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  1. @Pilgrim When I hear sensitive man. I'm always reminded of the sensitive man scene from bedazzled. Or think about that Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, uhmm what was the name in the movie Hypergamy or something. Her boyfriend or husband is/was a Rugby player, not exactly sensitive. ------------------- Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Seriously though, consider how you might be unconsciously mimicking or shadowing the behaviour of a father figure.
  2. @Outer I've always thought of things being more like a Geiger counter. Not really interested in an accurate reading, I could always be at fault. More like hot, hot, cold. Dissect and see where things overlap. See how true it is, if so then be more open minded. If not true cross-reference, compare to previous actions stretching back a few years. Establish whether; lies or human error, relax and be more closed minded. Exactly, see where they overlap and go from there, if consistently wrong or becoming irrelevant discard. I don't think I'd study the CTMU as such, just try and establish how consistent it is and whether there are more consistent theories or models. With something like the Bible still read other literature to become familiar with patterns, not really aiming to remember word for word. With something like a Gita view it more as a movie, lest end up like some kind of eastern version of Don Quixote. Or Avatar.
  3. @Outer There's a series of essays of his, available for Amazon kindle. I found them interesting to read, I basically agreed with all of the train of thinking, had similar ideas. I would like to try and understand the CTMU, the paper is not that long, so perhaps a question of trying to break it down, understanding the terminology and go from there. I had looked for Christopher Langan fairly recent on the forum search. Came up with something like 3 results, on a certain result that one of the mods wasn't sure if he was stage "turquoise" or "yellow". Going to hazard a guess that after presumably she read he was a Trump supporter on Wikipedia, that precluded him from turquoise. He's the highest I.Q public intellectual I've ever seen, perhaps there is higher, if so who?
  4. @Joshuas "Make Friends" - Beta. "Influence people" - Gamma. I did start listening to the book, but utterly hated it, I think because of it's appeal to Ego. In the flesh might be different, plus the book is dated, probably a newer book in keeping more with the times might be better. I did hear "Choose yourself" by James Altcher is ok. Alpha - Excellent concerted emotional control, and expression. Tend to be physically the strongest. I think if you want to go to Alpha, you first have to get to Beta, then get rid of the gamma traits as much as you can. Personally I think that seems a lot of work emotively & physically. Alternatively Delta might be easier. Alpha/Gamma, would be your brute criminal types. Audiobooks are excellent, with something like scribd if you don't like the book you can listen to something else. Audible is good to have on your phone. What's the book you're looking at reading? I think it's a potential for improvement, that more book ideas are talked about.
  5. Be at rest. (to me easier said than done). Ideally not dead. If nothing else, I find it's kind of like a force mode, where either my unconscious, or infinite intelligence works through me. Kind of like that eureka moment where you realise something and just, do. Some times things that seem unexplainable.
  6. @Rilles I suppose exhibiting your music would be a way of going about it, then use YouTube to document it. No idea how to go about that. I thought the woman's voice was much better, in the most recent recording.
  7. The Pali canon is I think the earliest Buddhist canonical text. Apparently it survived because it was in Sri Lanka, where as Islamic conquerors destroyed the religious texts where Buddhism was founded. There's an anthology of the Pali canon on Audible. I would be interested in looking at Jain texts, but the religion looks like a bit of a mess, with two main sects, so not entirely sure where to start.
  8. A lot of the milk can be produced more cheaply in Austria, where there is more mechanisation. Although Austria and Germany are dependent on Russian Gas. They also cut the tops of trees to feed to the cattle or use as heating material. I suppose if they could sell locally more easily that would help. I was backpacking once and stayed with a family in Austria that produced cheese in the back of a van, the equipment was specialist stuff bought from Switzerland. Taxes meant that it was more profitable to produce cheese for the farmer than to buy the milk and produce the cheese in an offsite location. The whey was basically wasted as not be worth processing, in an offsite location that could be different. The French are pretty fond of cheese, they have it for breakfast. But in France it's open tax evasion, produce cheese from cattle in the Pyrenees and sell it at market sometimes. It's kind of silly really as they have lots of rubbish Camembert in the supermarkets. Canada is pretty insane they smuggle cheese in from the USA.
  9. Yeah don't just do journaling establish a commonplace/Spell book. Either learn philosophy or "make friends and influence people." Probably most people would do better with the later. Consider your place in the male socio-sexual hierarchy. (Hint it's genetic & Epi-genetic) Alpha, Beta, Gamma(Expedient), Delta(Regular guy), Omega, Lambda(Easy come easy go), Sigma(James Bond). I would say most people on the forum are Gammas, some Lambdas. Goes back to Aristotle in work on rhetoric. Consider dropping out of school and going your own way. Virtually no one ever does. The time is so inefficient, changing classes, limited time, the whole thing is stupid, especially now with the Internet.
  10. The son of God(Arianism), the embodiment of God(Trinitarianism); or nothing. Although given the influence of Christianity for the last 2000 years, worth accepting in lieu of alternatives or at least reading about for the primary source material to which much culture has been influenced. Also despite not being particularly religious, a few my ancestors seemed to believe, and were done relatively well by. One who survived a plane crash, another who was a regent. So perhaps not quite nothing, kind of have an obsession with metaphysics which might be missing the point. Tradition has gone by the wayside. Should spend less time on the forum.
  11. Social. It provides a direct potential benefit to the person hiring. Talk about golf or some shit. Have a cousin that works in banking and software design, in London. Something I remember him mentioning.
  12. Is jogging good for your spine. Would it be better to sprint sections, get the crap out, then give the engine a rest. Try and nudge up your max speed, interval training? What do athletes do?
  13. I guess whatever works your core. Swimming probably good. Dumbell chest press? for upper body. Best is whatever you can sustain. Rowing machine? Weights probably going to see the fastest gains. Paleodiet; modify it a bit for convenience & cheapness, substitute grains for potatoes or something else.
  14. Flagellate yourself with stinging nettles? At least the coldness would be gone.