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  1. Hello everyone. I have been trying to leave behind my old islamic ways for the last few months, but this is something I really struggle with. I am not comfortable eating food knowing that it is haram meat. However this barrier that islam enforces also makes you unable to eat at a lot of places. For example I want to travel to Antarctica, but of course on the cruise they don't serve halal food. So: sticking to halal or not? And should I try pork chop?
  2. @pluto I think you are right man. I bought many self-help books recently, but with your insight I understand what I must do now. I will be buying Letting Go by David Hawkins soon. Something I am excited to read.
  3. I have personally much experience with Islam, both the Sunni and Shia. (My dad is Shia, my mum is Sunni) Islam is indeed its own section. Even though the sunni majority is split in many countries, you can see that the populations of these countries identify mostly as one group: sunni muslims. For example the Turkish president and the Qatar emir get along pretty well. However things are changing in the Middle-East. Everyone is witness of this, including the future big boys China and Russia. With ISIL being looked at as an enemy of all muslims and weapon enforcements coming from all sides of the Middle-East to these terrorist groups, it is clear that things are shaking. Where as in the past muslims would unite to fight the Jewish population in Israel, the crown-prince of Saudi-Arabia has different ideas. His drive for power in a new, millennial way has made many conservative muslims skeptic about him. Giving women the permission to ride cars is a huge leap to Green, coming all the way from Blue/Red (and a huge chunk of Purple). Right now everyone there is looking at the Saudi sheikhs and the Iran government. They are the USA and the USSR of the Middle-East in terms of power. Both strive to be the capital of Islam, making their countries really popular amongst the Islamic community. Which side you pick, doesn’t really matter. This strive for power from both countries can only lead to a huge war. Be it in Syria or Iraq, everyone knows that Saudi and Iran are controlling the puppets (terrorist organizations). The muslim people themselves are indeed very different from each other. Much more than they want to admit. The culture in Turkey alone is different than the Arabic people. Put Iran in the mix as the capital of Shia Islam and you have a mix of different collective minds fighting each other. The reason why right now the crown-prince and the leader of Iran hold so much power is because it is build solely on Red. Something that effects every muslim in the Middle-East. Playing in people’s fears, telling them how the USA is ruining everything, praising Allah in open air and really investing in the military makes them look trustworthy. Although the terrorist groups still exist and will last for a long time, they won’t have much power. The Saudis and the Iranian government are the fuel for these terrorist groups. Without their support, they will cease to exist. This however will not change the collective mindset of the ordinary people there. Everyone will have the same fears, same extremism and same violent way to deal with people they don’t like (last one doesn’t count for EVERYONE there but surely for a large amount). I would love to see Islam reach Turquoise, I am really curious as to how it would look like. Everyone turns to Sufis? (My mum is stage Blue and said this about Rumi: He was a good man. Good muslim. The thing was that he... like... LOVED Allah. Kind of weird to think about. He did much for Islam, but I think the current big teachers are better than him. He was too much NOT in the real world. Not a REAL muslim.)
  4. @capriciousduck Make sure to really... like.... be comfy. Is really important. I wish you best of luck man. I find it a fun experience. Ofc if you are really scared, start with just 30 minutes. No need to push it.
  5. @Rebec ty for your response
  6. @capriciousduck Give it a go man. If you are so depressed, what do you have to lose?
  7. So recently I decided to say “fuck it” and watch Leo’s oldest videos. From oldest to newest. Everyday I try to watch one. In the video down below Leo explains, among other things, how you can use the Sedona Method to deal with resistance. Now I tried it on both resistance and nervousness and it seemed to work. I am planning to try it on any sexual feelings as well as anger and fear. My question: is this the same as channeling? Or is channeling different? (For the record I have no clue what channeling really is. All I ever heard about it is that you can channel your emotions.)
  8. I hate to say it but I feel like I haven’t been gaining anything from all the books I’ve read. So far I have read 19 self-help related books and am currently reading Team of Rivals, but I haven’t gained much at all I feel. Could be me. Maybe I am not doing the right practices or maybe most of the books I have read are in no practical use at this moment in my life. I do like Team of Rivals the most though.
  9. Honestly I could drink all kinds of tea. Absolutely refreshing Although I recall being recommended to drink herbal tea specifically. It is quite nice.
  10. @QandC same reason here
  11. One dude, I thought he would be ready for it. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time.
  12. @Danioover9000 I am not trolling. Thanks for your response though.
  13. Especially the stories about Dajjal would really scare me as a kid. Interesting topic, I am curious as well.
  14. I live in the Netherlands my whole life. I am done with the country. It is too small for so many people, the traffic hurts my ears. I am not old enough to be on my own, but I am planning to go to Canada asap. I wanted to go to a decent country with less people, more nature and a space program. First option was the USA.... but I don't want to risk being shot. Sorry Americans but your country is a shithole compared to the Netherlands and Canada. Any Canadians here who can give me advice about where the best places in Canada are? All I know is that most of the French live on the east and most of the English speakers live in the west (and I don’t speak French). I want to retire somewhere in the north of Canada.