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  1. The thing with big picture and little picture is in order for the big picture to be in your favour, you actually have to have a strong vision or goal in life aka life purpose or else the little picture minutia are going to amount to next to nothing.
  2. I would certainly be alarmed. However, it's a bias in the human mind to prefer humans over androids, well, because we're human. I think if I still felt as if the oxytocin generated by the relationship remained in the same range after my initial shock, I would find coping strategies and endeavour to ultimately still be with that "person" that you have come to know and love.
  3. Of course the idea of "white fragility" is inherently racist because (well, you guessed it) it's about race. There's nothing fragile about anyone unless we allow ourselves to be fragile. Of course the whole free will debate comes in now. But (as come to the conclusion myself) "free will" is a paradox. We both have it and we don't. In terms of chemistry etc. we don't of course, but it surely FEELS like we have it, and life's about feeling not thinking. The best thing to do as a human is to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you and for your actions.
  4. Yes, in a sense this is the case. Due to the fact that having a moral system means there is a "right" and a "wrong", anyone that does an action that is perceived as "wrong" by the person in question, this can easily lead to judgement. However, this isn't always the case. My sisters, for example, are both hardcore Christians and, even though their moral system is quite strong indeed, they don't judge nearly as much as you would expect from someone with such a mindset.
  5. Just bought skyrim. Keen to play it again. Even though it's mainstream af, you gotta admit it is epic.
  6. Maybe I haven’t replied because I’m living life. Maybe you should too
  7. My function is to save the world, and essentially (with the help of other light workers of course) ascend everyone to the blissfulness of heaven (which can, to an extent, be achieved here on earth but not nearly to the same extent that can be attained post-death). However, this process will not be all rainbows and butterflies. There are dark forces (luciferian in fact) that want to suck the life force out of anyone they can. But have no fear. Satan to Yahweh (me) is like a cockroach under God’s boot. So, in a sense, the work has already been done, and all that is needed is to sit back and enjoy the ride ?
  8. Epic speech from an impassioned Charlie Chaplin
  9. I can’t be bothered reading the responses (since there are 50 of them), but anyone parroting non-dual teachings without acknowledging the fact that duality is just as much a part of reality as non-duality, need to check themselves aha. There is a hierarchy of beings (although everyone is equal in the ultimate sense) and I happen to be at the top of the pyramid so to speak. Edit: I’ll try to be more active so I can actually respond to questions as they come in, but some of you really need to get off the forum and get some fresh air. Just a word of friendly advice
  10. This requires radical openmindedness. Let’s see if you guys have what it takes.
  11. Passion every time my friend ?
  12. Experience is direct. There can’t be anything behind the scenes creating consciousness because consciousness is literally God/formlessness. For us to be in a simulation implies that there’s separation between the simulated “reality” and our “reality,” but no such separation does or can exist. The idea of a simulation also is dependent on the belief in causality. But, once again, no formed thing causes anything else — that’s a materialistic fantasy. After all, if reality is one, there can’t be some form causing another form. Don’t think I explained that very well but whatever. It’s just words anyway at the end of the day.