If you don't.. then.. or.. to you!" Threats are false, you are a divine being that is freedom itself, you evolve at the natural course you merrily take on Plants do not sprint to grow out of the soil, which is why there is no plant race, there is plant life Lets simply live, all will fall into place like an harmonious song
  3. A belief based on fear that causes you to avoid touching other people If this sounds divine to you, then proceed, if not then dont
  4. Whether you call life a spade, a void, nothingness, whether you call life eternal love, an illusion or a godless atheist evolutionary is what it is, throughout all these concepts, life simply is what it is There could have been thousands of humans before us each and everyone of them describing what they believe life is, each in their own unique way with their own definitions and stories and the end they are talking about the exact same thing, in the end they are describing the same thing The truth is not debatable, the truth is not discovered, the truth is not agreed upon, we live in the truth of what is, what is now is what's here, life is what it is One can continue debating concepts but know that that is a merry pastime, no concept will change what life is, those who seriously want the truth, it is here now, you are living it, and I do not condemn the hobby of debating because here I am taking part We are gods, and we jest
  5. Proton, electron, neutron Particle, anti-particle, potential particle Positivity, negativity, neutrality Man, woman, child This trident completes us You cannot take one part (neutron, void, nothingness) and make it your identity which is why Ivankiss is mad You cannot take only the light (proton) either and pretend love is all there is to it We integrate light, shadow and void/infinity, with that we form a family, an atom, a seed, a cel, a reality
  6. Now bear me with me, I know this sounds crazy and if this is the post that is too much I excuse myself for it Everything that I've felt in my life has been coming together and resonating with this I never believed in god, I was atheist, I never believed in aliens, all these ufo/abduction stories to me sounded like crazy people talk, but now I am here, through my path I've received elements and elements to finally let me form the big picture Various, different sources, dozens of channeled beings confirm this, my personal almost inexplicable experiences resonate with this The earth has been under influence from negative alien agenda for thousands of years and now this is old news, we're being liberated, detoxified, energized by positive galactic societies, our planet is literally ascending getting rid of all this crazy stuff, incoming mass enlightenment and higher vibrational society, contact with galactic families Honestly I seek to convince no one here, I'm not looking to prove I'm right or that anyone needs to believe this or believe me, I just ask those who feel called to integrate this to take a look at the information about the subject this is the best source I've found with the absolute most transparent compiled information on the subject, Ascension How earth was under spiritual attack ( Human dna origins
  7. Its like nuclear technology, it can be used to safely power a city or it can be used to blow it bits with millions of casualties Psychedelics are the real thing, the atoms of life, so just use common sense, you wouldn't play with fire, you use fire carefully when needed, same with electricity,no adult messed around with electric outlets, you use them for what its for with the appropriate precautions Common sense and following your gut feeling is whats needed "Blasting" yourself to enlightenment- mentality is like playing multi-dimensional russian roulette
  8. If you feel, you remember it, you are connected with it Once you've tasted this piece of candy you can make your own candy, or rather you can make it that you taste the candy permanently without eating it But if you keep eating the candy you will not learn how to produce that taste, you have to stop eating the candy
  9. A week now is as long as a month before activation To me new years eve is a loooooooong way, I aint even close yet There will be oceans of energy before I get there
  10. Well you could end up healing/guiding these girls if you like them
  11. I would like to explore healing abilities, lately I've had a lot of guidance towards that, I've never really healed in an important way before I believe I have access to latent healing abilities through vision, I would like to try this out if I may It would consist of anyone who feels called to this, to send me a message with a description of an area in their life they want to improve or struggle with, I believe the deeper the emotions shared the deeper I can connect, with that message , a recent picture of your face(taken the day of sending the message if possible,not obligatory) , I will of course respect privacy and not send that picture to anyone else What I will do is read the message, connect to your desires and struggles, then simply meditate on your "face" so to speak, by simply watching your face it is the most direct sending of energy, as I am viewing it through my vibrational lens This is a fun experiment for those willing, we can keep each other updated
  12. meditate, and feel be conscious of your inner world, feel when you have meditated enough
  13. Finally feeling the divine order, feeling the order of things, the bigger picture, the parts fit together and things are happening for a reason, that is certain, that is well felt How good it feels, to get in touch with order Not order of the mind, not order of the local plans and strategies, the Natural Order, one that is alive, one that you can ride like a wave of sanity
  14. One can taste the freedom in those words