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  1. I am getting my first shot next week. But this is a little discouraging :-/
  2. Thanks for posting. I will start chelating with ALA this weekend. I chose to hold off on DMSA for a number of reasons (difficult to find and source, ALA only chelation can also be a good starting point -Rebecca Rust Lee).
  3. I see so many advertisements online calling on people to donate money to a good cause. And some of them clearly come from trusted & verifiable sources. But then there are ads like these: https://europe.lehosheetyad.org/campaign/6006a952a097246084a50c81 https://www.drove.com/campaign/5f74d2a72689fa000140fc84 These are just examples. I don't intend to dissect them in particular, but the second one asks for a whopping $1.2M in total, in a country with universal healthcare. These ads have a similar theme: - A terminally ill child crying and reading off a script - Their mothers crying and asking for money - Even the campaign websites look exactly alike. I don't mean to disrespect the charities if they are genuine, but something seems fishy here. Do social media companies verify these before letting them advertise?
  4. A brilliant analysis of Tim Pool's propoganda: https://youtu.be/c2OPuxfWpaE
  5. Theoretically Trump can step down in the last few days, let Mike Pence become the President and get pardoned by him. But I don't think he'll do it. He's too narcissistic to step down.
  6. Great episode. He made a valid point. Synthetic is the sustainable way. RIP Albert Most???
  7. Why don't I chime in: Leo, are you looking for a long term committed relationship or are you also looking to get married? I've seen so many spiritual teachers come out against marriage, even though they're in commited relationships. It makes total sense considering how spiritual growth doesn't go hand in hand with the 'till death do us part' mantra.
  8. This is something I have seen personally. A good friend of mine who smoked 5-MeO with me is now dabbling in the QAnon world.
  9. Folks, many of you have great ideas for which scientists/public intellectuals would be a good fit for a discussion with Leo (or at the very least, benefit from watching the series) Why not contact them and see what happens? It's all about helping improve Science ?
  10. Yes. I shared Part-1 so that he could have a baseline for where Leo is coming from.
  11. Update: I emailed Sean Carroll about this and here is his reply.
  12. The episode 'Deconstructing The Myth Of Science - Part 1' was full of golden nuggets of wisdom. I see that Leo is planning to have a live Q&A with an academic scientist or a professional for the 5th episode of the series. How about we invite Sean Carroll on? He is a brilliant academic, explains complex ideas very well, and has already debated different people ranging from creationists to Buddhist Scholars. There could be a number of approaches: 1. We create a small petition, get some signs, and email him about the opportunity once we have like 500 signs. 2. Someone just directly sends him an email, hoping he'll take notice. 3. We contact him on his social media 4. We hope he finds the video on YouTube and contacts Leo by himself. I prefer the first approach. Let me know what you think P.S.: I don't see this working if the necessary condition is that the scientist should have studied Parts 1-4 of this series before the 5th episode. I don't think a scientist who fundamentally disagrees with Actualized.org will spend all that time.
  13. It's simple. He will run again in 2024. Steve Bannon believes this. Even Kyle Kulinski said this the other day. Why would Trump leave the media and the limelight just because of an "unfair" loss?
  14. Just playing Devil´s Advocate here: 1. You say things like "Science will never verify Enlightenment or even first-person phenomena because science deals with objective, verifiable facts". However, science does research on things like dreams and emotions simply by observing and letting test subjects describe their first-person phenomena. So wouldn't you agree that if enough people had non-dual experiences, science would unequivocally accept enlightenment? So it isn't really the fault of science that it isn't accepted yet. 2. Science is predominantly governed by Money. People like scientists, researchers, universities, industries all have their own survival strategy. But this isn't a unique problem of science. If they didn't have to worry about their funding, they could quit the rat race and think of higher consciousness issues and improving people's lives. So shouldn't you be criticizing the society as a whole rather than just science itself? 3. But Leo, scientific advances are the very reason that we are all here. YouTube, the Internet, computers, even 5-MeO-DMT are here because of science. Why would you still criticize it? 4. would you agree that science acts as a good filter for what is accepted into the mainstream? If science started believing in ETs because of one person who claims to channel them, where does that leave us? Shouldn't science be firm and strict to only accept things that have enough evidence behind them?