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  1. This is amazing, man! This sounds like real work Dropping all the intentions to be mindful or conscious. And being completely effortless and living daily life like that.
  2. Hi! I want to know more regarding this. I have messaged you personally.
  3. Irritation
  4. The only way out is going full in.
  5. This is a game of pretension to it's highest level. It's the most literal version of a play and you're the actor. And you don't even know yet. And even when you come to the realization that you were just acting your part or your true nature, that still is a part of the play. The play is all there is. And it's divine. Existing without any notion of control or meaning. Even if we consider this idea of you seriously for a moment, you don't know anything. You will never be able to know anything for sure. You can't even know the next word you're going to utter and you're still speaking. All you can do is weave stories about what has already happened and those stories including you are also a part of the happening itself. I'm reminded of this roleplay at every pause while having a conversation with the supposed other. In that tiny pause, there is no you or other. Not knowing is all there is and all there will be.
  6. Warning: This may across as highly delusional and it might be. I don't know, I just wanted to share so here's me posting it. What actually differentiates your reality from your imagination. The fact that you believe you're a person living in a physical reality.. You're GOD already manifesting/imagining reality. What makes reality real? The fact you've bought everything around you to be real to such a degree that it's the highest level of belief The sheer intensity of will and conviction with which GOD is imagining THIS right now makes it real for you. And you as GOD have access the same level of will all the time. It is only your doubts, your conceptual frameworks or your paradigm that's keeping you from it. GOD is infinite potentiality manifesting without any HOW or reasoning. And we supposedly as humans are just figuring out GOD's imagination. But the point of imagination is just to imagine whatever the fuck you want. GOD does not care and he can contradict himself all the time. GOD does not doubt and cannot differentiate between imagination and reality as everything is reality or imagination. If you believe in your imagination or anything to the degree to which you believe in the reality around you or whatever seems to be real to you, it's REAL. Have you ever doubted that building in front of you. Then why do doubt your imagination. It's literally the same thing.
  7. Blockchain as a concept and the technology is a highly stage yellow invention. It is the future.
  8. This is an amazing start and then you need not necessary limit yourself to the gaming community. A lot of Youtubers/Videographers hire editors and a bunch of content managers separately. There's some huge untapped potential there. You're right!
  9. I still have my doubts about the lead character Messiah. However the show is amazingly written, sometimes. It perfectly ties spirituality, politics and the evils of the mainstream world.
  10. Amazing stuff, man! Thanks for posting.
  11. I understand the importance of what you're saying. However, this is about trying to breach the limits of what seemingly seems to be possible and going beyond anyone has thought of.
  12. Materialize stuff, heal etc The possibilities are endless.
  13. Exactly , I wasn't even implying there's something called being human or anything. I was just trying to paraphrase you said. I want to be able to do cool new reality altering stuff or whatever the fuck you want to call it.
  14. Start with a low dose. Have a set of questions and intentions beforehand And contemplate on them with an open mind when you're tripping Also, be open minded and don't just stick to the scope of those questions. Go wherever you're inclined and find out the truth of matter and uncover your beliefs.
  15. What I get from this is You're god in a human or a certain avatar which imposes some inherent limitations. What is being human or being avatar? - Does that thought or construct of being someone impose that limitation on what you already are? How would you like it if Trump could materialize a bomb over your head? You'd be here complaining about how evil God is to allow such a thing. - I'd like to live in a reality where this is completely doable and still ain't a conscious choice if someone is at this level of consciousness You can keep pushing the boundaries of finite.