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  1. @Michael569 most what Michael says I agree with. Personally I started rationalizing about this a lot. “Alright BUT WHY do I feel like dressing differently today?” and stuff like that. I tried to look at everything from the perspective of the people I wanted to impress and I realized that they weren’t even a bit worried about me. All they care about is themselves too! Everyone is constantly lost in their thoughts which are somehow related to them. That girl with the new highlighter? She bought that cause it’s trending. The boy with the nice sneakers? He knew Kanye West wore that on Instagram and bought it. I stopped doing my hair, wear most of the same clothes everyday and try to always be true to myself even with others. Sure sometimes I have tendencies, but the trick is then to observe it.
  2. Hello everyone. Recently it has come clear to me that I seem to have elevated my social status in my school. People talk to me regularly, greet me, joke with me and say goodbye to me. Compared to my previous year, I seem to be doing great. My thing is that sometimes there are 2 girls calling my name from different directions while I am talking to my mate about economy class. Or when I am talking with a girl from my class and a classmate of mine calls my name. These scenarios where multiple people try to communicate with me leave me confused. If I ignore the calling, they usually tell me later that I ''skipped'' them. More importantly, I see my male mates as higher priority than attention from girls, yet sometimes I have this urge to ignore them for attention from girls. I have no clue how to act on this accordingly. What do I do? (I notice that my teachers ignore me until they're done with the person they're talking with, and copying their way of dealing with this might make me come over as a ''teacher'')
  3. @Chakra Lion That is the thing man. I am currently struggling to control my mind and emotions. I am meditating though and soon will be trying Kriya yoga. Controlling how I behave has been one of the easiest things I have done in my life. I am extremely disciplined, like seriously. Well... that is in public. I still have some addictions which I take part in during my private free time. Not proud of those... This urge for power is really just controlling other people, the way they think about me and in general about certain stuff. Even though I can control myself for a bit, this urge always comes up when people either annoy me or I am bored and my mind takes me to fantasy land. You suggest I try to control myself completely and see how I feel afterwards? If so, what practices do you recommend for controlling mind and emotions?
  4. @MAYA EL Nice man. You just called me a beta male without actually answering my question. If you can’t relate at all, why bother answering to my topic? Seriously what am I supposed to do with what you just said?
  5. It is strange how much I can relate with you. I ended up in a huge chunk of anxiety and tried to masturbate it off. I felt incredibly fatigued. I barely managed to go to the gym. I skipped school for a day just to get my head right. I don’t know about you but I have only ever had one girlfriend, which I didn’t treat good at all and left after a month. I realized during that time that having a girlfriend felt too much like a burden. I wasn’t happy then and so this time with this other girl I started giving her less attention. Truth is I am full of lust and she probably isn’t planning to deal with lust alone. Maybe I actually like her, but I guess I’ll never find out. In the end I just want sexual intimacy so badly... Good luck man. I haven’t found some kind of solution for this so far. I have become more mindful though.... I am pretty sure enlightenment is knocking on the door, I just don’t know which door.
  6. @CreamCat I just noticed a typo. I meant ''wouldn't''. Jeez that put a completely different meaning to my message. @CreamCat So you're saying I should first of all be wary of the power I already posses and after that try to chase it, but not feel frustrated when it takes too long?
  7. @Matt8800 Elaborate ''low and high vibrational power'' please. @Matt8800 Dude this isn't helping me. I was asking what I should do with this urge, not for a summary of a potential consequence in case I DO get the power. I can't do much with this you see.
  8. @CreamCat I would want to use my power to hurt anyone. I just would like the reputation it gives me, the effect it has on how people treat me and just have an overall great influence in huge matters. Please elaborate: Patience for what? What would I need stoic awareness for?
  9. @DrewNows Thanks for your advice man . I am definitely going to contemplate about that.
  10. @Andrewww I don't control the fact that I have to go and leave school on certain times. I can't control what others think of me. Hell, I can't control others. I do have control over whether or not (and when) I go to the gym, my diet and what I do in my free time (besides when I have to study or make homework, over that I have 0 control). @Andrewww Yes. I can't see myself hold some kind of power over my best friend. He is my mate, I see him as an equal. I also can't see myself somehow hold power over my parents or my siblings. A big ''no'' indeed. @Andrewww My strengths are concentrating in class, getting good grades and making homework. Seriously, I think that is all. I don't know if you can have power with that.
  11. Hello everyone. Do you ever wish you were some kind of almighty being? Some emperor or king? Or in general, a very influential person? I sometimes wish people looked up to me, that it would mean a lot for other people to get my attention/validation/approval. Having me as a friend would be someting people would brag about. Whenever I am fighting or arguing with someone, people would know the consequences of arguing with me. People would know the consequences of ''fucking'' with me (both online and IRL). Truth is: I hold 0 power. My question is then: what would be a self-actualized way to deal with this urge? Chase it and see where it leads me? I am actually clueless.
  12. @bejapuskas For an astronaut to pass so they can go to the ISS, they have to endure some severe mental challenges. Stuff like literally flying to and from the ISS to earth, being able to not panick when something goes wrong during a spacewalk or just in general not losing your cool when being around the same people for 6 months. You gotta be at your top mental game there. Considering I want to become an astronaut I wonder what I can do now, so I can pass those tests easily and convince my space agency that I was the right choice.
  13. Sometimes you have to face your own demons alone. It is only then that they truly show their face(s). I have the same man. I remember spending nights crying my eyes out.
  14. Hello everyone. This topic has lately been bothering me when I looked up stuff about my (hopefully) future job. Lets say you are falling off a cliff/being really humiliated in front of your social circle/being humiliated by your teacher or parent(s)/arguing with someone and it gets heated etc. You get my point. How do you stay cool? How do you manage to calm down? With some things I can see how it can be easy. Lets say you are arguing and the other person starts screaming and throwing personal attacks at you. Obviously I can see that this person is making a fool out of themselves and so I keep my cool. However, lets say you can't leave North Korea after a 5-day trip, get arrested for ''colluding against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea'' and even though you know you are innocent, you also know enough about North Korea and end up being send to prison. How do you keep it cool up there? If I were holding a gun at your mother how would you keep it cool? If you were falling down and your parachute doesn't open how do you keep it cool? (Are there any practices which can help keeping it cool up there?)
  15. Gotta agree with @Elham