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  1. How is this created in a human's psyche? It's relation to human nature? Is it about unresolved trauma and is it 'curable'?
  2. @ArchangelG Thanks for suggesting Peter Ralston. Never heard of him before and like his no-nonsense sort of approach. It's also cool to find he did so many interviews with Leo which I look forward to also diving into. Thanks again
  3. Thank you, appreciate your recommendation. I actually feel I did embrace Green very much so in the past…It's dawning on me that maybe I'm in between Green and Yellow thinking I was regressing into Orange (but find no pleasure in materialism or status) in a weird space with a touch of depression, probably several unhealthy beliefs, very much a lone wolf now…starting but not finishing projects…trying to put concepts in different domains together…so I got quite the mixture going on here Anyway thanks again.
  4. "Fuck love" is an interesting book you might enjoy…it talks about pragmatism versus emotions in regards to who you choose as a partner…
  5. codementor.io. There's also companies like Custombuildapp that allows you to build your own app without software development skills…and for graphic design/branding Fiverr maybe? Good luck.
  6. Used to be into tarot cards all of that classic Green stuff…and now bored with it. Not sure what's going on just makes me laugh.
  7. I'm finding it challenging to become motivated by anything. I start projects and then get bored with it. Money and status isn't motivating. Relationships are not motivating…maybe I'm just in a depressive spell. It's challenging to find meaning. Even if it's just about having fun or evolving…it doesn't create any sort of spark in me anymore. I remember a few years ago having a reaction to materialism and thought I was transitioning into Green but I feel like I regressed.
  8. I feel I have…it's been beneficial because I no longer have to work and there's no fulfillment with money anymore which is probably why I'm looking elsewhere… Perhaps I do need to dive more into that style of self-help. Thank you.
  9. To put it briefly…Suffered a lot of trauma and found Leo's channel 6 years ago (actually saved my life) When his first enlightenment video came out, it basically shook my whole world…to the core. I have to admit these last few years I've been embracing stage Orange (materialism etc) all while keeping these challenging truths in the back of my mind. I'm finding it difficult to believe or subscribe to Stage Green… and no amount of watching leo's videos or Gaia or sage seems to quite get me there. So I feel stuck in a shallow place with no faith which has in a sense helped lead me into a bit of depression and biweekly alcohol binges. Not sure where to go from here…
  10. So a lot has happened. Basically I went out on a date ended up having sex that night and before I know it literally 2 weeks later I’m pacing back and forth at the marriage license office while this crazy dude is getting a marriage license. Before I know it I’m saying vows at some random quick wedding chapel in Vegas. There was no prenup so basically I’m a multi millionaire now. i no longer need to work and got a badass new car and a 6 karat ring ? Here’s what I’m now facing. Fucking belly of the beast. I have no excuses now I have to do my life purpose work now. my ego has been backlashing so much and I’m just trying to put myself together. what helps is visualizing and talking out loud to myself to work through some detrimental beliefs
  11. Just a little rant that perhaps Simeone may relate to. I decided to put the gun to my head and just start my own business. It’s a media company and I’m starting with offering graphics. I need to completely build my portfolio. I do also have a demanding 9-5 marketing job. But during the time I have off of work, I’ve been working on building my portfolio. I put up a quick ad offering logos at a ridiculous low price and got 28 leads and 7 people truly interested. I’m almost complete with creating all the logos and I’ve felt a lack of respect from everyone. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a portfolio or website up yet, perhaps because I discounted the price so low, perhaps because I didn’t ask for a deposit. I finished a logo logo and the customer was absolutely happy and excited about it. After he paid and I sent him the files, I asked for a review and we’ll i never got one- again lack of respect. I guess my rant here is I’m working my ass off creating damn high quality graphics for a insanely low price which takes up all my time outside of work and making it clear I’m doing it to build my portfolio yet these customers lack respect, leave me on read, wait forever after the project is completed to pay, don’t leave me a review when I ask and damn well deserve a good one. Im frustrated, trying to steer my mind in a positive direction and not letting it all consume me and try to keep moving forward even though it’s hard to see anything good.
  12. Yup I know it’s a shot in the dark but I was hoping someone had some sort of material I can cite ?
  13. Hey guys, in Leo’s video about depression he makes the case that real clinical depression is rare. I’ve been researching to try to find evidence that this is true and am unable to. Does anyone have a study or article perhaps from a doctor that backs this up? Thank you...
  14. Like cut them up and make motivating videos featuring leo and others?
  15. Fun fact: the dispensary I go to here in Vegas is called The Source ?