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  1. I've always been skeptical of people who channel other entities. They have this elaborate narrative about interdimensional beings helping us in human evolution, hybrid children and Reptilians living on earth. Many predictions that Bashar made never actually came true. And most insights and advice that he gives people can be derived by those people themselves via contemplation or tripping. I'm not discrediting him, I'm just skeptical. Open-mindedly skeptical.
  2. @Leo Gura thanks for sharing your insights with us. Your point about God imagining all of Reality and imagining the past and the future is basically the Law of Attraction taken to its ultimate conclusion. Is that accurate? Since God has infinite power, it only needs to think and things gets done.
  3. It does feel like hell. Thanks, @kieranperez for those insights. @abrakamowse very insightful. Thanks for sharing. lol
  4. @Leo Gura please, could you elaborate a bit more on this? Last year, during my Bufo trip, after the peak subsided, the ego came back and I panicked and almost started to convulse. After watching a video recording of the trip, I was surprised at how exorcism-like it looked from a third-person perspective. I haven't experienced this on any other psychedelic or through any other spiritual practice. Is that what you actually mean?
  5. I personally never resonated with Mooji. I have friends who do. It's okay to have preferences. It doesn't mean that you're outright rejecting the spiritual master and their teaching. Being more loving and open does not mean that you have no preferences as an individuated self.
  6. It's the bubble's survival strategy.
  7. Could you please elaborate? Another Kundalini master told me that it was a result of energy blockage.
  8. I have felt this pressure in my skull on 5-MeO and LSD before.
  9. Among the great things which are to be found among us, the Being of Nothingness is the greatest. - Leonardo da Vinci
  10. At a Bufo retreat last year, I met a girl who had never done psychedelics. She said that she used to do coke at parties, and that's as far as her drug experience went. After her bufo trip, she said that she felt as if every cell of her body had gotten dissolved in love, and it blew all her silly notions about love and happiness out of the water. Cocaine is an ego enhancing drug, 5-MeO is the exact opposite.
  11. During deep sleep, the ego is fully surrendered. Ego death is a misnomer. However, there's still ignorance, since an ordinary human being doesn't have consciousness of being the witness. My two cents.
  12. @Leo Gura what do you think about Bodhisattvas, monks/saints who (claim to) have made a vow to not attain full Enlightenment until they help every human being that they can? I'm (open-mindedly) skeptical about such claims, because I'm not sure whether a modern day Bodhisattva would want to be reborn as a monk; wouldn't they rather be someone like Sadhguru or Peter Ralston, so that they could serve others without limiting themselves to a religion or a medium of teaching.
  13. Being Mindfulness Letting go True not knowing/Emptying the cup Contemplating: Who am I?