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  1. Was on about demons in a grocery store.......... I can't remember the title; it's copied now from another thread. Schizophrenia? Like Moths to the flame... For what it's worth. PORTIA Thus hath the candle singed the moth. these deliberate fools! When they do choose, They have the wisdom by their wit to lose. NERISSA The ancient saying is no heresy. Hanging and wiving goes by destiny.
  2. @Ninie Oh right like the movie "The Crazies". All things bright and wonderful...
  3. Like the movie Scarface!! ---------------- Coherence Therapy or a Religion maybe. I'm 50/50 whether there is an unconscious mind or a spirit realm, shouldn't matter much metaphysically.
  4. Letting what be? Letting what go?
  5. Involvement. Not movement. Like having a forum or talking to other spiritual seekers, as part of a larger conversation.
  6. @ShugendoRa Hate to be like Jordan Peterson here, but it depends on what you mean by great. And I'm coming from a consumer POV, Actualized is more of an exception for me. Quite a few people on the forum have started channels. I know if I were starting a channel I'd like to have more lateral involvement.
  7. @Azote Maybe there's someone you can talk to outside the family dynamic? Like a priest or counsellor? With forums you don't know a person's tone and sincerity, basically a stranger. Devil in the details perhaps. Ecology is probably not your biggest concern right now. I think if enough people genuinely cared, there wouldn't be so much e-waste, and low efficiency bothering to recycle paper products.
  8. @Serotoninluv Yeah, the only think with Jim Carrey though is he has to please his audience, he can't be dis-likeable. A lot of tragedy behind the scenes. As Leo said, comedy and tragedy are dualities. Heard as much as well in "Rhetoric and Poetics" Aristotle. Heath Ledger though, best Joker character ever.
  9. @OrpheusNovum The Tao Te Ching is a good book for being, it's relatively short. I wouldn't jump to conclusions, but given how a lot of actors end up, really messed up. Johnny Depp, Marlon, Brando Robert De Niro etc. Method Acting is probably not the best. Still; a lot of power there to be wielded.
  10. Yes sounds that way. I think 'no self' makes the most sense to me, not sure whether that is out of vanity/envy. Not a place for disagreement unless 'ye' can mutually call each other friend. Critique would be one better. Although I keep a relative scoreboard. Self: The unrealised parts of the personality (Jung). His god being Pantheistic; Abraxas. Ego: Mediating(Freud) and Regulating(Jung). Memory which memes. I: Relation to God. "The ever present I am". Soul: That which transcends flesh (maybe.... Buddhism rejects the idea of soul or gods. Jainism and Christianity supports the idea) Instead of the red and yellow, and pink and green..... I like to weight people relatively. Genghis Khan: Red, Blue, Orange whatever. Badass +20. Genius I.Q +10. Open to Discussion +5. Honest +10. Born to Kill +10. The Young Turks(Green): Named after Genocidal Group -20. Popular -5. OSHO(Turquise): Terrorist Cult Leader -15. Dishonest -15. Very Good Presentation +5. Sadhguru(Turquoise): Ontological +5. Religion of Balance -5. Jordan Peterson(Orange/Green): Teleological -5. Dishonest - 15. Good I.Q +5. Different Ideas +5.
  11. Reminded of the story of that guy who got his arm stuck in a canyon wall, who then had to break it, and then cut it off with his pen knife. Absolute Truth To a pantheist - Absolute Infinity. To a Christian - Jesus Christ. To an Objectivist - Freewill. To a Buddhist - Nirvana. To Nietzsche - A fiction. To a Muslim - The Koran. To me - Being, for lack of a better word. For some reason the archetypal Behemoth(The Ox) does not resonate with me, Leviathan(The Serpent) however does.
  12. Purpose is a teleological(Becoming) principle. Ultimately I think it's wrong and choose Ontology(Being). Your purpose could be something as plain as, to start a family. Not "The Family" unless you're aiming for cult leader.
  13. @lmfao More of a process of elimination. And Geiger counter. I had listened to the early Socratic dialogues on Audible, but disliked the later ones done by Plato, the language was a lot more flowery. I started reading "The Republic" but stopped after a few pages, as his logic totally contradicted the idea of having a state. As for the ideal forms, I think the idea was not developed sufficiently, having form but no substance to it, there's no means for any interaction, it would be like sticking clipart drawing into a document. It's not something I know a lot about, Leibniz seems to have used some of Plato's idea but given form substance and explained things as part of a larger being. I consider utilitarianism to be Evil. It subordinates everything to man and makes him a facsimile. ------------ John Stuart Mill on Liberty He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation. He who chooses his plan for himself, employs all his faculties. He must use observation to see, reasoning and judgment to foresee, activity to gather materials for decision, discrimination to decide, and when he has decided, firmness and self-control to hold to his deliberate decision. And these qualities he requires and exercises exactly in proportion as the part of his conduct which he determines according to his own judgment and feelings is a large one. It is possible that he might be guided in some good path, and kept out of harm's way, without any of these things. But what will be his comparative worth as a human being? It really is of importance, not only what men do, but also what manner of men they are that do it. Among the works of man, which human life is rightly employed in perfecting and beautifying, the first in importance surely is man himself. ----------- Pragmatism also Evil. If 5 people agree to rob from 1 person for the greater good, I still consider it wrong. As a offshoot of pragmatism I consider democracy evil. Pragmatism though can be a seductive excuse or expedient, still evil. Ultimately though I'm willing to entertain the possibility there is no evil, I've only found that theism supports the idea of evil. Kant's Categorical imperative falls short.
  14. From Psyhcological Types C.G Jung. The introvert is skewed heavily towards subjectivism. (Cogito ergo cogito) "I think therefore I think". The Extrovert to Objectivism (Est ergo Est) It is therefore it is, (A is A) --------------------------- Unconscious vanity; some equate vanity to pride, but the authors I agree with, in part; Thomas Aquinas and Nietzsche equate it to a lack of pride and to envy.
  15. Virtually all mainstream news is propaganda; it's how they make their money. I remember a story on the local news maybe about 10 years a go, how license fees for herbal remedy stores had basically destroyed independent retailers, £30,000 is nothing to large chain UK retailers like Boots or Holland & Barret.
  16. @Hardkill Reminded of the Daoist 3 treasures. Kindness, Simplicity and Humility. Correspond to "The Knightly virtues". Of course if you are projecting out, and not dealing with pure abstractions, the root is humility. Kindness Courage. - Comparison of matters of fact. Justice. - An artificial virtue based on scarcity. (David Hume) Mercy. - The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. (Shakespeare) Simplicity Generosity. Nobility. Humility Faith. Hope.
  17. @Hardkill Then it's not an issue of obligation or simplicity; but one of kindness and connection.
  18. Sounds like some Yoda shit. Beer is the path to the darkside(habit).
  19. Reminds me a bit of an "Apollo" creed, but instead of a CREED there's a CODE!!!! Go CODE...... Reaver means plunderer, sounds similar to reeves....
  20. Because you're a sane, put together human being. "Noblesse oblige".
  21. @theking00 Spinoza has some interesting information on emotion in his work "The Ethics"; it's similar to "The Book of Not Knowing" by Peter Ralston which I think is the better book. (I think Spinoza is very wrong btw, so be careful how you read) There's also a book on the Pali canon on Audible, "In the Words of the Buddha". A better question might be why master your emotions? As for techniques, a lot of people say meditation but I haven't really seen any positive difference in people, perhaps suppression, a kind of front.
  22. @theking00 Whats wrong with it?
  23. I think the Big 5 are more empirical. Where as MBTI is more how someone is fractured. In theory an enlightened person shouldn't be subject to MBTI, some people of faith seem hard to classify in the MBTI. INFJ - Introverted Intuition - Preference for established formulas Extroverted Feeling - Tend to be more agreeable, in tune emotively. Int Thinking - Calm and collected? Ext Sensing - Preference for new experience or information, but not excessively. INTP Int Thinking - Tendency to dialectic thinking. Unconscious inferno for lack of better words. Ext Intuition - What is going on. Int Sensing - Preference for older facts and information. Ext Feeling - Not very agreeable. Some notice of others. My Big5 Openness to Experience: High Conscientiousness. Orderliness: Low, Industriousness: Low Extroversion: Low Agreeableness: Very Low Neuroticism: High. Conscientiousness; interests me the most. I don't like the dichotomy between order & chaos. As even in chaos there is order. Perhaps there is no chaos only order.