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  1. This seems like a really good list, but are all of these good books? There are 66 of them, just want to make sure they're worth it. Also, what do you recommend I do if I want to learn about one particular topic that's not on that overview. How should I find a good book on the Japanese Edo period for example? When you say a "thoughtful study of history" what does that mean exactly. I don't imagine it's a study of dates and places of certain events. Do you mean studying wars and events in the past and then learning about them and learning what mistakes they made? Should I seek out books on the matter, or should I find a course, or should a youtube video suffice? And exactly what wisdom am I trying to get by studying history. Am I just trying to learn from the mistakes of the past? Or is it something else? Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate them.
  2. Wow! This seems like a really good resource. Thanks!
  3. I became really curious about this question when I got a youtube ad from Hillsdale college about a free WW2 course. The ad was super interesting, so I clicked it and went to their website. I never heard about Hilldale, so I did a bit more research about it and found out they were a Christian school founded on Judeo christen values; that gave me a lot of PragerU vibes. This got me to wonder if they would tell the truth in the WW2 course and if they would be biased or not. This got me to wonder even further if any of the histories I learn from is biased or not. And it got me to wonder if history is really necessary at all or if it's just a waste of time. I have always been interested in history and learning about the past. I love learning about WW2, the civil war, the founding of America, medieval Europe, and about Napoleon. But recently I really wonder if learning about what one dead old white guy did to another dead old white guy is really helpful to me or just a waste of time. I could really get lost while watching history youtube channels like oversimplified, epic history tv, extra credits, whatifalthist, etc. I find that watching and learning about all these things opens my mind and makes me sound smarter. But should I be doing better things with my time? One of my main concerns now is that I will watch some biased or inaccurate documentary or video that will mess up my judgment and perception of reality: something like PragerU. If I should continue doing what I'm doing, I have some additional questions: 1. What parts of history should I learn about? I don't want to get stuck in the minutia/facts of things. 2. What are some good quality youtube channels, courses, or documentaries that you guys recommend? Is there any history taught by someone at stage yellow or turquoise? 3. What's the end goal of learning about history? what exactly am I trying to achieve by doing all of this? What am I trying to learn/accomplish by spending hours each day watching documentaries, reading books, and taking notes on all of them? Thanks for reading all of this! I really want to hear your guys' advice on this.
  4. @Albert Roiterstein @Preety_India I do have some more questions. I always try to sit down and focus on what I need to do and say, "okay for the next 1-2 hours I'll only do this one thing." But It almost never turns out like that. I sit down really really motivated, and then I look at what I need to do and do it well for 30 minutes. Then I convince myself I need to go on a break or check some email or something. Then I go down a rabbit hole of youtube videos, movies, porn, youtube shorts, and generally doing stupid shit on my phone and laptop. A lot of times I'm conscious of what I need to do while I'm doing all that stupid stuff. I know I need to do some work or do something productive, but my body has a mind of its own. And on the rare occasion that my willpower wins over what I'm doing, I sit down, open some books or some video in the LP course, and I'm just hit with this wave of resistance and I just feel paralyzed by it. when I push through it, I do get some good stuff done, but I can't push through it every time. Every single day I use my willpower and sit down to focus, and actually do the work and have a productive day, there are 5 other days where I don't do that and I procrastinate the whole day long. It's very frustrating, because I have 2-3 good weeks of doing good work, and then one day I just fall off it and go back to my old ways when I thought I was done with them for good. I know you're right when you say this stuff is a muscle and you have to train it, but what do I do if I can't even sit down to train it? Are there things that can help me improve my focus/concentration to do work? I notice that I can't really on my willpower all the time. Is it all just brute willpower and strength? Are there techniques or habits that can help (I'm already doing meditation and concentration btw (more than a month strong))? And when I do build up the muscle of sitting down, concentrating/focusing, and doing my work, how do I increase the time that I do my work? Thanks. The problem is that it's not just "some" enjoyment, it's a full-time job's worth of enjoyment time. I waste way, way, way too much time. I have 0 discipline and it really ruins a lot of stuff. It's like I have this beast or fire inside me that wants to accomplish all the greatest stuff, work 100 hour work weeks, conquer the world, etc., but it doesn't know where the hell it should be going. I have no direction, no clarity, no disciple, lots of addictions, and a monkey mind that refuses to shut up. I try to build a work ethic and it goes well for a few months at most, then in one day it just crashes down. I did this maybe 5 times in the past. I even do it with the LP course: I got stuck on those values assessments a month without making progress. I redid the whole LP course a second time from the start, but I got to the values assessment and I got farther, but now I feel like it's repeating itself and I going to be stuck on it again. My discipline is so bad that I even take getting motivated too far. I wanted to watch the rocky movies because I thought they would inspire me, and they did, but it's not really productive to watch 3 of them in one sitting now is it. Even though I got motivated as shit with the training montage in Rocky IV, what did it do for me? I wasted that entire day "getting motivated," only for nothing to change the next day. It's all repeating itself. I did this in the past with self-help. I would watch a bunch of Thomas Frank, get motivated to be productive, and do nothing, or if I did do something it would be negligible. Every time I try again the beast inside me gets hungrier and it gets stronger and stronger, but every time I fail, the pain of it also gets stronger and stronger. I am making progress every time I try and fail, but it gets really frustrating and demotivating when I do fail. How do I break out of this cycle that I'm in? It has to be more than just brute force willpower, right? Am I missing something? Am I just overcomplicating/overthinking all this? Thanks for your help.
  5. My work ethic right now is absolutely horrible. I go and sit down to do my online school works and my mind wanders and ends up watching cat videos on youtube somehow. I know building a strong work ethic is really important and I hype myself up, but I get so lazy and demotivated the second the rubber hits the road and I start doing anything. It could be doing schoolwork, doing some of the LP course, taking notes on Leo's videos, reading, etc. I spend so much time watching stupid youtube videos that it's insane. I procrastinate, and I'm lazy, even though I know it's bad for me. I dream up so much amazing stuff that I'm going to do the next day, but I always end up wasting my time and doing basically nothing all day. Has anybody gone through the same problem, and could you help me? Any tips, videos, courses, or books would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. @Thought Art So after I'm done with the 2 weeks, what do I do? Do I go and buy holden qigong's other products? They seem pricy, so is it really worth the investment? Is there some other book or list that has all the exercises and their benefits and other information about them? Or is Lee's the best resource for Qigong. Also, are there other exercises and activities like Qigong that I should look into and that have the same level of benefits?
  7. @Thought Art Thanks! I actually think you're the one who mentioned Qigong on the other topic. I had another question. Is Qigong really that crucial? Is it on the level of meditation and yoga for what it'll do for me 10 years down the line? Thanks again.
  8. I asked something on this forum a few weeks back and someone mentioned that I should do qigong. I have no idea what that is. If anyone can send a book, video, audiobook, course, etc. explaining what it is or how to do it that would be great.
  9. @Enlighten ~1 week, kind of busy right now.
  10. These are my personal onenote notes that I took for the video. Use it if you want. It's a bit big, but it was a 2 and a half-hour long dense video. Life Advice For Young People Pt. 1 Notes.pdf
  11. I'm 15 and in high school and was wondering if I could do both things at the same time. I got the life purpose course ~4 months ago and am halfway through (just got to the values assessments) and also just got into the enlightenment thing Leo's talking about. This all seems pretty cool, I see the value in both of these things. I just want to know if it would be practical if I do both of these things at once, or maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea. I'm busy doing other stuff too like school, SAT, AP classes, doing stuff that would be good for college, and learning another language outside of school, so that takes up a lot of time. I'm just a little bit confused right now and would just like some advice and what direction I should go.