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  1. Love it. You should have mentioned the quote in Wage Slavery video
  2. Hey guys, so whats constitutes good nutirition is pretty clear to me and I dont really get why people are so confused about it. https://www.actualized.org/blueprint/eat-healthy It is alsop undeniable why eating healthy is crucial. My question is: Do you always (!) eat healthy, or do you have some wiggle room? I eat healthy most of the time but am still attached to some form of reward from more unhealthy food. Right now, I still crave some pasta with cheese 1x per week. I can imagine reducing it to 1x for every two weeks. But I still struggle with the idea of cutting it out completely. Of course eating pizza at a resturant is not extremely nutritious, but the experience can be very rewarding. Has cutting it out completey really such a high marginal utility? @Leo Gura I really love your recipie that you shared on yt in 2014 and your soup and your smoothie. I am totally on board with eating that 95% of the time. But did you cut out things like pasta completely??
  3. Jesus I dont understand this obsession with Amazon FBA. Why dont you build a semiconductor company? Or a health insurance provider? Or a car supplier? Or some chemical engineering company? All I am saying is that building an Amazon FBA business is not a great, innovative idea and being successful in that is not particularly easier than being successful in any other field. It might even be harder because so many people do it. Try to find a job that pays you 20$/h and then strategically build your skill set. But dont waste anymore time now with trying to build some business in the body (and PLEASE dont waste money on some online products that teach you to do amazon FBA)
  4. My point was that winning Wisconsin was not necessarily Trumps strength but the Democrats weakness. Of course there will always be some 3rd party voters, but Steins votes quintupled from 2012 to 2016, which means that Democrats did lose some of their voters to the Green Party and it was not just the regular Green Turnout. Which underlies my initial point that Trump win in Wisconsin was due to a combination of strategic blunders from the democrats and if they correct them, they will be able to carry those states again.
  5. @Bno Tulsi would be amazing. I hope he remembers that she supported him 2016. Yang being in the cabinet would be tremendous as well. He is (mainly) a one issue candidate and if he could make UBI without having to meet Putin or playing this entire Commander in Chief BS, would be a much better use of his time
  6. @Bno You think Bernie might take Yang as running mate? I really like Yang but he would need some serious momentum to actually have a shot. His support is steady and solid, but no serious growth.
  7. Yes you are probably right. I just hope the democrats dont make such fallacies again. They have solid candidates now. I think Bernie, Yang, Warren and Buttigie would all have a solid victory. We will see what happens
  8. Johnsons effect is not nearly as certain as Jill Steins. ALL of Stein voters would have voted for Democrats. The same can not be argued for Johnson. I quickly looked uo a study in which they say he took votes from both parties equally. I by no means am an expert on the rust belt. But considering that Democrats made a MAJOR STRATEGIC BLUNDER and Trump still won by only a couple thounsand votes, makes it just extremely unlikely that it is going to happen again.
  9. Clinton would have EASILY carried Michigan with Stein votes. Clinton would have had 253 Electorals Votes with just a couple thousand votes more. Trump victory is a bloody miracle.
  10. Clinton would have carried Wisconsin with Steins votes. I would argue that the Libertarian Votes are equally from Trump and Clinton. Remember, Clinton was largely unpopular.
  11. @Arcangelo I mean can you comprehend that Hillary did not visit Wisconsin at all after the convention!!!?? This is basically one of the 5 states that decided the election! Trump can get 100% in Alabama, Montana and Wyoming. This is not of any impotance. The democarts had a terrible candidate and completely negelected the states that ultimately decided the election. How in the world do you think Trump will pull this of again? He only won those states with a slight margin. Without Gill Stein, Clinton would have won those without actually going there. Now they will invest heavily AND will have a better candidate AND the green party wont sabotage as much (because removing Trump is in everyones interest). The more I think about it, the more unrealistic #Trump2020 seems
  12. Keep in mind that Trump fooled them with massive luck. Imagine a slight increase in voter turnout for democrats in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania etc. Hillary did not visit Wisconsin once!! (after the democrats convention). Do you really think they a doing the same strategic blunder again? Give me a break.... Trump in 2016 is like a hacker who fooled a security system. But now 4 years later, when they fixed the security gap and he just tries the same thing again, he is merely going to look like a fool. Most Americans are sick and tired of him. Just see how he cherrypicks every poll that favors him. Rasmussen sometimes has polls that give him a slight lead, he immediatelly tweets them. 2 days later, they see unfavorability up 6% and he ignores it. Most people see through this. I think he could even lose Texas and Florida or Arizona if the democrats play their cards right. The only real danger is Bloomberg running as a third party, Biden being nominated and exposed because of this Hunter story or Trumps massive financial advantge. But then again, the bookmakers see democrats chances at below 45%, which I think is delusional.
  13. Hey Folks, I recently checked out the odds of the 2020 election and apparantly you can double your money with betting on a democratic victory. I think a democratic victory is more likely than that and hence think it might be a bett worth taking. Some of you probably have to modus operandi of thinking that betting is low-consicousness. I contemplated this as well, but concluded: Why not make a buck out of Trump being defeated in 2020? I can think of worse things to do quite frankly. The odds of Republicans winning is 1,7. So they see a democratic victory at less than 50%. I think that is a underestimation and would say they carry 2020 with a probability of 70%. Remember, Trumps won some rust belt states with only a couple thousand votes. What do you think?
  14. Yes of course. But typical orange does not have multiple Psychedelic Experiences. He even atended ayahuasca retreats. He must have faced his devilry in those trips, or am I missing something? Then again, maybe I am doing the same....