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  1. Am also Dutch and I completely agree with MaxV. I would say Volt is the most conscious party at the moment, though unfortunately very small. Btw conservative parties are actually rising in numbers. A quick look at FvD should tell you enough. On YouTube alone they gather the most amount of views. NOS, for example, interviewed (using viewer requested questions) a bunch of party-leaders and it's clear with numbers alone how popular Thierry really is. He got +100k views on his interview, double of current minister-president Mark Rutte. His YouTube channel is just a minefield of hit after hit. Compared to his channel, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie (for example) are failing miserably. I don't know too much about politics in general, especially about my own country, but I can already tell that they are destined for something big. Their popularity is increasing with every controversial tweet. I don't think they'll be the biggest, not even close, but they'll definitely leave a mark in parliament. Am guessing at least 8 seats, if I'm wrong it just proves how little I really know about politics in my country. Piratenpartij is also great, they want to legalize shrooms!
  2. Hey I know Hasan! Good fella
  3. Good day everyone. As my last years of high school are coming to an end, I have basically made two options for myself: 1. I take a gap year, buy Leo's course and try to finish it within that year. I'll know what I want, how to get it and what I need to get it at the end of the year. 2. I go to university, get myself a degree so I am secure in that regard and then pursue one of many dreams which I have. As of right now I am not 100% certain what I want. I always thought I wanted to become something big like an astronaut, which is still something I really want to be, but I see now that it might be smarter to go for other options. Especially Leo's blog post about universities really made me question whether it would be smart to go to one. Psychedelics researcher, full-time video-editor or primatologist are my other options right now. My interest is high in these fields and maybe just going for the astronaut route might not be that fun. Apparently I'd need at least a degree in something like aerospace engineering, something which in and of itself doesn't seem THAT interesting to me, but is certainly something I'd consider doing if that's what it takes to become an astronaut. The gap year would really help me figure out what I want, though lets say the course doesn't take too long I would end up not doing much for the remainder of the year. You can only apply for universities every year you know. I would have loads of free time left not knowing what to do. If you have any advice, suggestions or general remarks about universities and stuff, please let me know. So far my only informant about universities has been Leo calling them all evil and personally I am still a bit skeptic about that. Maybe he's right, I don't know.
  4. Good day everyone. Life is getting real for me believe it or not. I wanted to search for studies and follow the intructions my school gave me today to prepare a bit, but realized very quickly that a lot of different studies seem interesting to me. For example, on one hand I want to do something in primatology, but on the other hand I want to study psychedelics too. As I was going down the entire list of studies which fit my favorite categories (33 pages total, 10 studies per page), I only got to page 10 before having to slow down. I have written down 21 studies already. Stuff is getting overwhelming. I think it would be best if I hear some personal stories. Where did you guys study? I was personally planning to go to university somewhere in Canada, but am open to any options really. What did you guys like/dislike about studying? How long did the study take? Did you have time to visit friends/family or just in general any free time? Did it take time to adjust to studying instead of normal school? Have you ever been to a university? Last but not least: How can I implement self-actualization into this? I want to connect my path here with my study, hence why studying psychedelics seems so interesting to me. Not trying to become the next Terence Mckenna or anything, but the scientific research behind all of it seems so fascinating. Cheers.
  5. Hello everyone. Recently I discovered, after some inner work, how much attention I crave from people. I always fantasized about ways in which I would get a lot of attention from people I don’t know or people I do know. I’m talking about acting not like myself to stand out, try to gain publicity on social media networks or purposefully not approach friends but to wait till I get approached instead. I’m sure it stems from my past, probably something like not getting enough attention from my parents when I was younger. Is the solution here that I should stop caring about what other people think of me? Or is it something else? Have you guys ever dealt with this type of stuff? Thanks in advance.
  6. I know I'm late here, very late as a matter of fact, but I felt like posting here something. Fasting and meditation go hand in hand yes. I have never heard of this: But am interested in trying out if this is actually true. Usually I meditate around 6 PM or the last half hour before the sun goes down (I meditate everyday for 30 mins atm) Though I have to say: it's very energy absorbing. It's difficult to concentrate on important tasks and if you have any deadlines or stuff like that you might feel even more stressed. Right now I have online classes and focussing/keeping up with the homework etc can be very frustrating. Then again, it's better then going out (it's summer where I live). Good luck.
  7. I'll save you the trouble if you won't mind. I had this with TVD as well yes.
  8. Happy birthday Leo. I can’t thank you enough for changing my whole perspective on life. I hope you are safe and get loads of gifts (if that is what you are into)
  9. Hello everyone. Recently I finished what is in my opinion the best series on earth. However, besides that this is the second time I have finished it, I have this empty and sad feeling. I miss watching that show now. I miss the characters, the fun, the plot. I am sad because I’ve already seen it. This might sound irrational for some people, but this also effects me in other ways. I have no motivation to do anything at all. Be it making homework, talking with family or friends online or working on something. I don’t experience joy anymore. I feel depressed. Didn’t really know where to put this. I think the “Serious Emotional Problems” sub-forum isn’t meant for these types of posts. I am posting this because it also brings back older thoughts and emotions about ending my life. I keep having the idea of just ending it. I will no longer experience that kind of legendary bliss again, and currently with quarantine I’m stuck with tons of homework and school assignments. I hate my teachers. Everything seems so depressing and sad compared to the joy I had watching that series. Maybe I went a bit off-topic there, but I hope someone can help me. I am currently focussing on meditation to help my mind calm down.
  10. Meditate, meditate, meditate...
  11. @PlayTheGame I tried almond milk for a long time, saw Kurzgesagt's video about milk, switched to soy. Apparently soy does have more benefits for the environment. Video of reference:
  12. Nice vid man
  13. Just when I started replacing milk with soy milk you guys come with this...
  14. @bejapuskas Talking, laughing, hanging out more with the girl than with me. Even though before I used to be incredibly close with these people. It’s a dream after all...