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  1. Pretty sure most "spiritual" leaders or personalities are demonically possessed. Fairly sure that Enlightenment often equals Demonic Possession. On the surface Sadhguru seems perfectly fine and sane.... Agh Fuck it. Is there some sort of top ten list of contemporary guru's. Or Devils with super high I.Q to learn from. The Youtuber seemed completely cucked by Feminist Ideals. Sadhguru makes more sense, if only he could be nailed down or crucified in someway.
  2. I wouldn't even consider Stefan Molyneux Alternate Right, he's repeatably said he doesn't want any form of Government. On top of that he supposedly supports the NAP, so basically can be ploughed under by the Communists&Collectivists. First strike... doesn't really matter. Anarchist( Cap Libertarian): Stefan Molyneux. NAP which I think is rubbish. Civic Nationalism. The American Dream. Trump. Mike Cernovich. Nationalism. Founding Fathers. Ben Shapiro(Zionism). Voxday(Army ants). Christopher Langan. Myself. Gate Keepers. Jordan Peterson(Trilateral Commission & Soldout). Joe Rogan( Little man syndrome & Bought out). Distributivism would be better than Collectivism. Divide up Capital and parcel it out. As opposed to Collectivisation for the Good of the Proletariat. I don't consider Black peoples equal. I don't consider white peoples equal. Ethiopians and East Africans dominate in Marathons and look like skeletons. West Africans dominate more in the sprint, and made better slaves for physical labour, more muscular. The East Africans probably more slaves in salt mines spice trade or occasional sex slaves for Arabs. In general though white people, dominate above all other nationalities in the highest levels of I.Q. Asians I'm sure lie and the sample get skewed to the more affluent. To say black people have an approximate level of I.Q, when the wheel wasn't widely adopted is BS. Even through sheer laziness it makes sense. Australian Pygmies have one of the lowest I.Q as a group. Larger skull, larger brain, greater I.Q. Intelligence, maybe not. @whoareyou Yeah Detroit is a Shit hole mass illiteracy, import Africa become Africa. Deus Ex reference in username?
  3. You're partially divine, otherwise you wouldn't have freewill, "made in the image of God". Guilt innocence, theft, murder, lying etc would mean nothing. The Leibniz conception of freewill extending only as far as taste is insufficient. As you're partially made in the image of God, you may in fact be immortal. However as you are not the totally of the Godhead which would mean nothing, that is not a certainty. Satanic influence may see you burning in hell. The Ego is self regulating, as a far as I can tell. (Jungian conception). Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed. - Francis Bacon. Nature is a limit. All creation comes from God. Power unlimited POWER!
  4. Conservative is lame duck. Even savagery wins.
  5. @Andreas No. Sometimes there maybe 2 poor options, and be required to choose the lesser evil. I think the point is the imperative to try and do good. Was always a bit frustrated in the past with discussions with Ancaps. Where someone could be drowning in the lake. And they'd not see any obligation theoretically to help. If cautiously.
  6. METARELIGION AS THE HUMAN SINGULARITY. --------- @WasemI would say the wider issue is that the Tech singularity is prevailing over the human one. Leading to a more hive like, or ant like structure. Collectivism. The less hive like Coptic Christian sects have pretty much been eradicated from the middle east? Two ant colonies will often fight one another for supremacy. If your not part of the hive, well I guess your kind of screwed unless you find like minded people and can organise, distribute power more evenly, as opposed to concentrating it.
  7. @AndreasIs it unethical to not do something ethical? Yes it is. The question is the consequences.
  8. Powerful quote. Not a Sufi,looking on Wikipedia.
  9. Hmm I didn't intend that. Had a break in Internet, rural area.
  10. Flagged for annihilation from existence.
  11. Flagged for annihilation from existence.
  12. Stop fucking about and get vengeance or justice.
  13. I would be inclined to say no. But, it sure does feel like it sometimes. What's important is the choice.
  14. Shakespeare's last play. "The Tempest", comes to mind. It is based around prosperity/purpose. "Prospero" is the main character. It deals with sacredness(Holy), and the profane(Not Holy). I would say Metaphysics is dependent on God or a Logos(emergent orderliness). Daoism based on tautology, is worth looking into. A Pilgrim's Regress C.S Lewis is a lot more complex to understand. And worth looking into, his reasoning, observations of history and events, leads to Panentheism. Village banter(talk) or Grimm's Fairy tales (German Children's stories). Was trying to think of more subtle truths, than perhaps more major ones, that may be incorrect. Ones that have stood the test of time(lasted), so to speak. A broader base(like a Pyramid) that maybe partially right, than something narrower that maybe wholly wrong. It is the sensible route, but not the spiritual one. Although not without use. Daoism(Tao Te Ching): A tautological approach to reality. The book is excellent. Christopher Langan's CTMU (a super tautology) is perhaps a more technical explanation, although is more complex, sentence wise to understand. A Pilgrims Regress: An exploration of metaphysics and human approaches to life, but rather cold and unsensitive. Noumena.(The unseen): A term worth looking into that refers to, the unseen and inference.