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  1. I think by shoving the absolute truth, in this specific domain where we're trying to figure out what the relative truth of the matter is, it amounts to nothing but mockery of that.
  2. Ever considered that you might end up doing the same unintentionally?
  3. Yes! This needs to be said out loud. Leo isn't infallible and there's isn't anything wrong with making mistakes and accepting them. Even though the manner in which those mistakes are pointed out seem to be vendetta. That distortion still has a degree of truth to it that needs to be looked upon. I don't get why everyone here is out here to defend Leo like he's some sort of guy who can possibly never go wrong.
  4. Yes he probably did that. But what he ended up saying about Leo for a few moments seems to be a very valid critique that could be up for discussion.
  5. And you will also realize why I created you then @Inliytened1
  6. Look in the mirror and repeat with me. I AM THE HIGHEST TRUTH I AM THE HIGHEST TRUTH
  7. How dare you talk about anything social or anything less than the highest TRUTH? I'm you, you're me. This is all imagination. GET THIS OR GTFO!
  8. That which is being discussed here before you came in with your highest TRUTH and started shoving it here lol
  9. Just hammering that other people are not real and what you see is a figment of your own imagination. Is that what everything you want reduce everything down to? Also no one is talking about the TRUTH here. We're talking about a very specific relative truth.
  10. lmao this is getting so funny and ironic. The mod totally lost in his own point is claiming that the OP is lost in himself.
  11. Cool - but how is this relevant to what the OP posted in the first place Do we drop all the reasoning and analysis because of what you've said?
  12. Nihilism is also just another meaning. The mind is quick to urn meaninglessness and interpret it as a lack of meaning and it has a specific kind of charge. That's not what it means. Meaninglessness simply means - meaning does not exist. It's a concept created by the mind to assign value to things.
  13. Hey yo! You can DM me if you're ever in and around Mumbai or need any help while you're here. It would be nice to have an opportunity to interact with you.
  14. I deeply care about understanding. But, it's not just the understanding I care about. It's also about putting the man on the moon based on that understanding is what I care about. I value your approach to understanding as understanding being a model itself without any utalitarian justification. What I would like to know from you is this - where would you like to draw the distinction between working on a practical aspect where you can have a system to see and track changes v/s mental masturbation.
  15. Leo how do you reckon conceptual understanding can bring about an actual change unless you embody it? How much do you think embodying an insight and rewriting the narrative around you is important? Does your conceptual understanding directly co-relate with your behaviour and acts or is it mutuailly exclusive? How can you cause a structural change with conceptual understanding? Do you think laying down structures that are the embodiment of all those nuggets of understanding is a better way perhaps to display understanding that comes after those conceptualization frameworks You have done tremendous work with and it stands as one great example of that How do you plan to not get lost in conceptualizaton and these grandeur ideas and measure actual growth.