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  1. Leo in last blog posted a video by Jim Rohn on fundementals. Please share here other self help videos and materials that you found very good that covers basic self help and master the survival
  2. Great guy, he really had good ties with India. Always loved him. Its national mourning day on saturday. RIP
  3. Congrats and keep going...
  4. @Leo Gura So Sadhguru in actuality wanted to do something with his time, so took up save soil initiative. Do you think there is no need for initiatives like this? Isnt climate change a thing? Or do u think it will be fine
  5. I dont know if this helps but there was a sensational novel triology in india in 2010's immortals of meluha which was a national bestseller, it was fastest selling book in indian market. This happend because level of marketing done prior to book release was extraordinary. There where youtube trailers of every characters, this trailers where even showed in theaters. You can read more about it in https://thinkwhynot.com/case_studies_Shiva.html So the thing is if you are going self publishing route to stick with creative vision, you have to find creative ways to market your product. Making creative trailers (since its fantasy novel) will be great introducing your characters and even a short part of story.
  6. There are many yanthras used in Tantra, most of them are given by adi shankara, its making, what to draw and how to incite power to yanthra are all given in one of his text( I dont remember the name, it was 10-15 years ago I read) for different purpose in materialestic life this yanthras are used. There is Tripura sundhari yanthra, Ashwarooda yanthra etc. One of my best friend used Tripura sundari yanthra and was getting lot of sex. (Tripura sundari Yanthra is attraction yanthra, not only for sex but for money, job etc). I dont know, anything about metaphysical nature of yanthra but have heard it have worked for many if done by a good knowlegaeble tantrik. I dont think Leo or anyone here doesnt have knowledge about Indian occult that much. So there is no use (as you will get any info from them on the subject here) but you will get good knowledge on How you are God and all this is Imagination etc here, which is Truth.
  7. Leo doesnt understand Indian culture. He knows Indians as wiping ass with hands. ?
  8. @Leo Gura I saw one pic like this on linkedin where a white man posted holding a pluckcard like this to support his collegues who are fasting. Does things like this really help? Coming from a religious background I think it can make them more proud about there culture and religion and in the end, it result in they going to create there own buble of subculture.
  9. He is your Imaginary friend alright!
  10. You didnt understood what he posted I think. B/w its really funny (the pic)
  11. Yep you are not at all biased and full of truth. You are watching and posting a lot of islamic naratives and propoganda videos here. Full blown stage red-blue alret. Then again yeah,whatever pleases you.
  12. Dont buy items marketed through facebook ads.
  13. Arent vegetable oils refined using hexane and other anti forming agents that becomes bad for health
  14. Yes it is, when owner of video and owner of forum by the way they are same said so many times with reason not to share it. If you are not respecting what owner of house says then u cannot dine here. now get out of this forum.
  15. I Think there will be videos in youtue in few days criticising leo reading pm ?
  16. Like the full black covered dress become common in last 10-15 yrs in India, more to do with rise in saudi wahabism.
  17. Uniforms are a part of most of schools in India, uniforms are there for a reason to bring uniformity among students so there wont be a divison among rich or poor. Is Hijab or Niqab a essential part of religious practice, If so then ban is wrong, if not ban is right. Bringing religious/cultural signs to Educational/healthcare/Business is all a bad thing. and Institutions can take necessary steps to avoid it. Many european countries had ban it in public places.
  18. My sister got vaccinated with Chinese vaccine in UAE(she had two dose cause she is frontline worker) and came to India and was down with Covid for 8 days out of which 5 days she was fully sleeping tired. Meanwhile none of our family got covid from her, even when we lived under same roof. we where vaccinated with one dose of covid shield (Indian vaccine). I had second dose 4 months back and I had covid last month, but was like just regular flu. Chinese vaccines are like other chinese products.
  19. Here is a great documentary on mexican addiction to cola and diabetic problems they are facing, along with lack of good water which is exploited by cola company. Shamans deluded and giving cola thinking it has healing property. Video shows how unconscious people are how evil coca cola is. https://youtu.be/hqnUohxXV0I
  20. Have you seen Leo's reply to you saying apologies and asking whether to take video down? Y are you not replying to that. He has given power to you.
  21. My schooling was in 94-08 this time India was ruled by Congress mostly. My history books (NCERT) didn't even have much of Maratha Rule, ambedkar. It was mostly Gandhi,Nehru, Mughal rule. What you said about no assamese history is true, no tamil history, no north eastern history. Most of historians and there books are from communist lens, still they couldn't add this things to state or national school curricullum and why is that? you cannot blame everything on BJP or Rss. Congress and left parties failed in this, especially left parties Communist party was strong opposition during nehru regime, now they are nowhere to be seen.
  22. Modi will come back to power again, coz there is no opposition, there are no leaders from opposition party with vision. Congress was send to bench cause of its corruption and a single family dictatorship. And sorry there won't be any genocide or celansing of muslims. Indian Majority wont allow it, unlike pakistanis and bangladeshis.
  23. India had some visionary leaders just like in america. Indian constitution is also one of best like it have green and yellow only in it. Br.Ambedkar who was from dalit community writting a constitution for an entire country and higher caste people agreeing to it, that when americans where having slave trades, Imagine MLK getting invited to draft american constitution. India when all its neighbouring countries have went to authortian, military regime stood firmly with its constitutional values and democracy only coz indian collective consciousness is standing on top of great sages and gurus.
  24. Yes, this is the point. Keep it coming, stories that mentioned above are good way to know faults and rectify.
  25. apart from some Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali movies rest is all waste of time. bollywood is low quality circus.