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  1. It doesn't. The metaphysic is substance dualism. Although I might be deceived by an evil demon, the only thing I can be certain of is that "I" exist (my soul exists). It's an example of foundationalism, an attempt to find a foundation to ground truth on. Although why have dualism and not substance theory or Idealism. Why put off reality another step into Substance Dualism? Although I have not read Descartes Meditation... Just snippets about it. There seems to be 3 main theories of truth and epistemology(theory of Knowledge) 1) Foundationalism and Correspondence Theory of Truth. 2) Coherence theory of Truth. 3) Infinitism
  2. @Wasem What's it like living in Iraq? Are you Christian? ------------------- From a more Red perspective, the welfare states in the West offer the perfect opportunity for conquest. It's not even like the Jewish conquest of the Holy land where they had to wait in the Sinai for several generations to build up their numbers. Genocide one of their own original tribes for idol worship.(Stage Purple). Red being about subjugation. Blue may make a moral out of slavery, better alive than dead. Orange rationalises it away. I think stage Blue is more about discipline. But if you have a stage Red population, only a strong man is going to keep them in place. In Europe native blue is pretty much dead or dying, native red; pretty much non-existent. Unlike USA where there is a church on every corner it seems and a national guard, Blue. Europe is predominantly orange, with some green, a bit of blue in the older generations.
  3. Beige: ....... Purple: Oh Brave New World. Red: What are you fucking nuts. Blue: As long as they share our values..... Orange: I can make a shit ton of money. Green: Everyone is welcome! Yellow: I'd probably do the same, if they're self sufficient what's the problem. Turquoise: Wider issues are at play.
  4. "It's hard to soar like an Eagle when you're surrounded by Turkeys."
  5. I would have thought permaculture to be, as more of an introverted green. Farmers orange.
  6. Even one person can make a difference. Not necessarily a good difference, it can be a catastrophic difference. Didn't Bernie Sanders actually win the popular vote in the Democratic convention, but the party commissioners overruled it. A bit like Hilary winning the "popular vote". Interestingly both Trump and Hilary are related to one another through the John of Gaunt Line, relation of Richard III, Plantagenet kings. One big soap opera. In a way I think Hilary was President in effect when her husband Bill was banging whoever he could hold of imho.
  7. If property dualism were true. BRAINZ!!! Nerve fibres in your gut, your gut probably has a fairly high level of consciousness. I guess you can have zombified cockroaches, spiders, mice etc in reality.
  8. I'm still playing around, so I wouldn't take things too seriously. There is a focus more on sanctity(sacredness) in Logotherapy as opposed to earlier Jungian psychology. Leo did say that Freud was stage Orange(which I would agree with), although he did much research into the unconscious. What I'm thinking about is how I can really throttle consciousness, more of entertainment really. Pretty sure fire is a fairly obvious symbol associated with consciousness. Loki or Promethesus as mythos. What stage people are at I'm not too concerned with. The model itself is incomplete and therefore profane, but then what is?
  9. Blue, Orange, Green(SJW's), Yellow, Turquoise(Collective Solipsists), Coral(or Corral, to imprison Cattle) Spiral dynamics is profane rather than holy or sacred. Not that profanity isn't useful in many circumstances, or that I have no curiosity towards profanity. "There's daggers in men's smiles". - Shakespeare I think it's profane to label or assume a person's soul, not that I can avoid doing it, at least usually in my own mind or "celebrities". Profane Fire.
  10. @CreamCat Are you a philosophical zombie? I think consciousness is ever present. Whether it is fragmentary or whole varies on Ego and its integration with the self and body. After traumatic events like say being hit by a car or just because someone is particularly neurotic, they may not be conscious, even though they act conscious, to a certain extent, like in sleep walking. I don't accept that property dualism is actual, although substance dualism might be. Personally I go with Neutral Monism, where reality is neither physical nor mental. I think physicalism by itself is incorrect, although Idealism has merit.
  11. Aristotle or Early Platonic dialogues(Socrates). I recommend Scribd or Audible, for audiobooks. Bear in mind to actually do philosophy is practical, requires trust and by extension morality. Listening currently to "Walden" by Ralph Waldo Emerson,(recommended by a forum member) said something similar in the first chapter. It might be you lack certain qualities, in which case a self-knowledge or psychological focus might be more suitable. I would skip a lot of the fragmentary nature of YouTube and get a more Holistic knowledge direct from various works.
  12. Oddly I was thinking of something similar to this 2 days a go. Actually read it is possible for a "woman" with male DNA to give birth. As a male has XY chromosome and a female XX chromosome. There is a certain incompleteness that allows for creativity, perhaps even truth itself. ------------------------------------------------ Supposing truth is a woman - what then? Are there not grounds for the suspicion that all philosophers, insofar as they were dogmatists, have been very inexpert about women? That the gruesome seriousness, the clumsy obtrusiveness with which they have usually approached truth so far have been awkward and very improper methods for winning a woman's heart? That line starts Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil (translated by Kaufmann), and is one running theme of the work: that truth may not be as straightforward as we think, that it may be as elusive and coy as a woman pursued by a fumbling man. Through most of history we've only fumbled with truth, with a pathetically simplistic, straightforward and naive notion of truth. Nietzsche elaborates in section 192: ----------------------------------------------- There is no truth. - Can "no" refer to anything but a particular? There is truth. - Perhaps truth is all encompassing however incomplete.
  13. Will Smith. Yellow & Turquoise. Bit stereotypical but I think of movies like "After Earth", "Men in Black", "I am Legend", "I Robot", "Wild Wild West" etc. Type casted, but awesome. No deepity BS.
  14. I think of the pre-communist pyramid structure. But instead of labelling people by their profession. You instead pronounce judgement on their soul.
  15. Maybe they were fucked up before travel. Who isn't fucked up in someway? If the perfect is the enemy of the good, and all is perfect but must change, how should someone express that?