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  1. Yes - I've been reading your journal. It is amazing. Psychedelics can literally take you to the next level though where you can breakthrough of all the concepts and the traps you have created for yourself and keep falling into. I don't want to sound preachy here but you have to realize that it is ultimate you responsible for your state of mind and situation. Not your boyfriend or any circumstance. And when you actually do get it - you automatically start being accountable and take ownership. It can take you miles ahead in terms of personality development work and making sense of your narrative. I specially recommend LSD for this purpose.
  2. Psychedelics or some healthy contemplation can really help you to understand to get this baggage off of you. It can be healing. Have you tried anything of that sort?
  3. You're not the chair and the table. You're the entirety of the chair and the table that appears as the chair and table and everything there is.
  4. @ivankissPure consciousness does not negate anything. There is nothing other than itself to negate it. This is where language can be limiting. Form IS Formless. ISness is the only reality.
  5. The only way to be unlimited is to impose limits. You're truly unlimited and you have limits - duality. A beautiful paradox Makes sense?
  6. You're pure consciousness. And as that you have no limitation. The only limitation you put on yourself is a self imposed limitation. There are no limits other than the limits you create for yourself. There are no things.
  7. Man, I deeply resonate with this. Thanks for writing! <3
  8. This channel is literally a goldmine One of the most curated list of conscious people out there.
  9. I have observed this a lot too. Rupert is the GOAT for me when it comes to these topics. His lucid explanations are the best. It won't get any simpler than this.
  10. Hi! I just had a major epiphany regarding what to do in my life. Turns out that I love to observe people and study behaviour. And psychedelics have played a major role in triggering that interest in me. I want to study various behavioural patterns, what leads to those behavioural patterns. And how addictions takes place as a result of that. I want to be a part of solution that can provide a systemic way to deal with addictions and break those toxic patterns if I'd to deal with a specific subset All in all, I want to help myself in studying everyone around me including me and why they are - the way the are currently. And progress from that. What research ares in psychology should I be looking into for that?
  11. There is something permanent. It's you, which is what allows everything else to be impermanent and changing by itself remaining permanent.
  12. Tripped two days back on LSD Realization - I am God Insights God is so unlimited that all can he do to prove his unlimitedness right now is to be in this vessel and conceive itself of his unlimitedness God will keep laying traps to convince himself that he is not God. And he knows he's the one to fall prey to that trap. It doesn't matter to God whether you think of yourself as Leo or whatever. God wants to be. God wants to grow. What you might do might be subject to right/wrong. But what you are, however you are, can never be wrong. God's passion is to know himself and he's knowing himself through all of this. If you keep knowing yourself, you'll find the right expression to be yourself. He is the witness which witnesses itself through all of the witnessing that came from it and yet knows himself as the witness. Infact it is his empty and stainless nature that allows him to be the witness. God is love. Literally. Your ambition is his ambition. Your desires are his desires. There is no you. Only him. God is knowing. All there is to knowledge is the knowing. Thanks Leo. You're the greatest motherfucker alive Pyschedelics are a blessing.
  13. It's okay to watch Leo's videos without meditating. He won't know, trust me.