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  1. I'm just curious about how much someone will grow by watching all the videos on and reading all of the books on the booklist. How long would it even take to get through all of that content? Is it worth going through all of it? I know all the concepts are useless without action, so what would happen if someone implemented 100% of the things that are talked about? 50%? 20%? 10%? 5%?
  2. What do you mean by this exactly? Meditation, yoga? I thought spirituality came later.
  3. What would you say the best investments are for someone who's in high school/college to make in their life? What skills would serve them best and compound over time? What should all their time be spent on?
  4. Leo talks about building a foundation for your life, but what does that mean exactly? I've watched all of the life advice videos where he talks about the foundation, but I'm still confused. Is it about building skills? making habits? self-education? life-purpose stuff? investing in yourself? reading? a mix of all of these? Some clarification would be nice.
  5. I'm in high school, living with my parents, have school online, and have very very minimal course work. So I have all the time in the world. I want to learn to draw, play piano, and become fluent in another language. Also, I have all the resources in order to do all these things. What should my attack plan be for learning all those skills? One at a time? Two at a time? Is it sustainable to do all three, like I'm doing now?
  6. Lately, I've become interested in learning about the body and how it works. The human body is so amazing, vast, deep, and profound. Are there any books, videos, or courses that teach you about all this stuff?
  7. I'm 15 and finish high school in ~2 and a half years. As I watch more of Leo's videos, do more school, and go through life more I'm coming to the realization that I don't know what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, or what I should be doing. I see that this is the prime of my life, so I don't want to waste it. I have plenty of spare time, so what should I be spending it on? I know my eggs should go into different baskets, so what are those top priority baskets that I should be focusing on every day? Should I just be non-stop training as Leo said you should be doing in his no growth without training video? Should I be building skills? Finding my life purpose? Doing life purpose work? Learning about money? I made my parents buy like 15 books from the book list, so should a lot of my time be spent reading? Building a big picture understanding? Learning how life works? Should I be doing anything in the spiritual department? I'm already meditating, but do I need to be doing kriya and other stuff like that? What habits should I be building? What habits should I be breaking? What skills should I be building? What should I be developing? Tl;dr: I'm 15, don't know shit, what things should I invest my time in? I'd like to hear what you guys have to say!
  8. I notice whenever I listen to some really good music I always go into some state where nothing matters and I just experience a certain beauty and I just feel so grateful. What do I even call this? I know this is probably some spiritual stuff. Meditation probably helps with having more of these experiences, so I am meditating. It always ends within 5 minutes max and then I forget about it. So what should I do to experience this more often and for a longer duration?
  9. I watched the contemplating through journaling video, and I really think it's a great resource. But in the video, all Leo talks about is deep existential and metaphysical questions. I'm in a period in my life where I don't really care too much for that stuff. I'm in high school and quite lost in life. I don't know what I should be doing, what I value, what I like, what my goals should be, who I am as a person, etc. Even though I'm halfway through the lp course and have my values, some of my values seem inauthentic, and like I want them to be my values, but in actuality, they're not. I have the same problem with some of my strengths. So is using the process in the journaling video and then applying it to the problems here a good way to clarify what I want out of life? A good way of finding who I am as a person? What my personality is? What my values are? What I should be doing? Whether I should go to college or not? What my next step in life should be? What I should be learning and exploring? Basically, is doing the journaling process in the video a good way of strategizing about my life, what I should be doing, and finding who I am and what I want? How did all of you get clarity in your lives? Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear what you guys' have to say!
  10. Thanks for all the responses! They were really helpful!!
  11. I'm 15 and living with my parents. They pay for all my things, but like Leo said there are strings attached to their money. Some of their rules are really dumb and time-consuming, but I still have to follow them. I know that I'll be kicked out of the nest one day, so how do I prepare for that ahead of time? I have 2 years and 7 months to graduate high school, and I have lots of free time to spare. I want to make becoming independent one of my main goals in life. So, what should I do to work towards that goal for the next 2 years? What do I have to learn? What books do I have to read? What courses do I have to take? What mindsets do I have to adopt? And how much work will this really entail for me (I'm imagining that it's not going to be easy)? What skills do I need to start learning to reach this goal? I would love to hear your guys' thoughts on this.
  12. I came to a certain epiphany over the past week or two: I don't know who I am or anything about myself. I'm 15, immature, young, and stupid. I don't know my personality, what I like, what I don't like, what gets me motivated, etc. But I know that if I did know who I was, a lot of my problems in life would just dissolve. I'm halfway through the lp course, but I'm still really unclear. I have my values and strengths, but some of them still feel inauthentic to me. Then when I go back to the master list of values to see what I want to replace those inauthentic values with, I get lost and paralyzed because I don't know what to put. So how do I go about finding my authentic self? Is there a method or technique? Do I journal about it? How did you guys find out who you were?
  13. Are recorded video lectures like MIT OpenCourseWare a good source for learning? I found this course on human behavioral biology, and it seems pretty good. I know Leo posted some of the lectures from this collection on the blog and said they were good. I realize that a lot of big-name universities have completely free lectures online and that seems promising to me. Like this one. But, do they actually deliver on teaching you? What have been your guy's experience with them? Most of them are the same length as Leo's videos, but do they have the same quality and depth in them? I know some lectures will be good, and some will be bad, but are they generally a good source for learning? If not, what are the alternatives? Is Coursera good? If these are good sources, what are your favorite and best lectures?
  14. Would I learn or gain anything by learning to play an instrument? I'm asking because I have a full 88 key Casio keyboard piano collecting dust in my house. My dad bought it a while back because it was on sale. I opened it and took it out a year ago, but then put it back because it was too boring and hard and I lost my motivation to learn it. I wanted to play the piano after watching "Your Lie in April," a super beautiful and inspirational show centered around piano playing. So, should I take out the piano and try to learn it again, or is learning an instrument a waste of time? If it's not a waste of time, then what value does it give me to learn how to play it?
  15. @Nahm Thanks, this really helped a lot!