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  1. Two charts with side by side comparison of Don Becks Spiral Dynamics and Ken Wilbers developmental altitude colors.
  2. @Leo Gura I must confess, that i often tought, that your responses were somehow ego-driven. And therefore i was questioning sometimes whether you're enlightened or not. But your Zen-teacher-analogy clears everything up. Keep going on, man.
  3. That sounds a bit harsh to me. Hinduism is not about believing something, but about seeking. So non-duality is in essence something that has to be questioned and discussed over and over again, like the Indians did.
  4. It is more likely, that he's just a confident and intelligent but deluded boy diving deeply in stage orange. He hasn't integrated green yet, because he has no clue what that is. But that's ok. He is just 24.
  5. @thehero Different perspectives are important and necessary, but this does sounds like real bullshit. 12 stages and the later 6 are "enlightened versions" of the first 6 stages? Come on.. He is using and altering Spiral Dynamics to his own benefit, because he is craving for hierarchies. It sounds lie he just wants acknowledgement for his intelligence and he's using SD to justify that. But Spiral Dynamics never spoke about enlightenment. It isn't a system like Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Basically everything he says about Spiral Dynamics is just him wanting this model to be like this. SD is about values and resulting world views. Not more, not less. I don't get why his were posted here from time to time.
  6. @Serotoninluv (Orange) Science is based on replicability and falsifiability. Does that apply to emotions as well?
  7. Social and economically: Orange Politically: Yellow (the emergence of modern representative democracies)
  8. @Leo Gura Fundamentally you are right. But do we need to talk about thermodynamics whenever we talk about fertilization? Physics, chemistry and biology are fundamentally the same process. But we can still distinguish these three disciplines from each other because we have defined them as such. The same applies to god or the absolute. There is only one truth. But it has an infinite number of facets.
  9. @Nahm Well Dude... that was beautiful. Thank you. But what does "inquiry" even mean. Due to the lack of my english skills, i can't fully grasp, what you guys are specifically talking about when you use that term. My translators aren't very helpful.
  10. @Shin Not all heroes wear capes.^^ @Nahm Thanks. I recently came up with this author-character-analogy myself. But after a few days, i've realised, how i've constructed this concept without even knowing it. So at this point i'm not sure anymore if it's was an insight or a concept. And there is this whole question about determinism and free will, which puts some extra weight onto that topic. Sometime it feels like, i have free will, and at other times, i can literally watch myself, walking and talking, without doing anything myself. Like i am sitting in a theatre or something. But i only get to that point, when i meditate or smoke weed. So... the fundamental question here is: Am i even free to decide, if i want to meditate to get this theatre-experience, or is this determined as well? Is there something in between determinism and free will? Is reality a mixture of both?
  11. @Shin Fair enough. Thank you. I've obviously misinterpreted your comments a bit. Sorry for that. @all: My question is still unanswered: Why no tentacle-hands at will? It would be cool, if someone tried to answer this.^^
  12. @Shin You are judging others, even if you don't know them: "I hope the mental masturbators in here understood this episode 😏 Otherwise you're so fucked 😂" You claim to have figured everything out. And you are looking down on other people. So why should i take seriously what you are saying? Why should i take something seriously, what you are obviously supporting (Leos Video)? I'm not saying you are wrong. I don't know that. I'm just trying to check, if there is truth in anything you are saying. So if you could answer those questions i have asked in my last post, you could raise you credibility.
  13. @Shin I'm not here to judge, but i have to tell you, that this forum is becoming a egoistic circlejerk. Every day a bit more. It is just sad to witness. Have you considered, that your enlightenment experience might be just a psychological phenomena, which resulted from those various concepts, you've already had in you mind? Ask yourself. Is it possible that all of these various concepts you had, just connected reasonably together, when you had your "enlightenment"? It is proven that meditation and contemplation have this effect. Quote: "Neuronal plasticity refers to the ability of synapses, nerve cells or entire brain areas to change in their anatomy and function depending on use in order to optimise ongoing processes." The more i think about it, the more it makes sense to me: The pantheistic worldview, Leo is talking about in his new video, isn't something new. It always was a concept, in epistemology (e.g. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel) and mysticism (e.g. Giordano Bruno). But non-dual teachings in Hinduism or at least those written in the Upanishads were fighting about wether reality is monotheistic, pantheistic or even panentheistic. They aren't sure about that. Do you claim to know what is real? Buddha said, there is no god. Or at least no personal god. Various Advaita Vedanta teachers (e.g.Frithjof Schuon) are saying, there is a personal god. Do you have the definite answer to that question? Is it possible, that enlightenment does have different stages and lines to it? Just keep in mind: When you were really fully enlightened, you were basically the one true god, who is immanent and transcendent at the same time. You could transform your hand into a tentacle whenever you want. So i would like to ask you: Why don't you do that? Having an insight to something and actually making use of that knowledge are two entirely different thinks. And if those enlightened people around here would stay humble from time to time, we could sort that out.
  14. No i'm not. I'm not trying to get to the root of non-duality here. You should stop judging and postponing my desire for knowledge on the basis of your experience with others. That does not suit you and it undermines what else you have to say. I'm asking because, i want to understand, how creation is functioning in its details and how to navigate within it. I'm not asking what creation or god is. Ask yourself: Do you know, what i'm thinking right now in this moment? If not, then there is a certain kind of distinction between you and me, even if non-duality is the root of all this. This means even if both of us, have the same source, we are still functioning independently. The question here is: Why?