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  1. @JustinS thanks man. this sounds scary as fuck. But of course your technique is worth trying. I wonder if I am able to take a nap during mid day
  2. Killcam, then respawn countdown. Use the time to flame the team bro
  3. Mooji my bro knows whats up. Who are those people...who still worry? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That's so "yesterday" You had a chance to live this life on this planet, to play out this dank illusion, to enjoy the material play. And yet you still have nothing better to do than worrying? Your big picture of life must really be small when you worry all the time. There is nothing to worry about. One could even fall on their knees and just be thankful and cry from joy just because one is alive. Yet people are not thankful, instead they are full of worry. Even in self development and spiritual circles. Just relax, treat yourself a coke and a burger (from burger king of course), or whatever guilty pleasure you have and enjoy it. For once don't worry about negative effects or being unhealthy. Most health problems come from your mindset and from worries and stress anyway. You are here to enjoy and saviour life, you lucky bastard. Enjoy it, treat yourself and stop worrying.
  4. I agree. From personal experience I can tell you that nature has a big healing effect (well at least on me), this is why you find me taking a long walk in nature at least once a week. Also you get more creative, that's true. I get my best ideas when I am taking a walk in nature. It's wonderful being in nature, and I love it. Nature is absolutely magnificent, it is a healing temple. I can literally feel the high vibrations in nature, it's like life itself. You won't find this miracle in town or like in a empty, cut down field.
  5. Also I humbly apologize. I see that I have been troubling this place way too much, and I now pledge to stop it. Yesterday I finally created my very first youtube video ever, which was a very exiting step, and now I will work hard on creating and expanding my channel and my content (and my business in general). I shall leave this place and let you all finally rest in peace. I won't tell my channel here, but if you ever run upon the best video ever and you strangly resonate and feel that it is me, give it a like to support me. Thanks for enduring me so long on this forum, and cheers.
  6. Of course, you can't (or better shouldn't) hide it deep down like I do with all my issues...this creates only more issues. Embrace it, face it, love your shadow side. Then it actually will get better.
  7. I personally don't like to cuddle with other person. I just don't find human touch comfortable, however I like to cuddle animals and touch them all day long. Especially cats and mice and all that soft furry cute stuff. The only people I ever cuddled with were my ex girlfriends and even then it was only 50% nice and 50% pretty annoying.
  8. Somehow this reminds me of mad max and the wasteland psychos
  9. One night stands all the way. Make sure you always end up at her place and she never finds out where you live, or your actual real name. Leave before she wakes up in the morning.
  10. That's a good point. You doubt yourself, you think you will change once you have the freedom? Well maybe Leo actually should try it out and we take a look at what becomes of you. Personally I don't think I would change much, because I already don't give too much fuck right now. I say it how I see it and how I feel it, no matter if I offend anyone here or if I make a fool out of myself. But for some other it might actually give more freedom to speak their truth. Then we would see inside what really hides in the people here.
  11. Obviously still the same advanced people would be on this site, lmao. And it would have different looks than 4chan. Imagine this forum but without avatars and names and also no reputation (which is the silliest thing ever)
  12. Because Leo just took a template for a forum and copy pasted in to his website with maybe a few adjustments. He did not create a whole new outlay for himself. That's why we have avatars and names and reputation and post count and so on. Yeah it's pretty counter intuitive for such a place, maybe a mechanic of the likes of 4chan would be better, where all is just anonymous. Leo could still appear as the admin, but everyone else as anonymous. He also could still ban everyone who disturbs the forum too much.
  13. Seeing that my ego would come to an end soon, I would let it wreck havoc in the material world as heavy as it wants. One last playtime...because I am such a loving parent to my ego.
  14. @ajasatya thank you for sharing this. I pray that you stay unharmed on your journey since I cannot convince you to stop this madness.
  15. This is female nature. Accept it and get used to it, then you can decide if you wanna deal with it or not. You most likely will never find a woman who is unlike the others. The female nature is nicely described in "Way of the superior man", however the author overglorifies it way to much in my oppinion. He pretends like female nature is so fucking awesome, while when we have a honest look at it we find that it sucks. It's too emotional, it lacks values, it's shallow, it just sucks. No amount of sugarcoating can hide this. Once you get over your hornyness and your thirst for pussy and you see things clear you realize that women are just silly children, a lot of them are naturally evil, and they aren't really worth the sweat.