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  1. It's okay to watch Leo's videos without meditating. He won't know, trust me.
  2. Do it! It would be amazing to see! That video can have the greatest potential than all of your other videos combined! Just don't post it on YouTube. You can post it here in the blog section as you do.
  3. "Give you and example. I can rest in a meditative state and fall asleep and i even hear my snorring many times. In that state i can wake up any time or simply stay in that state and tap in difrerent organs of the body. Afterz all togetehr if you have Awakened, and so one can see different perspectives of reallity." - Is this a result of sustained efforts for cultivating awareness or did this happen to your naturally as an awakening? Is there a manual on how to do this?
  4. Just got a few questions about the medicine. Was it the fumarate or the freebase version? And what's the best way to take it depending on the type?
  5. I'm looking to have my first trip on LSD this weekend. A bit confused between the dosage, 150/200? I've anxiety issues and I've no idea what I can handle. However, I'd still like to go at least 150µg or greater than that Also, any suggestions about what can be a good place and time. I'm aware about the impact of set and setting. Don't want this just to be recreational. I've set a few intentions. Experienced trippers, how did you manage to break the veil of reality? Any other suggestions?
  6. Hi! I would like to connect with fellow actualizers from India/Mumbai. Also someone with any psychedelic experience would help. I've been meditating for two months now most of which has been dealing with mindless chatter and a few moments of silence. Now thinking of experimenting with psychedelics for a boost and looking for help from people who are around Mumbai or any other nearby location in India on this forum with such experience and accessible. I'm also seeking advice on how to decide if you're actually ready to do that stuff. I don't think I'm fully prepared as I've been dealing a lot of anxiety and cynicism coupled with existential terror which makes a skeptic. Having said that, I'm still very much open to this and feel I can make that plunge. Thanks!
  7. Hi! Could you elaborate your second vipassana experience? What was so frustrating about it?