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  1. I kinda like the idea of starting a Youtube channel, I see a lot of youtube content creators with self help and spirituality. In my opinion leo tops them all and some time I feel like dude cover up all topic and there is nothing more left to say. Is the industry saturated?
  2. It felt like I could easily manipulate test and be a non psychopath, which I was really careful about and not select according to it. mind games
  3. This guy channel higher self https://youtube.com/c/ChannelHigherSelf
  4. I wonder how it feels for a progressive women with name karen 😌
  5. Thought has certain degree, when a thought passes my mind, am living through that thought, "but passes my mind" itself is a thought. Then there is outside world with objects and my body which are all thoughts. All this are in consciousness. or it can be said as consciousness dreams entire thing. So doesn't this "all this is consciousness, everything is in consciousness is also a thought ?
  6. "It" is there as something. a recognition is there.
  7. I was contemplating , So doesn't this "all this is consciousness, everything is in consciousness is also a thought" and I coudn't go further, There was deep silence. only being it is possible. Is it where questioning ends?
  8. Are you same James that was here, who was into nothingness? if so what happnd to that account?
  9. I wonder how Sadhguru comes up with all these distinction after rabi asked him about whether why love is not existential reality. (body- Health->pleasure Emotion-Love->Compassion) But at meantime I also don't get it why He is dumbing down teaching, why dont he say its all love, instead of what audience level is at? audience cannot be not that low considering they are present there for discussion by a rabi and mystic.
  10. Weed using Nuns.
  11. The disappearance of the woman’ by Boushra Almutakawe
  12. I was part of a bank scam, my bank account was used as a middle man in the scam. last january I called bank customer care number (which was given in bank website) to fix my google pay account, they asked for otp and I gave them without thinking much (stupid). Next night 1200$ came to my account and withdrawn at same time, next day a old man from north of india called me accusing I stole his money, two days back he had a debit card issue(which was of a different bank) and called the customer care and gave Otp number just like me. I request him to file a police case, which he did (old man was calling me regularly to give his money back, I understood his pain and never said anything bad for accusing me). I also went to my bank raising the issue and they washed there hands of by telling me there customer care handling is given to a private company and are not done by banking employees. Case is still going on and I dont think old man is gonna get his money back. There are like thousands of cases like this still pending and police cyber department is really bad at finding these scammers. Here is another story one happend to my friend, he got a call from a famous property for house keeping job, they did first round of interview which was just asking name and all, my friend was suscpicious hearing african english from the interviewer and played along with him. later they sent him a call letter, which was perfect it had even got seal of the property, but with email id only different, seeing it my friend was sure the african guy who did interview was a scammer, they called my friend again and said he was appointed but have to give some amount of money to apply for visa and all, my friend got in real desi mode and started trolling african scammer. These type of incidents are common here many youth and old people have lost money. lesson learned: I need to be more aware about things happening in my country and aware when I interact with strangers.
  13. Its not a normal magic mushroom as people here uses. and dont eat it. There might be normal magic mushroom near it. I have heard stories of people cooking the above mushroom and tripping for weeks. I dont have any personal experience with it.
  14. Pulling out of troops from afganistan is good for america now but will it be for other countries is the question. Taliban has captured most of afganistan and in a month or two they will conquer full. Many countries have invested in projects there (partially coz of america) and all is now in mercy of taliban. Isi is backing them and they want taliban after capturing afghan to concentrate on kashmir. India is gonna have a lot of security threats to handle not just from outside in coming years. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestatesman.com/opinion/talibans-next-stop-kabul-kashmir-kerala-1502982817.html/amp
  15. I am sitting on my bed and whatever that exist infront of me now is real. all other thing is imagination. 5 mins later I am in my kitchen whatever that exist infront of me is real everything else is imagined from this now, that includes all things i saw when i was on bed 5 mins ago.
  16. If solipsism is true, which is and more. then one person think that they're the only conscious mind. and the other person thinks that no, they're the only conscious mind. so on so forth. only conscious person here is, the one who came with these kind of analogies to prove solipsism is false. Here I know Iam only conscious being and you are imagined by me. and for that you will say either You are one conscious or no I am also conscious or something else which can include infinite no of explanations 😁
  17. They are pretty common in India, so it was easy for me to find. I dont know where you are from but i guess they can be found in most cities.
  18. I would like to improve my English speaking skills, right now i am below average with bad phonetics and lack of confdence. any suggestions or materials, courses to follow will be much helpfull
  19. dual means consisting of two parts nondual means consisting of no parts or one only.
  20. I was talking about SuthraNethi which insertion of catheter through nose and open it, as leo said above normally our nose alternates to take prana and objective of this process is to remove that nose alternates so both nostril left (Chandra Nadi) and Right (Surya Nadi) is balanced and open both time. Surya nadi is destruction of cells and Chandra nadi is creation and rejuvenation of new cells, and this Nethi is done to balance it.
  21. Yeah but its easy. and good thing is after you do it, you can feel the difference of intake of air, its like you remove some kind of blockage that was obstructing the prana . meditation will also feel good.
  22. Bro go to a yoga certified practioner and do shatkriyas. do jalanethi and sutranethi. you will be fine in no time. avoid sugar, milk. here is a pic of me doing sutranethi. after doing sutranethi my nose opened and i can feel lot of energy.
  23. yeah i also checked plenty of animals eat at night. now regarding why people say not to eat at night coz when your stomach is full going to sleep, it has lot of work to do to digest food,as you have no activities that will burn the food. stomach is second brain and it will be working all night when it want rest. how do you think it will be will u get good sleep? how do you feel waking up? check it out. its hard for me to wake up if i had a bad late night dinner, i will feel groogy, lack of energy and all and if i eat early and its all digested before sleep, when i wake up i feel pretty good. Here is another thing i learned empty your bowel before going to bed and you will wake up amazing.
  24. does any animal eat at night?