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  1. @Vignan @Leo Gura what have you decided?
  2. @The Mystical Man If you have a laptop that you can destroy anytime, then vpn will suffice
  3. @The Mystical Man is it dnm Bible?
  4. @SonataAllegro lsd is just a paper. All luggages usually are checked thoroughly. But if you put it in check-in then bag will have no more checkings if you change flights or airports. If it's just one flight, then you can put wherever you want.
  5. Not a problem at all. Carry few books and papers. Put the tab somewhere in between and note the page no. And forget.
  6. Obviously start small 50ug* and go up to 100ug. If it's powerful here (which it should be if you're sensitive like I am) then stay with 100ug until you're ready for 200ug+ Coming to quality, make sure you get it from a reputable source. There're many ways to test LSD which you can find on YouTube. For the 1st 100ug trip have a trip sitter to assist you and to ground you if it's getting intense. After that for your next trip you many not need a trip sitter. Usually LSD, by the time it reaches your hand it may have been manufactured few months ago. And it will stay as long as 2 years if you keep it in dry, safe, dark in an airtight package or container. Aim for breakthrough. You'll know when it's happening. Always remember two things 1. LSD is offering what it has to. And I'm here to experience it. Hence, no stress, or thought of giving up. This is very important. 2. Surrender Good thing to take on empty stomach and have atleast 48hrs of free time. Trip usually lasts for 10-12 hours and will stay mild as long as you fall asleep. Then remaining time you need to give for integration because LSD trip is very long and hard to remember all the insights. Sometimes the trip may feel like eternity. All the best
  7. Can’t I just take ALA alone in a round?
  8. What is it then?
  9. Whoever believe this work is a trash. Can read this article. What deep science ultimately leading towards and how it is coinciding with the work that we are doing on consciousness
  10. Something which is ready to grow and more potent ? Most important is the potency so that I can use lil for good results
  11. So I have an opportunity to grow mushrooms at home but confused with the large variety of choices available. What you guys tried and suggest the best ones which can grow easily and will give good results?