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  1. I don’t know about team sports. I only really do fitness. I used to suck at team sports and so I quit them. Here is a piece of advice that always worked for me (during fitness): try to channel all your emotions into energy. Could be anxiety, resistance and even loneliness. The last one worked for me, which came as a shock for sure. Your own individual skillset and your mindset are different things. You could be the best in the world, and yet have resistance because your head isn’t in the game. You need to be in the present moment in the game. Think of all the resistance and slap it with confidence. Whenever I plank, it’s always the last seconds that can get me down. All the mental pressure and stress from thinking too much in that last minute, I channel to my last bit of energy. Your highest power is yourself mate. Only you can set the limits. Best of luck man.
  2. @d0ornokey Forget the experience part then. I just feel like doing charity work more than normal work. I would like to help people. Does Leo say anything about that?
  3. @Girzo Between 14 and 17. Thanks for the recommendations.
  4. @pink What’s your point? Greta isn’t loved in my area either.
  5. Hello everyone. Something which came across my mind back when I was home alone for a week was what I wanted to do. I already know what I really want to do, but even if I get to go to university and get my degrees, I'll probably still need work experience. I started contemplating more about this and realized that I didn't want to work. I didn't want to do a stupid job with minimum wage just for the work experience. So I came up with an alternative: volunteer work. My first thought was volunteering for the United Nations, however I am too young. That is ultimately my barrier. Most non-profit organizations aren't particularly looking for teens, at least not in my area. Maybe I can land an interview, but as I previously mentioned I don't know what I am qualified for. I have basically no experience. I don't know what things there are that one can volunteer for. I did some research on my own, but only found vacancies which require some kind of experience. I hope someone can help me out here.
  6. What I mean is that for a long time now I have been eating food from my home only. I haven't ordered anything or ate at a restaurant in a long time. When I do eat anything from any restaurant, it usually is something with noodles, veggies and hot sauce. There is this one restaurant in my town that always promotes its ''healthy'' meals, but I can't really argue with them when compared to other restaurant. Stuff like Subway is just garbage. Now every Sunday I usually order fish. You can see that after a few weeks I get tired of eating it. It can be good, but getting all those bones or whatever you call it out of my mouth is pretty annoying. I also understand that most if not all pizzas are not that healthy, sames goes for McDonalds and stuff obviously. So what do you recommend? I have never tried sushi now I come to think about it...
  7. @SoonHei This really makes it clear to me. Thank you so much for explaining. I never play table tennis btw, but I understand what you mean.
  8. Hello everyone. Recently I, during the holidays as a matter of fact, decided to spend hours with no distractions. Just there, in plain boredom. What I have discovered over the past few weeks is that I always feel terrible after having some kind of terrible thought. For example: I think about killing myself and afterwards I feel terrible. Or when I think about old times and afterwards I feel really bad and want to go back in time. Back when stuff was ''better''. Usually these thoughts used to come up and I would gladly join the path, with no ''taking a step back and look at what is actually going on''. Meditating has helped me see this. Helped me see my thoughts for what they are. Thoughts. Ever since I haven't really dealt with my own build-up anxiety, depression or loneliness, but did try to process, mostly sadness, in case they randomly came up without my own ''contribution'' so to speak. Now during this long boring session I noticed how many times those negative thoughts would try to come up. I didn't stop them, I just watched them. Without giving them much of my own energy, they quickly faded away into nothingness. Of course, me not being that experienced, I cant keep up ''watching my thoughts'' for longer than a view minutes. This made me think: Are it those thoughts that cause the way I feel? And if I wanted to control my emotions, all I would have to do is learn to control my thoughts? Your ''thoughts'' about this? Do you think I'm right? Bonus: If I could somehow influence other people's thoughts, could I influence their emotions too? Sounds like devilry when I put it like that... Sorry if this may come over as dumb for some people. I feel like I made a great discovery about my own emotions.
  9. Hello everyone. Recently, like many others apparently, I came across many videos of old speeches from Terence Mckenna. That made me look him up on this forum and it turns out that you guys are well aware of him. However, Leo put him both on the Green and Turquoise list. That made me confused. I heard Terence talk about stuff like ''the truth requires no belief'' so that made me think that he is Turquoise. Well, what do I know. I have never done psychedelics and quickly clicked on ''uninterested'' on all those videos. I don't see how he could help me. What are your thoughts about this?
  10. @flowboy If only it were so easy man. I have 2 books for school that I have to read and someone really advised me to read David Hawkins’ “Letting Go” relating to an addiction problem I have. But sure man I will put it in my to-read list.
  11. @flowboy I never did this man. You took my message out of context. I meant with “this will be it” that the final situation of my topic would be one answer and that’s it. Me still doubting whether I should or not. I didn’t blame anyone. Yet here you are throwing false accusations at me.
  12. @flowboy Angry people tend to say this stuff a lot you know.
  13. @flowboy Damn it must suck being angry so easily
  14. Damn this is a huge book. I am no American and so had no clue what the hell Abe had actually done and why he was so famous. Gotta admit: details about people I didn’t know at all were very unnecessary in my opinion. Why would I care about Salmon P. Chase’s wife? Make this book a bit too much. Overall liked the end a lot. Now I understand how the Civil War went down in the USA. If you are really interested in politics and wouldn't mind learning from the history of politics, I highly suggest you buy this book. 3/5 stars
  15. @Knock That is why I posted it about it on here. I know the risks. @Knock I mean it is so appealing. I am open for any suggestions, but if no one else responds I guess this will be it.