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  1. @Peace and Love Your soul makes me so happy! Such an amazing comment explaining to those just awakening to this level of consciousness... ???
  2. @John Iverson Its not hard, it doesn't take hours.... I have done medium readings for the past 6 years.... Do you have Facebook? If so I have a group where I teach exactly this. xoxo
  3. @Peace and Love YES, I do. Spiritual eye = third eye ya? I am not sure if that is what you are referring too, but I joke that in order to see clearly I have to shut my physical eyes LOL. Astral Planing is something I am working on consciously doing, I actually had no idea that I was unconsciously doing it- I thought everyone did it.
  4. @Marinus Just start looking for patterns on how you are able to project out. I actually had no idea I was doing this- I thought everyone could do it. So totally look for what triggers you out of your body unconsciously and try to make it conscious.. <3
  5. @Peace and Love I am so excited to connect to you- I wasn't sure if anyone on this forum would be able to hear me, LOL. It sounds like you are ALREADY connecting to spirit- check out my video. I actually have taken dozens of personal development courses like Leos and went to IPEC, etc. As far as how to dive into my mediumship and the "how to's" on mediumship I have never taken any courses on that. For me, dead people talk to me more than living, so it was never hard for me to connect with them. It was more about me learning the tools to shut it off, or consciously channel other realms. Every tool I teach is based off my experience with different realms. I will follow teachers and apply the tools that fit for what I feel/experience. For me, information is downloaded similar to how you're explaining. It feels as though someone puts a chip in my mind to download information! If you have a Facebook join my group above FOR SURE. This stuff is totally my zone of genius<3
  6. @I_Like_Thing Hello! Here is my Facebook group if you have that: I also have a (shitty) LOL Youtube channel, I am about to make the quality good just hasn't been my focus: My Facebook group is going to be where you get my content right now, I'm scaling out and doing my website and YouTube this month<3
  7. Hi loves, I wanted to start a thread for those of you curious about my mediumship and me connecting to other realms. I get a lot of messages about it and thought it'd be easier to just start a thread here. Here is a blog explaining it, it's just easier to copy and paste the blog: When I see spirit, it is not with my physical eyes(thank sweet baby Jesus because that would scare me): Although there are a lot of mediums and people who can see spirit with their physical eyes, I do not. I see them in my third eye. The best way to describe it is if you stare at a cup for 5 minutes and then shut your eyes you still see the outline of an image, except it’s in your mind. This is how spirit shows me symbols as messages; it’s just a series of slideshow images through my mind. They also physically make me feel and smell things: If someone passed from something of the lungs, during a reading the spirit will make it harder for me to breathe. They put pain/pressure in certain areas so I can put the puzzle together of their passing. The same goes for smell, was popcorn their favorite food? Lucky me, I get a whiff of fresh buttery popcorn (hungry anyone)? They talk to me in my own voice: You know your inner voice? The one that tells you that you still have to cook dinner, bathe the kids, and do laundry? That is exactly how I hear spirit. It is my own voice, so in the beginning it was extremely hard for me to know if it was actually my thought or spirit talking. Let me give you an example: I will be thinking about my to-do list and randomly my inner voice will say something like “tell her nothing was unsaid” or “look, look I can walk again”. It is extremely fast: This is why mediation and grounding work is so important when you are a medium. The best way I can describe this is through quantum physics. Take a car for example. If a car drives fast enough you eventually cannot see it and seemingly disappears. Spirit works the same way. If you learn how to slow down the energy enough you will be able to put together the pictures they are showing you. I have done over 500 hours of readings, connecting the physical realm to different realms delivering messages. I am also a life coach, so I mix the two. I help other mediums, empaths, and people who are experiencing non-physical energy and help them understand it AND how to utilize it. Essentially I am helping people who are at the effect of the human experience (and super attached to it) AND helping those who are at the effect of spirituality (unconsciously navigating through realms) and teaching them how to consciously navigate. xoxo, Sarah Marie
  8. @Marinus It sounds like you were projecting already, I didn't realize that is what I was doing for the longest time. Do you have a tug from your intuition? Like reading books, watching videos, etc.? Try to trust your gut it will lead you to the development with your gifts.
  9. @Marinus Hi love, I also astral project frequently, I actually didn't know this was what I was doing until I stumbled upon it. I am also a medium, I run a Facebook group called "Empath Souls Awakening", where we talk about this stuff all day. I know that when I come into my body again it used to make me feel sick, so now when I am leaving I imagine a "cushion" around my physical body to land!
  10. @Pharaoh I might have more of Leo's perspective because I have been to the same school as he, the falling back asleep has been something I've feared of myself. I'm assuming that he mentions that frequently because in order to fully wake up and stay awake I believe you have to have a shift or "aha" moment big enough for you to see. Leo's videos give you glimpses of "Aha".
  11. @Pharaoh I think his work translates to the people that need to hear it. Perhaps depending on your view, personal development is that hardest thing to be committed to, but for me it is pure passion. It is my way of life, literally feels like if I could describe me in one way it'd be that. His videos have rapidly changed my life. He was able to build this huge community online so I'd say he is impacting thousands of people.
  12. @aurum Actually exactly what you are explaining. It has 5 steps in how to turn you pain into the most powerful productive personal growth. I feel Without this happening I wouldn't have grown to the extent I have. It teaches you your patterns and how to become conscious of the unconscious messages you had.
  13. Hi all, I am going through a divorce and have been studying a lot about relationships. I remember once in a video (?) Leo said "I think relationships are great if you know how to do them." Ya, now I understand what he was talking about. Anyways, I found a book worth sharing if y'all are going through a divorce or hard breakup. It's called conscious uncopling and has completely changed the way my ex husband and I went through our divorce. Has anyone else done this? If so what did you think?
  14. @MrPeak I wasn't able to raise my consciousness until I learned that it's normal to go up and down the consciousness chart and learn to coach myself out of it (I am a life coach).
  15. @Bruno The ego is what makes us live the human experience. However it's not real, it's just making you feel real.