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  1. Hello everyone. Recently I discovered, after some inner work, how much attention I crave from people. I always fantasized about ways in which I would get a lot of attention from people I don’t know or people I do know. I’m talking about acting not like myself to stand out, try to gain publicity on social media networks or purposefully not approach friends but to wait till I get approached instead. I’m sure it stems from my past, probably something like not getting enough attention from my parents when I was younger. Is the solution here that I should stop caring about what other people think of me? Or is it something else? Have you guys ever dealt with this type of stuff? Thanks in advance.
  2. I know I'm late here, very late as a matter of fact, but I felt like posting here something. Fasting and meditation go hand in hand yes. I have never heard of this: But am interested in trying out if this is actually true. Usually I meditate around 6 PM or the last half hour before the sun goes down (I meditate everyday for 30 mins atm) Though I have to say: it's very energy absorbing. It's difficult to concentrate on important tasks and if you have any deadlines or stuff like that you might feel even more stressed. Right now I have online classes and focussing/keeping up with the homework etc can be very frustrating. Then again, it's better then going out (it's summer where I live). Good luck.
  3. I'll save you the trouble if you won't mind. I had this with TVD as well yes.
  4. Happy birthday Leo. I can’t thank you enough for changing my whole perspective on life. I hope you are safe and get loads of gifts (if that is what you are into)
  5. Hello everyone. Recently I finished what is in my opinion the best series on earth. However, besides that this is the second time I have finished it, I have this empty and sad feeling. I miss watching that show now. I miss the characters, the fun, the plot. I am sad because I’ve already seen it. This might sound irrational for some people, but this also effects me in other ways. I have no motivation to do anything at all. Be it making homework, talking with family or friends online or working on something. I don’t experience joy anymore. I feel depressed. Didn’t really know where to put this. I think the “Serious Emotional Problems” sub-forum isn’t meant for these types of posts. I am posting this because it also brings back older thoughts and emotions about ending my life. I keep having the idea of just ending it. I will no longer experience that kind of legendary bliss again, and currently with quarantine I’m stuck with tons of homework and school assignments. I hate my teachers. Everything seems so depressing and sad compared to the joy I had watching that series. Maybe I went a bit off-topic there, but I hope someone can help me. I am currently focussing on meditation to help my mind calm down.
  6. Meditate, meditate, meditate...
  7. @PlayTheGame I tried almond milk for a long time, saw Kurzgesagt's video about milk, switched to soy. Apparently soy does have more benefits for the environment. Video of reference:
  8. Nice vid man
  9. Just when I started replacing milk with soy milk you guys come with this...
  10. @bejapuskas Talking, laughing, hanging out more with the girl than with me. Even though before I used to be incredibly close with these people. It’s a dream after all...
  11. I honestly do not know where else to put this. I thought I should at least give this forum a try before consulting a professional. Lately I've been getting ''nightmares'' about a girl. I don't know the girl personally, but I know OF her. My friend is good friends with her. Last night I dreamed of her again. We were normally socializing and playing a game. In the dream she expressed how she was surprised how good I was, and soon enough I was getting all kinds of notifications. Somehow people on the internet knew how she thought of me and wanted to play against me to see if I really were as good as she claimed. How is this a nightmare? I have had dreams of her before, but then she... ''stole'' my friends. I caught good friends of mine hanging out with her, calling her chill and stuff. Having a past with loneliness, you can understand how I felt during these dreams when all of the sudden my friends were one by one leaving me for a girl I didn't know. A girl with apparently huge influence. In real life, this same girl actually became friends with one of my closest friends. And yes, that friend eventually left me. I know from a rational point that I am being too irrational about this. The fear of someone stealing my friends is just a projection. But the dreams don't seem to stop. I wake up everytime because of these dreams, being extremely scared (breathing heavily etc.). At some points when I woke up because of it I was 100% convinced all my friends would leave me for her. Any advice will do. Have a nice day.
  12. I find it easier to talk to older women. Keep in mind: I'm under 18 years old. Anyone from roughly 22 to 46 falls in the same category here for me. Today, for example, I was at the gym (lockers to be exact) when I spoke to an older woman. She didn't look THAT old, but still. Not my age. Because at school I always call my female teachers ''Miss'' and have to treat them differently, I did kind of the same with this woman. Of course I didn't call her ''Miss'', but in my language there is a certain replacement for the word ''she'' and ''he'' which one uses when talking to someone they have to show respect for, and I did the same to this woman. When we were done talking, I walked in the dressing room a bit embarrassed. I kind of ruined that didn't I? Not that older women are necessarily my type, I still find it easier to talk to them. How could I potentially improve this? In general, how does one hit on older women?
  13. I heard it was bad, started drinking almond milk and didn’t feel much of a difference. Starting with soy milk now, I hope it’s better.
  14. I feel like creativity + authenticity gets really rewarded on YouTube. Especially creativity. I don’t know why people have this obsession with thumbnails and titles. I have seen videos with terrible thumbnails get so many views, even if those YouTubers didn’t have a huge following in the first. Praying that someday the algorithm will favor you is also something. Getting into other people’s recommendations is probably a lot more effective than promoting yourself on social media.