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  1. Whoever believe this work is a trash. Can read this article. What deep science ultimately leading towards and how it is coinciding with the work that we are doing on consciousness
  2. Something which is ready to grow and more potent 😌 Most important is the potency so that I can use lil for good results
  3. So I have an opportunity to grow mushrooms at home but confused with the large variety of choices available. What you guys tried and suggest the best ones which can grow easily and will give good results?
  4. @Arzola he has mentioned in his latest video that he updates the list!
  5. You know, you actually have an actual breakthrough, but post the trip it's like you're neutralized and don't remember anything and get disappointed. You only realised this in your next conscious trip. Don't relax too much or keep eyes closed. I hope you get what I mean. Once you reach the peak no matter what you do, you go sooo deep.
  6. Your each 100ug will will be different everytime. Keep the dosage stigma out of the gate. All people react to the same dose differently. Start threshold 50ug and see, then go deeper with min 2 weeks between. What matters is being conscious and experiencing the trip real time then give time atleast a day after for integration. Integration can just be sitting silent and being reborn or contemplating. For 105ug tab showed me god head and bought me back. I was totally interconnected with everyone around me. Whenever I tpuch something, I touch me. So this was just 105ug. Set and setting plays an Imp role btw. Otherwise no dose can help you
  7. I want know the updates. how? I see some books that are new but not sure lol
  8. To cross the boundaries of the finite physical self. Why would you refuse when u can do that? I told you that everything is your consciousness cos I have experienced. Have you? You believe or think because you read or hear someone tell. But I want you to experience to atleast know the fact that what you think is You is not you!
  9. Thing is you are consciousness. It is not something that you will experience after enlightenment. The very being itself is consciousness in it's finite form. But "your consciousness is everything and infinite", to understand this you must experience it. All questions answered then.
  10. Any psychedelic is okay if you start with low dosages. Make sure you have the purest one confirmed by you. LSD is what I can suggest as it is easy accessable but TEST it with reagents like Erlich's Start with 50ug and get tabs that are 100 or 105ug each. Here how I recommend Once you done your 50ug, you'll know how sensitive you are LSD or psychedelics in general. If you're sensitive like me, 100ug is enough for ego death and breakthrough. After a couple of 100s, you can do 200ug which you'll know wheather to do or not
  11. @Leo Gura warzone? You mean bad setting? Please tell me what dosage you go with LSD now a days?