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  1. Alright let's start very easily with this. This journal will be about my life, in many different fields. I will talk about everything that is in my mind and won't leave. I will talk about people who inspire me, or just their quotes. I will talk about my way in becoming a succesful man. I hope this journal will make ''planning for my future'' easier. Since I joined this forum, I noticed that a lot of mature people struggle with things I couldn't come up with myself. You guys have low self-esteem? There are actually people who are in depth with spirituality? There are people who share actual knowledge without misleading me? You mature people keep suprising me, but without further ado let me start with a generalization of my life. My Life Oh wauw what a suprise. The journal is about my life. I am a 14 year old boy who is new to self-actualization. Before all of this, I used to game a lot. I did a lot of unneccesary things in general which I only later discovered. I despised books, didn't understand why someone would read those if all the information in the world is already on the internet. Gaming got replaced with books after this forum happened to me. Gaming already got boring, I only did it because I was bored. Which doesn't make sense now I think about it. I got introduced to with deep spiritual video's, so I needed to take a step back and watch some of his older video's. After laughing for 10 mins about Leo looking like a balloon in his enlightenment stream, I finally understood how his channel became from ''all about succes in life'' to ''non-duality, spirituality etc.''. I don't know what the first word means, but that is fine for now. I used to be a Muslim. I prayed 5 times a day and kept myself from doing sins (not always I admit). Since watching Leo's vids, I basically dropped all those beliefs. Now I meditate instead of pray, read self-help books instead of gaming/Quran and focus on myself and my values (oh btw the Quran is so difficult to read jesus christ). I don't let myself get lead by a force I can't question. My mother and father are still heavily Blue same with my sister, but there is another person which I would like you to meet: My brother. He has classic autism. He doesn't understand a single thing about Islam, or the world. He needs to laugh if we force him to do prayers with us. Don't worry, he gets taken care very good. My parents really love him and so do I. Looking at him, I always wondered what it would be like to live without forces. Without how anyone tells you how to be. He doesn't follow up rules from a book. If he wants to, he can rage or smile. Be angry or extremely sensitive. He still inspires me and I am planning for making him my teacher for spirituality. After posting a topic about him, someone suggested I should try to look the world from his perspective. That's what I have recently been doing and I must say, it is pretty funny. I am about to start reading ''Mastery'' by George Leonards. As I said, I am new. I only have read 2 books about self-help, where in the second book many words were difficult. How can someone use words like self-assertiveness, integrity and self-acceptance? Who even made all those words up? I still don't understand some important knowledge, but I guess that's fine. I wonder how difficult ''Mastery'' is. As a last note, the story about Rasputin is in my head. Mostly because of the song. I wonder if gaining power with manipulative love is actually possible.
  2. @Sven I know, but then I would get wikipedia's explanation. Not that I don't trust it, it's just not the explanation I want. I want to see the effect he has on people on this forum. If people are familiar with him, if there is anyone who actually loves him and would love to give me an insight. Not an objective explanation of the guy's work and life history.
  3. @Joseph Maynor My man I just started my journey. I don't know how far I am. I don't know if there are important things I have to master. I just started. The reason why I want to read books is because they can guide me. @K VIL By what? @Hellspeed Nice inspiration. What would it be a shame if it didn't contain any useful advice. Oh wait...
  4. Hello everyone. Today I wanted to ask the following question: Are there any spiritual technics related with liquid water? In any kind? I am just curious about water, if it plays any role in spirituality. Can it be combined with things like meditation? I have to admit I love water. Since going to gym, I realized how much I love it. Now I want to know if there are actually technics with water.
  5. @Mu_ I read daily. I don't know why, but there was something with ''learning everyday''. By reading books daily, I learn new things on a new basis.
  6. @Mu_ 14 years old. Overall I want to find my life purpose by reading in many different subjects. Right now I am focussing on beneficial books for teens. I want to have the advantage in my life which many people, even on this forum, don't have because all they did was gaming in their teens years. Instead of reading books and building up knowledge, they ''wasted'' their time as Leo put it. @VictorB02 I guess that's true. Thanks for the advice. @Hellspeed Leo says in some of his video's that the fact that people often ignore books is a form of ignorance and that everyone should read books. You are saying that I shouldn't focus too much on them. I don't know what to do.
  7. @YaNanNallari I can relate to this for most of the time. I think a lot, looking from outside perspectives is something I have only recently been doing. The lonely party I can relate to when I was a bit younger than now. Jeez what was I a good buddy to myself
  8. @seeking_brilliance You are not alone my friend, I caught myself doing it too many times
  9. @sarapr Thanks for the explanation
  10. I just got back from the library and it turns out that I can get Deepak Chopra books there. There were also books categorized in ''Mindfulness'' and ''Psychology''. I was very suprised. You have to understand that this is the third time I visited the library in 3 months. An entire world just opened to me. I am still very young, so I guess I have an advantage on everyone who has started reading late in their lives? I am excited to read all those books, but it is kind of my issue too. I have no clue if I should follow my own booklist, or just go to the library every month and pick 3 books. Since joining this forum, the goal was to follow my booklist. Categorize what I am interested in and go on from there. I already have 32 books in my booklist. The struggle with knowing which one I should buy first is already kind of an issue. Now that I know my library has even more books, I don't know what to do. Oh yeah, does anyone know anything about Khalil Gibran? I saw a book of his, and he is some kind of founder of psychology? Something like that I think. All I know is that the guy was born in Lebanon.
  11. Hello everyone. I don't know for sure if this is the right place to talk about my situation, but I think it does need to be adressed somewhere on this forum. I talk to myself. I just discovered that it isn't something people do and that it creeps them out. I also only recently noticed it at all. My sister woke up because I was talking to myself while coming upstairs. Is there anyone who knows something about this? I looked on the internet and all I could find were ''talking to yourself isn't crazy'' kind of articles. I don't even know if I should agree with that statement.
  12. Hello everyone. After coming back from the library, I wonderd what yoga is (I saw some books about the topic) All I know is that people stretch and that they do it to seem younger. I know that people do it in groups (stage Green) and for personal experience (stage Turquoise). I am not sure if the last one is stage Turquoise. So please, anyone who has experience with it, explain me why people do it. Why it has any kind of relation with the inner self. Isn't it just stretching a little bit? It does seem for me. I only started meditating in september, just got introduced to books and have done only 1 session of shamanic breathing. I am very curious about what yoga has to offer.
  13. @How to be wise You might want to look up those posts if you want an answer for your question.
  14. @SFRL My man I am not getting any pussy. Remember that I am a teen. On monday, wednesday and friday I have to go to fitness after school. On the other days I have to study for the upcoming tests. I might try Thursday.
  15. @deci belle Ahahaha I am sorry!! Thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely follow up on your advice. It sounds good.