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  1. Actually i'm just using the terminology from Swami Sarvaprijananda from the Ramakrishna Order. But your statements in this part of your comment are kinda patronising and maybe you should open yourself up to further explanations and insights. You are talking about the illusionary state of objects which is common for many die hard Advaitans. When i hear something like this i immediately must think about the notion of fake-enlightenment and how i have felt into this trap myself repeatedly. You have no clue what i know. Don't be so condescending. ^^ I'm honestly not sure if you are enlightened. Why are you claiming that truth must be experienced directly and then you go on and state that the existence of an absolute truth must be logical?! If you ask me, there is not one or many truths. Truth is "not-two"... non-dual. Which implies all truths, since uncertainty is the very fabric of every singularity. It is like dividing by zero. Your calculator will say "error". Mathematicians will say the result is not defined. Does that make the equation "divided by zero" nonexistent? In that sense @Emanyalpsid might be right.
  2. Yes. That's my question. Where does the contents come from and why? Brahman is existence-consciousness-bliss and hindu scholars and scriptures are extremely convincing in what they are claiming. But i can't abide in it as long there is no real explanation why all this is. "Brahman makes all this to know himself" or "this is a game" won't fit to those deep philosophical explanations of prasthanatrayi.
  3. @Preetom Thank you. You clearly know what you are talking about. I have a question and maybe you know what Advaita (or Hinduism in general) says to this: If i'm the witness consciousness then who is making what i'm witnessing? Any sources on this?
  4. "Atman" literally means "i" and refers to a self. And many Hindu schools even some Advaitans refer to a "Jiva", which is an individual soul. @Emanyalpsid I don't know much about Buddhism but there are at least 2 kinds of enlightenment in Hinduism: Moksha and Kaivalya. And there is probably many many more. And if i remember correctly Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism has different views on Nirvana, since they have a different view on "the self" or "no self". So i don't think you can just solve this debate and draw lines in something which is going on for at least 2500 years. But it is safe to say that many Hindu-teachers and Buddhist-teachers had no love for each other, because of their fundamental differences. Even someone like Ramakrishna who was Hindu (Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Advaita), Muslim and Christian seem to dislike Buddhism. But his chief disciple Vivekananda said that Buddhism was the "fulfilment of Hinduism". Then again some Buddhist teachers said that Vivekananda had no clue what he is talking about. The war was always and probably will always going on, because of course everyone thinks their own truth is the only real one and everyone else is deluded or something. And patronising is real as well. Everyone is trying to describe the world from his own certain point of view. "Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world." - Arthur Schopenhauer There are differences in concepts. Maybe there are even different stages of enlightenment. Maybe we have to get enlighten gradually from human to god and all the way up to God. Maybe you are a Babygod. Maybe you don't exist at all. Maybe maybe. I don't know. I will tell you if i find that out. :D^^
  5. A teacher of mine once told me this when i had a period of no dreams: "You are dreaming too. Every night. You just can't remember." For many years i thought i wouldn't dream anymore either. But they came back spectacularly.
  6. For me dreams are already more than just movies. Sounds strange and it took me a while too understand that (or better say, they had to tell me that! And even then i couldn't believe it before i read about them from Ramana Maharshi): I'm experiencing death people in my dreams. "Death" might be misleading, because they seem like they are more alive than me. And they are speaking to me directly calling me by my name. Making cool and funny things to comfort me and making me laugh and so on. Every single night they are coming up with more cool things. The sad part is often i'm not conscious enough to appreciate it fully.
  7. No one can tell you for sure. Some people will say God does exist, some will some he does not exist. Others will say YOU are God and so on. Some of this theories are convincing and some of them are not. The problem here is you can't know for sure. But to find that out might be the most important task in your life. Every single religion says that liberation won't be achieved automatically. So always stay open minded.
  8. So you have watched Samadhi on Youtube, right?^^
  9. Still alive, Dude?
  10. You're welcome man. About your acid-trip: LSD might not be dangerous for your physical or even your mental health (at least i don't know anyone with long term effects), but don't take that to lightly. It's not a nice walk in the park. When you are in it there is no escape anymore. And a trip can easily last for 12 hours. That being said, don't trip alone if its your first time. It doesn't matter how tough you are, or how much experience you have with other drugs, psychedelics are something else and it will hit you with something unexpected which can be frightening. When i took LSD first time, my initial comment to my trip-guiding friends was "nothing in this world could have me prepared for this. This is something entirely different from what i have expected" and i'm glad you guys are here. It is amazing. No doubt. But it's not a toy either. Its medicine if you ask me. So be cautious.
  11. I honestly don't think this is true. You were doing so many different practices and now you recognise that quantity won't make you happier. This sounds like a healthy shift from orange to green to me. The existence of this thread is an indicator for that. Just stay with the practices you like the most. That should be enough. And you should still do the other things but only when you feel like it. Try to recognise what really helps and what is actually pathological behaviour and adjust.
  12. Empathy is the ability to simulated someone else's processes in their brains in your own brain. If you can truly understand someone else, you will have no grudge against him anymore. Easier said than done, yes. Try 5 whys and you will get to the root cause at least in a sufficient manner. For example: 1. Why did he stole my money? - Because he needed it too buy groceries. 2. Why hasn't he no money to buy groceries? - Because he is unemployed. 3. Why is he unemployed? - Because he was really bad at school. 4. Why was he bad at school? - Because everyone else was mocking him and he was too afraid to participate in class. 5. Why was everyone mocking him? - Because he was the smallest guy in class. Something like that. You probably won't get to the ultimate truth about your brother with this, but at least you have thought long enough about him in a non-judgmental way, that every grudge you will hold against him, will slowly fade away.